Sukuna’s Fingers: Everything You Need To Know About Them In Jujutsu Kaisen!

Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna, the main antagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen quickly climbed the popularity ladder in the anime community. I’m sure that you remember Sukuna’s introduction, a demon sealed in his own 20 fingers. While you know that, do you actually know about his fingers? In this article, we’ll go over various questions that you might have, so … Read more

JJK Chapter 147: Masamichi Yaga’s Fate Revealed!

Principal Yaga

The previous two chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen had a lot of information on The Culling Game. We expected chapter 147 to continue in the same vein. However, it seems that Gege Akutami has decided to clear up the fate of a character who has been missing after the Shibuya incident; Masamichi Yaga. Before going through … Read more

Re:Zero: Is Echidna Really Dead? How Did She Die?

Witch of Greed Echidna

Fans ended up believing that Echidna was a victim of the Great Calamity that happened 400 years ago. Meaning, Satella killed her! However, that is not the case. Satella was not responsible for Echidna’s death. Considering how Echidna was fixated on immortality, the question we need to be asking right now is this “Is Echidna even dead?”

JJK Chapter 146: The Culling Game Strategy Explained!

Getou in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 90 cover

From the identity of brain, to a possible way of releasing Gojo Satoru, chapter 145 of JJk had everything in it. Well, from the spoilers that have surfaced online, it seems that chapter 146 isn’t far behind. The latest chapter focuses on the culling game, as Yuji and co break down the rules and try to come up with a strategy to counter Kenjaku’s ultimate plan.

Re:Zero: Why Did Roswaal Make It Snow In The Sanctuary?

Roswaal in Sanctuary

There is absolutely no way that a Re;Zero fan views snow and rabbits the same way after going through what happened in the sanctuary. When it snowed in the sanctuary, there was this misconception that Emilia’s magic had gone berserk. It is only natural to develop that line of thinking right? So, it came as … Read more

Re:Zero: Is Minerva Emilia’s Mother?

Emilia Re:Zero

The mystery surrounding the identity of Emilia’s mother has been in the focus for sometime. Popular candidates that fit the role of her mother include Satella and even Echidna (how?). Fortuna is Emilia’s aunt from her father’s side. But the latest episode of Re:Zero included a very emotional interaction between Minerva, the witch of wrath, … Read more