Top 20 Strongest Female Boruto Characters Of All Time!

Strongest Female Boruto Characters

Shinobi in the Boruto & Naruto universe have all been through many challenges and hardships throughout the series. These include coming to terms with the death of a comrade and pushing forward, obtaining a new skill/Jutsu through strenuous training and making tough decisions etc.

But none of them would have come this far without the support of the female cast, and in today’s list, we will rank each of these female Naruto and Boruto characters in terms of their skills on the battlefield and their sets of jutsus and what makes them more formidable than the last which includes intelligence and experience as a Kunoichi.

The list will include characters from Naruto and the Boruto series Anime/Manga since all Naruto and Naruto Shippuden characters exist in the Boruto; whether dead or alive, that’s a different question. We will be including characters from across the history of Naruto/Boruto characters.

So watch out for upcoming spoilers. If you still need to catch up with either of the media, please be sure you do before viewing this list. Now without any further ado, let us get onto the list!

Top 20 Strongest Female Boruto Characters

Let’s start with the last one:

20. Moegi Kazamatsuri


Adult Moegi, as seen in the Boruto Anime

Starting at the bottom with Moegi. Now, despite being last, she is still a well-achieved Kunoichi in her own right but not strong enough to compete with the rest of the other women on this list.

She can use Earth and Water release and is seen using an Earth Style Wall to stop oncoming attacks and use Water release- Water Hail to create a barrage of water bullets.

Also, as a feather in her cap, she can use Wood Release! Though it is not known how (I am watching you, Orochimaru) she achieved it.

Despite what we have seen of her using this nature transformation, we still need to find out to what extent she can use it, whether it is on the level of Yamato.

Despite that, she may be one of the strongest female Boruto characters in the series but not at the same level as the high-level Kunoichi.

However, she still deserves a mention on this list, and I hope she gets more screen time in the time skip, where we can see a more fleshed-out look at her abilities with wood release. Thus, she ranks last on our list of female Naruto and Boruto characters.

19. Mito Uzumaki


Mito, as seen in “Naruto Gaiden: Whirlwind in the Vortex.”

Up next, we have Mito Uzumaki, the late wife of Hashirama Senju and the first known Jinchūriki of Kurama. While much isn’t known about her skills as a Kunoichi, she was highly skilled in Fūinjutsu as she was the first person to seal away Kurama and was one of the few who could house its powerful Chakra.

She greatly inspired a young Kushina Uzumaki to overcome Kurama’s hate by surrounding herself with love. Her teachings to her were further expanded in the Minato One shot when she took Kushina to climb the Uzumaki Clan’s Crest tower.

Once they reached up, she was beholden to the sight of the Hokage rock whilst explaining to the young Jinchuriki if she could climb above the spiral, a metaphor for feeling low.

Once she rises above, she (at the time in Mito’s perspective) is met with love being Hashirama’s face which would restore her will.

Later it was the sight of Minato’s face lining up with the rock monument completing what Mito meant by finding love. Even after her death, Mito’s teachings of filling yourself with love would be passed down to Naruto as he filled his hate for the world with love for his friends, teachers and parents.

This not only helped Naruto to befriend Kurama but also befriend other tailed beasts.

Despite this, she will have to be placed low on the list due to not being shown just how strong she was, as despite having Kurama, the two were never shown to cooperate, and as a result, she was never shown using his Chakra for combat.

Despite this, she is still a force to be reckoned with as being able to marry someone like Hashirama and understanding his standing as the most powerful being in the world, and she must have enough power to stand atop several other strong Boruto characters.

18. Pakura


Pakura as a Reanimated Shinobi, as seen in Naruto Shippuden

Pakura was a Kunoichi of Sunagakure and was the only known user of the Kekkei Genkai Scorch Release. As a Kunoichi, she specialised in close-range combat as she could fend off many Shinobi armed with weapons, as seen during the fourth shinobi war.

Her Kekkei Genkai is a possible combination of wind and fire releases. In appearance, she conjures spheres like a fireball with the formation of a miniature star and can control them for a long-range assault.

Using “Scorch Release- Extremely steaming murder,” she can use her heat orbs and evaporate the moisture off a person’s body, leaving them as a dried, mummified corpse.  

However, despite this dangerous ability and the fact that her orbs are still susceptible to water-release attacks, she can be easily defeated by other long-distance fighters or, heck, even a wind-style user like the one next in line, and she also is from her village.

Thus, she ranks 18th on our list of female Naruto and Boruto characters.

17. Temari Nara

Kunoichi in chunin exams

Temari, as seen in the Boruto Anime

Temari is one of the best wind-style users of Sunagakure and the strongest wind-style user alive in the current era of kunoichi.

As a Genin, she was skilled enough to beat skilled opponents like Tayuya of the sound four without breaking a sweat. She specialises in “Tessenjutsu” (Iron fan technique), a martial arts style where the user uses a Japanese war fan (a fan with an iron body with eight ribs usually made of wood or Iron.

Temari’s fan consists of three circles she refers to as “stars” as each is revealed the more significant the force the fan’s wind produces. Once the third star is revealed, she can use a “Sickle Weasel Technique” technique.

This allows her to deflect or redirect oncoming attacks at a large scale.

A stronger variant of this technique allows her to neutralise the sound waves that cause Genjutsu. By part two, she demonstrated herself as one of the best Wind Release users of the fourth division during the fourth shinobi war and later became the best in her home village and the world two years after the war.

She is also shown to have a sharp intellect after being married into the Nara clan, and her studious nature helped her develop a new technique for the clan, “Shadow imitation- Field Technique”, after well versing herself with their techniques.

Not to forget, she was the only one during the fourth ninja war who was able to land a hit on Madara Uchiha as a person who was not a Kage or Jinchūriki or a Dōjutsu user.

Hence why she also deserves her place as one of the strongest female Boruto characters of the current era of Kunoichi.

16. Chiyo


Granny Chiyo, as seen in Naruto Shippuden

Chiyo was a masterful Kunoichi of Sunagakure who effortlessly controlled humans with her Puppet Performance-Skillful Achievement technique.

As seen during the fourth shinobi war, where she commanded numerous Samurais. She also wielded ten formidable Chikamatsu puppets that rivalled Sasori’s thousand puppet collection. That says a lot about her scaling, where her ten puppets were equivalent to thousands of Sasori.

In addition to her exceptional puppetry skills, she was well-versed in medicine, specialising in poisons and creating her own.

With her “One’s own life reincarnation” technique, she even brought Gaara back to life, albeit at the cost of her own life.

Chiyo’s expertise and prowess were unparalleled; however, she still would fall short against opponents such as Jinchuriki, and her medical prowess was only challenged by Tsunade, as we will see further in the list.

Thus, she ranks 16th on our list of female Naruto and Boruto characters.

15. Hanabi Hyūga

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Adult Hanabi, as seen in the Boruto Anime

Hanabi is the heiress of the Hyūga Clan. Ever since a young age, she showed more potential than Hinata due to the latter’s timid nature, blocking her from fully utilising the clan’s Taijutsu.

Hanabi’s Byakugan was described by Toneri to be very pure, which allowed him to awaken his Tenseigan.

With her Dōjutsu, she has near 360-degree vision and can see her enemy’s chakra pathway system and through her gentle fist, she can cut off these paths to neutralise the enemy’s usage of Chakra by carefully striking their pressure points.

She has the potential to be the strongest Byakugan user of the clan and is currently almost as strong as her sister Hinata. However, the years of peace in the ninja world might have rusted her skills.

But despite that is shown still to be a tough opponent and quite a skilled Kunoichi despite not being involved in many combat-based situations as she would be. Making her worthy of being one of the strongest female Boruto characters.

She still ranks low due to being outmatched by more powerful female ninja Boruto characters, such as the Jinchuriki or long-range fighters, and her elder sister, who had already surpassed her by adulthood.

14. Ino Yamanaka

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Adult Ino, as seen in the Naruto Manga

Being the strongest member of the Yamanaka clan, Ino specialises in Mind Body Switch Technique which lets her possess her enemies and control their actions. Although, her physical body is left vulnerable to attacks.

However, during the Fourth Shinobi War, her abilities greatly improved to the point that she could control multiple targets and communicate telepathically with all the members of the Shinobi alliance, so much so that she was able to also convey their thoughts and feelings to the other linked shinobi through her Jutsu.

She also forms the backbone of the current barrier technique and communications throughout the village of Konoha. She actively covers all of Konoha village all day, alone. Making her one of the more skilled and valued female Boruto Characters for her sensory abilities.

She, however, does not possess other stronger physical abilities than her skills in Taijutsu which is why she ranks so low on the list.

13. Kurotsuchi

naruto ch700 p020 021 EDIT 1

Adult Kurotsuchi, as seen in the Naruto Manga

Kurotsuchi is the granddaughter of Ōnoki and his eventual successor as the fourth Tsuchikage. She can use Earth, Fire and Water release.

She can produce rocks and boulders and unearth enemies who are underground, such as Zetsus, through Earth release.

She can use Lava release to spread quicklime with water release to immobilise enemies. Her “Ash Stone Seal Technique” emits ash that solidifies and binds around enemies, trapping them.

By further concentrating on Chakra, she can increase the binding strength.

She also possesses great physical strength and is noted to be the best Genjutsu user amongst the current Kages. Making her one of the more dangerous Boruto Characters considering her status as Kage and also because of her lineage.

However, she doesn’t seem to possess her grandfather’s Kekkei Tōta “Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique”. If she did, she would have been much higher on our list of strongest female Boruto characters.

12. Mei Terumī

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Mei Terumī as seen in Naruto Shippuden

Mei Terumī possesses two Kekkei Genkai, Lava and Boil releases and can also use lightning release.

Through Lava release, she can spit out magma to melt or block pathways and spit out acidic mud, which can melt away anything it contacts.

The after steam created from its corrosive reaction also serves as a smoke screen if used on a larger scale.

She can release a corrosive mist through boil release, which she can change its pH if necessary. The fog was enough to cause Sasuke’s Susanoo ribs to melt.

By using Water release, she can use the “Water dragon bullet” technique for offensive purposes or a mist to obscure the enemy’s vision.

She fought on equal grounds with Madara Uchiha and other Kages and provided support using her long-range attacks on him.

This allowed Tsunade and A to land a hit on Madara’s Susanoo. Albeit the battle was not in her favour being able to even go against someone like Madara is a big achievement in itself.

For this alone, she ranks 12th on our list of female Naruto and Boruto characters.

11. Yugito Nii

Claw Creation Technique

Yugito Nii as a reanimated Shinobi, as seen in Naruto Shippuden

Yugito was a skilled Kunoichi of Kumogakure and a Jinchūriki of Matatabi. She specialises in fire release, can use hairballs that would take the form of a rat and is fired as a group to pursue and explode on the enemy.

She can also elongate her finger and toenails as durable claws to clash with swords.

While in her tailed beast state, she can produce a giant fireball that is enough to cause large-scale damage, tailed beast bomb and use “Great Cat Claw Attack” for a powerful strike.

However, she still is not strong enough on her own, as witnessed by her defeat via the Akatsuki members, who weren’t even jinchūriki.

If Yugito were stronger as a ninja herself, that would have captured her higher on our list of strongest female Boruto characters. No Pun intended!


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Fū, as seen in Kishimoto’s illustration of the Jinchūrikis

Fū was the Jinchūriki of Chōmei (7 tails). She trained under her village leader Shibuki for most of her life, making her strong enough to take down giant creatures such as Scorpions effortlessly.

As a Jinchūriki of the Seven Tails, she could utilise the “Hiden-  Hiding in scale powder technique”, where she exhales large quantities of powder with luminous properties and can blind enemies.

She can also create webs and use them to heal her allies by attaching them to them. Lastly, like most Jinchūriki, she can transform into version cloaks and use the tailed beast bomb.

This makes her vastly stronger than the other hand-to-hand combatants before her. But despite her strength, she lands number 9 on our list of strongest female Boruto characters.

9. Karin Uzumaki

Karin Manga

Adult Karin, as seen in “Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring.”

Karin is not physically equipped like most on this list, but she still has unique abilities, including her lineage with the Uzumaki Clan.

These abilities include the Mind’s eye of the Kagura and an unrefined version of the Uzumaki Clan’s Adamantine sealing chains used during the fourth shinobi war whilst fighting a Wood Release- Chōjō Kebatsu.

This alone puts her above many jinchuriki because these chains can contain tailed beasts like Kurama, who is the strongest of all tailed beasts.

And thanks to Karin’s pure Uzumaki lineage, she has the potential and the ability to be as strong as Kushina.

On top of that, she is an intelligent and resourceful teammate who supports her by tracking enemies and healing comrades.

However, her tracking abilities whilst focusing she is left open to attacks. But despite this, Karin can easily be a force to be reckoned with, even amongst the Boruto characters, if she is cornered.

8. Tsunade

Tsunade as seen in Naruto Shippuden

At number 8 on our list of strongest female Boruto characters, we have the 5th Hokage, Tsunade! She is best known as the best Medical Kunoichi ever to exist, and her insane feats include cracking Madara’s Susanoo, healing the psychological damage caused by Tsukuyomi etc.

She also created the “Creation Rebirth,” where once the seal is released, it can heal her near-fatal injuries, but this causes her life span to shorten.

She can also use the Strength of a hundred seals where her additional stored Chakra can be used in emergencies.

Tsunade also possesses monstrous strength, shattering walls, throwing objects twice her size, or even beating Jiraiya half to death.

She also can summon Katsuyu. By doing so, Katsuyu can heal people, form communication, or carry the injured within her long-distance range.

Her biggest feat was when Pain attacked Konoha, and she was able to save every single citizen of the village. Of course, cracking Madara’s Susanoo is a big deal, but ultimately, he splits her in half.

However, keeping up against beings like Madara and Pain and surviving is a testament to her will never to give up, making her one of the strongest female Boruto characters, despite her age.

7. Konan

video game naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm revolution konan naruto naruto wallpaper preview

Konan, as seen in Naruto Shippuden

Konan was one of Akatsuki’s founding members and a resident of Amegakure. Even before Boruto existed she by default became one of the strongest Boruto characters including men. She is an expert in the Yang release technique called Dance of the Shikigami.

It lets her transform her body into paper for travel, attacks, or interrogation. She was able to corner the likes of Jiraiya and wait until she tagged out with Pain. Her chakra paper is nearly resilient to fire and rain.

Plus, she can make clones that can take on other Jōnin-level shinobi. If her clones can take on Jōnins, imagine her fighting them by herself.

Not to forget, she almost killed Obito, an above-Kage-level shinobi with her analytical and destructive skills. This is the same Obito who once gave tough to 3rd Hokage at the age of 14 and went on to become one of the strongest female Boruto characters in the entire Naruto-verse.

6. Hinata Hyūga

Hinata 27s byakugan

Adult Hinata, as seen in the Boruto Anime

Hinata Hyūga is the heiress of her clan. Despite being shy, she grew up to be a formidable Kunoichi. Through her Byakugan, she can see as far as 20 km, identify Genjutsu and where the target is.

Hinata trained extensively in the Gentle fist, which allowed her to strike at her opponent’s Chakra pathway to cut off their chakra flow and damage internal organs.

Through her mastery of Gentle fist, she also went on to learn the main branch’s technique, Gentle step Twin lion Fists which, when coming into contact with the enemy, drains their chakra with each strike.

Also, in Naruto the last movie, she was granted the chakra of Hamura Otsutsuki, putting her in the leagues of Naruto and Sasuke at the end of Shippuden.

However, we never see her use it, nor is it mentioned in the Boruto manga; hence we did not keep her higher on the list.

Although her arsenal of attacks is less compared to Tsunade, she can easily take on Tsunade due to her age and agility.

She can also perform her Gentle fist rotation technique up to 64 palms, which acts as an absolute defence. Making her one of the more skilled Boruto Characters due to her vast arsenal in close combat.

Thus making it easier for her to take on others below her on our list of strongest female Boruto characters.

5. Kushina Uzumaki

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Kushina, as seen in “Naruto Gaiden: Whirlwind in the Vortex.”

Kushina Uzumaki was the third Jinchūriki of Kurama and the mother of Naruto Uzumaki. Due to her lineage of being an Uzumaki, she had a powerful life force and was a hardworking Shinobi. This alone puts her in the same league as Konan who was by default one of the strongest Boruto characters even before Boruto came into existence.

Her life force was so strong that she did not die immediately after Kurama’s distraction nor when impaled by his claw, making her incredibly resilient.

She was knowledgeable of her clan’s Fūinjutsu techniques. She was also able to manifest Adamantine sealing chains which were strong enough to restrain the nine tails in place.

She was also noted by her Anbu Guards to have been growing stronger as she grew older and constructed a barrier with them.

As a Jinchuriki, she could slip into the first two versions of the Nine-Tails, giving her immense strength.

This was not shown to be used much but still, would have made her an unpredictable opponent to face, like how Naruto was against Pain.

Furthermore, despite her status as a Jinchūriki, she was commendably strong as a shinobi herself hence the grandma of the titular hero ranks at number 5 on our list of strongest female Boruto characters.

4. Sakura Haruno

Sakura Uchiha Anime Boruto

Adult Sakura, as seen in the Boruto Anime

Sakura started as a typical girl who wanted to become a shinobi. Still, after seeing the harshness of the Shinobi world and being shadowed by Naruto and Sasuke’s ever-growing strength, she changes herself and makes her mark, and oh boy, she does.

In the years leading up to Shippuden, she trained under Tsunade for medical and her Taijutsu training which also led her to possess Tsunade’s monstrous levels of strength.

She could level battlefields with a single punch and cause vast-scale damage.

She does this by concentrating Chakra into her fists or other body parts. This was also enough to damage Kaguya and enabled her to throw objects, such as huge pillars and boulders, as seen during her fight against Shin Uchiha.

From a young age, she had excellent chakra control to the point that she could climb walls and learn from Kakashi to stop her Chakra flow to break out of Genjutsus.

She would, by adulthood, be skilled enough to stand on the same level as Sasuke and Naruto and fight toe to toe against puppets created by Ten-Tails.

Sakura also gained the “Strength of a hundred seal” ability, where she carefully stores her Chakra separately from her central reserves.

Once she releases the seal, she can perform abilities far exceeding what she ordinarily can. Sakura also signed a contract with Katsuyu and could summon her onto the battlefield to split and heal injured comrades.

She was the second Tsunade to awaken the mark on her forehead, and with that, she was able to heal several thousands of shinobi during the fourth ninja war when Tsunade was not on the field.

With these strengths, she is also one of the strongest female Boruto characters in the cast.

3. Delta

Delta Reprogrammed

Delta’s current appearance, as seen in the Boruto Manga

Coming at NUMBER THREE on our list of strongest female Boruto characters is Delta! She was a former inner member of Kara who is now reprogrammed to protect Konoha.

She is modified extensively with Scientific Ninja tools to fight Adult Naruto toe to toe in his Kurama mode with Six Paths Sage mode.

Through her modifications, she can transform her body into blades, Escape death by having her consciousness reuploaded into a new body, and use a detachable drone for stealth.

Her eyes can absorb Ninjutsu and launch it back (up to a certain degree until it causes her eye to lose its function), known as the “Destruction Beam,” as an Ōtsutsuki does.

Despite Naruto using his strongest modes, she inflicted heavy damage on him and kept him on his toes through her Taijutsu and raw strength.

She can further increase her damage by shrouding herself with Chakra. She can also convert her legs into boosters for flight.

With these many abilities and the fact that she held her own against Naruto at his strongest, you wonder if it is the end of this list.

Her abilities are so amazing that she may just be one of the strongest female Boruto characters in close and long range, so much so that you need hax abilities of Naruto or Sasuke to deal with her.

SIKE! She can be defeated, and that is also through the mind-bending powers of the next Female Boruto character.

2. Eida

Eida Infobox Image

Eida, as seen in the Boruto Anime

Eida, like Delta, is also modified with Scientific Ninja Tools, and the true extent of her abilities is unknown, but Amado notes they surpass those of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki.

She also has been infused with the DNA of Shibai Ōtsutsuki, which awakened her Dōjutsu, the “Senreigan.”

The Dōjutsu, in short, lets her see events of the past (from the point of her birth). This ability extends to seeing events transpire in other dimensions.

Through her modifications, she can instantly charm anyone, whether male or female, which makes her enemies unable to harm or resist taking commands from her as they get captivated by her looks.

Eida is stronger than even Delta. She also has access to Shinjutsu, the jutsus used by the Ōtsutsuki clan. The ability she can use is called “Omnipotence.”

She can take her or someone’s deepest desires and turn them into reality through this ability.

Still, it is something she can only do subconsciously, and it also makes Kawaki Naruto’s son instead of Boruto. Momoshiki described this Shin Jutsu to be one of the most powerful ones.

Furthermore, her abilities as a taijutsu user are said to be one of the strongest even if she never uses it.

Also, her omnipotence can alter reality if she wills it. Making her worthy of standing tall as one of the strongest female Boruto characters with one of the most broken abilities.

Despite these powerful capabilities, we still have a Female Character who stands above all the rest solely because it is an Otsutsuki, a clan against whom Eida’s powers don’t work.

This alone puts Eida in the second spot on our list of strongest Female Boruto characters.

1. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

Kaguyas Message

Kaguya, as seen in the Naruto Manga

And the first place on the list of Strongest female Boruto characters goes to… Kaguya Ōtsutsuki! She was the first person to wield chakra on earth, and through her sons, humanity had access to many forms of Ninjutsus.

She was said to be even above both of her sons, who tried to stop her rampage and eventually seal her away into what is known as the Moon.

By mere physical contact, she can paralyse an opponent in place and steal their Chakra, which allows her to get stronger even through the chakra of the victims trapped in the God tree’s branches.

She specialises in “Tomogoroshi no Haikotsu” (All killing Ash bones) that, when stabbed into a victim, makes their body slowly break down until they are reduced to nothing but dust, hence its name.

She can also travel through her Space-time Ninjutsu dimensional portals through the “Yomotsu Hirasaka” technique to drag in enemies or for a sneak attack.

All these techniques are considered Kekkei Mōra, techniques that can only be utilised by her lineage, and the ones that came after through subsequent clans are Kekkei Genkai and Totta.

She can also use the Kekkei Mōra Dōjutsu, Rinne Sharingan, the progenitor of Rinnegan and its subsequent mutation, the Sharingan. Through this Dōjutsu, she can see the flow of Chakra.

She can also use “Amenominaka,” an ability that warps space-time around her and brings the dimension of her choosing to her Location.

She can also use the Infinite Tsukuyomi and, to increase its range, use the Byakugan. Lastly, she can materialise chakra fists using “Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack”, which was strong enough to bypass complete Susanoo’s defences and give Naruto in his Kurama Six paths Chakra mode a run for his money.

Final Thoughts

This was a complex assessment to make as most Kunoichis on this list, while being very much fleshed out in Shippuden and Boruto there, were still a few who, while being exceptionally dangerous or strong characters, did not have a lot to do in the main story despite being strong.

Hence, it boiled down to using anime and other official media sources to determine their standing on this list.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed reading through it and let us know in the comments below about your thoughts on what you agreed or disagreed with and which character do you feel should have made it instead and why?

Lastly, if there is a Naruto/Boruto article idea in your mind, feel free to share; it may just be the next one!

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