partner with us

A media partnership is a collaboration between you, an event organizer, and us, a media outlet, in order to promote your event. It is a two-way street where both parties stand to benefit from each other!

As an event organizer (especially an anime/manga-oriented event) the biggest task at hand is to get audiences for your events.

However, your hands are probably full of managing the event itself, and writing blogs and creating news will fall through the cracks. That’s where we come in.

A partnership with us ensures that your event gets thorough coverage and is promoted to your target audience – anime and manga fans in India – via our channels.

Animehunch is one of the biggest anime-manga media websites in India with a consistent and healthy viewership.

Along with reaching the audiences who read news on the website, you can also leverage the 12k+ followers that Animehunch has on Instagram.

How to partner with Animehunch:

In order for Animhunch Pvt. Ltd. to cover/promote your events, reach out to us at ([email protected]) with all the details of the event that you will be organizing. We will get back to you in order to verify the details of the events and to check their authenticity.

If everything is in order, the talks will proceed to the kind of coverage you need for your event.

Please mention the following details of your events

  • Event Name:
  • Date and time of event:
  • Place where the event will be organized:
  • Format of the event and other details:
  • Details about the organizers:
  • Information on sponsors and other partners (if any):

Also, attach any documents/brochures about the event in the mail if required.

Note: We only promote or cover events/content that are related to anime and manga.