Muse Communication Plans To Open Office In India

Muse Communications

Exciting times lie ahead for the Indian anime fans, as the potential of the anime market in the country is making the industry leaders’ heads turn. While Crunchyroll was among the first anime giants to set shop in India, another prominent one is set to follow suit soon.

Muse Communications will soon be setting up an office in India in the near future, in order to strengthen their hold on the market here.

Speaking to Animehunch, Muse Communications’ Vice General Manager, Wallace, and Business Development Manager, Julia Cheng, said “MUSE has been one of the leading company in Asia for anime distribution and MUSE is right now planning to launch an office in India. [We] will put more efforts and more of what we have into Indian market to communicate with the fans and support our partners in the coming future.”

Muse Asia Interview
L-R: Julia Cheng, Wallace & Dewang

Muse Communication has already hired employees from India, with a view to supporting their clients and also communicating with their fans in the country. Additionally, the production team of the company is already involved in doing localization of content and also interacting with local partners in the country.

While an exact timeline has not been provided, Muse Communications’ presence in India will further help to meet the growing demand of anime content in the country.

The company has its headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan and offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta, Bangkok & Ho Chi Minh City.

Muse Communication is a prominent anime partner. It provides clients services in licensing, distribution, development, sales, and promotion to meet their distribution needs. The company currently works with over a hundred different different fields, such as video streaming and broadcasting platforms and TV channels, consumer product bands, theaters and event organizers across the whole of Asia.

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