Top 8 Most Complex Cursed Techniques In Jujutsu Kaisen

Check out our take on ranking the top 7 most complex cursed techniques from the impeccable power system Jujutsu Kaisen has built over time!

If I had to pinpoint one thing that is the flagship of Jujutsu Kaisen, it is the cursed techniques. The profusion of these techniques makes the entire series exciting, yes.

But the intricacy and detail Gege Akutami has put into each one of them never ceases to amaze anyone who follows the story.

If math and physics experts explaining Gojo’s technique as a JUMP Giga feature surprised you, Akutami went ahead to use astronomy for another technique. Just how big-brained is this person?

At any rate, there are few techniques that one can understand pretty easily in the story, like the Ratio technique or Blood Manipulation.

However, this article will take you through the most complex cursed techniques from Jujutsu Kaisen. In our opinion, of course. This article contains spoilers for cursed techniques from the manga; proceed at your discretion!

Most complex cursed techniques

As readers, we certainly enjoy Akutami’s diverse concepts. Even then, sometimes cursed techniques make us clutch our heads in our hands and ponder over them for hours. Speaking from personal experience.

And it is further fueled by the fact that information on cursed techniques is populated throughout the story. In short, we have to collect bits and pieces of information and put them together.

So, let’s dive into this list of the most complex techniques according to us, shall we? Of course, we racked our brains while reading and writing about them. Check out our individual cursed technique articles if you feel a sense of solidarity. Well then, let’s start.

8. Reverse Cursed Technique – Multiple users

We begin with the anithesis (a close one, that is) of cursed techniques: the Reverse Cursed Technique. However, it is anything but what it sounds like.

At first glance it seems like positive energy is the basis for this technique because negative or cursed energy is for cursed techniques. That is not the case. From several small hints, it seems that positive energy is an entirely different concept. Talk about confusing!

Most Complex Cursed Techniques rank 8: Reverse Cursed Technique

Reverse Cursed Technique uses negative cursed energy itself. But the catch here is that this technique involves a huge amount of cursed energy or even combining such from two sources.

These two negatives turn into positive and have a close to opposite effect of cursed techniques. This technique can heal humans because they cannot use cursed energy to heal themselves.

Going back to positive energy, we did say that this technique uses two negatives to output positive energy, but that is not all that accurate.

Reverse Cursed Energy is only CLOSE to positive energy. SO many ifs and buts, and we don’t even have enough people who can use Reverse Cursed Technique!

7. Séance Technique – Grandma Ogami

We saw two shamans use the Séance Technique: Ino Takuma and Grandma Ogami. It is easy to understand Takuma’s technique, Auspicious-Beasts Summon.

In the easiest words, he can summon and use the powers of four beasts: Kaichi, Reichi, Kirin, and Ryu. The only prerequisite is that he needs to cover his face to become a spiritual medium. The Volume 12 extras gave us more information on the four beasts of Takuma.

Kaichi is a horn that automatically homes in on its target. It is an offensive beast that can stab the opponent to draw blood. In contrast, Reichi is a defensive tool. According to Takuma, it is cursed water that covers your body and one can slide around on their feet.

Kirin is another offensive beast that drugs the opponents’ brains. It seems that Kirin makes the opponents numb and drowsy. However, there is a “crash” after the effect wears off, evidently the harm that was dealt in that time.

Lastly, Ryu is perhaps the strongest beast from Beast Summon. No opponent that has fought Ryu has lived to tell the tale.

His clash with Ogami at Shibuya was the battle of two spiritual mediums.

Most Complex Cursed Techniques rank 7:  Séance Technique

On the other hand, Ogami’s technique takes Takuma’s technique a notch higher. Instead of beasts, Ogami can come into contact with the dead as a medium.

She can summon their body and soul’s information and shapeshift into that person. In fact, she can even use the soul’s information so that someone else can shapeshift.

The shapeshifter can fully utilize the summoned person’s physical abilities. It is restricted only to the dead though, so to shapeshift Ogami needs a corpse. More specifically, Ogami needs the remains of a dead person.

These remains go into a capsule that either she herself or the shapeshifter had to ingest. Ew, that is disgusting. Moreover, calling the person being summoned by the name at their peak of power is most effective. For example, Ogami called Toji Fushiguro, not Zen’in.

But how do either of these techniques work? Where does the soul information of the shapeshifter go or is stored? Where did she obtain Toji’s remains? And the biggest question is how even did Ogami end up summoning Toji’s consciousness along with his soul?

There are a lot of question marks about this technique.

6. Puppet Manipulation – Yaga Masamichi

We knew Principal Yaga was strong, but we didn’t know just how badass his technique, Puppet Manipulation, was! I hope you noticed the past tense, because sadly we will never get to see this technique in full action, RIP Yaga.

Wait, why am I crying again?

After the Shibuya Incident, Yaga was locked up in prison for ‘instigating’ the incident. That is when we come to know one thing: even a veteran like Gakunganji is oblivious about Yaga’s technique!

Most Complex Cursed Techniques rank 6: puppet manipulation

In a broader sense, Puppet Manipulation allows the user to remotely control corpses/dolls/objects. We even saw Kokichi doing it, so why is Yaga’s ability a mystery?

It turns out that Yaga’s Puppet Manipulation is much scarier. He could make independent cursed corpses like Panda and Takeru. Just like Séance, this technique allowed Yaga to copy soul information into the cores of his puppets.

However, these cores had to be comaptible with and vigilant of each other. Then, the puppet will gain self-awareness and self-sustaining cursed energy. That seriously feels like a rap in a foreign language.

There are quite a bit of techniques dealing with soul information! What are these cores Yaga spoke of before dying? And how can information of soul’s be accessed? Whose soul information was Yaga even using?

5. Ten Shadows Technique – Fushiguro Megumi

Next up is the Ten Shadows technique, or the technique the entire fandom has huge hopes for. There is a lot of information about this technique scattered at several points in the story.

Gojo even hinted that the Ten Shadows Technique is as strong as Limitless and Six Eyes. We don’t think you’ve forgotten it, but Megumi can manifest shikigami with hand signs using Ten Shadows. It is the most basic use of this technique.

Most Complex Cursed Techniques rank 5:  ten shadows technique

But of course, there is much, much more behind it. The Zen’in clan needed it so much that they were ready to pay Megumi’s father, Toji, a hefty sum to hand Megumi to them.

Moreover, Sukuna aka our favorite villain also loves this technique and showed his inexplicable interest in Megumi. Add that to the fact that we have not even seen what Ten Shadows is like at full power.

And so, from the little hints we have, there are lots of questions about it. For example, what are the remaining shikigami? How did the Ten Shadows user from history stand upto the Limitless and Six Eyes user if Sukuna could defeat Mahoraga so easily?

Also, what if all of Megumi’s shikigami are dead; will he be technique-less then? Could Megumi’s domain expansion be similar to Malevolent Shrine?

Despite being the technique with the most information in the manga, we do not come close to knowing enough about it. The long list of doubts and questions (listed in our main article properly) make Ten Shadows part of top 5 of the most complex cursed techniques.

4. Projection Technique – Noaya and Naobito Zen’in

Eek, another one of the Zen’in clan’s techniques is here. Projection Technique is also the inherited technique amongst the Zen’ins, although not as rare as Ten Shadows.

However, it is notoriously popular in the fandom for being extremely confusing for most of the people. To understand this technique, one needs some understanding of camera/film jargons and physics. I know you groaned too.

Most Complex Cursed Techniques rank 4: projection technique

With Projection Technique, the mysogintic duo Naoya and Naobito could create an illusion of high speed in their fights. The user can divide each second into 24 frames (at the most basic level, at least) and decide a set of movements they want to carry out in that sequence.

Once they establish this series, they can jump between frames (like frame 1 to 23 directly) to make the opponent feel they are moving at a very high speed.

Once we understand the whole basic concept behind it, we realize that Projection technique is a mere illusion. Perhaps it is the 24-fps rule that confused majority of the fandom.

But just like Maki and Choso, if the opponent (and you) understand how the technique works, it can get super easy to counter it!

3. Love Rendezvous – Hoshi Kirara

The latest addition to the list of most complex cursed techniques is Kirara’s Love Rendezvous. It is so complicated that Akutami devoted an entire chapter to explaning it TWICE.

But understanding this star-studded (literally) technique still seemed like trying to climb Wall Maria from Attack on Titan without any help. Insert sad writer who spent two days on writing an article on it noises here.

Nevertheless, Kirara’s technique is incredibly fascnating to know.

Love rendezvous

Love Rendezvous is based on the Southern Cross Constellation. Kirara can mark any person or object with cursed energy to pull them into this technique. Without meeting certain CONFUSING conditions, an opponent can only hope for hours at best to break free from a relay Kirara creates.

The rules of this technique are a lot to absorb. First, there are rules of who or what can come close to each other, and who are at a constant distance. Love Rendezvous can also create a stronghold of sorts to protect two people very effectively.

Kirara’s technique needed every reader to go through astronomy for a bit and learn about how stars work. I wonder how Akutami comes up with these ideas!

2. Idle Transfiguration – Mahito

Woohoo, time for the runner up of the most complex cursed techniques, Idle Transfiguration! And it belongs none other than the character nearly all manga readers despise with their hearts – Mahito.

Idle Transfiguration is based on shape of souls and the user believed that the shape of the body is insignificant. Hello, Ed Sheeran? Yeah, so about that Shape of You song of yours-

Well, Mahito could alter shape of souls which resulted in transfigured bodies. Nothing much. He could very well control his own body to harden, soften, expand, contract and more.

I, personally, still have a hard time grasping how Mahito could see souls. But the most confusing aspect of his technique is Soul Multiplicity.

Idle Transfiguration

Mahito can use Soul Multiplicity to combine multiple souls into one. Actually, that is not quite accurate to describe it. Mahito uses this ‘union’ to create an entirely new effect: repel.

Body Repel happens when Mahito combines two or more souls that reject fusion. The overwhelming output is then targeted at the opponent. There are a lot of variation of Idle Transfiguration like regeneration as well. They make it a formidable technique in both combat and understanding.

1. Limitless & Six-Eyes – Gojo Satoru

You would have guessed this already, but we will still spell it out for you. The strongest cursed technique, Limitless and Six Eyes, also stands at the top of the most complex cursed techniques.

From afar, it might look like Gojo is using some Star Wars sabers turned beams. But, sadly that is not the case when we look deeper into his technique.

Limitless is the manipulation of the very space that surrounds Gojo to his will. Gojo did a very kind demonstration of how monstrous even a sliver of his ability is. F in the chat for Jogo.

Despite looking fancy, Gojo’s technique is deeply rooted in very real and confusing math and physics concepts. When I read the explanation for it, I had intense flashbacks to high school. *shivers*

The #1 place in the Most complex cursed techniques goes to Limitless and Six Eyes

To fully understand Gojo’s technique, one has to know about derivatives for starters. Just like Jogo could not touch Gojo, math says that there is infinite distance between two numbers. Already tired, right? Same.

But it is quite interesting to know and understand Gojo’s technique at the same time. It seems that Akutami-sensei took the sensei part too seriously. Not that I am complaining, though.

It was pretty surprising that ComicBookReview ranked Limitless & Six Eyes at the last place on the list of most complex cursed techniques. That, when the mathematicians who wrote about Gojo’s technique gave a fair warning to the readers about how difficult it is to grasp the concepts!

And with that, we come to the end of our list of the most complex cursed techniques from Jujutsu Kaisen. How did you like it? Would you add or remove another technique? Let us know in the comments!

Check out our ranking of the strongest cursed techniques list too! Until next time.

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