Nanami’s Death: Is Kento Nanami Dead Or Alive? Was It Necessary In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Nanami Kento

Jujutsu sorcerers are shit! Work is shit! If both are equally shit, I’ll take the one I’m more suited to.

Nanami Kento: the ex-salaryman who has the fandom’s heart because of his badass fighting style and amazing story. He is a stickler to rules and has an upright personality.

However, behind his cold exterior lies a soft heart and an excellent understanding of jujutsu techniques.

This makes his presence on the screen extremely memorable. Even Yuji warms up to him and shares his concerns with “Nanamin.”

We all loved when Nanami acknowledged Yuji as a sorcerer.

Before we proceed further, this article contains major manga spoilers, proceed at your own discretion!

A memorable moment that had all of us cheering for the OP Nanami was his fight against Mahito. It was a brutal fight for Nanami with his cursed technique not working on Mahito.

However, his ‘overtime’ ability helped him stop his fierce battle.

It was evident that the next clash between Nanami and Mahito will be vicious. And it was the case too.

Is Nanami dead? Is he still alive?

Yes, Nanami Kento is dead. He died at the hand of the cursed spirit, Mahito. And there is no chance that he will return alive in the manga.

Nanami seemed like he had been fighting for an aeon in the Shibuya arc.

His exasperated sigh about how Malaysia would have been nice somehow seemed extremely tragic in his pitiful state, surrounded by transfigured humans.

The man had had a few close shaves with his death earlier too. When he was first caught in Mahito’s Domain Expansion, it felt like it was his end too.

However, he still died at the same hands. Mahito was slyly waiting for his arrival and take over him at the right moment. He wanted Nanami to drain himself out and then kill him in front of Yuji.

Mahito kills Nanami

Nanami was a valuable character in Jujutsu Kaisen. All the fans dearly loved him, especially for his realistic portrayal of adulthood.

He was a kind man, too, helping Yuji and caring for him at his low points.

He was even considerate enough to think his words through in his last moments. Instead of burdening Yuji with some sort of legacy, he gently left his encouragement behind.

I believe in you, Yuji. I trust that you will find your path. Until now, I taught you all I could. You’ve got it from here.

Kento Nanami’s last words

What role did Nanami’s death play?

Undoubtedly, it was a huge, huge event in Itadori’s life. Ironically, it was Nanami who told Yuji that it was not a sin to be a child. Told him that it is okay to leave the dirty work to the elders.

However, Nanami succumbed to his death in front of this ‘child’ he wanted to protect all this time.

Even writing this makes me tear up, so I can’t imagine putting myself in Yuji’s shoes.

Most unfortunately, Nanami’s death came right after Sukuna went berserk, killing a bunch of people. Mahito had achieved his goal of breaking Yuji’s soul, bit by bit.

Yuji is angered
Last spread of chapter 120 showing how devastated Yuji is

The weight of Nanami’s death will definitely shape Yuji’s attitude, behavior, and decisions in the future. It is in many ways similar to Junpei’s death.

Whether it will be for the worse or better is up to the coming arcs to decide. Yuji really cherished and respected Nanami, and in a single day he lost Gojo and Nanami, both his mentors.

Was Nanami wrong? Isn’t Yuji just a child, sentenced to death but trying his best to make people’s lives better? Was it really all that bad for him to remain a child?

It almost makes you want to reach out to him and say “Yuji, you’ve got it” too.

Did you find Nanami’s last words & death emotional too? Let me know in the comments! OK, bye, I will watch the anime where he is still alive for now. :’)

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