Will Shikamaru Die in Boruto?

Will Shikamaru Die in Boruto

In Boruto chapter 64, Code and Boruto continued their battle in the outskirts of Konoha. Meanwhile, we see Naruto and Ino’s sensory unit trying to locate Boruto. As soon as Naruto tracks down Boruto’s whereabouts Shikamaru confronts Naruto and asks him to join the battle. To which many fans including us ponder the question,will Shikamaru … Read more

Was The Baryon Mode Necessary To Defeat Isshiki?

Naruto using Baryon Mode

This article is made in collaboration with our team’s The Inverted Mind. In the recent episode of Boruto, the fandom witnessed the death of Kurama, one of the central characters of the series. Posts about the Nine-Tailed Fox flooded social media sites as people mourned over his death. Making us wonder, can Sasuke and Naruto … Read more

Boruto Chapter 61 Analysis: Kawaki’s Plan!

Amado in Boruto

Chapter 61 of Boruto has left the fans craving for the next chapter! With Code’s actions, Kawaki’s plans and many intricate details, the fans are overjoyed! Since there’s so much to cover, let’s start with the analysis instantly!  For the sake of analysing more easily, I’ll break down the chapter into parts and then we’ll … Read more

Boruto: Is Kashin Koji Jiraiya?

Kashin Koji

Kashin Koji is an enigmatic personality in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series. People have been scratching their heads while trying to understand him since his introduction; especially due to his uncanny character design, which reminds people of the beloved Ero-Sennin. So, who exactly is this Kashin Koji guy? Well, keep reading to know everything … Read more

Are Naruto And Sasuke Nerfed In Boruto?

Naruto and Sasuke

Since Naruto and Sasuke’s fight against Jigen in the Boruto series, two questions have always prevailed over others: “Will Naruto and Sasuke die in Boruto?” and “Are Sasuke and Naruto nerfed?”. Leaving the first question for another day, let’s tackle the latter one! But before we get to the nerfing, we need to understand what … Read more

How Did Jigen Seal Naruto? And Why?

jigen karma seal

Jigen established himself as the strongest after defeating Naruto and Sasuke. However, he didn’t manage to kill either of them! While Sasuke managed to escape after being severely injured, Naruto wasn’t as fortunate, as Jigen sealed him away. So, you might think, how and why did Jigen seal Naruto if he could just kill him … Read more

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