Boruto’s New Rasengan Uzuhiko Explained: Boruto Two Blue Vortex

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Rasengan Uzuhiko Explained

As we venture further into the depths of the Boruto Manga, we are bombarded with new surprises at every turn, with us always waiting restlessly for the new Chapter. The new Rasengan variant:- Uzuhiko is one such surprise fans have been waiting for.

However, one might wonder what this new Jutsu is, how it works, and what its name even means. Well, worry not because in this article, I will provide you with genuine reasons, my speculations of what the Rasengan Uzuhiko will be, and better than some of those available on the internet!

If you have not caught up with the latest chapters of Boruto Two Blue Vortex, I highly advise that you do so before reading this article. With that being said, let’s dive deep into Rasengan Uzuhiko.

What is Rasengan Uzuhiko In Boruto Two Blue Vortex?

Boruto using rasengan uzuhiko in boruto two blue vortex

Boruto prepares his attack; from Boruto Two Blue Vortex, Chapter 2

In the last panel of the second chapter of Boruto Two Blue Vortex, we see Boruto shrouded by wind. This is all of the Chakra gathered by Boruto around his body to use this Jutsu, unlike the traditional method of collecting it in the palm of your hands.

This is then discharged all at once at the opponents, what we can assume is their chakra network causing their entire body to disorientate; more on that later.

We also witness Boruto use blinding speeds to dodge Code’s various attacks as if he were the wind itself and Code just passed through it. We will talk about it in detail later on.

Moving to the next section, let us take a look at Uzuhiko’s meaning in Japanese and its roots in Japanese mythology.

And it will be on a similar level to the Uchiha’s iconic Tsukuyomi & Amaterasu techniques. Let me tell you how.

Rasengan Uzuhiko’s Connection With Tsukuyomi & Amaterasu

The word Uzuhiko is one of the names of the wind God Shinatsuhiko. Shinatsuhiko was born when Izanagi blew the white mist away, which was formed after the creation of the 8 great islands of Japan.

Thus making Shinatsuhiko the elder sibling of Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo. Point to note, Shinatsuhiko is also considered to be a female deity in some regions and male in other regions. However, for this article’s sake, I will mainly consider Shinatsuhiko as a male or female wherever I feel like it.

Also, Boruto and Naruto have wind and sea references in their names and lineage, like Uzumaki, a whirlpool caused by wind. And they were living in a country surrounded by whirlpools in the sea.

Naruto’s father’s name is Minato, which means port, where winds are revered for bringing loved ones back and prosperity. It could be seen with Kushina, who is a Uzumaki, meeting with Minato and settling down and finding her place to be at peace.

Similarly, Naruto, their son, has Rasengan and Rasenshuriken and their variants as his weapons of choice and is the strongest wind type user.

Then there is Boruto, who has a wind and a lightning chakra nature, and as we all know, a powerful whirlpool could lead to rain, which brings thunder and lightning along with it. So there are loads of references.

As the God of Wind, Shinatsuhiko is extremely important as winds are required for crops to grow, for all living things to breathe, etc. However, powerful winds can cause destruction as well.

So, judging by these references, I believe that Uzuhiko could be Rasengan is offensive and defensive in its powers, and it could be big or strong enough to cause change in the environment.

There’s a solid reason I believe that to be true is because it is in the name itself. Like look at the breakdown of the Hiragana kanji of the word Uzuhiko:宇津彦

  • 宇Eaves. Roof. A house covered with a large roof. A world covered with a big sky. Infinite space. Heaven. The sky. Spirit. A broad and generous heart.
  • 津Port
  • 彦A young man of superior talent and virtue. A beautiful man. A splendid man. A beautiful name for a man.

So, I speculate that Uzuhiko could be a strong jutsu that controls the environment and is on par with Amaterasu, which, once touched, cannot be turned off.

Also, it can enhance attacks like Amaterasu because you know wind and lightning add to the fire, thus hinting at Boruto and Sarada’s growing relationship.

In the Nihon Shoki and Kojiki, the wind is believed to uphold the vast sky and protect it from falling to Earth.

Also, in the Nihon Shoki, Uzuhiko is said to be the pillar between Heaven and Earth and is also the one who blows defilement into the underworld.

It could be a reference to Ōtsutsuki, who came from the sky and was kept at bay by Boruto, the God of Wind emissary, and he is seen fighting with Code and Kawaki, who are Ohtsutsuki.

Other than that, as an attack, Uzuhiko is seen to disorient the victim’s brain and make it move as fast as the earth’s rotation speed.

How does Rasengan Uzuhiko Work?

With what we have seen so far in the third chapter, here is how Rasengan Uzuhiko works:- Boruto first begins to harness chakra from the entire planet within his body and simultaneously dodges any incoming attacks.

Once the necessary amount has been gathered, He condenses all of it on his hand, and by using the concepts of the Hyūga Clan’s Gentle Fist, Boruto will then strike and release all the spinning Earth Chakra into his opponent’s Tenketsu.


Boruto’s Rasengan connects with Code.

Initially, this would not have an effect. Still, eventually, it will cause the victim to get disorientated and weakened due to their entire body’s Tenketsu being damaged by such high-intensity chakra. This also leaves semi-permanent damage on the user, as the only way to stop it is to either.

  • Wait for the Earth to stop its rotation.
  • Boruto will deactivate it at his choosing, which, in this case, is interrogating Code and possibly killing him. Still, normally, Boruto can expel the Chakra back into the atmosphere by using his Otsutsuki Karma and pulling it out of his victim.

To put into perspective just how fast this rotating Chakra was, we must deal with a few numbers and physics to wrap our heads around this Jutsu.

Earth’s rotation speed is approximately 1,670 km/h. The chakra gathered from it must’ve been the same proportions as Earth’s Diameter of 12,742 km, which was all condensed into a Wind Style Rasengan, which would roughly be about the same as a soft ball’s being 9-10 cms in Diameter.

This means this Rasengan packs the kinetic energy of  2.138×1029 Jules and has a rotation comparable to Earth’s angular velocity of 7.29×10-5 rad/s-1 (Radian Per Second- ω). And remains in a moment of inertia(Inertia is the tendency of objects in motion to stay in motion, such as terminal velocity), I = 8.04×1037 kg·m2, all that in the size of a softball!

Formula for calculating Angular Velocity :- ω(Omega)= Angle (In Radiance)
                         Time (in Seconds)

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This means Code’s Tenketsu was hit with that speed and that much kinetic energy. Initially, he couldn’t feel anything because of how similar to Naruto’s Rasenshurken. This Rasengan could also possibly have slow damage on Code’s Cells, combined with the Gentle fist’s precisive strike; this Rasengan’s damage would be much more significant than Naruto’s Big Ball Rasengan, which can almost reach Planetary sizes with enough Chakra.

And the damage done from within means Code’s body is slowly failing him, and he is running out of options.

Screenshot 2023 10 26 025716

Code feeling the effects of Rasengan Uzuhiko

And unlike how even the initial version of Genki Dama would damage the victim inside out, this Rasengan keeps the user with that damage until the user chooses to displace all that energy back into nature, similar to Forced Spirit Fission.

Except here, Boruto uses his Karma to take out all that energy and release it rather than taking it for himself.


After some mind-blowing calculations and in-universe explanations of possibly how this Jutsu works, I can’t wait to see the actual lore behind it, and I’m more curious to see if my aforementioned theories were all or partially correct when it comes to Boruto’s enhanced physical strength and understanding of Senjutsu.

We must be patient and see just how Boruto learned all these techniques and if he will finally bust out Sage Mode. At the moment, I speculate that Boruto will most likely reverse summon to Code’s location by using Code and possibly having the summoning formula written on its back to allow Boruto to reach Code’s realm.

But what do you feel? Do you have your theories or something I may have missed in this article? Then please head to the comment section and let us know the following.

Do you also feel that we will finally see Sasuke return in the next chapter, or may he appear much later, and why?

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