JJK Chapter 222 Spoilers: Gojo’s Death Flags Worry Readers

Satoru Gojo

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 222 won’t be officially out until this Sunday. However, the leaks for the latest chapter have surfaced on the internet and it has readers worried over the fate of one of their favorite characters. The character in question is none other than Gojo Satoru, who was only unsealed in the previous chapter.

Those who checked out the leaks of the chapter claimed that there were a lot of death flags surrounding Gojo and that he was definitely going to die in the coming chapters. They were sure that Gojo’s death was inevitable in his upcoming fight with Sukuna, and chapter 222 just made it crystal clear.

One of the death flags surrounding Gojo involved him wearing the same outfit that Toji was wearing while the two of them fought. Toji eventually died in the battle, and many expect that the same would happen to Gojo.

The send off at the end of the chapter, where everyone gave encouragement to Gojo and asked him to win, too was seen as a sign of the strongest sorcerer walking towards to his end.

Some also claimed that Akutami was killing off Gojo just because he wanted to end the story a lot quicker. The author had previously stated that the manga will be ending this year.

Assuming that Gojo’s fate was sealed, some readers also criticized Gege Akutami for the way he jumped to the final fight. More emotional reunions and character interactions were expected in the fandom, however, their expectations were not met.

Readers were particularly left salty because Gojo seemed unfazed by Nanami’s death.

However, there were also another set of fans who claimed that Akutami was a master at subverting expectations. Though he might placed a lot of death flags around Gojo, the strongest sorcerer would still come out as a winner in the fight, or at least survive it.

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