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Sui Ishida Of Tokyo Ghoul Fame Reveals New Chojin X Manga

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Sui Ishida, mangaka of Tokyo Ghoul, revealed on Twitter that he has finished the storyboard for his next manga. Chojin X (lit. Superhuman X) is the title of the new work. The mangaka shared images of his new work in his tweet.  The art style looks similar to the Tokyo Ghoul manga, and the second … Read more

What Was Aogiri Tree In Tokyo Ghoul?

Aogiri Tree in Tokyo Ghoul

Aogiri Tree was an antagonist organisation directly or indirectly involved in most of the major incidents that happened in Tokyo Ghoul. Their name became synonymous with sinister ghouls wearing a cloak and hood. The organisation’s actions directly threatened the peace that was being maintained by the CCG.  With ghouls like Yamori (Jason) and Bin brothers … Read more

What Was Aogiri Tree’s Goal & Objective In Tokyo Ghoul?

Eto, Tatara and Bin Brothers

Aogiri Tree was an organisation that was shrouded in mystery throughout Tokyo Ghoul. Their unique brand of violent activism made them CCG’s main priority. Aogiri Tree was founded by Eto Yoshimura 13 years prior to the events happening in Tokyo Ghoul. They saw the doves and the CCG as their enemies, with most of their … Read more

How Did Kaneki Become Haise Sasaki In Tokyo Ghoul?

Ken Kaneki inside Haise's mind

After his defeat at the hands of Kishou Arima during the Owl Extermination Operation, CCG incorporated Ken Kaneki as a ghoul investigator. He went by a new identity Haise Sasaki, a half-ghoul under the tutelage of Arima and Akira Mado (mentor). During this phase, he was quite loyal and dedicated. He wanted to protect humanity … Read more

Tokyo Ghoul: Who Turned Kaneki Into A Ghoul?

Ken Kaneki turned into a one eyed ghoul

Kaneki was turned into a One eyed Ghoul, after Rize Kamishiro’s Kakuhou was transplanted into him following the Steel Beam incident. Having a ghoul organ transplanted into him brought about changes in his body, eventually making him an artificial part human- part ghoul. Since ghoul and humans bodies are distinctly different, the doctor who carried … Read more

Why Kishou Arima Was Never The One Eyed King In Tokyo Ghoul?

Kishou Arima

It has been hinted and implied throughout Tokyo Ghoul (especially in TG:re) that Kishou Arima is the One Eyed King. It was later confirmed that he did lead the Aogiri Tree and give orders to both Eto Yoshimura and Tatara. But the question here is, was he really the One Eyed King who was supposed … Read more

What Was Kishou Arima’s Objective In Tokyo Ghoul?

Kishou Arima

Kishou Arima was a Special class investigator at the CCG, dubbed the white reaper for having dispatched numerous ghouls during the 18 years he spent as an investigator. He headed Squad 0, and was feared by the ghouls for his genius and his abilities.  However, he was secretly acting as the One-Eyed King and helping … Read more

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