All Cultural References In Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen-Characters

If you are a dedicated Jujutsu Kaisen fan like we are, you are probably caught up with everything it has to offer. You’ve read about cursed techniques, re-read the manga, want to buy a couple of unavailable volumes, read the fanbook. You’ve probably even read the light novels, and you’re content. But, just when you … Read more

JJK Chapter 149 Spoilers: Mai’s Grim Fate Revealed

Mai Zen'in

Ever since Jujutsu Kaisen introduced Maki and Mai in the school meet arc, fans were curious to know more. It was an unconventional bond but one that tugged at our heartstrings. Few JJK chapter 149 spoilers have surfaced online, hinting at what could happen in the chapter. However, remember to take these spoilers with a … Read more

What Is Reverse Cursed Technique In Jujutsu Kaisen?


Jujutsu Kaisen’s power system is nothing short of incredible with its many concepts. Even though the story divulges the information bit by bit, it is especially bewildering when information from various points comes together to form a complex concept. Reverse Cursed Technique is one of them. It is an important concept, but also confusing in … Read more