Top 10 Strongest Quincy To Ever Appear In Bleach!

Quincy Vollstandig

The Quincies, who are the Arch Nemesis of the Soul Reapers and the utter nightmare of Hollows, have proved to be a far larger menace than anybody else.

Their perpetual annihilation and collision of beliefs caused the Quincy to vent their resentment in the form of the Thousand Year Blood War storyline when Yhwach resolved to take matters into his own hands.

But since there exists a list of the Strongest Shinigami captains, what stops us from making a ranking of the Quincies themselves?

As always, we are ready to fulfil these unanswered questions once and for all by making a list of the Strongest Quincies in Bleach!

The Quincies are powerful beings who with the help of advanced powers and technologies were able to push every single Shinigami to their limits. Even Shinigami captains realized that it was no joke fighting them.

We will take into consideration their basic fighting abilities, feats, and also their special abilities which include the Schrift and Vollstandig to rank and by wasting no more time, let’s get started.

Spoiler Warning: Massive spoilers if you aren’t up to date with Bleach manga and novels, so read at your own risk!

Top 10 Strongest Quincy in Bleach

10. Bazz-B

bazz b quincy

Bazz-B inaugurates the list of the Strongest Quincies, representing the Schrift “H – The Heat” of Yhwach’s army of Sternritter. Armed with the abilities and feats to make up for this list, it is a grave mistake to underestimate him even if he starts at the tenth position.

Showing great loyalty towards Yhwach before getting ripped off of his powers, he is always up for a fiery fight. He is also the childhood friend of Jugram Haschwalth.

Bazz-B’s basic powers stem from his Schrift H by which he can create and manipulate flames of his own. His flames proved to be very strong as he was able to counter the flames of Ryujin Jakka, Yamamoto’s Shikai albeit with some injuries, and was able to easily melt the ice of Hitsugaya’s Zanpakuto using Burner Finger, his ability.

Also like many others, Bazz-B has achieved Vollstandig by training himself, and with his enhanced form, he can shoot multiple burner fingers at the same time, allowing him to take out four Quincies with 4 shots, all of whom are captain-level characters.

Bazz-B’s skills need no validation as he achieved a lot during his brief time within the TYBW arc of Bleach, but let us not forget that this is still the beginning of the list.

9. Gremmy Thoumeaux

gremmy thoumeaux 1

Gremmy Thoumeaux is an interesting character who without a doubt is powerful but he could’ve easily been the second strongest character in the series. Holding the Schrift “V – The Visionary”, he appears only for one fight as he was locked up by Yhwach, for a good enough reason.

His power is the turn imagination into reality. He just needs to think of it and voila! It can range anywhere from imagining his body to be made of steel to raining down meteors over the world.

His only appearance is his fight with Kenpachi Zaraki, the man who learned the way of the sword and truly inherited the title of Kenpachi.

It’s like the strongest melee build vs the strongest sorcery build in a video game, what a fitting fight!

Gremmy, using his power of imagination was able to push Nozarashi-wielding Zaraki to the limit, as the latter kept destroying everything that came his way.

The only way Kenpachi was able to defeat him was by planting seeds of doubt, that would cause a ruckus to the former’s imagination.

Pushing his power too much, he forgot that surpassing Zaraki would need a body capable of holding more power than his, which Gremmy, unfortunately, lacked which resulted in his death. But why is he above Bazz?

Well, in a hypothetical fight between those two, Gremmy can imagine a lot of ways to counter his fire, and unless his defence is weakened somehow, Bazz has no chance of using his ranged attacks. The only way to provoke Gremmy is to have him doubt himself which was only possible for someone of the likes of Kenpachi.

Fun fact: In the novel Bleach: Can’t Fear Your World, it is heavily implied that he might be the Brain of the Soul King.

8. Pernida Parnkgjas

pernida parnkgjas

The Left hand of the Soul King and one of the Schutzstaffel, Pernida Parnkgjas governs “Progress” and evolution. One of the only two Quincy who had powers of their own before meeting Yhwach, the latter granted them the schrift of “C – The Compulsory” and despite its origin from God itself, it proudly considers itself to be a Quincy.

Being one of the Schutzstaffel (translates to Protective Echelon), he is already one of the stronger characters in all of Bleach. The Compulsory allows him to control his opponent’s motions and rip their body to bits instantly by shooting nerves from its fingertips and extending them into their body.

He also showed a cocky and prideful attitude, proclaiming himself to be a proud Quincy, and went up against the 12th division captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi in battle.

Despite being physically superior in every way, Mayuri was able to deal with him by using his special drugs and science by triggering his evolution at a super-fast rate which led to his demise but just like Gremmy, it was Pernida’s bad luck that he was paired up against Mayuri otherwise things would have been different.

Pernida has full control of his anatomy, as he is freely able to divide himself into multiple parts and can adapt to any organic material or biological change. In theory, he can deal with anything that even Gremmy would imagine and can manipulate his creations at will.

And let’s not forget that he is a part of the Soul King itself, which gives him unimaginable power, to begin with, making him one of the strongest Quincy.

7. Askin Nakk Le Vaar

askin vollstandig 1

The stylish of them all, Askin Nakk Le Vaar believes in style and fashion. He hates his power known as D – “The Deathdealing” but it does not stop him from using it to perfection. He is also one of the Schutzstaffel which elevates his position as a warrior immensely.

Deathdealing is a unique power that can calculate the lethal dose of any substance. Every substance can become lethal to the body if the amount crosses a certain threshold and Askin can manipulate that amount on his own, be it water, air, blood, or even Reiatsu.

He also heals if he increases the lethal dose of a substance in his body but the reason he hates his power is that he needs to come in contact with said substance so first he needs to experience an enemy’s Reiatsu which usually means that he needs to get hit first.

But other than that, he is a clever fighter. He went up against Yoruichi and Uraharara in his fight where after getting hit a few times, he received all the data which allowed him to not get affected by Yoruichi’s Reiatsu at all. But after Yoruichi changed forms with the help of Urahara, it was time for him to use Vollstandig.

His Vollstandig Hasshein lets him adapt to any change to the substance, as long as the base is the same. Without complicating things further, we can say that he is immune to everything at all times.

This allows him to gain immunity from every attack he experiences. Pernida is a bad match-up for him because his Reiatsu doesn’t change forms and using the Deathdealing, Askin can easily increase the lethal dose of Reiatsu inside of him to stop him from evolution and blast off, in a fashion similar to how Mayuri defeated him.

He was defeated thanks to his opponent being Urahara Kisuke, the smartest Shinigami until now and his bankai whose ability is to “restructure” things. When Askin was able to blind Urahara, the latter released his bankai who then “restructured Urahara’s eyes so he could see again and also split Askin’s hand in two.

The pair was a perfect match for each other as both their powers were similar to each other and also kinda counters of each other. However, it would have been better if Urahara didn’t have to involve Grimmjoww in the battle.

6. Lille Barro

lille barrow 1

The first person to ever receive a Schrift from Yhwach, Lille Barro considers himself to be the Emissary of God. He is the leader of the Schutzstaffel and the closest to godhood, he received the power of X – “The X-Axis”. He is the self-proclaimed greatest creation of Yhwach.

His Schrift The X-Axis allows him to pierce through anything and everything, without needing any form of projectiles. He accomplishes this by using his rifle Diagramm, which is also his spirit weapon. His projectiles can shoot through flying cities of the Soul Palace and even Zanpakuto.

His Schrift’s power is enhanced even further if he decides to open his left eye three times during battle, he is allowed to use his full power.

Going up against the newly appointed Captain Commander Kyoraku Shunsui, Barro was unable to figure out the moves of the sly captain but when he opened his eyes, he was able to activate his Quincy: Vollstandig – Jilliel where he transforms into a flying creature.

Even that is not all as when pushed to death by the Shunsui’s Bankai, he attained a second form where he turned into an angel-like creature that can blast rays of light, levelling cities. His power is so enormous that it took his power to defeat him, using the Ise clan’s Zanpakuto to deflect his power.

In just his base form, he can pierce through anything and everything without the use of any projectiles. If he is not using any projectiles, it means bad news for someone like Askin who needs to experience Reiastsu in the first place to develop immunity.

If they both were to use Vollstandig against each other, Barro’s second form is capable enough to destroy everything, hence making him stronger.

5. Gerard Valkyrie

Gerard Valkyrie

Next up we have the strong and mighty Gerrard Valkyrie, The Miracle! It is really interesting to know that the Heart of the Soul King is hosted by none other than Thor himself (JK!). He is a member of the Schutzstaffel and one of the only two Quincies who had their power before meeting Yhwach, the other being Pernida.

Gerrard Valkyrie refers to himself as God’s Soldier and claims that he can take out multiple captains fighting him all at once. This may sound as over-exaggeration to some but The Miracle proves otherwise. His Schrift allows him to manipulate probability. The lesser the chance of an event taking place, the more likely it is to take place.

So if he has a low chance of surviving, he can get that particular dice to roll at his own will. He can also gain power from his enemy’s “fear” and his ally’s “hopes” to increase in size and gain exponential upgrades in strength.

His spirit weapon Hoffnung deflects attacks in a way that if Hoffnung is damaged, then the damage dealer gets injured as well.

His fight with multiple captains such as Byakuya, Hitsugaya, Shinji, Kenpachi, Renji, and some Visored with their COMBINED strength was not enough to take him down as he kept getting back up.

As a testament for his strength, he mentions that his spiritual pressure is so high that the captains’ spiritual pressure was negligible. Imagine saying that to Kenpachi!! He even started the fight without his eye patch and released Shikai from the beginning. Although, Kenpachi was able to cut him using his Bankai which proved too much for Kenpachi himself as his arm was ripped off from the massively immense strength of his bankai.

Despite getting cut vertically into two by Kenpachi, Gerrard gets up and continues fighting.

And if this isn’t enough, Gerrard can also use Vollstandig like others. Similar to Barro, he achieves a godlike stage where his size increases massively. The Miracle can allow him to get back up again and thus even someone like Barro cannot win against him. If Hoffnung deflects his power, Barro is dead immediately.

Only the people ahead on the list have a chance of defeating him.

4. Jugram Haschwalth

Jugram Haschwalth 1

Jugram Haschwalth acts as the Sternritter’s second-in-command and also as its Grandmaster. Acting as the right-hand man of Quincy King Yhwach himself, he portrays exceptional leadership qualities in terms of both decision-making and fighting. He is also the childhood friend of Bazz-B and represents the Schrift B – “The Balance”.

Jugram Haschwalth holds the Quincy ideology with utmost value and his powers essentially make him a god. The Balance allows him to redirect misfortune onto others. He can direct misfortune to those who have been experiencing good fortune and vice versa, hence balancing out.

He also believes that it is by his power that the world is in balance. He used his powers in a brief fight with Uryu Ishida who was constantly met with misfortune whenever he had the upper hand. His powers also allowed him to take out Bazz-B without any difficulty.

He is especially OP due to his ironic power of giving reishi to others instead of absorbing reishi like a natural Quincy. This allows him to strengthen his allies by giving them more power, an ability akin to Yhwach’s Almighty. His Freund Schild also allows him to absorb the misfortune directed towards him without affecting him.

Also, when Yhwach sleeps, Jugram gets access to the Almighty and during that stage, it is nigh impossible to take him down.

Jugram has the capability of turning the tides of battle in his direction without much trouble, no matter how powerful the enemy is. Even luck doesn’t stand a chance in front of the God of Fortune.

3. Uryu Ishida

Uryu Ishida

Many would think of it as a surprise that Uryu Ishida, who made his first appearance near the beginning of this loved series would end up being so high on the list, but the truth is that Ichigo is not the only one who evolved throughout the series.

The fifth member of the Schutzstaffel, the successor of the Quincy King, the only Gemischt Quincy to survive and retain his powers to Aushwahlen, and the holder of schrift “A – The Antithesis”, Uryu has many labels to boast about by the end of the series.

Uryu showed masterful performance in the earlier stages of the story. By using Letz Stil, he was able to almost defeat Mayuri Kurotsuchi, a captain of the Gotei 13, and by the time the story reached the TYBW arc, he was chosen as the successor of the Quincy King by Yhwach himself.

He was also granted The Antithesis, which allows him to completely reverse the state of two targets. He used it against his fight with Jugram Haschwalth himself when the latter almost killed him and by activating Antithesis, he switched his state with Jugram, hence letting him take all of the damage. Uryu returned to tiptop condition.

As discussed before, Jugram’s ability is impossible to counter, and had it not been for Antithesis, there was no chance of defeating him and Yhwach.

Think about it, at the brink of your death, just switch your state with your enemy who is perfectly fine, making you virtually impossible to defeat! And taking into account his Letz Stil, it is without a doubt that if he were to indulge in the training of Vollstandig, it would be a deadly force to reckon with.

2. Yhwach

Yhwach 1

Every Quincy mentioned before received their massively overpowered abilities from Quincy King Yhwach himself. Waiting for his sealed powers to be awakened, he kept his patience for a thousand years before finally deciding to take revenge on the Seireitei once and for all.

In his hibernation period, he created the strongest army of Quincies possible by selecting the worthy and giving them powers by using Auswahlen, with which he can give and take powers as he sees fit. He used it constantly, by taking away powers from unworthy Quincy and giving it to the Schutzstaffel.

His first proper fight is with the leader of the Zero Division: Ichibe Hyosube. Although Ichibe had the upper hand most of the time, it was during the final moments when Yhwach’s power returned.

A – The Almighty.

The true power of Yhwach that makes him what he is, the Almighty lets him not only see the future but change it at his own will. An example of this is when he had already broken Ichigo’s Bankai in the future. This power allowed him to deflect Ichibe’s powers and blast him off completely.

Yhwach is the pure definition of HAX in power levels as he was also able to defeat Mimihagi from trying to stop him after Ukitake’s last resort. Not only that but he absorbed the powers of the last surviving Quincies such as Gerrard and Jugram on his own to become completely unstoppable.

Without a doubt, Yhwach is the strongest Quincy but we have another character who stands above not only every Quincy but every character ever.

1. Reio – The Soul King

soul king

The Soul King stands at the top of everyone. The one single God of the world and the creator of everything, Reio is Reiatsu themselves, as they are the origin of every race, be it Shinigami or Quincy. Although this article does justice to their character in a much better way, it is important to understand why Reio is considered to be a Quincy.

Before delving deeper into their character, let us put forward the facts. The Soul King easily has the most spiritual energy than anyone and is the strongest character to ever exist in the Bleach Universe. In their prime time, they used to balance the then world which was a merged form of all soul society, the human realm, & hueco mundo.

Although there was virtually no way of stopping their power, the Soul King was never a cruel being.

Reio was getting off Hollows only because they would cause harm to the world. Humans were his favorite species of all and as they prayed to him and bowed, Reio started developing a soft spot for them.

But seeing his powers and their compassion towards even hollows and other bad people led the five noble clan leaders to seal him into a crystal after mutilating him, and during all of this, Reio did not retaliate as he never wanted to harm humans.

After the misuse of Reio’s powers and his mutilation, the individual limbs of the Soul King gained Sentience, giving birth to beings like Mimihagi, Pernida, and the Gerard Valkyrie.

As the limbs consider themselves as Quincies and the fact that the Soul King’s powers after getting absorbed by Yhwach only harmed the Shinigami and not the Quincies, it is safe to assume that the Soul King considered himself to be a Quincy, making him the strongest Quincy as well.

The Soul King’s powers are so deadly that it was the dream of both Aizen and Yhwach to manipulate them to reach their goals and take control over the universe itself.


The Quincies, despite being dominated by the Shinigami since the emergence of the Soul King found a way to retaliate against their arch-nemesis with the guidance of Yhwach and the enhancement of Quincy’s technology and powers.

With the help of Schrifts and Vollstandig, they proved to be the toughest enemies of the Shinigami and the individual powers of the Quincies were enough to keep single or even multiple captains engaged.

We have also ranked the Strongest Schrift and strongest Vollstandig to dive deeper into the Quincies’ powers and we also can conclude that despite the strength of a single Quincy, the power difference between the standard Sternritter and Schutzstaffel is massive, as each member’s powers are unique and difficult to counter.

Do you agree with this list? Which Quincy do you think can make it to this list and why? Is the ranking justified? Do let us know down below.

Reference is taken from VIZ, Bleach Fandom, and Bleach subreddit

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