What Are The Karma Seal Abilities In Boruto?

Karma Seal Abilities and powers explained in Detail

In the recent manga chapter of Boruto:Naruto Next Generations we learnt that the Karma seal is the compressed biological data of a Otsutsuki clan member which can be embedded into a host’s body. Whenever an Otsutsuki member sustains life threatening injuries or is in a grave situation from which they can’t survive, they convert themselves into data, replicate themselves and plant it into a host body. In short, it is a compressed backup file of that Otsutsuki member. This is how the members of this clan resurrect and survive.  So what exactly are the karma seal abilities?

Currently there are three known users who were given the Karma seals directly by an Otsutsuki viz Boruto, Jigen and Kawaki.

The Karma Seal Abilities granted to the users:

The karma seal grants both the users immense power ups and a host of abilities which weren’t possible for normal humans to master. Some of these abilities are directly related to the Otsutsuki giving the karma and their ocular powers of Rinnegan and/or Rinne-Sharingan. Some of the abilities of Karma Seal include:

1) Absorption:

One of the main abilities the Karma Seal grants its users is the power to absorb all chakra and chakra based ninjutsus without any damage. The users can use that power to enhance themselves.

The karma seal can’t, however, absorb physical matter (like Boro’s black mist) and non chakra based jutsus( the fire that Kashin Koji summons to burn Jigen in Chapter 46).

2) Reuse Ninjutsu:

We know that Momoshiki could absorb Ninjutsu and then use that same jutsu to defeat his opponents by amplifying its power to terrifying levels. This ability to re-use or throw back the ninjutsu that has been absorbed was also displayed by Kawaki and Boruto when their Karma seals resonated. Jigen and Amado theorised that it was this resonance that allowed both Kawaki’s and Boruto’s Kāma to mature more rapidly than expected. 

When Kawaki used this power against Boro, it looked very similar to a ki-blast, causing high damage to the Kara member.

3) Enhanced Physical Abilities:

In their respective fights, Boruto and Kawaki have shown to have enhanced durability and heightened senses when using their Karma seals. This could be due the parasyte trying to protect the host just like Kurama Protecting Naruto from dying in his early days. 

The enhanced abilities were visible when Boruto activated his Karma Seal (manifesting Momoshiki Ohtsutsuki) to defeat Boro. Kawaki too was shown to be able to take down opponents more powerful than him after he activated his karma seal.

4) Medium for Space Time Ninjutsu:

One other Otsutsuki ability which can be accessed by Karma users is Interdimensional travel or creating pocket dimensions. This power was used by all three Karma seal users including Boruto, Kawaki and Jigen. However, this ability seems to be slightly advanced as Boruto and Kawaki had to work together to use it, unlike Jigen who could open rifts to any location including foreign dimensions at will.

5) Regeneration:

When using Karma seem to have healing powers which were on par or more powerful than Naruto’s healing powers with Kyuubi.

6) Flight:

The karma seal also apparently grants the vessel the power to fly. While both Jigen and Boruto were able to fly post their Otsutsuki manifestations, it is not known if the power can be accessed by simply activating the Karma seal. 

Flight is an ability which the Otsutsuki members have. So it is highly possible that the karma seal which essentially is nothing but their compressed biological data, grants the same abilities to its wielder.

Some more Karma Seal Abilities which users may have:

While these abilities have been shown/revealed in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series, there are some more powers & abilities which the Karma seal may grant its user. These are essentially the powers which the Otsutsuki members wielded. Whether those powers are passed down to the Karma bearers are to be seen. Maybe if the parasite takes over the host’s body completely then they might show these abilities but using these and other God Like powers as Karma bearer is possible or not is yet to be discovered.

Store data of all the jutsus absorbed: 

Similar to Sharingan ability of letting the user copy any jutsu it ever sees. Since Karma has the ability of Rinne Sharingan it can also store such data.

Ability to use All elemental chakra types including Yin, Yang: 

Just like the Sage of Six Paths and Nagato who could use all elements and yin, yang in all of his battles and day to day life which is only possible with Rinnegan users and very rare exception of Sarutobi Hiruzen.

Creation of All things: 

This ability could be used when Yin and Yang natures are combined that’s how Rikudou Sennin created the 9 tailed beasts from the 10 tails. This ability was passed down to Naruto who could stop the effect of 8th Gate of Death and regrow Kakashi’s eye from nothing. Since this ability belongs to Otsutsuki there is a very high chance of Karma seal users being able to use it too.

If you think there are other abilities which Karma users can access or gain then let us know in the comments section. Also stay tuned to our blog for more updates on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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