How Did Kakashi Get Sharingan In Naruto?

Despite being a non-Uchiha Kakashi unleashed his Sharingan against Zabuza and fans have been scratching their heads. Especially the new fans who are discovering the world of Naruto. As to, how did Kakashi get his Sharingan? Well, it is explained by Kishimoto sensei in the story itself but for those who don't know let's get right into it. How Did Kakashi Get Sharingan? During his time as a student, Kakashi was part of Team Minato with Minato Namikaze as his sensei and Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara. Obito even though an

Sharingan: Everything You Need To Know!

Ever since Kakashi unleashed his Sharingan against Zabuza fans have always been in awe of the dojutsu. The cool and battle changing abilities it grants to the user leave an everlasting impression. But almost a decade later since the series ended, new and old fans of the show are still confused about various aspects of it. In this article, I am going to answer all questions that are asked about Sharingan. This is literally a guide for Sharingan: Everything You Need To Know. Without further adieu, let's jump right into it.

How Did Kawaki Get His Karma Seal Again? Boruto

With the recent developments in the manga, Kawaki lost his Karma seal due to Isshiki manifesting in Jigen. Thus, the Karma seal on Kawaki disappears. Therefore, this raises a major concern, whose Karma does Kawaki have in the first panel of the manga. This led to fans speculating, How Did Kawaki Get His Karma Seal Again? In the very first panel, Kawaki has a karma seal and is fighting Boruto. In this his words display a rather sinister motive. However, despite the sinister tone, he mentions of "sending" Naruto away.

Who Will Become The 8th Hokage In Boruto? Explained

With the recent developments in the manga, the Boruto series is hinting towards the sad future of Naruto and Sasuke. Thus, creating a question in everybody's mind who will become the next Hokage? As the series progresses there are only a handful people who can take up the mantle. But first, What Are The Requirements To Become A Hokage? "It isn’t that if you become Hokage, everyone will acknowledge you. It’s the ones who are acknowledged that can become Hokage". This quote by Itachi still holds true. So, whom do

Can Code Really Become An Otsutsuki In Boruto? Explained

After receiving White Karma and Will Of Isshiki, Code has set on a path of Vengeance. He is aiming to destroy Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, Kawaki, and Amado. Despite his immense powers and being stronger than Jigen Code might go for becoming a full-fledged Otsutsuki. And for him to become an Otsutsuki Isshiki has left him a straight path. When Isshiki confronts Code, he explains to the enhanced human that despite not being able to become a backup, Code can become a brand new Otsutsuki due to Karma's powers. The requirement

What Is White Karma In Boruto? What Are Code’s Powers? Explained

With the recent developments in the manga post-Isshiki's death, a new villain emerged. That villain is Code. Since he's an inner member of the Kara it is evident that he's crazy powerful. Although we got a glimpse of some of his powers in the latest chapter, his most intriguing power is still a mystery. That is his White Karma. This new power is supposedly different from its Black counterpart. Let's find out how: What is White Karma? White Karma is a data seal backup similar to Black Karma existing only on those

Boruto: How Strong Is Sasuke Without Rinnegan? (2021)

Ever since we saw Boruto put a kunai in Sasuke's eye-socket everyone is thinking whether the Uchiha can use his Rinnegan abilities? Similar speculations have been going on for Naruto as the titular hero has lost his best buddy and his major source of Power, Kurama. For this article, I will be focusing only on Sasuke and how strong is he without Rinnegan. But first, let us know, what kind of powers did Sasuke receive when he unlocked his Rinnegan? What Powers Does Sasuke's Rinnegan Have? Sasuke's Rinne-Sharingan

Is Sasuke Stronger Than Naruto In Boruto?

Ever since Kurama died and Sasuke lost his Rinnegan fans have been speculating their powers and comparing them with various characters within the series. One such comparison is whether is Sasuke stronger than Naruto in Boruto? It is a very debatable topic as it has always been stated that Naruto and Sasuke were always equals. Even the author Masashi Kishimoto sensei mentioned that if he's giving Naruto a power-up he would make sure to give Sasuke a power-up too. Thus, keeping both the leads equal in terms of power.

Can Naruto Beat Hashirama Without Kurama? (2021)

Ever since the release of Boruto chapter 55, Naruto fans are mourning the death of their beloved Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama. Due to this major death, Naruto has lost a major source of his powers. Thus, taking away his God-like powers. This has fans speculating, how strong Naruto is without Kurama? Also, fans keep asking which characters can Naruto defeat now that he doesn't have Kurama? If you were also wondering the same, then don't worry, we have you covered. But instead of mentioning which characters can Naruto defeat we

How Strong Is Naruto In Boruto Without Kurama? (2021)

In the latest chapter of Boruto, we bid farewell to our beloved 9 tailed-fox, Kurama. The tailed beast heroic-ly sacrificed his life to protect Naruto and the villagers from imminent death. Due to the death of such a major character and the reason behind Narutos’ God-like powers, fans across the globe are speculating how strong is Naruto right now? If you are wondering the same, then we have you covered. But first, let us know what kind of powers did Kurama grant Naruto? How Strong Is Naruto In Boruto? Naruto after

The Promised Neverland Opening Theme Revealed

The official Twitter account of The Promised Neverland anime revealed the opening theme song for season 2 of the anime. Kiro Akiyama is performing the song “Identity”. You can check the link here: The second season starts airing on January 7, 2021. It'll broadcast on Fuji TV. It was supposed to air in October but was delayed due to COVID-19. The first season of the anime adaptation aired in January 2019. Aniplex of

Quintessential Quintuplets Second Season Releasing On January 6, 2021

The official website for Gotōbun no Hanayome viz. The Quintessential Quintuplets the series' second anime season reveals a promotional video. The video reveals the second seasons' airing date as of January 7 at 1:28 a.m. JST. It will first air on TBS. Later it will air on Sun TV and BS11 on January 8. The following apps and sites will stream the anime on GyaO!, d Anime Store, U-NEXT, Hulu, and AbemaTV. The video previews the song "Gotōbun no Katachi" sung by the quintuplets. Kaori is

ReZero Season 2 Cour 2 Releasing On January 6, 2021

Kadokawa recently held a Livestream for the second cour of the second season of ReZero: Starting Life in Another World anime. In the session, it reveals that the second cour will air from January 6 at 10/;30 pm JST. It also reveals the names of artists performing OP-ED theme songs. Mayu Maeshima is performing the opening theme song "Long shot". Whereasnonoc is performing the ending theme song "Believe in you." It also revealed a key visual: The second cour of ReZERO's second season will also air on TV Hokkaido, KHB 

Real Life Pantsu Thief Arrested

Although watching Kazuma steal panties in Konosuba may be fun for some, it is not accepted in real life. A 60-year old man from Japan found that out the hard way. The man is caught on suspicion of committing the crime of theft. To which he later admitted(hence a real life pantsu thief). According to the news, the man stole two pieces of underwear which were drying at the home of a woman in her thirties on the morning of November 25. The victim caught the man stealing from his car and reported the incident. The

Chainsaw Man To Get Anime Adaptation & Part 2 For Manga!

Chainsaw Man Manga ended its manga last Tuesday, December 7th, 2020. However there are leaks from the last page of the manga with great news for fans. The manga is returning with its part 2 and also an anime adaptation of the first part. The above images reveals the news about the second part of the manga albeit without a date. Here's the leaked tweet: In addition to the second part of the manga, the first part is also getting an anime

The Promised Neverland Manga Gets Isabella Centric New Chapter

Weekly Shonen Jumps' first issue of 2021 reveals there will be a new bonus chapter of The Promised Neverland focusing on Isabella. The bonus chapter is releasing in the next issue of December 14. The chapter is going to reveal the "Truth" about her. Recently, Sister Krone got a bonus chapter and is available to read it on Manga Plus. The illustration Krone got to promote her chapter: Kaiu Shirai writes and Posuka Demizu illustrates the series. The manga series officially ended in June 2020 at chapter 181. The series

Kaguya Sama Manga To End Soon

The leaks of the latest Kaguya Sama: Love is War chapter is out. This also revealed the cover image of the chapter featuring the main character Miyuki Shirogane. And over this cover, it is revealed that the manga is heading in its final arc. According to the leak, Akasaka Aka wrote: “From now on the story enters the final phase”. What's confirming this news is the fact that the mangaka, Aka Akasaka, recently tweeted this: It roughly translates

Violet Evergarden Movie Earns 2 Billion Yen

Kyoto Animation's standalone anime Violet Evergardens' Violet Evergarden: The Movie made 2 billion yen (about US$19.2 million) as of Saturday. By Sunday, the film sold over 1,390,000 tickets. The movie ranked second in its opening week. However, it ranked outside of the top 10 in its 12th weekend. Although, they will add more theatres starting on December 11. The film is the first new Japanese anime film to open in Dolby Cinemas. Due to Covid-19 Kyoto Animation postponed the film's opening in Japan. The film was

Gintama The Final Movie Trailer Released

The official website of Gintama The Final Movie released a new trailer today. The trailer reveals the movies' new insert song "Doraku Shinjo" by the rock band DOES. It also reveals the movie's theme song "Wadachi" by the band SPYAIR. Here's the link to the trailer: DOES is also doing a second insert song in the film titled "Breakdown." The film releases in Japan on January 8 2021. This film is said to be final movie/anime for Gintama, for real, this time. It

Gojou Satoru Receives A Birthday Gift From MAPPA

With its launch in winter 2020, Jujutsu Kaisen is gaining immense popularity. Especially, the character Gojou Satoru, who has an uncanny resemblance to Naruto's Kakashi Hatake. Thanks to that and his character progression, Gojou has become a fan-favorite character from the series. Due to his popularity, the animation studio MAPPA has made an illustration wishing him on his birthday (December 7th). Here's the Tweet: Here's an enlarged form of the