Using This Service, You Can:

  • Advertise on Animehunch
  • Using banners and/or rectangles
  • For any budget
  • Between preferred dates
  • Targetted to specific countries or states or provinces

However, Please Note The Following Limits:

We cannot guarantee that 100% of the impressions you buy will be served during your preferred dates. If we cannot serve all the impressions during that period, missing impressions will be served after the period.

Ads may not contain intrusive elements that would damage our relationship with our readers, such as pop-ups, pop-unders, overlays, music, sound effects, etc.

Ads may not contain sexually explicit or otherwise “not safe for work” images. Do not even try advertising for bootlegs, fansubs, unauthorized streaming sites, or other forms of piracy.

All ads must be approved by us before going live, so please take into consideration that it may take a few days between the moment where you upload an ad and the moment when it goes live.

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