What Is Cursed Energy In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Cursed energy is the cornerstone on which the world of Jujutsu Kaisen is built. Cursed energy is what creates cursed spirits. It is also the only thing that destroys these cursed spirits and other curses that threaten humanity. Jujutsu sorcerers are known to use the cursed energy for a variety of purposes. When we see Megumi manifesting his shikigamis (the dogs), he is using cursed energy to do so.

So it is clear that cursed energy can be both good and bad depending on how it is put into use. But what exactly is this cursed energy?

What is cursed energy?

Cursed energy is the energy that is born out of the negative emotions that flow through the body of every human. Negative emotions including hatred, fear or envy all result in the formation of cursed energy. 

This energy constantly leaks from the body of all human beings. But they are unaware of this energy being constantly emitted from their bodies. The more someone feels negative emotions towards something, the more the cursed energy that leaks from their body. Cursed energy can be found in abundance in places like schools and hospitals where people tend to have negative feelings. This abundant cursed energy then manifests into curses or cursed spirits, which in turn haunt humans. 

Curses can form as a result of fear of the ocean, the forest, and the earth, as well as by deities of areas.

Jujutsu sorcerers and shamans are able to control the flow of the cursed energy in their body by controlling their emotions. They can prevent the cursed energy from leaking out of their bodies and collect it. This is then used by them at will for various purposes. 

However, cursed energy in its raw form isn’t of much use to sorcerers. It can only be properly put to use by mastering cursed techniques. The type of cursed energy a user produces is also unique. Cursed energy of a human or a sorcerer or a cursed spirit can easily be differentiated. Infact, the identity of a user can be guessed from the cursed energy he emanates. Cursed energy also leaves a residue behind if it has been used. This residue can be tracked by jujutsu sorcerers who are above a certain level. In chapter 19, we see that Nanami Kento is able to trace the cursed energy residue of Mahito, a cursed spirit. But Yuji Itadori can’t do the same.

How is cursed energy formed?


While it is known that it is negative emotions that give birth to cursed energy, it is not known from which part of the human body this energy originates. There are multiple theories behind the formation of cursed energy. The first and the most common one is that the energy originates from a person’s stomach. It is theorised that the negative emotions of people commonly come from their stomach. So this is also thought to be the origin of cursed energy.

However, according to Gojo Satou, negative emotions and hence cursed energy comes from a person’s heart. There’s also another theory that states that cursed energy originates from one’s brain, because this is where emotions like anger seem to come from. However, there is not a conclusive answer to this question. It is also argued that cursed energy is created from the entire being as a whole. 

What do you think cursed energy is? Which jujutsu sorcerer has the most cursed energy? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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