Top 10 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Techniques Explained And Ranked

We ranked the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen cursed techniques because we were as curious as you are to know which prevails over the others!

Strongest cursed techniques

Before we begin, let me guess. You’re a Jujutsu Kaisen aficionado hunting for the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen cursed techniques with a good explanation. Or, you chanced upon this list somehow, and curiosity got the best of you. Welcome, anyway!

As you already know, cursed techniques are the basis of this series. Among this plethora of jujutsu kaisen cursed techniques, there is a lot of scope to speculate. Some of them are weak compared to others, but all of them are quite impressive.

If you are looking for a complete list of jujutsu kaisen cursed techniques, don’t forget to check our guide!

Moving on, all the jujutsu kaisen cursed techniques boast detailing, and it is difficult to pitch them against each other. And that does not even include other variables like the information available.

So, we tackled this enticing topic in our fashion to give you an answer. Excellent or debatable – you can decide that once you read through our list completely. If you are here, you also know that this article contains spoilers from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Please proceed at your discretion.

Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Techniques

As the introduction states, there are many factors to keep in mind while pitching techniques against each other. It is pretty impossible to compare the techniques without some assumptions.

Hence, we took the liberty to make a few of them while making this list of the strongest jujutsu kaisen cursed techniques.

First, we assumed that the users have a similar amount of cursed energy and are not physically harmed. The techniques go against each other without any sneak attacks or support.

Lastly, the users are at their peak condition and have an even level of skills. Well, now that the boring stuff is over, let’s dive right in, shall we? 

10. Projection Technique

Surprise, surprise. The Projection Technique is at the bottom of the list of the top jujutsu kaisen cursed techniques. So much for Naoya wanting to become as strong as Gojo and Toji.

This technique made Naobito the fastest shaman in the jujutsu world other than Gojo. The user can decide a set of movements in frames.

They are free to skip any micromovements to create an illusion of speed. Hearing that leaves us kind of stunned

But, there is more.

The most significant advantage is that the shaman can freeze their opponent for a second if they touch them. Every second in a battle is crucial and even land critical hits. We saw that happen against both Dagon and Choso.

However, despite being so cool, it just couldn’t whizz past the other strongest techniques on the list. 

Naoya's projection technique
Learning about the Projection Technique from Naoya Zen’in (sheesh)

First, the technique revolves around physical hits. It only provides speed but no other special attacks. So, the shaman has to be very clever and strong to use it to their advantage.

Next, if we talk about freezing the opponent, the user MUST touch their opponent. This condition is pretty hard to execute if the opponent has long-range attacks like others on this list. Not only that, but it is also useless once the opponent sees through it.

The opponent also gets the advantage of your technique if they figure it out. Playing philanthropist, I suppose? 

Despite being an inherited technique in the Zen’in clan, the technique does not have a domain expansion either. These things render quite weak compared to the other techniques.  

9. Blood Manipulation

Guess the bad blood between Choso and Naoya isn’t going away anytime soon. In this list of the strongest jujutsu kaisen cursed techniques, too, Blood Manipulation beats Projection Technique.

Blood Manipulation is one of the most well-rounded techniques. While not as fancy as the others, the technique has many advantages. Indisputably, Blood Manipulation has an extensive range of attacks. Like, a bloody lot.

The user can manipulate blood in or outside their body. They can harden it or even regulate their body temperature.

One can even see through fast movements (hello there, Projection Technique) by concentrating blood around the eyes.

The shaman can also fine-tune the range, speed, density, and intensity of their attacks. Seems like this offensive technique is damn near inconquerable, no?

 Blood Manipulation
The best onii-chan using Blood Manipulation

Well, unfortunately, it isn’t.

You probably have figured out the biggest flaw of this technique: blood. A human only has so much blood to use at once if they don’t want to die, that is.

And even if Noritoshi carries packets of blood (he can TOTALLY keep pet vampires), it is fallible for the same reason it is convenient.

However, this binding does not apply to a cursed spirit like Choso. He can expend as much blood he needs, and since he is a Death Painting, it is poisonous as well. These factors shoot up the effectiveness of the technique for Choso.

But, Itadori demonstrated another demerit of this technique. Water is the mortal enemy for Blood Manipulation as well.

Be it Kamo or Choso; water can interrupt the flow for both of them. In short, blood dissolves in water making it unusable for the user.

Additionally, Blood Manipulation also does not have a domain expansion. If it did, the advantages would have probably outweighed the negatives.

Then maybe we could see our lovely onii-chan call upon a domain? Until then, this technique remains a bit weak.

8. Puppet Manipulation

*loud sniffing noises because you and I both miss him* Next up is Principal Yaga’s technique! The placing of this jujutsu kaisen cursed technique might come as a surprise to you. But hold on, and keep reading.

Puppet Manipulation might look like a weak technique. However, when we began pitching it against other techniques, we realized it has some great potential. Principal Yaga had been judiciously using his expertise to make kawaii dolls and a friendly, lovable Panda.

With his level of skills, he could muster an entire army of puppets like Panda that are much more equipped to battle. If he were to get serious, that is.

Remember how Gakuganji was dying (that is most definitely not a comment on his age) to know about how Puppet Manipulation works? The jujutsu higher-ups went as far as locking him up for being so skilled.

It goes to show just how valuable and dangerous the technique is.

It is dangerous because the creator of the puppets need not even be in the vicinity or anywhere close to it to use them.

Principal Yaga's Puppet Manipulation
Puppet Manipulation – looks cute but could be VERY uncute

This factor also sets it apart from something like Kokichi Muta using Mechamaru by Heavenly Restriction.

Puppet manipulation also does not affect the shaman’s cursed energy at all. Once the shaman creates a puppet, they are fully independent. No strings attached, truly.

If all the puppets are anywhere close to Panda’s strength without weapons too, they make a formidable army. The shaman just has to make enough puppets to overwhelm their opponent.

But, these puppets, kawaii or not, might easily lose to long-range attacks. That is why it can’t go to a higher stage than the 8th.

7. Disaster Flames (Jogo’s technique)

The only cursed spirit I am ever feeling even remotely bad for is Jogo.

He had to fight the strongest shaman AND curse to death, literally. But, looking at his jujutsu kaisen cursed technique from an objective point of view, it surely does have some solid firepower to it.

Disaster Flames makes a wide array of attacks available to the user. Despite the name, the jujutsu kaisen cursed techniques allows the user to manipulate both fire and lava.

Let alone changing the range from short to long, the user can use flames even telepathically.

Moreover, the temperature of the flames can be controlled, too – turning their color from red/orange to blue/purple.

Jogo also didn’t boast the name Mt. Fuji for no reason. With Disaster Flames, he could generate volcanoes on any surface and blast off the lava.

In fact, even his head could serve as a weapon in close range. The destructive power of this technique is out of this world, and I mean it.

The domain expansion for Disaster Flames
The domain expansion for Disaster Flames; little did Jogo know what was coming

One of the two flagships of this technique is the Maximum: Meteor. The user could summon a meteor in a battle. A meteor. That is crazy to even think about.

And then, add a domain expansion on top of it. Coffin of the Iron Mountain has the power to immediately incinerate anyone who steps into it. The entire place is filled with volcanoes and lava, making it impossible to survive.

Jogo is the strongest disaster curse in terms of technique because of Disaster Flames. But, all these attacks can only show off their blazing glory when the shaman is settled in a battle.

If Jogo was not a step ahead or was not given a ‘fair chance’, he would not have won. Disaster Flames can’t outdo the speed or the raw power of the other techniques. Nor does it have any defensive moves as we saw from Jogo’s fight with Gojo.

And what good is a meteor when the opponent is strong enough to dodge it? That is a fair assumption because all the users ranking above can do so with their techniques.

There is pretty much nothing to this technique save for a few flashy attacks of destruction.

6. Rika (Yuta’s technique)

Now it is time for some tinfoil speculation.

Yuta Okkotsu is the fan-favorite for surpassing Gojo, with an entire story centered around him. Albeit he has reappeared only recently, he came with a few surprises.

Despite Rika’s passing away in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, we saw her back in action!

So now, we already know that Okkotsu has Rika, Mimicry Technique i.e his own jujutsu kaisen cursed techniques, and Reverse Cursed Technique. But, since we have only seen Rika the most, let’s assume for a while that one can only rely on that power.

Rika is the Queen of the Curses and is a special grade cursed spirit. Rika’s title is a direct parallel to Sukuna’s King of the Curses title – making us wonder what really is to her.

She was powerful enough to motivate Geto to launch a serious battle against the jujutsu society.

And in the same battle, Rika went up against Maximum: Uzumaki, a Vengeful spirit, and Geto himself. Not only that, but she also managed to severely injure Geto, a grade 1 sorcerer. 

Yuta using his Jujutsu Kaisen cursed techniques along with Rikka
Okkotsu and Rika, the best OTP?

By this estimation and her title, we can assume that Rika’s true power is higher than we imagine. After all, we don’t know how that fight went down.

Although we are not considering it here, it will be quite a decisive advantage if a user can copy their opponents’ technique because of Rika.

For now, we can say that with Rika, a shaman can go up against incredibly tough people on this list.

As we come to know more of Rika, this ranking will probably change. And dare I say, Rika will go higher. That is because we know that Okkotsu is deemed to surpass Gojo with his technique someday.

5. Idle Transfiguration

Starting the glorious half of this list is the technique of our dear detested curse, Mahito.

The accolades of destruction from jujutsu kaisen cursed techniques: Idle Transfiguration are known to us all. With a single touch, the user can modify the shape of the target’s body. Though that sounds a little innocent, the shaman can kill the target as easily.

Believe it or not, this instant kill attack is not the best feature of this technique. It also allows the user to modify their own body into any shape, state, and size.

We saw Mahito soften and harden his body against physical attacks as he wished. He could even turn into a child, divide himself, create a copy, and regenerate.

In fact, this technique most closely embodies immortality.

The user could even ‘store’ transmogrified humans and use them when needed. So, it makes an army of human-curses immune to pain available to the user.

What makes this technique even scarier is that other than a couple of shamans, nobody could find a way around it. Hence, everyone other than Gojo and Sukuna, obviously, was vulnerable to this jujutsu kaisen cursed techniques. 

Idle Transfiguration's domain - Self-Embodiment of Perfection
Idle Transfiguration’s domain – Self-Embodiment of Perfection, looks pretty ugly if you ask me

And as a cherry on the top, this technique also has its domain expansion – Self-Embodiment of Perfection.

It is a closed domain where the opponent is in the palm of the user’s hand. Even a seasoned sorcerer like Nanami had to accept defeat once trapped in this domain. It transfigures and kills the opponent in a jiffy, and there is nowhere to run.

But, but. Mahito is pretty weak against long-range attacks without even realizing it. The development and growth from this technique were all pretty much related to the soul and true form but not battle prowess.

If one does not know their soul, even to keep a user like Mahito at bay, they need some serious attacks to keep.

They also need to hit a user of Idle Transfiguration at long-distance or try to override the domain. It is only possible for the users of the techniques we will discuss further.

4. Cursed Spirit Manipulation

Without the Shibuya Incident’s ending run, Cursed Spirit Manipulation might have ranked a bit below. But now, it seems one of the most potent techniques even more than when Geto wielded it himself. 

At the most basic level, this technique allows the user to control any cursed spirit after ingesting it. Guess we can have an eating competition between Itadori & Kenjaku to settle matters.

 As long as the opponent is not a shikigami, the user can take in and use it per will. It is the most versatile technique because it can be both offensive and defensive.

There is no upper limit to the number of curses the user can store, making them fight instead of themselves. This technique will also not affect the user’s cursed energy a lot.

Additionally, this technique also has a Maximum technique. Maximum: Uzumaki is perhaps the most terrifying of all Maximum Techniques.

It gives the user two distinct powers. One, they can condense all curses ingested into one attack of cursed energy. Geto used more than 4000 low-grade curses for this attack.

Kenjaku used Cursed Manipulation to acquire Idle Transfiguration
Kenjaku, the thief – used Cursed Manipulation to acquire Idle Transfiguration

But, the second power is the true power of Maximum: Uzumaki. When the user takes in a curse of Grade 1 or higher, the technique extracts the cursed technique of the curse.

After that, the user can employ the technique as their own besides Cursed Spirit Manipulation. So, it means that the user can have a huge assembly of techniques at their disposal!

Mahito very easily lost to Kenjaku because the latter had to do nothing other than exorcising him. Unfortunately for Kenjaku, Jogo died before he could steal his technique too. Well-played or rather eaten.

Talking about Kenjaku, he is a big part of why Cursed Spirit Manipulation ranks so high among the top cursed techniques. He is extremely clever in drawing out the true potential of this technique.

A user of this technique needs to have a great sense of battle like Kenjaku does. In fact, we can think of a Cursed Spirit Manipulation user as Napoleon Bonaparte.

Either they might be successful to invoke fear and respect. Or… they might end up making the same mistake as Napoleon leading his soldiers to death for his invasion in Russia’s winter.

With that settled, let’s move on. Since this jujutsu kaisen cursed technique does not have a domain yet, it lags behind the others. work on higher grade shamans or shikigami; the others gormandize it.

If we see a domain in the future for this technique, it is possible that it will rise higher.

We did it! We reached the “Top 3” stage of the strongest jujutsu kaisen cursed techniques! Any guesses? If not, then keep reading. Keep reading regardless, actually.

3. Ten Shadows Technique

I guess by now, you must have figured out the winner for this place. Ten Shadows is the undisputable rival to being the strongest jujutsu kaisen cursed techniques in the series.

The story hinting that Megumi can surpass Gojo (and not in violin lessons, mind you) was a surprise. The technique of an underdog in the list of elites gets the silver medal!

There is massive scope for the development of this technique. Ten Shadows gives the user ten shikigami made from shadows that they can summon with hand signs.

These shikigami are independent to some extent but what makes them great is their uniqueness. All of the shikigami are different animals and can serve different purposes.

The user can call forth any number of shikigami based on their cursed energy. The shikigami can attack, defend, and mobilize as desired.

The versatility and unpredictability of Ten Shadows boost its effectiveness. Some shikigami can also combine to create a temporary hybrid tailored to suit a battle.

Moreover, the user can call them back anytime they feel their strength is depleting. Another plus point is that even if an opponent destroys a shikigami, the power is transferred to other shikigami.

So, in essence, the total power of Ten Shadows remains constant albeit are a few conditions to this transfer.

Mahoraga, the strongest shikigami, is a formidable opponent too. It adapts to the opponents’ attacks AND can heal itself. These make Mahoraga invincible for the most part, even against the user themselves.

Nue vs Cursed Womb in Ten Shadows Technique's domain - Chimera Shadow Garden
Ten Shadows Technique’s domain – Chimera Shadow Garden, Megumi’s efforts to not die

We can’t not talk about the domain expansion too.

Megumi managed to somehow create Chimera Shadow Garden twice until now. But, both the times it wasn’t at full power. This domain allows the user to flood the battle area with liquid shadows.

And then, the user can manifest any number of shikigami at a single time without expending any more cursed energy.

This factor is especially advantageous because the range of attacks and combinations rises many times. At Megumi’s level of skill, we are yet to see the full potential of Ten Shadows.

We can’t even imagine how well Megumi will use this technique as he grows. It is also possible that Megumi might end up with an open domain with a binding vow to boost effectiveness!

So, for now, we wait and watch. Just like Sukuna is waiting with his interest in Megumi, I guess?

However, with all that said, there are quite a few elements of this technique that remain in the dark. What are the rules of power transfer? How did Sukuna beat the strongest shikigami, Mahoraga, if a Ten Shadows user went up against Limitless & Six Eyes user?

The latter question is why the next rank makes even more sense. But, just like other techniques on this list, Ten Shadows might also change its place in the future.

Moving on to the prestigious silver medal:

2. Dismantle & Cleave (Sukuna’s technique)

Time to talk about your, mine, and everyone’s favorite villain slash curse, Sukuna!

Just like Okkotsu, Sukuna also brags with a set of powers. Some of them are unknown to us, but we have witnessed the others. Let’s talk about Dismantle & Cleave, his primary technique, though.

If it was not evident, Dismantle & Cleave gives a cutting-edge advantage to Sukuna. His attacks are invisible, adaptable, and unpredictable.

Without even touching or getting close, Dismantle & Cleave can cut you up real quick. The two variants in the name itself show how easily one can change their attacks to suit their opponent.

Even if someone does succeed in closing the distance between them, this technique can slice them up in the blink of an eye. And I am talking IF the attacks do allow them to do so.

The user also gets a wide variety of attacks with this technique. But, even above attacks, the biggest merit of this technique is its Domain Expansion.

Malevolent Shrine at Shibuya launching Dismantle & Cleave
Malevolent Shrine destroying everything with Dismantle & Cleave because Sukuna felt like it

Malevolent Shrine has a 200-meter radius raining with nonstop attacks of Dismantle and Cleave. With no boundaries at the domain’s periphery, the effectiveness of attacks landing shoots up multifold.

One can even adjust the area of the domain as they please. If that seems unconvincing, Sukuna defeated Mahoraga, the strongest shikigami of Ten Shadows, ONLY using Dismantle & Cleave.

Like, Sukuna just stood once he unleashed the domain until Mahoraga was destroyed beyond quick recovery.

The only drawback we can put down so far of this technique is that it only has destructive purposes. There is no defense with it. But then again, someone like Sukuna does not need defense.

This technique can easily take out other shamans before they even launch their attacks. How cool and scary (!) is that! And when we think about the fact that we have not seen this technique at full capacity, only at 15 fingers Sukuna level?

It surely is #2 in the strongest cursed techniques material. Plus there are other techniques at play…but moving on.

And now, *drumroll*, please! Here we go for the #1 cursed technique from all the strongest cursed techniques in Jujutsu Kaisen:

1. Limitless & Six Eyes

Kore wa, kore wa. I hope your eyes didn’t fall out of their sockets.

I am sure we all knew that no technique could touch Limitless and Six Eyes before even starting this article. It is the strongest cursed technique in the jujutsu world and doesn’t even need an introduction.

Gojo’s combination of techniques is too much of a blessing. Nothing and nobody can even touch him against Gojo’s wish.

He can see through everything, slow down attacks, and blast literal forests with a flick. Not only that, but he can also use Reverse Cursed Technique to heal himself. This way, he never runs out of cursed energy either.

So far, we did not even see the entire potential of this technique. Gojo has only used three attacks – Red, Blue, and Purple in the easiest forms. And they were also enough to make our jaw drop six feet under.

We have not seen a Maximum technique from Gojo or what he could do with his infinite cursed energy. Even at Shibuya, Gojo was having fun. Now have fun being trapped in Prison Realm, Gojo.

Gojo preparing to blast off a forest with one Hollow Purple attack
Gojo preparing to blast off a forest with one Hollow Purple attack

If all that wasn’t enough, Infinite or Unlimited Void is a substantial power. The domain expansion seems invincible. Let alone humans, even powerful curses like Jogo can’t comprehend anything in this domain.

I might even go as far as saying that even Sukuna cannot fight against infinite information flooding his brain.

Still need convincing? Akutami temporarily took out Gojo from the plot because he would be a bottleneck in its progress.

Just like we saw Gojo walking over but not walking over those ants, Gojo lives in an entirely different league.

Well, we hope to see his techniques in their full glory after he escapes from the seal!

Honorable mentions:

Now, now. You thought the list was over, didn’t you?

Well, it isn’t. Rejoice at this bonus section!

You see, we were going back and forth so much with such a great lineup that we couldn’t pick the top 10 strongest cursed techniques easily. While some of the contenders did not make it to the top 10, they are still impressive.

So, here are the consolation prizes, uhm I mean, the honorable mentions:

Cursed Speech

Inumaki-senpai kakkoi! Inumaki’s technique could have been in the top 10, easily. Who said actions are louder than words? Cursed speech allows a shaman to command their opponents with words. How amazing is that?

The shaman can freeze, put to sleep, or attack their opponent without lifting a single weapon. But, what keeps it from the dazzling top 10 is its big negatives.

Inumaki's Cursed Speech can only use simple commands
Man of few words – Inumaki’s Cursed Speech can only use simple commands

Cursed Speech’s worst aspect is its rebound. A shaman can command anything to their opponent, but they receive a reaction of the same.

It harms the shaman’s body, especially their throat. The intensity of the rebound also depends on the command the shaman gives out. Not only that, even the opponent’s strength determines how much the shaman gets hurt.

Inumaki had to carry a bottle of cough syrup with him at all times. First aid to the extreme.

Saite dayo. Without this negative, cursed speech just might have been invincible. It also takes a lot of cursed energy to give out commands.

And the shaman cannot speak in their everyday lives, which is just torture. Unless you have people like the students at Tokyo school. The negatives outweigh the plus points by a huge margin.

But, in adversity, a shaman might exchange their life to issue a strong command.

Boogie Woogie

Next up is our besto furendo, Todo. A round of applause for Boogie Woogie making it to the honorable mentions. We just had no choice.

Boogie Woogie is an elusive technique that messes with the heads of its opponents.

With a clap (at least in the case of Todo), one can switch places with a thing or person. The only prerequisite is that the target of exchange must have a minimum amount of cursed energy.

This technique is super effective for direct attacks. The shaman can just dodge them by switching places. However, why it seems easy and effective, Todo was the reason for it.

Boogie Woogie is best wielded by Todo
Boogie Woogie is best wielded by Todo with 53000 IQ

Todo might have a self-proclaimed IQ of 53000, but he was actually clever in using Boogie Woogie.

He was very fluent in battles, and his physical prowess was no joke. If we considered Todo as the standard for all shamans with Boogie Woogie, it might have made it to the top 10.

So, to make this technique effective, you need sharp senses and physical strength. And that might not be the case for everyone.

Without those factors, the technique remains an excellent defense and support technique. Boogie Woogie sure knows how to clapback when paired with a worthy partner like Itadori.

Strawdoll Technique

Lastly, we have our favorite girl, Nobara’s technique.

The Strawdoll technique is one of the techniques we have seen most in use. It is pretty strong – as we saw in Nobara’s fights against some solid opponents. 

Strawdoll gives the advantage of a wide range to the shaman. As long as they have any part of their opponent’s body, the attack can and will resonate. Besides, they can also use the nails and hammer in a creative manner against different enemies.

Nobara using herself and Mahito’s double as a media might have been two of the best strategies we saw.

Nobara's Strawdoll cursed technique deserves the honorable mention
Nobara’s Strawdoll cursed technique deserves the honorable mention – women empowerment

Trust us; we love characters nailing fights. And we are also in love with the scarily fascinating origins of the technique from Buddhism.

But, we can’t see the Strawdoll technique functioning well against the other techniques. A major disadvantage is the inability to counter any domain or even a direct attack.

Plus, to have a body part of the opponent, you need to get into a dangerously close range. Not the best idea, I would say.

So, though it is a great technique, too, it can’t resonate with the strength of the top 10.

There is, of course, a possibility that Nobara might come back with an upgrade in her technique. Although let’s hope SHE comes back soon, first.

PHEW, that was LONG (title of my se-, actually never mind). If you read till here, you get nothing as a prize, but a “kudos” for sure. Kudos to you for sticking through all those lame jokes.

As I said earlier, this strongest cursed techniques ranking is highly subjective with a few assumptions. If you agree or disagree, leave your thoughts in the comment section for us to ponder over.

Also, some tinfoil theories and vague information might lead to changes in the ranking in the future. And the Culling Games will surely introduce us to new cursed techniques that might rival these top ones we ranked.

So, keep a close eye on this article for revisions in rankings!

Until the next list (the writer is running from the editor as you read), then!

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