Is Himawari Uzumaki Affected By Eida’s Omnipotence In Boruto Two Blue Vortex?

Is Himawari Affected By Eida Omnipotence

In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’s finale chapter, Eida cast a global-scale jutsu that turned the fate of our titular hero and made him into a villain.

Eida’s “omnipotence” jutsu affected everyone who was not her blood relatives and also not Otsutsuki with the exceptions of Sarada and Sumire. In this article, we will go deep into the chapter’s events and answer whether Boruto’s sister Himawari is also one of the unaffected or not. This article will contain Boruto- Two Blue Vortex spoilers, so please catch up before proceeding.

Is Himawari Affected by Eida’s Omnipotence?

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In the first chapter of “Boruto- Two Blue Vortex”, we see our protagonists grow up and the further after-effects of “Omnipotence” on the significant supporting cast.

However, the most interesting of all that has been up on our minds is how certain characters have been left unaffected by the effects of Omnipotence. So far, it is only Sarada and Sumire, but through dialogue, fans were quick to question the strange goals of Himawari, who doesn’t want to capture but instead help Boruto.

What is revealed about Omnipotence is that it can take its user’s desires and turn them into reality. In Eida’s case, she wanted to impress Kawaki and after hearing his desires to make Kawaki Naruto’s son and Boruto an outsider and the one who “killed Naruto.” She went on to rewrite everyone’s memories on a global scale.

In the beginning, according to Sarada, people questioned how Kawaki possessed scientific upgrades by Kara and was interrogated by Shikamaru. Still, these questions would also disappear over time, leaving everyone entirely under the jutsu.

Eida would further explain how she had no control over this ability and how it was a gradual process. She would further question the two by asking if they REALLY are even captive to her charm as they are not even Ōtsutsuki or a family member.

But by acting quickly, Sumire would lie by stating she and Sarada are indeed captivated by her and are putting up a front, which Eida chooses to pass for the time being as a possible explanation.

Himawari motivation

Himawari states her reasons for training.

As this chapter goes on, we are welcomed to a rather interesting conversation between team 10 and Himawari, who has had the more significant changes to her design. Here, we get to listen to Himawari’s intentions of helping Boruto despite him being a “traitor” and her motivation to get stronger.

Now, a few fans questioned if Himawari was also unaffected like Sarada and Sumire, which does not seem to be the case, and I want to explain precisely why that isn’t. Firstly, as a reader, many people miss out on our character relations with Kawaki. Himawari was pretty much unaware of what was going on, so that clears up why she doesn’t dislike Kawaki.

But the reason why she wants to protect him was already shown way back in manga chapter 32, where Kawaki Shielded Naruto and Himawari from Delta’s attack and this started their relationship of a brother and sister, which was further made stronger when Kawaki made efforts into fixing the broken vase.


Kawaki saves Naruto and Himawari from Chapter 32- “A Sense of Duty”

These small interactions and Kawaki’s love and respect for Naruto are why Himawari doesn’t blame Boruto for her parents’ passing. Now, let’s say why she is not affected for those wondering why fans say she couldn’t be.

Why is Himawari Not Affected By Eida’s Omnipotence?

Firstly, we are told by Eida that her powers do not affect the “Ōtsutsuki” and the members of her family now; Himawari’s lineage, like Sarada, is connected to Hagaromo Ōtsutsuki’s son’s clans, so it leaves us with a possible answer as to why she may not be affected and chooses to play it smart amongst other people.

But why do I feel that isn’t the case? What could be happening? Firstly, if she was unaffected, I think she would be more in touch with Sarada and Sumire and more serious about her goal than she is now because of how she has so much potential; she would be, in my opinion, training in the Hyuga training grounds with other members to show how urgently she would want to be stronger to protect her brother but that isn’t the case here.

Instead, at the moment, they have taken a more laid-back approach with her character whilst moving the story fast towards Code attacking Konoha, and we will have to wait until the upcoming chapter to get more answers about everything else. Until then, there is so much I can tell and clarify why Himawari is affected and her current motivations.

In conclusion, Himawari being excluded from the people “not” affected by Eida’s jutsu also eliminates Sarada’s reasons for being unaffected by inclusion in her clan’s lineage because that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Until then, I am excited to see what the upcoming chapters will bring for the fans as we get closer to the new chapter of Boruto, which is on 20th September; while it is possible that we will not fully grasp explained at least until five chapters in, I, for one, cannot wait to understand this ability and that if Sasuke is also still the same about not trusting his memories or like everyone else he too has wholly switched sides.

What are your thoughts? What else will be revealed in the coming chapters besides what’s stated above? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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