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What Is A Star Plasma Vessel In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Riko Amanai Star Plasma Vessel

From talking pandas to old men shredding guitars, the world of Jujutsu Kaisen was a mysterious yet welcome addition to the Shonen genre which the fans embraced with open arms. With the release of the second season, many new questions are sure to arrive and we have got your back, as these articles will help … Read more

20 Best Anime Movies Of 1980s That Are A Must Watch For All!

Best 80s anime films

We live in a world today where technological advancements in every field is vivid, and the anime industry is not left behind in any way as day by day we see beautifully drawn masterpieces animated into life which brings us a myriad of emotions. Although this art form has flourished beyond imagination, what about the … Read more

Top 20 Anime Swordsmen With Best Swordsmanship

Top 20 Anime Swordsmen With Best Swordsmanship

Although anime is filled with a myriad of extremely powerful characters who play their cards on the basis of their respective power systems of their universes, there have also been countless anime swordsmen who excel in their swordsmanship, i.e. the art of slashing and slaying their enemies. They are so skilled that they may or … Read more

What Is Kyoraku Shunsui Bankai? Why Was He Made The New Captain Commander Of Gotei 13?

Kyoraku Shunsui bankai explained

After the downfall of the Soul Society and the Gotei 13 by the heinous acts of Yhwach and his Quincy army i.e. the Wandenreich, there was much to rebuild. Multiple heavy losses were dealt, like the destruction of the Sereitei and its soul reapers but also big losses like captains losing their Bankai and captain … Read more

What Is Zaraki Kenpachi Bankai In The Thousand Year Blood War Arc Of Bleach?

Kenpanchi Bankai explained And Yachiru is whether alive or dead?

The bloodlust filled captain of the 11th division Kenpachi Zaraki suffered a gruesome loss against the Quincy King Yhwach during his invasion of the Soul Society. In order to rebuild their structure and battle strength, the newly appointed Captain Commander Shunsui Kyoraku decided to have Kenpachi learn the “Way of the Sword” which basically meant … Read more

Why Did Kenpachi Zaraki Kill Unohana in Bleach? What Is Kenpachi Zaraki’s Bankai And Shikai?

Kenpachi Shikai And Bankai

In the previous couple of episodes of Bleach, the mighty Kenpachi Zaraki faced off against the captain of the 4th division Retsu Unohana or shall I say Yachiru Unohana, as stated by newly promoted Captain Commander Kyoraku Shunsui. With her newly revealed demeanor of a cold hearted killer, she has accepted to teach Zaraki the … Read more

How Is Unohana The First Kenpachi? What Did She Do To Kenpachi Zaraki? What Is Her Bankai?

Unohana VS Kenpachi

In the latest anime adaption of the final arc of Bleach aka the ‘Thousand Year Blood War’ arc, the Shinigami fought their arch rivals and even the strongest captains were fighting for their lives. After a fierce battle with heavy losses, the Soul Society was left in shambles and Yhwach successfully managed to steal Yamamoto’s … Read more

Why Does Yhwach Want To Kill The Soul King? What Is His Goal?

Is Yhwach Soul King's son

The sworn enemies of the Shinigami, the Quincies are back for vengeance and they have returned stronger than ever. As the mysterious ambitions of their leader Yhwach, also known as the Father of Quincies are portrayed by his invasion on the Soul Society and taking out notable figures such as the Captain Commander Yamaji himself. … Read more

How Do The Quincy Steal A Shinigami’s Bankai in Bleach TYBW?

Yhwachaback Bankai Steal

One of the most compelling Shonen anime series of all time, Bleach, has returned with its conclusion after a decade-long hiatus. The Shingami’s sworn enemies, the Quincy, led by the all-powerful Father of the Quincies, Yhwach, have returned in the latest adaptation of the series’ final arc, dubbed the “Thousand Year Blood War Arc” and … Read more

Why Can’t Quincy Steal Bankai Of Ichigo?

Bleach: why can't ichigo bankai cannot be stolen by quincy

Although the ability of the Quincy stealing a Shinigami’s Bankai was a shocking revelation, Kubo also presented us with an exception to this plotline. With the help of the Wandenreich Medallion, these dangerous individuals were able to capture some of the most prominent Bankai of the Gotei 13 captains, but failed utterly when it came … Read more

Why Did Makima Kill Power In Chainsaw Man?

Makima’s Finger Gun

WARNING: The following article contains massive spoilers from Chainsaw Man manga, so read at your own discretion. In the final pages of chapter 81 of Chainsaw Man, a shocking yet heartbreaking scene is presented to us, where Makima casually obliterates Power’s torso. The latter had arrived at Makima’s house with a cake to celebrate Denji’s … Read more