What Is The Black Flash Cursed Technique In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Yuuji itadori cursed energy aura

While fighting cursed spirits, jujutsu sorcerers use many cursed techniques to draw out their powers. These techniques are useful in exorcising curses but sometimes fail to work against special grade curses.

In such cases, the sorcerers have to either be smart with their attacks or enhance their attacks. A way to improve the physical attacks and cursed techniques used on the cursed spirits is the Black Flash.

How does Black Flash work?

Black Flash is a high impact physical attack that relies on the distortion of the space.

When a shaman applies cursed energy to a physical attack within 0.000001 seconds a distortion in space is created. The distortion of space combined with a quick flow of cursed energy gives rise to an impact that is 2.5 times more powerful than a normal attack.

Black Flash is not a cursed technique per se. It is more of a taijutsu move with high level of cursed energy control.

When shamans usually throw a punch, there is gap between the physical hit and the cursed energy hitting the opponent. This is because their control of cursed energy is not perfect.

This gap is not too much (unlike in Yuji’s Divergent Fist), and is negligible. However, when it comes to black flash, you are expected to control the flow of cursed energy so well that it is applied within 0.000001 seconds. Which is almost equal to zero.

Black Flash is to shamans what the “zone” is to athletes (hello, Kuroko no Basuke). It increases their chances of landing a heavy attack, power in the follow-up attacks, and the probability of hitting the opponent with another Black Flash attack.

Black Flash

It is a technique that significantly amplifies a shaman’s attacks. However, the shaman needs to have an excellent understanding of cursed energy and incredible concentration to land a Black Flash. For this reason, it is usually uncommon amongst sorcerers. There is also not a single shaman who can land Black Flash attacks at will, including Gojo Satoru.

Understanding Black Flash separates a shaman from others, as according to Nanami, it feels like the shaman is the center that everything revolves around.

Black Flash 1

Which people have used Black Flash until now?

Contrary to how “uncommon” it is, Black Flash is still more commonly used by special-grade or higher-grade shamans.

  • Itadori Yuuji first uses the Black Flash multiple times against the cursed spirit Hanami. Aoi Todo guides him in the fight at the Kyoto Sister School event to use the technique.
  • Nanami Kento used the Black Flash four consecutive times, but he feels that he just got lucky. He was the record-holder for most Black Flashes before Yuuji.
Nanami's Black Flash record
  • Todo uses the Black Flash in his fight against Mahito. His expertise and knowledge of the technique imply he has experienced Black Flash.
  • Kugisaki Nobara used Black Flash in a dual attack with Yuji in their fight against Eso and Kechizu.
  • Mahito also used Black Flash against Yuji in the Shibuya Incident Arc, but it is unclear if other curses can use it too.

It is also possible that other powerful shamans like Yaga and Gakuganji have also used/experienced the Black Flash. But many semi-grade 1 sorcerers like Utahime apparently haven’t experienced it.

What makes Black Flash different from Itadori Yuji’s Divergent Fist?

Simply put, Black Flash and Divergent Fist are two opposites.

The Divergent Fist is an attack unique to Yuji due to his “lag” in using cursed energy. It lands a double blow to the opponent, causing damage twice. However, Black Flash is a super-fast flow of cursed energy, even faster than the shaman’s reaction time.

While Divergent Fist is caused because of improper circulation and control of cursed energy, Black Flash on the hand can only be used when the user has exceptional control of cursed energy.

Divergent Fist
Divergent Fist

It causes a huge impact in a single blow because the flow of cursed energy is in sync with the blow. The instantaneous factor separates Black Flash from Divergent Fist. If Yuuji uses Divergent Fist, he obviously cannot use Black Flash: they are mutually exclusive.

Why can Yuuji land multiple Black Flash attacks?

According to Nanami, using Black Flash consecutively isn’t all that amazing. But using it more than twice consecutively or using it twice in the same day; that is diffuclt.

Yuuji is not an experienced shaman, but he still manages to land multiple Black Flash attacks to Hanami. His record of consecutive Black Flash also rivals that of the veteran shaman, Nanami. So, why is he able to do it?

Nanami 1

First, the effectiveness of Black Flash heavily relies on speed and strength. Itadori has incredible superhuman speed and power, which even made a measly flaw into Divergent Fist. These abilities allow him to channel and maintain his form much easier than other shamans.

Second, Itadori was an athlete earlier. He most probably has an idea of the feeling of zone and how one can touch it. This knowledge and muscle memory support his efforts of tapping into Black Flash.

Third, Itadori had Todo to guide him through the process. Even when Itadori was letting his emotions control him, Todo cleared his mind (albeit a bit violently) and saw his technique through. He trusted Yuji’s capability to use multiple Black Flashes.

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