What’s A Schrift? What Is Uryu Ishida’s Schrift’s Abilities & Powers?

The first episode of the second cour of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc just dropped and man what an episode!!

They added extra scenes in the anime from the novels and it makes me all the more excited for the upcoming episodes. However, we are here today to talk about the question that has been lingering on your mind ever since you watched the episode.

Which is what is a schrift? Did you miss something from the previous cour? What Schrift did Yhwach grant to Uryu and what does it do? What are its powers? Well, don’t worry when I am here.

I will help solve all your doubts at once. So let’s jump right into it!

What Is A Schrift In Bleach? How Do The Quincies Use It As A Weapon?

Before getting into the technical details of Schrift, let me first tell you about the lore of Yhwach in the Bleach universe.


So as y’all know, Yhwach is the son of God in the Bleach universe. If you didn’t that’s your first spoiler so if you are okay with that then continue reading.

So when Yhwach was born, he was born as a child with nothing. He couldn’t use any of his senses, he couldn’t use his body at all as a normal baby would.

However, he still survived and people loved him beyond their own lives.

This was due to the fact that since birth Yhwach had the ability to split his soul and grant the desires of anyone who touched him.

The desires could range from physical or mental powers, growing new limbs, material desires etc.

However, once they died by any means natural or unnatural, the abilities returned to Yhwach and whichever abilities returned, Yhwach could use those abilities as his own.

This ability to give and receive his own soul or granting desires of Yhwach is called the Almighty.

Once Yhwach could do things as any normal person could do several years later, he found the perfect way to pass on his powers. That is to make people drink his blood from wine.

The same ritual which Uryu Ishida went through in the first episode of the second cour of Bleach TYBW.

This ritual of granting abilities is called Bestowing a Schrift and the abilities granted are called SCHRIFTS!

Each schrift granted by Yhwach associates an English Alphabet letter with it. Such as his own Schrift is called “A- The Almighty.”

Similarly, he gave alphabets with schrifts to all the members of sternritters and Schutzstaffel!

I will explain what are sternritters and Schutzstaffel in another article. But to give you a gist, they are members of the Quincy army who are extremely powerful and their abilities are totally absurd.

Their abilities can alter reality, create miracles, grant immortality, and even bring everything that you can imagine to reality.

Practically making them impossible to defeat.

However, there was no one who could be his equal or even reflect his Schrift at all. Until Uryu Ishida came along. Hence, Yhwach granted Uryu the same schrift as him, “A”

This is the reason why Yhwach chose Uryu Ishida as his successor instead of Jugram Haschwalth who has the Schrift “B”. This is also the reason why other Quincy members hate Uryu.

But, what does Uryu Ishida’s “A” Schrift mean? If Yhwach’s Schrift A is The Almighty, what is the full form of Uryu’s A schrift? Let’s find out!

What is Uryu Ishidas’ Schrift? What Are Its Abilities and Powers?

Uryu Ishida Schrift

As we know, Uryu Ishida was granted the Schrift A by Yhwach himself. Which is the same letter as Yhwach.

For Yhwach, the Schrift A stands for The Almighty. An apt name for the kind of ability he has.

Whereas, Uryu’s Schrift A stands for The Anti-thesis.

The Antithesis grants Uryu the ability to reverse and alter events happening between two targeted points.

These two target points can be anything. They can be two other beings, two specific points of time or two states of matter etc etc.

This ability may sound not that great but its applications will leave you baffled.

Think about it, Uryu can change the entirety of things happening between two points of time which are not in his favour. During a battle, he can reverse damage on himself or pass it on to other people.

He can practically keep on refuelling his stamina and power between any two points.

He for himself until now has even avoided certain death.

Remember in the episode, Yhwach talks about Holy Selection or Auschwahlen to Uryu and Uryu talks about his mother dying but he survived?

So this Holy Selection or Auschwahlen is part of Yhwach’s Almighty where he can call back the soul he granted in Schrift to other quincies and use it for his own self, at will.

This goes for by default all the quincies, since all the quincies are born from him. In that also there are certain quincies who are of Royal Blood and those who are of mix or non-royal blood.

The Royal Blood are pure and more powerful quincies whereas the others are not on the level of Royal bloods.

Uryu’s mother was not a royal blood quincy whereas his father is. So when Yhwach performed Auschwahlen when Uryu was a kid, his mother died. However, Uryu despite being a mix blood had the innate special ability. Which is augmented using the Antithesis Schrift granted by Yhwach.

Thus, Uryu was chosen by Yhwach to be his successor and he survived Yhwach’s surekill technique. Also, to add further, normally the quincy whose powers are taken back by Yhwach and he deems their life significant enough to not suck out their life force, they lose their powers and live their lives as normal humans.

Whereas, when Yhwach performed the Auschwahlen that killed Uryu’s mother he had no intent of letting any of the chosen quincies to live. And Uryu survived that.

This makes Uryu extremely special and rare even amongst the immensely bizarre and powerful quincies.

Thus his selection as the successor of Yhwach was apt as his ability is a hax that even someone like Gerrard Valkyrie and Jugram Haschwalth cannot beat.

And all of this is without Uryu even releasing his Vollstandig.

Does this mean Uryu is as strong as Yhwach?

Well, first of all please understand that, all abilities that quincies possess are all the abilities of Yhwach himself. Whether he granted them directly or they evolved with time and generations. Even Uryu’s Antithesis!

It is just that this ability is the only one he couldn’t recall back. So if you say that a lake or a river is bigger than an ocean then yeah you are right (Sarcasm)!


Uryu’s Schrift A stands for Antithesis and is one of the overpowered abilities in the Bleach universe or probably in entire anime-verse itself. However that still doesn’t change the fact that he is a human first and yes Goku can beat him.

However, jokes apart, Uryu if he were to face Ichigo during the invasion arc, he would definitely decimate Ichigo.

And Ichigo’s powers are strong enough that his existence itself could be a threat to human world. So Ichigo getting beaten by Uryu is a testament to his powers.

Although maybe plot armour wouldn’t let Uryu win, by saying let’s say, Ichigo’s hollow powers could somehow not let Uryu win.

Do let me know what you think will happen if Uryu and Ichigo would face against each other in battle in the comments!

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