Top 10 Strongest Quincy Schrift in Bleach TYBW!

The Quincy army Wandenreich led by their fearsome leader Yhwach had multiple tricks up their sleeve such as stealing Bankai and their ultimate form Vollstandig, but every Quincy had different powers at their disposal which was governed by the Quincy Schrift and a letter describing the power.

Bleach Schrift

Each Quincy schrift grants unique ability to each individual and most of them are absurdly powerful. To the point that these powers are near God-like.

And the fact that Yhwach was able to grant these abilities and then take them back and use them himself makes him one of the most absurdly powerful characters of the series.

Coming back to the strongest Quincy Schrift, in this list, we will rank the top ten strongest Schrift in the series which proved to be an obstacle to Ichigo and the all-powerful shinigami captains.

So without further adieu, let’s talk about these mind-boggling powers!

Spoiler Warning: Heavy spoilers from the manga are discussed here so read at your own risk!

What is a Quincy Schrift?

Before talking about the strongest Quincy Schrifts, let us understand what a Schrift is. A Schrift is a power granted by Yhwach to his Sternritter which they can use as they wished. It ranges from standard powers to reality-rejecting powers as the Quincies depict in the Thousand Year Blood War Arc. Each Quincy Schrift is represented by the English Alphabet.

When Yhwach discovered Auswahlen, which allowed him to redistribute Quincy’s powers, he used it to revive himself and took away powers from those he deemed impure and created the Sternritter army. He bestowed the Sternritter with various Schrifts by making them drink his blood like wine. If you want to know more about them, check out our Quincy Schrift article to know more!

So without any further delay, here is a list of the top ten strongest Quincy Schrift in Bleach:

10. H – “The Heat”

bazz b

Starting off the list, we have the Quincy Schrift H – “The Heat” bestowed to the fiery and aggressive Bazz B, of the Sternritter Quincy.

The Heat allows him to manipulate Reishi and generate flames of his own. As simple as it may sound, his mastery of his Quincy Schrift has no bounds. He can use his ability Burner Finger which has multiple forms, depending on the number of fingers he uses to release flames.

He was able to withstand the flames of Yamamoto’s Ryujin Jakka albeit with some injuries. His flames are also capable of easily melting Captain Hitsugaya’s Ice and using Burner Finger 1, he was able to pierce through him. Not only was he able to make quick work of Rangiku, but he was also able to withstand Renji, Rukia, and the assault of many other Shinigami with almost zero trouble.

Sadly his powers were stolen by Yhwach’s Aushwahlen and he met his demise at his old friend’s hand, who also appears to be on the list later.

9. C – “The Compulsory”

Pernida Parngjas

In the 9th position, we have the Quincy Schrift used by Pernida Parnkgjas, one of the only two Quincy who had their Schrift’s from before encountering Yhwach. One of the four members of the Schutzstaffel, Pernida is also the left-hand of the Soul King.

Pernida’s Schrift is denoted by C – “The Compulsory” with which he can control his opponent’s motions and rip their body to bits instantly by shooting nerves from its fingertips and extending them into their body.

Pernida was able to rip off the arms of Yoruichi and even the likes of Kenpachi Zaraki, whose body was being warped forcibly, leading him to cut off his own limbs. Pernida also proved to be a strong contender to Mayuri, leading him to use his strongest moves and even losing his daughter Nemu.

The Compulsory can be countered by exposing Pernida’s nerves or by changing the hand’s anatomy but regardless of that, it proved to be a powerful underling of Yhwach.

8. Y – “The Yourself”

lloyd twins

The Quincy Schrift Y – “The Yourself” is the only Schrift to be shared by two people, Royd Lloyd and Loyd Lloyd, the indistinguishable twins. They belong to the Sternritter led by Yhwach during the assault on the Soul Society.

It allows them to imitate the appearances of others but specifically lets Royd mimic the personality and memories and Loyd mimic the power level and equipment.

Essentially an ability that can be referred to as “hax”, they were able to imitate Yhwach’s power and go up against the blazing Yamamoto, the strongest shinigami of the Soul Society who was also using Bankai. After stalling him for enough time, he was able to tire out Yamamoto while the real Yhwach deals the final blow.

The disadvantages presented to us are that firstly it cannot copy the complete power level of the target and secondly, if the target decides to increase its power level, it can win a fight against its own clone.

7. X – “The X-Axis”

lille barrow

Next up on the list is the first Quincy Schrift that was granted by Yhwach to any Quincy, the X – “The X-Axis”. Granted to Lille Barro, he is also the leader of the Schutzstaffel and one of the strongest characters ever.

The Quincy Schrift allows him to pierce through anything and everything, without needing any form of projectiles. He accomplishes this by using his rifle Diagramm, which is also his spirit weapon. His Schrift’s power is enhanced even further if he decides to open his left eye, allowing him to pierce through anyone.

Although his Vollstandig was able to improve his Schrift further, he was able to achieve lots just in his base form. Lille was able to defeat Senjumaru and Nimaiya, two out of the five Squad Zero members with his rifle and also pushes current captain commander Shunsui Kyoraku to the brink, forcing the latter to use Bankai.

Had it not been for the Ise clan’s Shinken Hakkyoken, Lille Barrow would have been the end for all.

6. D – ” The Death dealing”

askin nakk le vaar

Another Quincy of the Schutzstaffel, Askin Nakk Le Vaar was granted the Quincy Schrift of D – “The Deathdealing” by Yhwach.

One of the most unique abilities, Deathdealing allows Askin to calculate the perfect lethal dose for anything, that would cause harm or even kill when surpassed in amount. It also works for water, blood, or air where above a certain threshold, even these substances can cause death.

Askin is very skilled at using his ability as he used to defeat many people, such as the likes of Ichigo, Yoruichi, and her brother Yushiro. His power even allows him to gain immunity to certain attacks but Urahara and his Bankai with the help of Grimmjow were able to deal with him.

5. V – “The Visionary”


V – “The Visionary” was granted to Gremmy Thoumeaux and on paper is easily the second strongest Quincy Schrift. Feared by the likes of Jugram Haschwalth and Askin themselves, Gremmy’s power is a force to be reckoned with.

The Visionary allows Gremmy to essentially turn imagination into reality. It can range from summoning hundreds of guns to imagining his own body be made of steel. His powers grant him the ability of life creation. Gremmy is also implied to be Brain of the Soul King.

His only fight is against the one and only Kenpachi who had newly acquired the skill to use Shikai transformation and Gremmy was able to push THE Kenpachi to the brink.

Despite such powers though, it comes with serious disadvantages. If he were to imagine his own defeat through doubt, it can turn into reality. Also, he needs to remain focused at all times. Kenpachi was the only one who could have defeated him.

4. M – “The Miracle”

Gerard valkyrie

The fourth and last member of Schutzstaffel to be mentioned on this list, Gerard Valkyrie is up next with his Quincy Schrift M – “The Miracle”. Gerard is the host of the Heart of the Soul King and one of the strongest characters in all of Bleach.

He is also the only other Quincy whose Schrift was not granted by Yhwach directly as he possessed it from before.

His Quincy Schrift The Miracle is what its name implies. Miracles or events that have a low probability to take place will take place that will help him succeed. The lesser the chance of an event taking place, the more likely it is to take place.

His powers allow him to reincarnate himself continuously after dying. He was able to go up against the strongest captains and visored all alone and even survived a Bankai-activated Kenpachi.

His Schrift alongside his Vollstandig was unstoppable had it not been for Yhwach’s Auschwahlen. The other way of defeating him was if his Quincy cross was to be destroyed, which is a very difficult task in itself.

3. B – “The Balance”

Jugram Haschwalth

The Second-In-Command of the Wandenreich and the Sternritter Grandmaster, Jugram Haschwalth held the Quincy Schrift B – “The Balance”. Despite the natural ability of Quincy to absorb Reishi, Jugram’s power was to give to those around him and that also forms the basis of his Quincy Schrift.

The Balance allows him to ‘balance’ the fortune and misfortune of people. He can effectively take the misfortune of people and divide it among the people who have experienced good fortune and vice versa, leading him to maintain the balance of this world.

When it is his turn to experience misfortune, it is then absorbed by his spirit weapon Freund Schild, which allows him to deflect it back to others, essentially making him unstoppable and the closest being to Yhwach.

He was also the childhood friend of Bazz B, who he had to fight with in the end.

2. A – “The Antithesis”

Uryu Ishida

Jugram could only have been defeated by the likes of two people who bear the same letter but different Quincy Schrifts and one of them is Uryu Ishida’s A – “The Antithesis”.

Read in detail about Uryu’s Quincy Schrift over here:

Uryu was granted a Quincy Schrift by Yhwach because he chose him to be his successor and Uryu was the Gemischt Quincy who didn’t lose his powers to Yhwach’s Auschwahlen.

His Quincy Schrift allows him to exchange/reverse anything between any two points in time, events such as wounds in battle.

It lets him exchange the wounds that he suffered with his enemy who is tip top condition, which leaves his enemy on the verge of death while simultaneously healing himself.

Uryu used it to deal with Jugram finally before Yhwach used Auschwahlen on his commander. Jugram also requested him to exchange any kind of wounds that he had suffered from him as he was already on the brink of death.

1. A- “The Almighty”


We can keep talking about the different Quincy Schrift that the Quincy use but nothing tops the power of the Quincy King Yhwach himself. The one who granted Quincy Schrift to everyone.

The perfect name for a king: A – “The Almighty”. This power returned to him after a thousand years.

The default ability of the Almighty is to see the future. Not just linearly but the future of all the possibilities and all timelines but the true ability of Almighty is to alter the future at his own will. He can defy his own death by changing his own future. This absurd Schrift also allows him to gain immunity towards any power that he knows.

There are countless feats of Yhwach but by using his Schrift alone, he was able to foresee the death of Ichibe Hyosube, even when the latter was ideally the winner. He got rid of Ichigo’s Bankai multiple times as he was aware of its danger.

Yhwach was finally defeated when Uryu fired a Still Silver arrowhead into his heart, which ironically is formed by the blood clot of the Quincies who lose their lives to Auschwahlen!


Schrift is a powerful ability granted by Yhwach to his Sternritter Quincy. He makes them drink his blood in the form of wine and bestows them with different powers.

As discussed earlier, some of these powers have no limits but they all have different kinds of disadvantages working together as a strong force, along with their leader Yhwach who is the strongest character ever introduced in Bleach apart from the Soul King, can easily defeat any force who come in their way.

We have already discussed that alongside their battle prowess and Vollstandig, Quincies can still prove to be a powerful force that can destroy everything.

What other Quincy Schrift do you think deserved to be on the list? If you have a different ranking in mind, do let us know in the comments below!

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