Top 20 Strongest Bleach Captains Ranked By Power

A captain of the Soul Society’s military division must not only demonstrate skill in spiritual pressure control or Bankai transformation, but also exercise composure and leadership. This is what makes a standard Shinigami different from the likes of a mighty captain and it has been proved multiple times in the universe of Bleach.

In this article we are going to rank the strongest Bleach captains according to their power level from weakest to strongest. This list will contain captains who were appointed before the events of the main story and as the story progressed. The ranking is based on the strength of the captains by the end of the story, basically meaning that we shall be judging their strongest forms.

A spoiler warning for the upcoming Thousand Year Blood War arc is also necessary to include, so read at your own caution. Buckle up your seat belts, and let’s see how many captains you can handle before collapsing.

20. Rukia Kuchiki


We start off list with our beloved Rukia Kuchiki. Although she is the deuteragonist who has accompanied Ichigo on his journey throughout the rollercoaster of emotions, it can easily slip from one’s mind that she was promoted to the captain of squad 13 after the events of the main story. Also as the sister of Byakuya Kuchiki, Rukia has a lot to hold up to.

She managed to climb the ranks of the Gotei 13, becoming the lieutenant of squad 13 under the leadership of captain Jushiro Ukitake. Her Zanpakuto is an ice based blade, “Sode No Shirayuki”, with which she can control temperature levels and can even reach absolute zero, although for a few seconds. Her Bankai “Hakka No Togame” is revealed while fighting the Sternritter Äs Nödt, with which her physical appearance changes drastically and can freeze targets in a matter of seconds.

She was able to defeat the likes of the Arrancar Di Roy Stinker and Aaroniero, the latter being one of the Espada, but her strongest form was seen while fighting Äs Nödt. Her feats are notable and she definitely has shown lots of talent, but she is far from the strongest Bleach captains and her bankai is difficult to master as stated by Byakuya. The following reasons plus her lack of experience puts her at the bottom of the list

What puts her above the rest of the other captains like Visorads and others are her bankai abilities which can freeze everything in its path. Thus making her a lot stronger than the strongest Bleach Captains which are not in the list.

19. Gin Ichimaru

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Next off we have the cunning captain of the 3rd division, Gin Ichimaru who alongside Captain Tosen decided to betray the Soul Society under Sosuke Aizen’s command. His attributes to snakes does not only match in eyes, but also in attitude.

A child prodigy like Hitsugaya, he gained high ranks at a very small age and he was able to infiltrate Aizen by becoming his right hand man, secretly working for his goal to kill him eventually. He is a tactical genius and a master swordsman, but his true abilities can be seen in his Zanpakuto “Shinso”. The blade itself is very short, resembling more of a dagger/short sword than an actual sword. Actually, the blade breaks down into dust for a split second and spreads across at his will which is capable of destroying hollows and buildings. But the most dangerous ability can be seen with his Bankai “Kamishini No Yari”, in which the dust particles can enter the bodies of his victims and start destroying cells.

He was the only one to ever know the secret behind Kyouka Suigetsu, i.e. Aizen’s Zanpakuto, which took him centuries to just learn about and he uses this in his advantage. He was able to almost kill the Hogyoku empowered Aizen with his Bankai but it is not written in fate for him to be the killer of Aizen, although his powers are a big threat to anyone. Thus he ends up second last in our list of Strongest Bleach Captains.

However, we believe there could be other strongest Bleach captains who can take him down but the sheer range of his attacks can put anyone at a disadvantage.

18. Mayuri Kurotsuchi


The president of the Shinigami Research Division, Mayuri is the captain of the 12th division, and a rival of Kisuke Urahara, the former captain of said squad under whom he used to work. He is basically a mad scientist filled with a multitude of ideas.

There is no doubt that he fulfills the basic requirements of being a captain but his true potential lies in his inventions. In brief, he can regenerate body parts, make complex gigai and implant bombs on his subordinates. His most dangerous ability is to perhaps modify his Zanpakuto at will. As for his Zanpakuto “Ashisogi Jizo”, it turns into poison secreting trident and his Bankai is very similar to the likes of Komamura’s, as the “Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo” turns into a colossal baby which obeys his command.

Mayuri was easily able to counter Uryu Ishida’s Quincy powers but some of his better achievements are to kill Szayelaporro Granz, and defeat the likes of Pernida Parnkgjas, one of the strongest enemies ever. The only downside to his abilities are that he needs prep time + info on the enemy to draw out a viable plan.

But Shunsui Kyoraku is confident in his abilities, as according to him, if Mayuri were given one full day for research, he could come up with a solution to any problem or obstacle. This makes him one of the strongest Bleach captains, but in an unconventional way.

Although, as mentioned earlier, he can easily counter anyone if given enough prep time but his powers should also fall through to keep him from falling down, hence he is third last in our list of strongest Bleach captains.

17. Shinji Hirako

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Shinji Hirako was the leader of the Visored, the Soul Reapers who have Hollow powers, and the captain of Divison 5. Shinji like any other Visored can use both Shinigami powers, wielding a Zanpakuto and also use the powers of the Hollow Mask, enhancing their abilities.

Shinji is somewhat a comical character, but when it comes to perception of combat, he is not to be left behind. He is a master swordsman, who can fight off against powerful foes without losing control of his hollow powers, also proving that he has good control over his cursed power.

He can use the Zanpaukto “Sakanade” which rotates around his hand and can reverse the senses of his target, taking them into an inverted world. Unfortunately there is no information about his Bankai.

Grimmjow had a rough time fighting him but Shinji’s biggest achievement is to trap Aizen in his inverted world, where he was able to deal blows on him. Although Aizen later revealed to have been acting as such, it is pretty much certain that this ability is a nuisance to deal with.

16. Isshin Kurosaki

Isshin Kurosaki

All forms of Anime, especially Shonen is a bit uncanny when it comes to parents. It is like an unwritten rule for the main character which states that “Thou shalt never know the identity of thine parents” as they are usually dead way before the events of the main story or kept hidden until a certain plot point.

However, Bleach is a bit different in this category. Isshin Kurosaki has been living with his son since the beginning, even though his identity was kept a secret. He later reveals himself to be a Soul Reaper, in fact being the former captain of the 10th division before Hitsugaya took his place.

Isshin maintains a goofy and cheerful attitude towards his three children in order to fill the void left by the death of his wife Masaki Kurosaki, but in his prime days, he was a beast in battle himself. Even after losing his powers, he retained his swordsmanship and Shinigami combat abilities.

He uses “Engetsu”, a Zanpakuto which is not just similar to his son’s blade by name, but also by ability. Although his blade emanates fire when activated, Isshin can also use the famous “Getsuga Tensho” attack also used by Ichigo.

He was able to effortlessly destroy Grand Fischer, a very strong hollow who was shown to be responsible for the death of his wife, and was able to go toe-to-toe against Aizen. Going up against Aizen and living to tell the tale is a feat that only a few have in their lifetime. Hence, Isshin is in our list of strongest Bleach Captains.

15. Toshiro Hitsugaya


The youngest shinigami to be ever promoted to a Captain level, he acts mature and can make rational decisions. Although lacking experience and losing his cool during battle, the captain of the 10th division is a force to be reckoned with.

Being a child prodigy, Hitsugaya passed the academy exams scoring the highest marks and graduated early. Ichimaru stated that prodigies like him are born once in a century. He is an expert strategist while fighting and can use his ice based Zanpakuto “Hyorinmaru” in a variety of ways. “Daiguren Hyorinmaru” is the Bankai form which wraps his body into an ice armor.

His completed Bankai not only amplifies his abilities, but also turns him into an adult form. He is a much stronger ice user than Rukia and has better control over his powers. His bankai is also the strongest ice type Bankai to ever exist similar to Yamamoto’s Ryujin Jakka: Zanka No Tachi which is said to be the strongest fire type zanpakuto.

He directly challenged Gin Ichimaru in a duel and also tries to fight Aizen but his rash decisions led to his defeat. He was able to freeze Yammi and defeat Luppi, and also managed to have a fair and equal fight with Harribel, but his true feat lies in his fight against Gerard Valkyrie, one of the strongest characters in all of Bleach, whom he was able to completely freeze shatter with the help of his completed Bankai, that too in a form much powerful than his base form.

Gerrard is a monster in a league of his own and part of Schutzstaffel the personal bodyguard of Yhwach and he has powers that upgrade him and revive him with every death. So beating a guy like this even once is an achievement in itself.

Thus, Toshiro ranks 15th in our list of strongest Bleach captains.

14. Yoruichi Shihoin


The “Flash Goddess” herself, the beauty Queen, Yoruichi Shihoin is spectacle to watch. With and without clothes.

The one who taught Soi Fon the way of the Onmitsukido, she was the captain of the 2nd division before her before Yoruichi decided to abandon the Soul Society to accompany her childhood friends Urahara and Tsukabishi.

She is witty and smart, who knows the way around how the Soul Society operates even after abandoning her position. She taught Shunpo to Byakuya Kuchiki along side Soi Fon, her best student. Soi Fon’s respect for Yoruichi is clearly visible in the series. As mentioned before, her other name depicts her speed level, as she was able to outspeed Soi Fon . Her true ability does not lie in her Zanpakuto (which has never been revealed at all) but her in ability to use Shunko. She can imbue herself with lightning that increases her damage output and massively increases her speed.

Able to beat Soi Fon and Byakuya in speed is an impressive feat but she further on goes to knock out Yammy, one of the Espada, confront Askin Nakk Le Vaar, one of the Schutzstaffel, and almost win. This proves her raw strength, speed, experience and Shunko powers are enough for to land her in the 14th position of strongest Bleach captains.

13. Kirio Hikfune

517Hikifune profile 1

Not many might know her except manga readers, Kirio Hikfune was actually the 12th division captain even before Urahara, and was later promoted to the Royal Guard i.e., Squad Zero due to her significant contribution of inventing the concept of “Gikon” or the Artificial Soul, which separates the Shinigami’s spirit from a Gigai, thus allowing monitoring of the human world.

She first makes her appearance after the death of captain commander Yamamoto at the hands of Yhwach, alongside Squad Zero members, working directly under Ichibe Hyosube.

It is mentioned that combined power of the 5 members of Squad Zero is greater than that of the Gotei 13, cementing a huge power level difference and making her one of the strongest Bleach captains.

Her main power lies in her cooking. The food that she cooks raises the physical attributes of the people by a humongous level. Although her Zanpakuto has never been revealed, it resembles a large spatula.

She also can use the “Tree of Life”, a cage like structure which is impenetrable, and sucks the spiritual energy of those who try to break out of it. She was able to capture the likes of Yhwach and his Schutzstaffel, for a brief amount of time.

Fun fact: After cooking, she loses all of her weight after imbuing food with her spiritual energy, revealing a slender figure. Make sure to check it out once the anime drops! ͡(° ͜ʖ ͡° ). Also, that maybe one of the reasons why she is in the list of strongest Bleach captains.

12. Byakuya Kuchiki


Byakuya Kuchiki is the leader of the 6th division, head of the Kuchiki family belonging to one of the four great noble clans, and the elder brother of Rukia Kuchiki. He is disciplined and apathetic towards others. Although not visible, he deeply cares about his people and will do anything to protect them from harm’s way. He spent most of his childhood inside the family mansion training to become worthy of leading the Kuchiki clan.

Byakuya is a talented fighter. A master in all forms of Shinigami combat arts, he boasts captain levels of Spiritual Pressure and he is one of the strongest Bleach captains and Gotei 13’s best fighters. While using his Zanpakuto Senbonzakura’s ability, the blade disintegrates into a thousand small, thin bits can shred the enemy into pieces. When he uses Bankai “Senbonzakura Kageyoshi”, a number of blades appear from the ground which scatter away and strike the enemy, stabbing them multiple times. His powers are a good balance between offense and defense.

He was able to overwhelm the likes of the Espada Zommari Rureax, Yammy Llargo and even the Fullbringer Tsukishima with his abilities. But what makes him stand out the most is that he was able to kill 2 forms of an empowered Gerard Valkyrie. His disciplined approach towards everything makes him a reliable protector of the Soul Society.

Thus, granting him a place in the top 12 of the strongest Bleach captains.

11. Tenjiro Kirinji


The second member of the Squad Zero to appear on the list, Tenjiro Kirinji in fact is the one who taught Retsu Unohana the art of healing. She herself is considered to be the greatest healer in all of the Soul Society so her teacher’s abilities are definitely something to behold.

Donning captain level strength, Kirinji is a master healer who commands healing waters at will. He was able to help Ichigo, Renji and Byakuya heal their battle wounds from the Wandereich assault. He can also manipulate his water which can burn away bodies on will, hence controlling temperature.

Kirinji wields “Kinpika”, a Zanpakuto whose abilities are not specifically known but for being a Squad Zero member, we can safely assume it is strong as well.

He was able to go up against Yhwach’s soldiers and burn them alive. Also he uses the “Blood Pond Hell” which can replenish the blood of his comrades. Just like other members of the Squad Zero, his contributions to the welfare of the Soul World is invaluable.

Also, he is the fastest Shinigami to exist.

10. Kisuke Urahara

Ep329UraharaProfileOption4 1

The neighborhood shopkeeper of the convenience store, Kisuke Urahara hides a heavy past. Being the former captain of the 12th division and the 1st president of the S.R.D.I (Shinigami Research and Development Institute), he is an eccentric and charming individual, who can change their demeanor at will and according to the situation.

He used to work under Yoruichi’s division 2 as the 3rd seat, the two being fast friends and also gained some experience on the working of the Onmitsukido. He is a cunning individual, who shares less but seeks more for his own benefit.

A master in every aspect, Urahara’s Zanpakuto “Benihime” is also is a deadly weapon.  It is able to control crimson energy to carry out a range of techniques, although the true potential lies in the bankai “Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame”.

The Bankai takes the form of a giant woman which has the ability to destruct and reconstruct anything it touches in a variety of ways.

He easily fended off against the Arrancar Wonderweiss and Yammy. The fact that Aizen had him kicked out of the Soul Society proves his fear of Urahara. Strong individuals such as Ulquiorra opted out to fight against him as he felt something sinister. With his abilities he can render Zanpakuto such Senbonzakura useless, in the best conditions.

He was mentioned as one of the “Five War Threats” by Yhwach and was responsible for defeating the Sternritter Askin Nakk Le Vaar, one of the Schutzstaffel with the help of Yoruichi. He has lived a long life and his abilities are a threat to not only Yhwach, but to anyone against him.

Thus, granting him a place in the top 10 of the strongest Bleach captains.

09. Senjumaru Shutara

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Another one of the Squad Zero members, we have the enchanting Senjumaru Shutara who is also known as the one with “Thousand Arms”. Stated as the “Great Weave Guard”, she excels in sewing clothes that can perform various functions.

Her main ability revolves around sewing clothes, which can withstand the effect of safely by passing through the 72 barriers between the Soul King Palace and the Soul Society, and also enveloping torturous clothes to enemies which impale them through and through out.

She has multiple artificial limbs attached to her back which benefits her in every situation, ranging from logistics to combat. Also commanding a lot of guards, she boasts spiritual energy above the likes of an average captain.

She was able to deduce and overpower Nianzol Weizol of the Sternritter, and helped train Ichigo and Renji with their rehabilitation sequence. Although not having much screen time, a squad zero member in the top 10 of strongest Bleach captains is a no brainer.

08. Oetsu Nimaiya

517Nimaiya profile

The creator of all Zanpakuto, Oetsu Nimaiya is known as the “God of the Sword”. One of the five members of Squad Zero, not only has he crafted all Zanpakuto that ever exist, he knows the location of each of them and he himself is a force to be reckoned, although by wielding a strange Zanpakuto.

A captain of the much older days of the Gotei 13, Nimaiya wields a Zanpakuto called “Sayafushi” which is strangely considered to be failure by Nimaiya himself. He says that the blade is too sharp and the edge is too smooth, making it unable to held in a sheath, as it cuts through everything. He carries it around a tank filled with jelly but what makes him fearsome is the fact that this does not lower his power levels in any way.

Nimaiya was able to one shot the four members of the Schutzstaffel, the strongest warriors of Yhwach. No one could react to his speed and they were instantly on the ground licking the floor.

Such speed and swordsmanship has never been shown in the series before and defeating the likes of Gerard Valkyrie, Lille Barro in single swings of his blade makes him a deadly foe. We have kept him in this position of the strongest Bleach captains since there’s not much known about his bankai.

07. Jushiro Ukitake

Ep227UkitakeProfile 2

One of the oldest captains of the Gotei 13, Jushiro Ukitake is a noble and well respected man in the Soul Society. Trained directly under the likes of the Captain Commander Yamamoto alongside his best friend Kyoraku Shunsui, he and his friend is considered to be on a whole different league by their teacher.

He was an enchanting and admirable individual since his youth and he performed good in his soul arts. Although his illness proved to be a hindrance to his fighting abilities, there is a reason why he was still promoted to captain level.

He has extreme life force and also is adept in sword fighting. He uses the “Sogyo No Kotowari” that can send back an enemy attack at full force, that too very quickly. He never got a chance to use Bankai but we can safely assume that he does have the ability otherwise you cannot even get promoted to Captain level.

His greatest feat is undoubtedly to hold off against Yamomoto’s ultrapowerful spiritual pressure, which can render Zanpakuto useless. He was able to block Lilynette’s Cero attack with his bare hand.

Although he might not seem as one the strongest Bleach captains at first glance, him being the left hand of the Soul King and portraying such feats makes it frightening to measure his true strength. There is not much revealed about him later on in the series, if we had gotten to witness his Bankai along with his powers granted by the left hand of God, he would easily be the strongest Bleach Captains

06. Yachiru Unohana

523Unohana27s scar

The people who have not read the Thousand Year Blood War arc might not recognize the above picture, as it is a rare occasion in which Retsu Unohana becomes serious. Or we can call her by her real name, Yachiru Unohana.

It just took Unohana one fight to cement herself as one of the deadliest captains to ever appear in the Soul Society. She is the captain of the 4th division, who specializes in healing but that is not her only side.

It is revealed in the final arc that Unohana was in fact the first “Kenpachi”, a title used by the strongest fighter of each generation. It was Yamamoto who recruited her and formed the Gotei 13, making her one of the oldest captains.

Although her Zanpkauto “Minazuki” has healing powers, the Bankai can release concentrated acid that can reduce humans into a skeleton, and she completely erases Kenpachi’s skin in her fight.

She mentions that the only person who could satisfy her bloodlust was none other than Kenpachi and with the help of combat, she decided to bring out his powers.

But the process was not easy as he was being overwhelmed continuously by Unohana who was almost killing him and then instantly healing him so that they could keep on battling. Although Kenpachi finally manages to defeat her, we have never seen him struggle like he did here.

Also, Unohana was one of the few captains which even the Wandenreich feared.

Thus, granting her a place in the top 12 of the strongest Bleach captains.

05. Kenpachi Zaraki


As mentioned before, the title “Kenpachi” is given to the strongest fighter of an era and the mighty Kenpachi Zaraki is no different. The most interesting part of his story is that no matter his immense strenghth, he does not know the name of his Zanpakuto, nor can use the Shikai or Bankai ability, which he later learns thanks to Unohana.

He was also mentioned as one of the top “five war threats” by Yhwach.

But before we talk about his Zanpakuto, it is important to give context to his strength level. He arguably dons the highest amount of spiritual pressure of any captain of the Gotei 13.

According to Unohana, he should have had easily defeated his opponents throughout the story, but due to his perverse addiction of holding back, it took him way more effort than required.

“Nozarashi” was the name that he learned which respectfully complements his own strength by increasing it’s cutting power.

His Bankai is so strong that his own body cannot handle the raw strength, getting his hand ripped in the process.

Kenpachi has notable feats, such as taking on captains Tosen and Komamura together and defeating them with relative ease, and slaying the Espada Nnoitra and Gremmy Thoumeaux. His best feats are when he was able to defeat Yachiru Unohana at her prime, and completely obliterating Gerard Valkyrie’s divine form single handedly with his bankai. No words can do justice to his strength. He is physically the strongest Bleach captains.

04. Kyoraku Shunsui

Ep221ShunsuiKy3Fraku 1

Similar to Urahara, Kyoraku Shunsui of the 8th division is an eccentric individual. Showing off a cool and jolly demeanor on the outside, he is a cunning captain deep down inside who does not think twice to rely on underhanded tactics to win the battle. He was captain of the 8th squad and goes on to become the Captain Commander.

Trained personally by Yamamoto, Shunsui and Ukitake were considered highly by Yamamoto himself. He wields the powerful pair of swords “Katen Kyokotsu”. It demonstrates a unique ability, to “Make Children’s Games come to Life”, in which the Zanpakuto decides the rules of the game and people are forced to participate.

The Bankai – “Katen Kyokotsu: Karamatsu Shinju” further becomes deadlier as when activated, black aura is released from his Bankai which changes the perception of the enemy’s surroundings and environment. 

Although he defeated the Prima Espada Coyote Starrk, His biggest and most impressive feat is to defeat the likes of Lille Barro, the leader of the Schutzstaffel.

Shunsui did not want to use his Bankai as it’s effect was not something that he could control, drawing out the possibility that it has the potential to toy with anyone, in or against his will.

The fact that he was selected to become the next Captain Commander plus his unique and deadly powers are enough to put him at the 4th position of the strongest Bleach Captains list.

03. Sosuke Aizen


The mastermind behind the plot of Bleach, the majestic, enchanting yet manipulative former captain of the 5th division needs no form of introduction.

He is ready to achieve anything for his goal, not caring about the repercussions. He is also another one of the “Five War Threats“.

Aizen is a master manipulator and strategist, being able to hide his true identity in the Gotei 13 for years while working on his own project.

He comes prepared in every battle, such as using Wonderweiss to specifically counter Yamamoto as he knew he would never be able to win against him.

His Zanpakuto “Kyoka Suigetsu” has one of the most broken abilities in all of Bleach. It can alter the five senses of anybody according to his own will. It is scarier to imagine the potential of his Bankai if it had been used.

Aizen has the power to completely make fools out of the strongest captains and Visored attacking him simultaneously. It is mind boggling to imagine that he was able to hypnotize Yhwach, who awakened The Almighty.

Yhwach is easily the strongest character in all of Bleach who uses a multitude of Hax abilities to his advantage, and the fact that Aizen can still hypnotize someone like him cements him as one of the strongest Bleach Captains ever.

02. Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

Shigekuni Yamamoto the strongest Bleach captains of all time

There is a reason why Sosuke Aizen went through the trouble of modifying Wonderweiss, and also why Yhwach had to send Royd Lloyd instead of his place to invade the Soul Society.

All because of their fear of the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13, Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto and his powerful Zanpakuto “Ryujin Jakka”.

He states that no shinigami has been born who is stronger than him, and he assures that he is not just bragging.

The leader of the Gotei 13, he recruited powerful individuals such as Unohana and trained the likes of Shunsui and Ukitake, all three going on to become captains of their respective squads.

His reiatsu is strong that only by exerting his spiritual pressure, he can render Daiguren Hyorinmaru useless.

When he activates his Bankai “Zanka no Tachi”, he can use a multitude of fire attacks and can summon an army of the dead.

His firepower is virtually unblockable as it was able to break through the Quincy barrier techniques, which are supposed to be the strongest defense.

Yamamoto was able to completely destroy Wonderweiss without even needing to use his blade, proving his hand to hand combat strength, and completely destroyed Royd Lloyd, who was impersonating as Yhwach.

In fact he holds the feat of defeating Yhwach a thousand years ago. Shigekuni is easily one of the strongest Bleach captains of all time, but there exists one being who transcends the definition of strength.

01. Ichibe Hyosube

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Ichibe Hyosube is the captain of Squad Zero, which is responsible for the well being of the Soul King. The oldest Shinigami to ever exist, he is the one who has named every single entity in the Soul Society.

He is also considered to be one of the “Five War Threats” by Yhwach for the knowledge he possesses about the world due to his invaluable experience.

But with immense knowledge he boasts power strong enough to protect the Soul King from intruders alongside his Squad Zero members.

He possesses immeasurable amounts of Spiritual Energy and his position is so much higher than anyone else that people who are not worthy to call him by his full name lose their ability to speak, as shown in his fight with Yhwach.

Not only has he perfected Shinigami fighting arts, his Zanpakuto “Ichimonji” is the first Zanpakuto to ever reach a “Bankai” stage.

He is virtually impossible to defeat, as his Zanpakuto does not cut through flesh, but through names whose powers he can control at will, the reason him being the one who named everything.

The importance of names can be seen in the story as Kenpachi’s power levels reached astronomically high levels after he got to know his Zanpakuto’s name.

Ichibe was able to completely overpower Yhwach and his tactics as he was playing around with the Quincy leader with relative ease.

Had it not been for “The Almighty” returning to him at the end of the fight, the story would have been finished right there. But in a fair fight, it is pretty safe to bet on Ichibei winning as he is the strongest Bleach captains to ever exist.


Strength can definitely judged in the basis of their Zanpakuto but true fighting ability lies in both experience and might. Although some characters don’t have enough feats to actually prove their worth, we can also analyze their fighting styles to come up with interesting outcomes!

You can also read the strongest Zanpakutou’s to ever exist in Bleach by clicking here.

Do you think this ranking of strongest Bleach captains is correct? Do you think we missed anyone? Write them down in the comments below.

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