Takaba’s Cursed Technique in Jujutsu Kaisen Explained!

Jujutsu Kaisen has certainly not lost its shine even after the death of the fan-favorite Gojo Satoru, as Sukuna continues to fight the group of modern and ancient sorcerers! But it would be wise to remember that Sukuna is not the only enemy.

Pulling the strings from behind is Kenjaku, who has caused mayhem and is hellbent on turning the world to his liking. At the end of chapter 239, a certain sorcerer makes an appearance, claiming to defeat the dangerous Kenjaku: Takaba!

The goofy comedian Takaba arrives on the scene, ready to steal the show, but is it merely another joke, or does he have a chance?

Come join me in understanding the eccentric Takaba and his Cursed Technique, which can prove to be far from funny.

Who is Takaba?

Fumihiko Takaba was a not-so-successful comedian before Kenjaku’s Culling Game came to fruition. He is the awakened type, who awakened a curse technique.

He makes his first appearance during the Culling Game, saving Megumi when he was fighting Reggie Star and Iori Hazenoki. With his goofy attitude, he seemed like an anticlimatic hero.


He takes care of Hazenoki without too much difficulty, as the latter withdraws from the fight. In chapter 240, we see a meeting where Angel recommends sending Takaba to fight Kenjaku before the result of Gojo vs Sukuna. She then goes on to explain his Cursed Technique, which we are going to do as well.

Takaba’s Cursed Technique Explained

Let’s talk about his Cursed Technique in detail. It is first explained in chapter 173 after his fight with Hazenoki. It is known as Comedian, where if he comes up with something that he’s sure will be funny, it becomes a reality.

It is the same power using which he survived the fight with Hazenoki, another sorcerer who uses his body parts as explosions. It is virtually impossible to not get hurt from his attacks but Takaba did.

But one thing that Jujutsu Kaisen excels in is balancing out powers, and as far as Takaba’s knowledge about his own cursed technique goes, he is utterly clueless about it. He doesn’t know how his power works.

Although surviving a dangerous ordeal like the Culling Game is a thing to brag about without a doubt, Gege decided to drop another hint: his power can rival even Gojo Satoru’s.

Before diving further into that, we must address the Kenjaku situation as well because sending someone like him to fight off the most dangerous enemy is not a plan one would come up with.

As Kenjaku begins to attack, Takaba takes his attacks lightly and makes fun of him by turning his attacks into petty magic tricks. Such mockery led Kenjaku to believe that Takaba’s power was to manifest phenomena and create anything that he imagined. He also admitted that the Jujutsu knowledge that he gained over a thousand years might not have any effect.

After having a Ted Talk about Comedy and how to incorporate jokes and punch lines, Kenjaku also deduces that he may require confidence and certainty and as a matter of fact, it is quite true because Takaba needs to be sure that his joke is funny.

Angel’s recommendation to send Takaba over to someone like Maki or Okkotsu may see the light as the fight is yet to be concluded. At the end of chapter 241, we witness Takaba’s backstory through his failures in comedy, and his new goal to make everyone laugh. The fight is not over yet and we are as excited as you are in this battle of humor!

Can Takaba Beat Gojo?

Now a really interesting point dropped by Gege was that his cursed technique can prove to be effective even against Gojo Satoru. Before we turn to the “Gojo fraud” and “Nah I’d win” jokes let’s make an unbiased judgment on this particular statement.

Gojo is no doubt one of the strongest characters (if not the strongest) and there is no chance one would win that easily. Now taking Takaba’s cursed technique into account, if the odds of defeating the strongest is zero, then it would absolutely make sense if Takaba takes it as a really, really funny joke.

In fact, it sets up for a devasting end for someone like Gojo if Takaba were to think something like “HAHA, Gojo is so weak I can defeat him with one hand!” without a doubt that is absolutely funny because it’s stupid and futile.

But it is not that simple. When Gege mentioned that statement, he was not referring to Takaba. Instead, he was referring to the cursed technique.

Thanks to the wonderful JJK subreddit, we have a clear answer to this. Takaba is not simply not as overpowered as people think he is. How so?

Firstly, he doesn’t know about his own cursed technique. It is the single most important point that balances his power to a normal level. He is clueless. Secondly, he cannot be thinking of defeating someone for the sake of defeating someone.


If Takaba were to think about Gojo’s death as a joke, it might theoretically kill him but if he considers it as a way to kill Gojo and not as a joke, it won’t work because the condition of his cursed technique is to think of something actually funny.

There’s also the point of cursed energy reserves. For someone to be able to beat their opponent, cursed energy reserves also plays a role. We have no idea about Takaba’s cursed energy reserves and hence we can’t say for sure if his cursed technique will directly overpower Gojo.

All that is left is to see how Takaba manages to deal with Kenny. We have witnessed the classic anime backstory in a near-death experience, but what would it turn into? A glorious victory or a glorious death? Let’s have a chat down in the comments!

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