Top 10 Strongest Vollstandig in Bleach TYBW Decoded!

Strongest Quincy Schrifts & Vollstandig

As we have previously discussed, the Quincy have regained their status in power by using several techniques such as Schrift, which is a letter bestowed by Yhwach to a Sternritter Quincy which offers different abilities to every Quincy and the power to use Quincy: Vollstandig.

A form of evolution that they can go through, immensely enhancing their individual strength and powers.

These Quincy powers are so wild that they pushed not only Ichigo but the strongest of the Gotei 13 captains to their absolute limits. It took the combined strength and knowledge of every captain, Shinigami, Visored, and even a certain Arrancar to counter the deadly force of the Quincies!!

We go deeper into the topic of Vollstandig here but in this article, we are going to rank the strongest Vollstandig that has been shown us in the series.

This ranking only includes the Vollstandig that the Quincies have used as there are many Quincy who definitely can use Vollstandig but do not use it in the main story. So let’s get this intro over with and rank the strongest Vollstandig in existence!!

10. Mask De Masculine Vollstandig

Starting off the list, we have the energetic Mask De Masculine and his Vollstandig is a direct upgrade to his Schrift which allows him to gain physical power when someone cheers for him.

Fueled with encouragement, he gains Reishi wings and a Heiligenschein like everyone.

mask de masculine vollstandig

He can activate his Vollstandig after his subordinate James cheers for him, which increases his attack power immensely, allowing him to use special attacks like Star Flash: Super Nova, which causes a massive explosion.

Furthermore, he can survive getting his body parts blown off and regenerate just by James’ cheering.

His fighting style resembles a wrestler and uses moves like them.

Also, killing James is not the way to go as he possesses impressive regeneration skills but after the death of Mask at the hands of Renji, he perished as well. Mask was a formidable opponent but this is just the beginning of the list!

9. Candice Catnipp Vollstandig

The electrifying Candice Catnipp proved to be a threat after her brief display of Vollstandig during her fight with Ichigo.

When she activates Vollstandig, she can further enhance her lightning abilities to higher levels. She now gets wings of lightning which can be used as swords.

candice catnipp Vollstandig

She can shoot these swords as Javelin, having enough power to cancel out a Getsuga Tenshou, and can also electrocute anyone at will.

Candice gains high speeds and shows impressive sword-fighting skills, who was able to hold her own against the likes of Kenpachi and Ichigo, something that would be very difficult for someone like Mask, who himself lost to a lieutenant-level Shinigami. Also, her lightning abilities can be used to electrocute anyone in the blink of an eye.

8. Biskiel – Quilge Opie

Quilge Opie is the first encounter with a Sternritter Quincy in the Thousand Year Blood War arc and he was causing a ruckus Hueco Mundo when Ichigo and company arrive. After receiving an order from Yhwach to kill Ichigo quickly, he activated his Vollstandig Bikiel (translates to Justice of God).


Gaining an angelic appearance, he attains complete Reishi dominance of the environment and can use advanced techniques like Sklaverei, with which he can assume the characteristics of anything that he decides to enslave using his Schrift.

By using Sklaverei, he was able to take on the form of Ayon, a special hollow created artificially by the hands of the Arrancar. This means that he can assume control over virtually anything that is made of spirit particles.

Quilge’s jail can trap anyone other than the Quincy but Quilge’s Reishi dominance is far greater than that of Mask and Candice who rely more on physical prowess. Also, Quilge proved to be a relatively difficult opponent for Ichigo, despite both of their quick disposals.

Quilge was also able to survive a direct Getsuga Tenshou, whereas Candice lost an arm with just one blow.

Quilge’s powers definitely deserve to be higher, it is just his own bad luck that he matched up against a special war power this early.

8. Tatarforas – Äs Nödt

Äs Nödt was responsible for stealing the Bankai of the 6th division captain Byakuya Kuchiki and his fear-inducing powers left many off guard but if we were to count his Vollstandig Tatarforas, he was one hell of a danger.

Taratoras translates to “Afraid of God”.

He activated his Vollstandig after realizing that Rukia was not affected by fear. In his base form, he induced fear into people by shooting spirit thorns but now he can induce fear into anyone just by looking at their eyes, affecting the optic nerve itself! Closing one’s eyes is not enough as fear remains in the mind in the form of memory or visualization.

as nodt vollstandig min

He was able to affect Rukia multiple times and also attempted to entrap Byakuya himself but he was able to prepare against his moves using his Shikai.

His ability to inflict fear is capable of affecting the strongest of captains like Byakuya and there is no doubt that anyone who cannot take him out quick enough cannot escape his Vollstandig power.

He also showed a possible rare second stage that only a select few Quincy have achieved and as we move further into the list, it would be clear as to how strong a second form can be!

The only known weakness to counter his power is to be in a “deathly state”, which isn’t possible except for a select few like Rukia herself, using the power of her Zanpakuto but pushing a captain and another captain-level Shinigami to the brink is an impressive feat only a few can mention in their resume!!

6. Bambietta Vollstandig

Thanks to Urahara’s Shin’eiyaku, the stolen Bankai returned to the rightful owners but that didn’t mean anything to Bambietta Basterbine as she was excited to finally show off her Quincy: Vollstandig.

bambietta vollstandig

Activating it against her fight with Shinji Hirako and Komamura, she gains wings using which she can launch out exploding orbs.

Shinji activated his Zanpakuto Sakanade, reversing her sense but it didn’t take much time for Bambietta to realize that she could just shoot her orbs in every direction to accommodate for her loss of direction!

These orbs are powerful enough to grievously injure Shinji with just one orb. Also gaining immense toughness, she survived the slamming of Komamura’s Bankai with little to no scratches.

Her Vollstandig allowed her to stand off against two captain-level Shinigami on her own and her destructive power is enough to cause so much chaos that she can virtually fight off against anyone. Just her barrage of explosive bombs means that you need the strongest defense to counter it.

7. Bazz B Vollstandig

Bazz B is another Quincy whose Vollstandig made a very brief appearance. He activated it during his fight against Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji at the same time when Yhwach was leaving for the Royal Palace.

bazz b vollstandig

Bazz B’s Vollstandig doesn’t add much to the visual appearance but judging a book by its cover is not valid in Bleach as well!

Bazz B can now shoot multiple Burner Finger 1s in rapid succession and has enhanced speed and flight techniques.

With his rapid burner fingers, he was able to pierce through Candice, Giselle, Lilloto, and Meninas in single shots, taking down Quincy who is capable of defeating captain-level Shinigami themselves.

Let’s take that into account. By using Vollstandig, he was able to basically one-shot 4 Quincy i.e. captain-level characters, and proved to be a threat to Ichigo. It was not going to be easy defeating him had he not turned his back against Yhwach.

He may not have much screen time with his Vollstandig but together with his Schrift, he definitely has the potential to be one of the top fighters by showing impressive abilities.

4. Gudoero – PePe Waccabrada

PePe Waccabrada’s Schrift is already a menace with his “charming” Schrift where he can make anyone fall in love with him if he shoots them with his heart projectiles. He activates his Vollstandig while having a bout against 6th division captain Byakuya Kuchiki.


His Vollstandig Gudoero translates to God’s Love with which he can now launch Love Ropes which is composed of several hearts linked to each other. These ropes can stab through the target to completely immobilize them, as they did with Byakuya.

His power affects his own people as well as he was able to get the support of Meninas and also mentions that he could affect Sternritter Z – Giselle’s zombies as well and there are no known weaknesses that he possesses other than finding people who do not know love.

This essentially allows him to form an army as his love rope can affect many people simultaneously there has been no exception to his powers as it was able to affect even Zankpakutos of the level of Senbonzakura.

His endurance is significantly increased and had it not been for Captain Mayuri’s Zombies which cannot experience Love, there was no known way of defeating him, hence making his Vollstandig one of the deadliest.

3. Hasshein – Askin Nakk Le Vaar

The Vollstandig of every Quincy poses considerable threats but the Vollstandig of the Schutzstaffel elevates the meaning of the term to a whole different level. The number three spot goes to the Vollstandig Hasshein, used by the cunning Askin Nakk Le Vaar.

askin vollstandig

His unique appearance is reminiscent of his unique Schrift and Hasshein (translates to God’s Taster) increases his versatility even more.

He can now adjust to the changes in poison as long as the base remains the same and people who change their nature of Reiatsu rapidly are no problem to him.

He can use multiple new abilities like Gift Ball Deluxe, Gift Bereich, and Gift Ring, all of which pushed Yoruichi and Urahara to the brink.

Gift Ball Deluxe is an enormous version of Gift Ball which is a giant ball of poison. It greatly enhances after Askin’s death. Gift Bereich is a barrier formed of light that cannot be escaped from and Gift Ring is an attack where he shrinks his bracelet and throws it towards an enemy. Whichever body part it comes in contact with, it completely destroys that organ/part, as it did with Urahara’s eyes.

Being one of the Schutzstaffel, his ranking alone keeps him above many, and the damage he dealt to multiple captain-level Shinigami was absurd, causing him to rank way higher than anyone,

but we still have two gods remaining.

2. Jillel – Lille Barro

Lille Barro considered himself the Emissary of God, and he proved it when he used his Quincy: Vollstandig Jillel (translates to Judgement of God). Being pushed to the limit by the cunning yet powerful captain commander Kyoraku Shunsui, he opened his left eye three times in battle, allowing him to activate his Vollstandig.

lille barro vollstandig 1st form

Lille Barro achieves a winged form with enhanced powers and Schrift. The holes on his wings allow him to shoot multiple shots at his enemies and can also teleport at will.

This led Shunsui to activate his Bankai Katen Kyokotsu: Karamatsu Shinju which is a sure shot hit to anyone who comes under its influence and Lille Barro was no different.

But it isn’t that straightforward to defeat an Emissary of God.

lille barro vollstandig 2nd form

Lille Barro screams and we get to see a rare second form of a Vollstandig!! It transforms him into an owl-like creature with a similar anatomy as before. He can shoot beams of ‘purifying light’ to break through complete cities.

He essentially became a god-like being but then he was defeated by Nanao Ise who used the Shinken Hakkyoken to reflect his own power to defeat him.

Had it not been for that Zanpakuto, there was no other known way to defeat him but despite Barro’s undeniable powers, there was another Quincy who took it to the extremities of levels.

1. Aschetonig – Gerard Valkyrie

Easily the pinnacle of Vollstandig, Gerard Valkyrie’s Aschetonig (translates to Power of God) is without a doubt the strongest Vollstandig form of a Quincy that we have seen.

He activates it after a berserk Kenpachi slices him into two using Bankai to achieve an even humongous form.

gerard vollstandig 1st form

He attains Reishi wings and an exponential increase in power and strength. With powers to level cities on his own, he was able to break free of the ice which was made by Hitsugaya’s completed Bankai very easily and it took not only the combined strength but the maximum power output of Hitsugaya, Byakuya, and Kenpachi, all three using Bankai to eliminate him.

All of this effort was done just to take out one Quincy, but even that wasn’t enough as he goes on to evolve into his second form!!!!

gerard vollstandig 2nd form

Like Lille Barro, Gerard recreates his body to evolve into an even stronger form, and it took Yhwach’s Auswahlen itself to take him down for good. There was no hope left for the Shinigami as he was clearly going to crush the Soul Palace into pieces.

Although Shinken Hakkoyen may have a chance of defeating him, his Schrift will just allow him to rise up again from death, easily making his Vollstandig the strongest.

Gerard’s feats and his destructive power make his Quincy: Vollstandig the strongest and along with his Schrift, boy oh boy, it’s over!!


Vollstandig is the evolution of Letz Stil and the strongest evolution of a Quincy which counteracts the disadvantages of the former power as well.

Almost every Quincy is capable of Vollstandig but the difference between the basic Sternritter and the Schutzstaffel was enormous and a big gap to bridge!

Although not many Vollstandig forms were shown in the manga, be sure to watch out for the anime as there are definitely going to be more details shown and we will do our part of updating the list as it seems fit!

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