How Did Kurama Come Back In Boruto: True Blue Vortex?

Himawari Kurama

Please be advised that the following article contains major spoilers from Boruto Two Blue Vortex, chapter 10. If you have not caught up with the current events of the manga, please avoid viewing this article until you are caught up with the latest events.

Screenshot 2024 04 17 125328

Kurama bids farewell to Naruto as he disappears. From Boruto Chapter 55, “Legacy.”

Amidst the invasion by Jura and Hidari in Konoha, fans were left shocked when it was revealed that Himawari had been Jura’s target.

This is further solidified in chapter 9, as it shows Himawari meeting a cub version of Kurama in her subconscious.

While many fans argue this is a “lazy” plot element and that Kishimoto “fell off” as to them, this degrades his heroic sacrifice in Chapter 55 of Part 1.

However, fans are missing out on crucial details, and with this article, we will address these doubts with theories backed up by concrete evidence on how Kurama was able to come back.

Where did it all begin?

To understand how Himawari was built up to be a strong character, we need to refer to the One shot featured in the guidebook:- Naruto Hiden: Scroll of Country Official Moviebook, which includes information for the Boruto movie as well as a One-Shot and Chapter 700 of the original Naruto Manga.

The one shot in question is titled “The Day Naruto Became Hokage” and was written and drawn by the series creator Masashi Kishimoto.

In the story, we see the first instance of Himawari’s monstrous strength as here we see her knock out Naruto’s tenketsu with one strike using a Gentle fist, something nobody would expect from a Hyuga child.

For a long time, fans have been confused about what this could mean for the character.

image 41

Himawari strikes Naruto’s Tenketsu. From “Boruto: Naruto the Movie Special Extra Chapter: The Day Naruto Became Hokage”

It wasn’t until chapter 77 of Boruto, titled “Time drawing near”, that we saw yet another mention towards Himawari’s strength.

This happens when Damian senses a powerful presence and runs out of the store where he and his elder sister, Eida, were shopping.

To his surprise, he notices that it was none other than Himawari which left Damian pretty confused.

After knowing that it was Boruto’s sister, he tries to strike her, only for him to stop midway in confusion, wondering why she wouldn’t dodge despite her strength, leaving the girl confused like most of us.

Screenshot 2024 04 22 061041

Despite not being a Shinobi, Damian is bewildered over Himawari’s untapped potential. From Boruto chapter 77, “Time drawing near.”

However, at this point, fans already knew that Himawari had been built up as a strong character.

Still, we don’t exactly know why just yet and while, of course, it can be stated through her lineage, it should also be noted that Boruto isn’t given the same treatment (reminder that the Jogan is so far only present in the anime).

At this point, we all knew that Himawari had some serious power and had the potential to rival Boruto and the current roster of characters.

The only possible explanation we could think of is that Himawari inherited both of the sages Hagaromo and Hamura’s six paths chakras through both of her parents while also taking on the facial features of her father, such as his whiskers (more in-depth in the next section).

She is also the only Hyūga to be able to activate her Byakugan without training and also the only one after her brother who doesn’t have it permanently active in both of her eyes like the rest of her mother’s clan or the Ōtsutsuki.

As we started part two, we initially didn’t see much going on with Himawari and thought she was left on the sidelines and probably would become important later on.

However, Kishimoto sensei started playing his cards and subverted our expectations at the end of chapter 8, where we see Jūra being left confused like all of us as he sensed the Nine-Tails chakra from Himawari.

This would be further expanded in chapter 9, where we see a miniature Kurama who had indeed reincarnated within the girl’s body and made her his Jinchūriki, but how did this happen?

It most certainly came as a shock for everyone, including both Uzumaki siblings. How in the world was Kurama within her?

Well, to answer in short, Kurama was able to revive and come back partly due to the resurrective capabilities of the tailed beasts. More importantly, he appeared inside Himawari due to her unique genetics, confirmed in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 10.

Let’s take a look at these answers in detail.

1. Reincarnation of Tailed Beasts

Screenshot 2024 04 17 132317

Kushina’s sacrifice. From Naruto Chapter 503, “Minato’s Dead Demon Consuming Seal!!”

First, I will start with how a tailed beast such as Kurama can resurrect despite them dying.

We need to refer to Naruto Chapter 503, where Naruto is told what happened on the night of October 10th.

Here, we see Kushina urging Minato to reseal Kurama within her so she could die with it and “halt its resurrection”.

To explain, Tailed beasts such as Kurama are living forms of Chakra. If a tailed beast does die, then their Chakra returns to nature before reforming itself back into the said beast, which can be because of the creation of all things technique used by Hagaromo.

Since the technique was used to separate and give life to the Ten-Tails chakra, I believe that no matter how many times that said being dies, it will still be able to reform.

Take Obito, for example, who, despite being turned into dust, could possess Kakashi’s body and allow him to use his Chakra for a limited time. This proves that as long as a Chakra from a living being is still present in the physical world, it can return if the soul is still intact.

To explain how a tailed beast can return, we must look at the Three-tailed Beast. Isobu was the first Tailed Beast to revive after its Jinchūriki’s death, Rin Nohara, back in chapter 604.

We were later given context by Obito in chapter 629 about how she ended up as a Jinchuriki bait planted by the Kirigakure Shinobi to be used to unleash Three-Tails on Konoha. The Tailed Beast eventually returned to life much later and was resealed into the fourth Mizukage.

Screenshot 2024 04 22 074317

Rin’s heroic self-sacrifice. From Naruto Chapter 603, “Rehabilitation”

But now you might be asking, didn’t Kurama’s entire being vanish after using Baryon mode? While yes, it did, it still didn’t entirely disappear, as if you’d know.

Tailed beasts have been noted to have multiple consciousnesses, such as Kurama’s Yin half within Minato or the two Pseudo-Jinchurikis Kinkaku and Ginkaku, the various-tailed beast chakra within Naruto, who is a medium to all-tailed beasts for communication within a subconscious plain.

This means, despite Kurama’s death, his Chakra within Naruto’s children, Boruto and Himawari, and through that said link, the Tailed Beast reemerged within the girl.

2. Hereditary

In this section, I will further expand on the “Biological” reasoning behind how Himawari has the Tailed Beast chakra and how she has always had it without even knowing it.

First, let us examine the claim that tailed beasts can have multiple consciousnesses; we will have to refer to chapters 501- 503, the tragic tale of how Naruto’s parents died and the sealing of Kurama.

In the flashback event, we saw Minato doing the unthinkable and using the Dead Demon Consuming seal, a Jutsu where a Shinobi can seal away a target within themselves under the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style at the cost of their soul being sealed within the Shinigami’s stomach for eternity.

These were created by the Uzumaki clan, known for their sealing techniques.

Returning to the story, this was the first instance where we saw Kurama’s chakrChakrag split from its main body and sealed within Minato before his demise. It wasn’t until the fourth Shinobi war that Minato was unsealed. This allowed us to see that Kurama also existed within Minato, albeit having its personality but still aware of all the events.

Coming to the “whiskers lineage”, Kushina was the first to be shown to have this feature, albeit not as noticeable as her son and grandchildren, until she was overtaken by the Nine-Tails chakra, as seen in the recent Minato one shot.

These whiskers would be caused by the Nine tails between Naruto and his mother, as both were Jinchūrikis. Naturally, this trait was passed down to Boruto and Himawari, who, while not being Jinchurikis themselves, took that biological trait from their father as they would inherit some of his chakras, too.

This would also explain why Kakashi, possessed by Obito, could use the Sharingan despite now not having his friend’s eye.

Now, you might be wondering if Boruto also has the nine tails. And to that, I’d say “probably”.

Does Boruto also have Kurama in him?

To better explain, there is an old illustration done by Kishimoto himself showing the new team 7 members with their soon-to-be abilities, such as Sarada’s Mangekyō Sharingan, which she achieved in chapter 80, Mitsuki in his snake sage mode and lastly, Boruto in a Kurama chakra mode like state with Byakugan.

Initially, I believed it could just be the author changing his mind about letting Himawari inherit Kurama since Momoshiki possesses Boruto.

Still, I sat down and tried to understand why. I concluded that this was a foreshadowing of Momoshiki and Boruto being synced together, or at the least, that’s what it seems to be. You’d recall that each time Momoshiki possessed Boruto, he had Kama patterns.

Byakugan being active indicates Momoshiki’s presence.

WhatsApp Image 2024 04 17 at 08.22.10 92d567de

Illustration of the new Team 7 by Kishimoto

I feel that later down the road, either Momoshiki or Boruto are shown to set aside their differences and are now in sync along with Boruto using his Kurama chakra as a powerup on top of being an Otsutsuki.

As you can see, this isn’t a regular Kurama mode and is quite close to the 6 Paths Kurama mode that Naruto had during the fourth war, as you can see with the unique golden whiskers and a more natural hairdo along with a mix of dark purple and yellow chakra.

Either that or it was a form of foreshadowing towards the boy being overtaken or if you’d recall how the author initially had planned for him and Himawari to have Byakugan as a prominent feature but later discarded it, and this may have been that early concept of Boruto with Byakugan but also possessing a mysterious golden aura being a result of the inheritance as mentioned earlier of the two sages Chakra through his parents.

While we may not know what exactly he meant by this, we can assume this form has connections to the Otsutsuki in some way, shape, or form due to how different it looks from Naruto’s; however, we will have to wait until that is revealed to us.

But it would explain that Kurama can still have multiple consciousnesses, as we can see with the illustration in mind and Himawari’s reveal, it seems to be the possibility.

Chapter 10 revelations and what to expect for the next chapter

Amidst the release of chapter 10, we can proudly say that most of our speculations and lore analysis have come true.

Screenshot 2024 05 21 174340

Mini-Kurama explains to a bewildered Himawari how it died and came back.

Amidst the chaos and being chased by Jura, Himawari subconsciously meets with a mini-Kurama.

The beast explains to the young girl a general analysis of how a tailed beast can come back even if there is a Kernal of its being still existing.

It goes on to explain that it may have been destiny that caused her parents to be of the Uzumaki and Hyūga bloodlines, but it doesn’t care about how it may have happened but that it did and asks the young girl to accept and move forward.

This could indicate the destiny shared between Hamaromo’s children’s reincarnations, where both children work as symbols for the “sun” and the “moon” and clash with each other.

This is also seen with Boruto, the “sun” of Mitsuki’s life. This means Kurama also got entangled with this spiritual concept due to Hinata and Naruto’s marriage.

This is why Kurama was most astonished by the fact that, unlike her many predecessors, Kurama and Himawari have a greater chakra affinity.

This was because of the fact that Himawari, unlike Naruto and his mother, wasn’t a traditional Jinchūriki sacrifice but someone born with its chakra because of the link Naruto shared with the beast instead of sealing it with chains.

image 61

Kurama left astonished at the link shared between him and Himawari

However, because of the looming threat closing in on them, Kurama asks Himawari not to waste her time being drowned in unnecessary thoughts and instead believe in herself to get out of this mess.

This is something vaguely similar to what Jiraiya did with Naruto by having him fall off a cliff to bring him to a fight-or-flight state.

This was shown again but differently when Himawari was trapped within a tree, and seeing Inojin gravely wounded awakened her Initial Jinchūriki state.

Like her grandmother, her hairs flow in nine strands, her whiskers becoming more pronounced and those iconic glaring eyes.

It’s safe to say that while Himawari can have better control over Kurama, who isn’t full of hatred, it doesn’t mean that hatred will not exist within Himawari.

This would be because of the last three years being the toughest for her parents and with an older sibling who is hellbent on revenge.

On the other hand, even if no hatred is involved, she will still have a tough road ahead due to the massive power gap despite being a Jinchūriki.

image 62

Himawari emerges in rage amidst Inojin’s “death” in her Initial Jinchūriki state.

I hope with this article, you were able to get the entire context of this buildup for Himawari and were able to prove that this wasn’t anything new but something that has always been a part of the story in some way or another, which is now being tied in these recent chapters.

I am also glad to see Kurama return from the dead and rejoin the story, although I have my doubts about how he will be useful and whether he will Himawari, in time, learn to master his powers.

At best, I can state that Boruto will use the flying thunder god technique and teleport with Himawari and himself to where Kojin Kashin is and cause Jūra and Hidari to leave Konoha for now.

However, I feel while Jūra has stated that he will not be attacking anyone, he still is a threat to trapping more people in the God tree. With Kawaki being essentially no match for the pair, it will leave Konoha in quite the pickle as Jūra wanted to understand the concept of survival of humans and why they are so defiant to beings as himself and Hidari.

I could also see Jūra forming his sense of morality after he reads Jiraiya’s books; as you’d remember from chapter 8, Jura showed interest in a library and who to say it wouldn’t contain the Pervy Sage’s novel, and while it’s a slim chance I’d still want to see him read it to understand survival instinct and Naruto himself better.

That being said, thank you for reading this article, and if you have any questions from this article or have any other burning questions answered in an article, please leave those suggestions below.

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