The Strongest Sternritters Of Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc Ranked By Strength!

The Quincies’ perpetual annihilation and collision of beliefs caused the Quincy to vent their resentment in the form of the Thousand Year Blood War storyline when Yhwach resolved to take matters into his own hands.

Defeated by the Captain-Commander Yamamoto a millennia ago, he thought he had taken out the Quincy King but little did he know about the latter’s true plans as he awaited patiently for his powers to return. He is back with the Sternritter army to cause havoc in the Soul Society.

The result of the thousand years of waiting can be seen clearly in the TYBW arc as every strongest Sternritter Quincy is armed with deadly powers to rival even the strongest Shinigami captains!

The powers of Yhwach are without a doubt the deadliest we have ever seen in the series but the strength of his army attracts a lot of attention towards the Shinigami. The strongest Sternritters use powers such as Schrift and Vollstandig to rival the captains and if required they can even steal Bankai!

In this article, we are going to rank the Strongest Sternritter under Yhwach’s command that made every Shinigami surpass their limit!

Spoiler Warning: Heavy Spoilers will be present from the manga so read at your own risk!

The Strongest Sternritter in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc Ranked By Strength!

15. Giselle Gewelle

giselle gewelle sternritter

We start with the weird and playful Giselle Gewelle, who holds the designation Z – The Zombie. Despite her appearance and behaviour, it is important to note that Giselle is a biological male. She holds no morality whatsoever and is ready to use even her comrades in order to gain the upper hand.

This brings us to her power, The Zombie which allows her to turn people into mindless zombies if her blood is splattered on them. Using this, she turned a whole battalion of Shinigami into her puppets to turn the tide against the Soul Society.

Her power allows her to heal herself and others but the success of turning someone into her zombie depends upon the enemy. The stronger the enemy, the more blood is required to be splattered on them.

Her power proved to be a problem for Ikkaku and Yumichika but Mayuri’s modified zombies in the form of Captains Kensei and Rojuro overpowered her.

Later, she teams up with other fellow strongest Sternritters who decide to go up against the Quincy King after their powers were stolen by Aushwahlen but she is easily defeated by Yhwach.

12. PePe Waccabrada


PePe Waccabrada‘s charming abilities are put to the test and proves to be a menace to the Shinigami, as it seemed impossible to break out of his charm. The Sternritter uses L – The Love as his main power and also has a powerful Vollstandig at his disposal.

As mentioned before, Love is the power used by the Sternritter which makes anyone fall in love with him who touches the heart that he launches. Be it Shinigami or Quincy, once touched by the heart everyone will have to follow his command.

His brief fight against the 6th division captain Byakuya Kuchiki proved his worth as his power was also able to affect Byakuya’s Bankai, as he knew that Bankai have souls of their own. This was quite frustrating for the stoic captain, as he struggled to gain the upper hand.

PePe’s power also affects Giselle’s zombies, so he is a bad matchup for someone like her. His only known weakness was the zombies that Mayuri created, who were devoid of emotion in the first place.

He met his end at the hands of the person next on the list.

14. Liltotto Lamperd


The ever-hungry Liltotto Lamperd made it to the list as she makes quick work of most people using her Schrift G – The Glutton. She always seems to comment on how a person would taste and would demean them if they tasted bad. She is also one of the strongest Sternritters to be alive in the aftermath of the TYBW arc.

Speaking of how her victims taste, it comes down to her Schrift The Glutton by which she can devour anything she wants. She extends her jaws and bites off of her people like snacks. A very nasty power without a doubt, it does leave her in a constant state of hunger.

Also, the fact that a hollow is like poison to Quincy, she comments that eating hollows upsets her stomach. With her ability, she was able to devour PePe Waccabrada, her fellow strongest Sternritter with ease, as the latter decided to use his abilities on her.

She also is no match for the likes of Giselle, as Liltotto can keep devouring whatever zombies she brings up to her and her constant hunger will keep her stomach ready for whatever action needs to be taken. She also gobbled PePe in a single bite.

Although she meets her defeat at the hands of Yhwach, she is revived by Jugram Haschwalth’s aide. In the aftermath of the TYBW arc, she plays a significant role which is described in the Novel Can’t Fear Your Own World.

13. Driscoll Berci

driscoll berci

Driscoll Berci makes his appearance during the first invasion of the Soul Society. Holding the designation O – The Overkill, he took out a hundred Shinigami at the Black Ridge Gate and was also responsible for the death of the first division lieutenant, Chojiro Sasakibe.

How did he exactly take out a hundred Shinigami with relatively no problems? That is where the Schrift granted to the Sternritter power comes into play. The Overkill basically increases his power as he kills someone. In other words, the longer he continues the streak, the stronger he grows. Simple, but deadly.

As mentioned before, he was able to take out the lieutenant of the first division and sent him flying. He was one of the oldest Shinigami ever, existing ever since Yamamoto was in his prime.

Using their ability to steal Bankai, he also stole Chojiro’s Bankai which he was able to use, although with much less effectiveness.

Driscoll’s power makes him a very bad matchup against someone like Giselle as he can keep on killing and getting stronger and the rest don’t really stand a chance to survive his raw strength. He is one of the strongest Sternritters who unfortunately was burned to ashes by the blazing Yamamoto!

11. Bambietta Basterbine


Ever since her appearance in the anime, Bambietta Basterbine has become a fan favourite due to her explosive nature. E – The Explode elevates her position as one of the strongest Sternritters and she proves it with her fight against Shinigami captains nonetheless.

The Explode lets her create bombs and launch them at will. Also, they aren’t just simple bombs made out of Reishi but they are Reishi particles that turn anything they come in contact with into bombs, hence making her attacks impossible to block.

She was responsible was knocking out 7th Division Captain Komamura and his lieutenant. Her bombs were able to hurt Shinji Hirako, another captain with just one attack. Her explosive power is no doubt enough to damage anything.

Also stealing Komamura’s Bankai, she left him in shambles. Her Vollstandig gives her omnidirectional control over her aim and can shoot multiple bombs at the same time. Along with increased speed, she is a flying rocket that can then shoot homing missiles.

10. Äs Nödt

as nodt

If fear was something that could manifest into reality then Äs Nödt is one of the strongest Sternritters you would want to have in your team, as F- The Fear gives him a power that can make anyone vulnerable. He was able to steal Byakuya Kuchiki’s Bankai and proved to be a huge threat to the Gotei 13.

He believes that fear is something that everyone feels and The Fear is there to prove it. He can shoot thorns at his enemies which more than causing wounds, induces fear into their hearts. This leads his targets to lose any form of rational thinking and thought process, diving into the depths of doubt, which can instantly kill the weak-minded.

Äs Nödt went up against the 6th division representatives featuring Byakuya Kuchiki, the captain, and his lieutenant Renji Abarai. Not only was he able to steal Byakuya’s Bankai, but he was also able to instil fear into the stoic captain’s heart.

He can also use Vollstandig, which enhances his already potent ability by inducing fear just through vision, affecting the optic nerve directly. This insane ability can only be countered by someone with extreme willpower or by someone dead.

And no one in the aforementioned list of characters specifically portrays such stoicism as they are all driven by emotion, making him one of the strongest Sternritter.

9. Royd Lloyd


The only Sternritter who shares his Schrift simultaneously with his twin brother Loyd, the Y – The Yourself allows them both to use a power that can cause terror among anyone. Despite Loyd dying pretty quickly to Kenpachi, Royd went up against a powerful Shinigami and cemented his name as one of the strongest.

Royd and Lloyd together share the same Schrift Y – The Yourself which allows them to take the appearance of the target. What makes them different is the fact that Lloyd can replicate appearance plus power level whereas Royd can replicate even the memories of the target.

His one single appearance played a vital role in the success of the first invasion of the Sternritter as Yhwach himself tasked Royd to stall time while he went to talk to the one and only Aizen. Royd had to contain the mighty captain commander of the Soul Society, Genryusai Yamamoto.

Royd took the form of Yhwach and defeated Kenpachi singlehandedly before his fight with him.

The latter not knowing his true identity, fought as if it were the true Quincy King and went all out with his Bankai, Zanka No Tachi. Yamamoto literally used all of the moves available to him and it took his complete arsenal to take out just a copy of Yhwach.

This makes him one of the strongest Sternritter to fight off against but he does need to take the form of someone stronger for a sure-shot victory. Despite that, he does make one hell of an enemy.

8. Bazz-B


Bazz-B is one of the strongest Sternritter in Yhwach’s army and holds the designation H – The Heat. Loyal to Yhwach and childhood friend to Jugram, his powers elevate him to a position above many others. His flames can counter even the ones of Yamamoto and can melt the ice of Captain Hitsugaya.

Bazz-B’s flames are a result of his Schrift The Heat which lets him generate flames and control them at will. He was able to save himself and two other Quincies from getting incinerated by Yamamoto’s burning Reiatsu by countering them with his flames, despite taking some damage.

As mentioned before he also has the feat of melting the ice of 10th division captain Hitsugaya. Although the captain was fighting without his Bankai, he is definitely one of the more aggressive fighters of the Gotei 13, and taking him out is an achievement to behold.

Also possessing Vollstandig, he can use it to shoot multiple Burner Fingers at once which pierces through flesh like a knife cutting through butter. His speed and explosiveness are difficult to counter by anyone and he also holds a position of respect within the Sternritter.

He finds his demise at the hands of his childhood friend Jugram, which was a fight which he had very little probability of winning but despite that, he has his feats and validation to make him one of the strongest Sternritters of the Wandenreich.

But he is the last normal albeit one of the strongest Sternrittters to make it to the list as the ones coming up have reality-defining powers also known as Hax by the beloved community.

7. Gremmy Thoumeaux


Yhwach locked Gremmy Thoumeaux locked deep inside Silbern for a good reason: his powers can cause trouble anywhere and to anyone, regardless of friend or foe. The Sternritter holds V – The Visionary and it is a mistake of a lifetime to underestimate his childlike appearance.

The Visionary holds the power to turn imagination into reality. He just needs to think of it and voila! It can range anywhere from imagining his body to be made of steel to raining down meteors all over the world.

His only appearance is his fight with Kenpachi Zaraki, the man who learned the way of the sword and truly inherited the title of Kenpachi.

Gremmy, using his power of imagination was able to push Nozarashi-wielding Zaraki to the limit, as the latter kept destroying everything that came his way. Pushing his strength too far, he forgot that exceeding Zaraki would need a body capable of sustaining greater power than his own, which Gremmy sadly lacked, resulting in his death.

But his only weakness is someone like Kenpachi who literally doesn’t give a flying f about how powerful the enemy is. Other than him, Gremmy can win any fight that he wants to, using his imagination.

No flames of Bazz-B can hurt him if he decides to make his body made of water for example (just one option). Human imagination is limitless and he proves it with his power.

Gremmy is also implied to be the host of the Soul King’s Brain in the novels. Just another fact to keep the Sternritter’s power in question.

6. Pernida Parnkgjas


The first Schutzstaffel to appear on the list, Pernida Parnkgjas is a special being. Not only are they a member of the protective echelon of Yhwach and his Sternritter, but also is the left-hand of the Soul King. They also represent Sternritter’s C – The Compulsory, a power that they had before meeting Yhwach.

Being one of the Schutzstaffel (translates to Protective Echelon), he is already one of the stronger characters in all of Bleach. The Compulsory allows him to control his opponent’s motions and rip their body to bits instantly by shooting nerves from its fingertips and extending them into their body.

In combat, he displayed a brash and pompous attitude, proclaiming himself to be a proud Quincy and going up against the 12th division leader Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

Pernida has full control of his anatomy, as he is freely able to divide himself into multiple parts and can adapt to any organic material or biological change. In theory, he can deal with anything that even Gremmy would imagine and can manipulate his creations at will.

And let’s not forget that he is a part of the Soul King itself, which gives him unimaginable power, to begin with, making him one of the strongest Sternritter.

5. Askin Nakk Le Vaar


Entering the top five, it is time to introduce the strongest Sternritter of all time. Starting with Askin Nakk Le Vaar, holding D – The Deathdealing. Possessing one of the most unique abilities, his approach to fighting and attitude makes him an intriguing character to interact with.

Deathdealing is a unique power that can calculate the lethal dose of any substance. Every substance can become lethal to the body if the amount crosses a certain threshold and Askin can manipulate that amount on his own, be it water, air, blood, or even Reiatsu.

He is also a strange being as he despises his own power. The reason is that he must first come into touch with the material, which typically means he must be hit first. But this power also lets him heal and gain immunity to any substance.

But other than that, he is a clever fighter. He went up against Yoruichi and Uraharara in his fight where after getting hit a few times, he received all the data which allowed him to not get affected by Yoruichi’s Reiatsu at all. His Vollstandig pushed the limits even further.

Pernida is a bad match-up for him because his Reiatsu doesn’t change forms and using the Deathdealing, Askin can easily increase the lethal dose of Reiatsu inside of him to stop him from evolution and blast off, in a fashion similar to how Mayuri defeated him.

4. Lille Barro


Lille Barro is the leader of the Schutzstaffel and the first person to receive a Schrift from Yhwach. He is one of the strongest Sternritters and holds the power of X – The Axis. Also considering himself the best creation of Yhwach, his loyalty towards the Quincy King knows no bounds.

His Schrift The X-Axis allows him to pierce through anything and everything, without needing any form of projectiles. He accomplishes this by using his rifle Diagramm, which is also his spirit weapon. His projectiles can shoot through flying cities of the Soul Palace and even Zanpakuto.

His Schrift’s power is enhanced even further if he decides to open his left eye three times during battle, he is allowed to use his full power, calling himself the Emissary of God.

Upon activation of Vollstandig, he achieves an angelic form that lets him pierce through multiple targets at will. Even that is not all as when pushed to death by the Shunsui’s Bankai, he attained a second form where he turned into an angel-like creature that can blast rays of light, levelling cities.

His power is so enormous that it took his power to defeat him, using the Ise clan’s Zanpakuto to deflect his power. There was no other way of defeating him had it not been for it. Barro’s destructive power is far greater than anyone mentioned till now.

3. Gerard Valkyrie


Another member of the Schutzstaffel, Gerard Valkyrie is proud of his position as a powerful being. He is ready to take multiple enemies all at once and is confident in his ability to come out as the victor in any predicament. His miraculous power M – The Miracle is the reason why he takes the third position.

Gerrard Valkyrie refers to himself as God’s Soldier and claims that he can take out multiple captains fighting him all at once. The Miracle allows him to manipulate probability. He can easily make less probable events take place at his own will.

So if he has a low chance of surviving, he can get that particular dice to roll at his own will. He can also gain power from his enemy’s “fear” and his ally’s “hopes” to increase in size and gain exponential upgrades in strength.

His spirit weapon Hoffnung deflects attacks in a way that if Hoffnung is damaged, then the damage dealer gets injured as well.

His fight with multiple captains such as Byakuya, Hitsugaya, Shinji, Kenpachi, Renji, and some Visored with their COMBINED strength was not enough to take him down as he kept getting back up.

Despite getting cut vertically into two by Kenpachi, Gerrard gets up and continues fighting.

And if this isn’t enough, Gerrard can also use Vollstandig like the other people in this list of strongest Sternritter. Similar to Barro, he achieves a godlike stage where his size increases massively.

The Miracle can allow him to get back up again and thus even someone like Barro cannot win against him. If Hoffnung deflects his power, Barro is dead immediately. This makes him one of the strongest Sternritters without a doubt.

2. Jugram Haschwalth

Jugram Haschwalth

Jugram Haschwalth acts as the Sternritter’s second-in-command and also as its Grandmaster. Acting as the right-hand man of Quincy King Yhwach himself, he portrays exceptional leadership qualities in terms of both decision-making and fighting. He is also the childhood friend of Bazz-B and represents the Schrift B – “The Balance”.

Jugram Haschwalth holds the Quincy ideology with utmost value and his powers essentially make him a god. The Balance allows him to redirect misfortune onto others. He can direct misfortune to those who have been experiencing good fortune and vice versa, hence balancing out.

He also believes that it is by his power that the world is in balance. He used his powers in a brief fight with Uryu Ishida who was constantly met with misfortune whenever he had the upper hand. His powers also allowed him to take out Bazz-B without any difficulty.

Jugram has a unique ability to give reishi to others instead of absorbing reishi like a natural Quincy. This allows him to strengthen his allies by giving them more power, an ability akin to Yhwach’s Almighty. His Freund Schild also allows him to absorb the misfortune directed towards him without affecting him.

Jugram has the capability of turning the tides of battle in his direction without much trouble, no matter how powerful the enemy is. Even luck doesn’t stand a chance in front of the God of Fortune.

But the only other and the actual strongest Sternritter who can defeat him easily (cannon event) is none other than the person who takes the number one spot.

1. Uryu Ishida

Uryu Ishida

No matter who else in the list of the strongest Sternritter the Shinigami army had to face, the addition of Uryu Ishida could have been the end of the Shinigami if the deuteragonist didn’t have any other plans.

He was named as the successor of Quincy King Yhwach and was granted a powerful ability of A – The Antithesis.

Newly recruited into the Sternritter as the fifth member of the Schutzstaffel, the successor of the Quincy King, the only Gemischt Quincy to survive and retain his powers to Aushwahlen, and the holder of schrift A – The Antithesis, Uryu has many labels to boast about by the end of the series.

The Antithesis, which allows him to completely reverse the state of two targets. He used it against his fight with Jugram Haschwalth himself when the latter almost killed him and by activating Antithesis, he switched his state with Jugram, hence letting him take all of the damage.

Uryu returned to tiptop condition.

As discussed before, Jugram’s ability is impossible to counter, and had it not been for Antithesis, there was no chance of defeating him and Yhwach.

Think about it, at the brink of your death, just switch your state with your enemy who is perfectly fine, making you virtually impossible to defeat! And taking into account his Letz Stil, it is without a doubt that if he were to indulge in the training of Vollstandig, it would be a deadly force to reckon with, easily making him the strongest Sternritter and Schutszstaffel combined.


The Sternritter is a powerful Quincy army who using their powers of Schrift and Vollstandig were able to retaliate against their arch-nemesis with the guidance of Yhwach and the enhancement of Quincy’s technology and powers. Each and every Sternritter has unique abilities at their disposal and each of them has the ability to turn the tide against the battle. It was due to the respective matchups that the fights proved to be so interesting and breathtaking which pushed the strongest captains to their limits.

We have also ranked the Strongest Schrift and strongest Vollstandig to dive deeper into the Quincies’ powers and we also can conclude that despite the strength of a single Quincy, the power difference between the standard Sternritter and Schutzstaffel is massive, as each member’s powers are unique and difficult to counter.

Do you agree with this list? Which of the other strongest Sternritter shown in the anime do you think can make it to this list and why? Is the ranking justified? Do let us know down below.

Reference is taken from VIZBleach Fandom, and Bleach subreddit.

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