Will Kurama Come Back To Life In Boruto? Is He Really Dead?

Naruto and Kurama

The following blog has major spoilers from chapter 55 of Boruto Manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Chapter 53 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has fans scratching their heads with Naruto and Kurama’s condition.

With the Baryon Mode stopping abruptly and Kurama not making an appearance in the chapter, fans were worried if the Nine-Tailed Fox is still alive.

And, chapter 55 of Boruto sealed the fate of this fan favourite bijuu from the series.

So, is Kurama dead?

As of chapter 55, Kurama is dead in Boruto. In a very emotional moment, the nine-tailed fox bid farewell to Naruto asking the latter to lead a long life.

From killing Naruto’s ‘ma and pa’ to sacrificing his life to save Naruto and the Hidden Leaf village, Kurama’s character has come a full circle.

It is certainly a gutting moment for fans of Naruto, for whom Kurama had become a fan favorite.

Kurama dies in Boruto

Kurama had lied to Naruto about the effects of Baryon Mode. The price for using this power was Kurama’s life, and not Naruto’s.

However, had Kurama mentioned this to him, he would have hesitated, or worse, refrained from using the Baryon mode, which would have put everyone’s life at risk.

The tailed beast realized this and lied to Naruto. Well, he did not outright lie to him. Kurama had mentioned that the price for Baryon mode would either be one or both of their lives.

Eventually, Kurama ended up expending all of his life force by using the Baryon Mode to stop Isshiki. There was nothing Naruto could do to prevent the tailed beast from dying.

While everyone speculated about Kurama’s potential sacrifice, it was still a bitter pill to swallow.

If Kurama is dead; how is Naruto alive?

Usually, when a Jinchuuriki’s bijuu dies or is extracted, the Jinchuuriki dies too. However, as Kurama explained in his dying moments, this does not apply to Naruto.

In Naruto’s case, the chakra of Kurama has simply vanished. He has not been extracted. This Naruto will be in a state of shock for some time and to others, he will look as if he is dead, but in reality, there is no threat to his life.

How naruto survived after kurama died

Moreover, Naruto has small portions of chakra of the other tailed beasts which he received from Hagoromo Otsutsuki, implying that he can survive this sudden death of his bijuu.

Will Kurama Come Back To Life?

Now, let’s get down to addressing the elephant in the room. We know for sure that Kurama is dead. But is there any possibility that we may see him again in Boruto?

We know that the Bijus are made out of chakra. Therefore they can also come back after “dying”; after their chakra rejuvenates in time.

The time that we mention here could be anywhere between 5 years to 20 years or more. Kurama telling Naruto that this MAY be their last conversation gives fans hopes that he might be back again soon.

However, note that Baryon mode feeds off of the life-force chakra of Kurama; not the chakra they use which is present in their surroundings as stated by Kurama himself.

So it remains to be seen if he is able to reincarnate however it is highly likely that Kurama will never come back to life and is surely dead.

Well, we personally want him back, so that Himawari gets to pet a baby Kurama soon!

What next after Kurama’s death?

As we said, Kurama’s death has gutted every Naruto fan. However, what purpose does it serve in the story? Was nerfing Naruto crucial to the plotline?

Actually, we think all of this sits well with the current plotline.

Borushiki has destroyed Sasuke’s Rinne Sharingan. Fighting a Sasuke with no Rinne Sharingan and a Naruto without Kyuubi won’t be hard for opponents in the future.

This nerfing of major characters would pave the way for the younger generation to be more powerful!

That said, Kurama’s death does hit hard. Do you think is it possible to bring him back or is Kishimoto planning something else? Also, how strong do you think will Naruto be without Kurama?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in mourning one of the most iconic characters in shounen history!!

  • Come on, Im a boruto fan cause of naruto and kurama
    If kurama doesn’t come back in boruto I’m out of here😭
    And it’s like my dream to see boruto and sarada’s offspring in the anime and also himawari as the nine tailed jinchuriki fr. 😭😭 #kishimoto

    • i don’t think, that Sarada and Boruto will become a couple.
      I see it like this: In the flash forward, we saw Boruto with many of Sasukes Gear.
      I think, that during a moment of Weakness, Momoshiki will take control. Sasuke will try to stop him, since he also promised Boruto to kill him, if he were to lose to Momoshiki.
      But he will fail and Momoshiki kills him. Sarada witnesses the scene, which will poison all feelings of attachment and Love, she had for Boruto, and awaken her Mangekyou. (The death of a loved is enough. To awaken Mangekyou you don’t need to kill the person yourself. Like with Itachi and Shisui or Obito and Rin.) And the Fury and Grief Boruto feels because of this, help him to regain control.
      Sarada then vows to kill Boruto, and either she or Boruto will leave Konoha. Sarada to train and Boruto to protect everyone from himself.

      But this is completly my theory. But if someone who is connected to the Storywriting of Boruto, reads this, this would be a perfect setting for the Timeskip and add something that Boruto Mangas misses: Charakter development and facing consequences. (You don’t see any of the character development from the so-called “Anime-Canon” in the Manga. In the Manga, Boruto still feels like the unthankful Brat who only seeks the attention of his father, he was from the beginning. As if he didn’t evolve a bit, and nothing influenced him.)

  • I don’t watch Boruto but I still keep up with Naruto and Kurama’s parts. Naruto and Kurama were the only reasons I started watching this show in the first place when it first came out almost 2 decades ago. Now one of my favorite characters is dead and I’m sitting here sobbing into my phone at midnight. They better bring him back or istg, Boruto will forever be a crap show.

    • I feel you on this note. If Kurama is gone then this show will suck balls don’t nobody want to keep watching to see some damn kwaki or however you spell his name. I’m here for naruto and kurama and saske. If that was the case they could’ve just let the shit end at the end of Naruto.!!!!

    • Hey, you’ve got to let things go, everything eventually comes to an end. I hope you’re doing well, and you might wanna give Boruto a second shot! You could skip the fillers and enjoy the story unfold!

    • True. However, the chance is very slim, as you said. Firstly, he’d need Indra’s chakra, as in Sasuke’s chakra. Even if we assume that Naruto does get Indra’s chakra, there’s a minuscule chance that he might awaken the Rinnegan when he’s nearing his natural death age and by then he wouldn’t be able to use it!

      • well Amado could still clone one for him. I see it like this: Sasukes Eyeball is still inside his skull. Borushiki just damaged it so much, he can’t use it anymore. So, amado could do it.

        Boruto is so bad, they would prbably pull this up. And amado even saying: “DO you want a different color?”

  • Well i think Kurama will comeback in the future somehow, dont forget that there is ten tails somewhere hidden in the other dimension. They can extract ten tails beast chakra into 9 pieces like sage of the six paths did. And make 9 tails beasts agian.

  • I think Naruto can get kuruma if he resurrect minato and asks his father to transfer his half into Naruto. Or the only solution is the 10 tailed beast. Either way Naruto won’t be as strong but he still can use sage mode

    • minato already gave Naruto all of kurama and kurama is now gone forever. as an OG Naruto fan it pissed me off being this happen now I hate Boruto. they need to bring him back

    • minato already gave Naruto all of kurama sadly I don’t wanna believe it but kurama is gone as a OG Naruto fan this pissed me off

  • minato already gave Naruto all of kurama sadly I don’t wanna believe it but kurama is gone as a OG Naruto fan this pissed me off

  • kurAMA will come back cuz some of its chakra it there and naruto can use km2 for sometime to defeat code and others

  • Code made all those little Jyuubis. Maybe if they manage to seal one in Naruto, it’s Chakra could ressurect Kurama. His soul maybe still lingering inside Naruto. If he gets some Jyuubi-Chakra it could Reanimate Kurama, he may be weaker, but if Naruto would seal more of them inside himself, Kurama could fully revitalize or get even stronger.

  • Dear redaction,
    could you make an articel about Momoshikis Plan? Because i have a good theory.

    He is waiting for Code to come and get Boruto to feed him to the Jyuubi. Borutos DNA is 82% Momoshiki, so it doesn’t make sense that he isn’t controlling Borutos Body, also he is an being of several hundreds or thousand of years, so his willpower should be leagues above Boruto. (Imagin a glass with 100 blue marbels. If you exchange 82 through red ones. Do you have a glass of Blue marbels with red some ones, or a glass of red marbels with some blue ones)

    He is waiting for Code, since why should he search for the Jyuubi, if there is someone who will bring the jyuubi to him? So he waits until Code captures Boruto and fuses the Freeza-Rip-off-Jyuubis back into the Jyuubi. Then he will easily take over Borutos mind (linke i said: His willpower should be in a completly different league) beats code and seizes Control of the Jyuubi and then tries to get Kawaki, to cultivate a Chakrafruit.

  • This sequel sucks. had to go for the money grab and drag beloved characters through the mud. no we didnt need to see nuclear fusion naruto or whatever the fck just so you could get a new audience and wrangle more money from the old one.

  • Kuruma should come back because it is called NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS : BORUTO not just BORUTO. and because Kuruma, as well as all the other tailed beasts are key figures in the fact that they help keep balance in the shinobi world. Boruto will have to split the 10 tails again to restore peace and kuruma should return.

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