Why Were Sarada & Sumire Not Affected By Eida’s Omnipotence In Boruto?

Since Boruto chapter 80 was published it opened a Pandora’s box of questions and left all the fans scratching their heads for answers.

One such question was, how were Sarada and Sumire unaffected by Eida’s Omnipotence?

Before we dive into it let us first revise a bit of Sarada and Sumire’s history and lineage

How Was Sarada Born?

Sarada’s birth takes place after the 4th Ninja War when Sasuke and Sakura were doing missions outside Konoha together.

Despite being pregnant Sakura never left Sasuke’s side and thus Sarada was born in one of Orochimaru’s Hideout with Karin helping Sakura deliver Sarada.

Now if we look at Sarada’s lineage, she is half Uchiha and half Haruno.

On top of that, she is the daughter of the Uchiha who had Ohtsutsuki chakra in him when she was born. This is a point to remember.

Whereas her mother is an elite kunoichi whose chakra control is on par with Gods like Naruto and Sasuke along with a Bakugo seal on her head.

A combination of these people will by default have an upper edge genetically. Thus making her growth potential extremely vast.

Who Are Sumire Kakei’s Parents In Boruto?

Sumire was born to a root member, Tanuki Shigaraki, who was an ardent follower of Danzo Shimura the proxy 6th Hokage of the village.

Her real name is Sumire Shigaraki and was trained by her father from a young age to exact revenge against the village.

The reason behind that was after the death of Danzo Shimura, the existence of Root was made available to the public and also the knowledge of their exact working patterns and missions.

This caused the village to ostracize such Root members and their families. This led to Sumire’s mother dying when Sumire was so young that she doesn’t even remember her mother’s voice.

Saddened by his wife’s and Danzo’s death and the village’s atrocities, Tanuki trained Sumire to go against the village and passed on the newly created tailed beast, Nue to her.

The interesting point here is the pseudo-tailed beast, Nue was made entirely from Hashirama’s cells and as we all know what monster Hashirama himself was.

The main reason for Hashirama’s monstrous strength and vitality as he was the reincarnation of Ashura Ohtsutsuki. That too, he was a reincarnation who was the maximum closest to the power of Ashura compared to all reincarnations including Naruto.

For example, if Ashura was 100, then Hashirama was probably 35, Naruto was 20-25, rest other incarnations since we have no details let’s assume they were below Naruto.

So Hashirama’s cells had a slight hint of Ohtsutsuki chakra in them.

And Nue was made from these cells so we can safely assume that Nue has Ohtsutsuki chakra to some minuscule extent at least.

With these points in mind, we can now talk about the elephant in the room.

Why Sarada and Sumire Not Affected By Eida’s Omnipotence In Boruto?

As we know from above, both Sarada and Sumire had something special about their birth or their past. So keeping those in mind, the reason why Sarada and Sumire were not affected by Eida’s Omnipotence in Boruto could be due to, Sarada has Ohtsutsuki chakra in her via Sasuke’s blood hence she was unaffected by it.

Whereas Sumire has Nue a tailed beast that is made from Hashirama’s Cells and since Hashirama was the only incarnation of Ashura Ohtsutsuki with maximum Ohtsutsuki chakra concentration, it is safe to assume that Sumire also has some extent of Ashura chakra. In extension, she has Ohtsutsuki chakra as well.

And we all know that Eida’s powers don’t work on Ohtsutsuki.

If you are gonna ask about how was Sasuke influenced by her powers then I’ll say that ever since Sasuke’s eye was stabbed he lost the Ohtsutsuki chakra as the chakra given to him by Hagoromo was used to activate the Rinnegan in his eye and use Rinnegan abilities.

The second reason why Sarada and Sumire were unaffected by Eida’s omnipotence was that Eida wanted normalcy in her life such as having friends and boyfriends and stuff.

She already had a brother, Daemon, so she didn’t feel the need for a parent, also she knew that Amado created her so she won’t have biological parents.

Eida herself longed for a normal friendship and when she was placed under observation in Konoha, she thought that Sumire and Sarada, the only two females around her, could become her friends in chapter 76 of the Boruto Manga.

Now given how her “omnipotence” powers worked subconsciously without even Eida herself knowing, Sarada and Sumire were exempted from her omnipotence since Eida herself saw them as family and friends.

And Eida’s Omnipotence doesn’t work on FAMILY and Ohtsutsuki’s.

Hence, Sarada and Sumire were not affected by Eida’s Omnipotence.

Other than these two theories which make plausible and more sense compared to Sarada and Sumire being so much in love with Boruto that they cannot love anyone else is utter crap!


With Saradas’ lineage, Sumire’s tailed beast, and Eida’s feelings what do you think is the better reason? Or are you the type who believes love transcends everything?

Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Why Were Sarada & Sumire Not Affected By Eida’s Omnipotence In Boruto?”

  1. For me IT IS too complicated. Theoratacly, the whole Hyuuga Clan would bei immune. After all, they are direct Descendants of Hamura, so they are Close to Otsutsuki. Or maybe the Otsutsuki gene which gives byakugan became too thin to make them immune.

    IT would Help If we know, If himawari was affected. If Not, she could Ruin kawakis Plans. After all she ist a living witness, of the truth.

    And could you explain nue in greater Detail? How i understood it, it’s an pseudo bijuu. If it is sealed inside sumire, she shouldn’t be able to summon IT. After all Jinyuriki transformed in bijuus. (In Narutos Case: He used Bunshin.)
    But If IT were the cells and chakra, wouldn’t yamato also bei unaffected? He is the only known survivor of orochimarus Experiments with hashirama cells. (Also tsunade. She is His granddaughter)

    If IT really was eidas subconciouss Desire, IT would bei too convienent.

    • Excellent points you have made.

      Yes, theoretically the Hyuga clan should be immune but centuries of inbreeding could have affected their connection with Ohtsutsuki chakra.
      Nue was a beast created from Hashirama’s cells and yes it is a pseudo biju however unlike actual biju’s it can come outside of Sumire without killing her as shown in the anime.
      Also about Yamata, he was modified by Hashirama cells only that much that he could use wood release and nothing more so he too would be affected. Whereas Tsunade being a direct descendant of Hashirama doesn’t mean she got Hashirama’s chakra in her. As Hashirama himself was reincarnate of Ashura and the closest to the powers of the actual Ashura he was in a different league and Ashura’s chakra gets reincarnated after the death of current reincarnation. Since Hashirama was alive during the birth of both of his grandchildren his Ashura chakra was reincarnated in Naruto who was born decades later.

      Honestly, I personally believe it is Eida’s subconscious desire.

  2. The simple answer is that it’s Eida’s desire. Even Momoshiki don’t have the answer why they’re not affected, he knows the most as being a royal blood Otsutsuki. A foreshadow in previous chapter that she wanted to have a normal friends. That’s just it, no need to complicate.


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