Did Itadori Get New Cursed Technique? Body Swap With Kusakabe Set Off Wild Theories!

Itadori’s cursed technique has always been a hot topic of discussion for the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom. The problem is, since he didn’t have any, it was all speculations and theories always.

First Itadori was speculated to have some memory manipulation cursed technique. This theory was debunked by none other than the manga author Akutami himself.

After that theory fell flat, everyone just assumed that Sukuna’s cursed technique will one day percolate into the protagonist’s body. Even Gojo seemed to have believed this will happen. However, that theory too faced a major roadblock when Sukuna decided to body-hop and make Megumi his new vessel.

For a time, it felt that Itadori was not destined to have a cursed technique. And just as the hopefuls were about to let go, Akutami cooked up something good in chapter 222 for them. And this new development has set off wild theories about what Itadori and the possible cursed technique he could have.

Did Itadori get a new cursed technique?

To be very frank, it’s not clear if Itadori did get a new technique or not. However, the Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 222 seems to suggest he has swapped bodies (or souls) with Kusakabe.

In the chapter, there are a couple of panels where Itadori and Kusakabe are shown training with each other. In this panel, Itadori adresses Kusakabe as himself. And judging by the way Kusakabe reacts, it feels as if he is talking to a senior or a sensei.

This has made readers conclude that Itadori has somehow learnt the technique to swap souls or bodies.

Itadori Kusakabe Swap
Itadori and Kusakabe appear to swap bodies/souls

Well, it’s not without reason, because in chapter 220 Choso hands over the records of soul research that Yuki Tsukumo had conducted to Yuji. It could be possible that he learnt a trick or two from there to swap souls.

But then, cursed techniques are an innate talent, you can’t learn to master them by reading a book. So going by that logic, soul swapping is either not a cursed technique, or Yuji had the innate talent for switching souls.

It wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility to assume that soul swapping is Yuji’s cursed technique, considering how he himself is a specimen, or rather a perfect vessel, engineered into existence by Kenjaku.

No, he is not a Death Painting like Choso, but then there is something different about Yuji. He always had this superstrength and heightened physical abilities which seemed out of place. It wasn’t heavenly restriction for sure.

Kenjaku certainly has tampered with Itadori and his genetics somehow, and even Sukuna seemed to realize that in chapter 214, while taking note of his strength.

Sukuna Itadori Kenjaku

We don’t know what sort of experimentation resulted in the birth of Yuji. But, if Kenjaku intended him to have an ability like swapping souls, then it would make complete sense. It would also explain to a certain extent how he was able to control Sukuna within him too.

That, or soul swapping is something Itadori learnt thanks to Sukuna being inside his body and then leaving it to go house inside Megumi’s.

As Mahito notes, Itadori was able to understand the contours of the soul because he housed Sukuna. What if, he was also subconsciously able to understand soul swapping because Sukuna did that while in his body. He turned Yuji’s finger into a cursed object essentially while switching into Megumi.

If Yuji’s body is like a blotting paper for Sukuna’s soul, then it might have left its mark. After all, Sukuna was the only person who knew how to split his soul into his fingers and turn into a cursed object without the help of Kenjaku.

Ieri does mention that Yuji was akin to a cursed tool with Sukuna’s cursed energy. But then, what if its not just the cursed energy that stayed back, maybe some part of the soul’s information might have also remained.

The second reasoning seems more valid to me, rather than Itadori suddenly manifesting and trying to perfect a cursed technique before the final fight. Well, as of the timeskip, he did have more than a month to perfect it, so it needs to be seen what will happen.

Tinfoil theories that are floating around:

Naturally, the Itadori cursed technique theory has ventured into tinfoil territories, and there are people who are suggesting that Itadori was possessing Gojo’s body at the end. However, there is nothing concrete to suggest this exchange.

This body swapping wouldn’t make much of a sense because, Limitless and Six Eyes are pretty hard to master. Just letting Yuji take over his body would only make it worse.

But then, there are some people who suggest that it doesn’t end here, and that Yuta’s comment about switching places with Gojo could have some deeper meaning to it!

What are your thoughts on the body swapping that we saw in chapter 222. Let me know them in the comments below!

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