29 Best Anime Femboys Who Broke The Stereotype!

Anime Femboys

Anime Femboys! In this vast world of anime, diversity knows no bounds. Heart-wrenching narrative and unique characters have always blended as one. And among those list of unique characters are the femboys in anime!

While many fans find them fascinating while, there are some who are not very impressed by them. The way these characters interact with one another, their apparel, and their cuteness are all otherworldly.

If you are one of those people who love watching these male characters crossdress as girls, then you are in for a treat because we have enlisted the 30 best anime femboys in this article.

But keeping everything aside for a moment, estimating and analyzing the origin of the term “Femboy” is more relevant now.

What is a Femboy in anime?

“Femboy” is the term used to classify cisgender male characters with character traits and habits that can be called ‘feminine’ in a traditional sense. Gender defining traits are a thing of the past, no?

Anime explores both realistic and unrealistic characters, and each anime is up with different stereotypes. Some of them flop miserably, while others come out to be some of the best of all time.

Anime has its own share of femboys, a male with feminine traits, who have become trendy overtime, and these characters are loved for a multitude of reasons, aside from their attractive appearance!

Best Anime Femboys

Believe it or not, but anime femboys are not something new. They were present in the 90s anime series, and they are present even now. Well, these days the love and understanding for such characters have gone up. They ain’t traps!! Whether it’s a slice-of-life anime or a hardcore action anime, its not surprising (or never was) to see a femboy in them!

Since these characters are now dominating the world, we need to look for the characters that are the faces of the term in general. Check out our list of 30 popular anime femboys who all are majestic.

1. Felix Argyle (Re:Zero):

Right Here Right Now

Taking the top spot in our list of anime femboys is Felix Argyle from Re:Zero. Felix’s introduction was not suspicious in any way, atleast for Subaru. Everyone thought of him as the perfect furry anime girl who would later fall head over heels for Subaru or something like that.

However, much to Subaru’s disappointment, we later find out that Felix is an cisgendered male. His appearance is cat-like and is indeed a demi-human, with amber eyes and flax-colored hair.

Everything about his physical description is girly, and when Subaru met him for the first time, he mistook him for a girl and professed his affection. Felix is strong and kind, he always aids Subaru, protecting him from any danger. It’s no surprise that Felix stands out above the rest of characters in the list. He is certainly a poster character for the femboys.

But then we are just getting started here!

2. Saika Totsuka (Oregairu):

Saika Totsuka

Oregairu is the abbreviation for My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected. It’s a polygon-themed rom-com, and a character named Saika Totsuka is introduced very early in the first season of the anime.

Totsuka is a male who dresses in casual men’s clothing. So why is he even there in this list. Well, Totsuka has some very feminine features, which makes it hard even for our protagonist Hachiman to be swayed by him.

Totsuka’s face is arguably prettier than any of the girls in Oregairu anime, and the way he comes up to Hachiman and thanks him for something, melts everyone’s hearts. Despite Hachiman thinking of him as nothing more than a friend, he often struggles to think straight and tries not to fall into Totsuka’s charm.

But what makes him so charismatic? Even though he may not be a primary character or one of Hachiman’s harem, whenever we see him on the screen, it is always him nuts about Hachiman and admires him to the utmost.

When you google him, you will see hundreds of images of him posing cutely, and the number isn’t limited to a few thousand. This shows how much the internet loves him.

3. Ruka Urushibara (Steins;Gate):

Ruka Urushibara

daga otoko da!! When you think of Ruka Urushibara, this dialogue by Okabe should come to your mind first. He is a femboy, donning the attire of a shrine maiden. He doesn’t find himself intrigued by technology or anything modern.

Ruka is a femboy who is shy and sensitive and cries the instance Okabe makes fun of him. He is biologically a male but his appearance and build are more feminine than that of a girl, as described by Okabe. For a short period, Ruka becomes a girl in the series with the help of Okabe but because Okabe can’t pay for the consequences of his actions, he reverts Ruka to his original self.

What’s more surprising is he accepts who he is, and as his original self he wants to be manlier and hates his girlish tendencies.

He works as the shrine maiden at his father’s temple, who also encourages him to adapt to the world as a girl. Steins;Gates might be an old anime with washed animation compared to modern visuals, but it doesn’t fail to puncture viewers’ hearts by showcasing the adorable Ruka.

4. Haku (Naruto):


No one expected the Naruto anime to have a femboy, but here we are. The disciple of the vicious criminal Zabuza is beautiful. He is initially perceived as a dangerous girl who won’t hesitate to hunt down anyone and is seen clashing with Naruto and his friends multiple times. However, that perception soon changes!

Haku has a beautiful face, pale skin color, dark brown eyes, and black long hair that goes way below his shoulders. Haku is good-looking with a cute face and tiny waist, which a girl aspires to have. Hypothetically, if we were to queue all the females from the Naruto franchise in a straight line alongside Haku, and ask the people to vote on who is the prettiest, the results would not be surprising. Most would pick him, and there’s no doubt he ranks in the top 10.

Haku’s maturity is immaculate, he speaks carefully without making any errors that could cause misunderstandings or get him in trouble. This indeed benefits him, because he is considered by most as a smart and beautiful anime femboy who rarely is disliked.

5. Hideri Kanzaki (Blend S):

Hideri Kanzaki

Hideri Kanzaki is a young boy who tries his best to act feminine and more or less be a female (but identifies as a male). He comes from a family of farmers, but he hates working there and dreams of becoming a glorious idol. His father tries to force him into doing farming work but he always manages to escape. He dreams of becoming an idol.

To commence his career as an Idol, he applies to a maid cafe in hopes of getting noticed by big names and also to gain some experience. As for his apparel, he chooses it very carefully and even claims that “I am very picky”.

Hideri always tries to speak in a girly voice but when furious he slips out and speaks in his original masculine voice. Furthermore, the voice actor behind his character is also a female, which makes it more wholesome.

6. Astolfo (Fate Apocrypha):


Astolfo is the definition of the term “anime femboy”, and probably is the first character who comes to mind when you think about it. Astolfo was once a servant who aided his master in a Holy Grail War and became a human upon his master’s wish to the Holy Grail.

He wears androgynous clothes, and because of that people are often misled into thinking of him as a girl. He is one of the most appealing characters in the anime, he wears clothes that reveal his thighs and has hair that goes below his thighs.

Astolfo’s frame is petite with a sweet but corny voice. There is nothing in particular that fans dislike about him, he is just a loveable character.

7. Juuzou Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul):

Juuzou Suzuya

Juuzou Suzuya is strange and has a personality that can’t be summarized by a normal human being. He is not a femboy who acts cute because he feels like doing it, he does it because he has to. He is relentless and doesn’t even flinch when eliminating the opponent.

His appearance is feminine because of his traumatic past, and sometimes it drives him insane. Juuzo has androgynous appearance and he never dresses exclusively in dresses or skirts. It was just for one mission that he did so. However, he is mistaken by many fans to be a woman.

To be fair, there is still some confusion regarding Juuzo’s gender and what he identifies himself as, so that’s there.

Suzuya is often the center of attention on the internet, most talking about how attractive he looks in girlish appearance and the searches about him don’t seize there. Talking about his appearance, he has shoulder-touching hair and he ties it up with pink hairpins. Suzuya has stitches all over his body, and he does it by himself and calls it modification.

If you focus on the bottom left side of his eye, you can see the set of miniature “XX” written with the stitches.

8. Ritsu Sohma (Fruits Basket):

Ritsu Sohma

The guys in Fruits Basket are all very attractive, period. They have features that scream shoujo series at you. However, even amongst them, Ritsu is a standout. He looks beautiful enough to be easily mistaken for a girl.

Yep that’s right. Ritsu Sohma, the kind and gentle boy, who dresses as a female willingly, is the next popular anime femboy in our list.

He speaks gently and treasures his friends and family, but he has an inferiority complex and many insecurities, that make him feel useless. Ritsu feels nervous and uneasy wearing male clothing and feels safe when he is in traditional Japanese clothing that is designed for females.

9. Najimi Osana (Komi can’t communicate):

Najimi Osana

Komi Can’t Communicate is a classic rom-com anime that revolves around the average but insecure bunch of high schoolers each dwelling in their past. It has a protagonist who is socially awkward and can’t muster up the courage to speak in public.

But there is a character that fans can’t take their eyes off, which is cute, funny, and annoying at the same time. That character is Najimi Osana, who appears in nearly every episode and despite being a supportive character they are the reason for tension between the primary characters.

Their gender is unknown but the way they react to some situations hints them to be a boy such as when they were confessed to by a male classmate but rejected them before even thinking twice. They have every reason to be on this list, their feminine appearance, long hair, below-average height, and beautiful eyes strongly encourage it.

10. Rimuru Tempest (Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken):

Rimuru Tempest

Not everyone gets Isekaied into a fantasy world with godly powers, but what would be your thoughts on a Femboy who is cuter than girls and stronger than most superheroes? Rimuru’s original appearance is not what you see on the cover pages, he is a slime that can change his appearance at will.

Rimuru is non-binary, he is genderless. But how come he is on this list then, you might ask. His appearance may vary from time to time, but for most, he appears girly and wears an article of tight clothing that reveals how thin his waist and body are.

That’s why most viewers mistake him for a girl because of his physical appearance. Fans only see him wearing anything but blue and black. Rimuru’s personality remains mysterious but he is a kind, that looks after his people.

11. Angel Devil (Chainsaw Man):

Angel Devil

Angel Devil, is actually a devil. And angel devil is a dude. If you think the trait of being a Femboy is limited only to the average human boy, then you are wrong Angel Devil is a great example to learn from. Dicey? Maybe! By the way, the main reason why you find the Angel Devil in the list is thanks to Denji’s dreams!!

He is a Public Safety Devil Hunter, who holds a strange power, that takes half the lifespan of those whom he touches, he can also use his power, and make weapons out of their life span.

He is unfriendly and doesn’t like to be ordered around. Angel Devil is always wearing the Public Safety suit and hair that is long in size and orangish. What’s going on in his mind may be difficult to read but the laziness makes him avoid any close combat. He gets into action and becomes merciless when everything doesn’t go his way.

12. Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom):

Nagisa Shiota

Is there anyone who dislikes Nagasaki Shiota? Probably not because he is the sweet Femboy that everyone admires. His friendly nevertheless deadly glare is more than enough to get a reaction from viewers. Nagisa is the protagonist of Assassination Classroom which more or less focuses on students hunting their teacher.

Nagisa’s voice isn’t that girly though, he sounds like he is in his early Adolescence. He likes to stay who he is and doesn’t have any interest in cosplaying as a girl, but there’s no doubt about his girly appearance.

Before his birth, Nagisa’s mother wished for a baby girl, and she wasn’t even slightly happy when she gave birth to him, instead, she forced Nagisa to keep the long her out of her obsession, mostly tied with a rubber band or ponytail. Nagisa has sparkling light blue eyes and silky blue hair, which represents how cute he is.

13. Kalluto Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter):

Kalluto Zoldyck From Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is one of the best shounen anime that revolves around 4 protagonists, Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, Kurapika, and Leorio. Most characters in Hunter x Hunter look girly because of the drawn-out and old animation style. But there is one that is as clear as day, his name is Kalluto, and is the youngest child of the Zoldyck family.

He is undeniably one of the strongest in his clan. He and his older sister stick together all the time and have precisely the same attire.

Kalluto wears a dark black Kimono with white and pink edges, with flowery patterns that emit a feminine aura. Kalluto has long black hair, cut in the bob cut style from the front. He also has a mole on the lower left side of his mouth that enhances his beauty. Many admirers of him rewatch the anime episodes just to see him appear on the screen, he might be one of the perfect Femboys.

14. Aoi Hyodo (Maid Sama):

Aoi Hyodo

Aoi Hyodo is one of the primary characters of the world-famous romance anime Maid Sama. Maid Sama features a wealthy guy, a poor girl working as a maid, and a short-tempered Femboy. Aoi is a middle school student who adapts to the world living as both female and male.

Although Aoi acts as a Tsundere, in reality, he gets easily embarrassed, when someone appreciates him.

Aoi’s appearance comes out of his pure satisfaction, he likes cute things and owns toys that stereotypically a girl plays with. Aoi has a crush on the protagonist, Usui Takumi. Aoi feels as if he is full of confidence when he comes out in a girl’s attire.

His physical appearance is not shocking because all we have done up until now is talk about crossdressing and Aoi Hyodo is one too and is a stronger contender on this list.

15. Nasu Suketa Yoichi (Drifters):

Nasu Suketa Yoichi

Nasu Suketa Yoichi is a young brave man from the popular anime series Drifters and one of the lead characters. The character is based on the real-life archer named Nasu no Yoichi, who was said to have a muscular and athletic body.

But in anime and manga, the character Nasu Suketa Yoichi wears feminine outfits, such as kimonos and earrings. His frame is petite but he is strong as the legend tells. Yoichi’s best trait is archery he rarely misses any target, and his bow is well built which he carries on his shoulder with some arrows.

Yoichi has very long hair which is even rarer in Femboys. Upon his introduction, you might find him rude and arrogant, but later you will realize how caring this guy is, we also see him showing some signs of self-doubting.

16. Mare Bello Fiore (Overlord):

Mare Bello Fiore

Mare Bello Fiore looks like a video game character, mostly referring to the Zelda video game. Overlord is a masterwork of anime and is the pillar of the genre. Because it’s an Isekai anime it’s no surprise that the character would be in different forms and sizes. Mare Balle Fiore is from the Dark Elf race, with pointy ears and heterochromia.

There’s no doubt that anime consumers fall head over heels when they find a cute and tiny-looking Femboy like him. What’s more superb is that he acts shy and cowardly, which melts audiences’ hearts.

Mare serves Ainz and carries out his duties efficiently. He shows hostility to those who try to ruin his life and Ainz’s Kingdom. Which makes him adorable and useful.

17. Marulk (Made in Abyss):


Differentiating people’s gender in Made in Abyss is a tough job because everyone looks nearly the same, and the characters’ small height adds up to the difficulty too.

Made in Abyss features a young kid named Marulk, who is biologically implied to be a male but his outfit is more feminine than the girls in the series. However, he doesn’t like to talk about his attire and gets reluctant when he is the center of attention.

Marulk is a Delver who resides at the seeker camp on the second layer of the Abyss. He is calm, composed, and timid, and knows how to respect and treat guests.

18. Gowther (Seven Deadly Sins):


Gowther, one of the primary characters of The Seven Deadly Sins is a Femboy, and his personality highly reflects on his character. He is an airhead who doesn’t care about his appearance, just goes along with whatever he gets to wear. He has a small body with a beautiful face, and long hair that touches his shoulders.

Gowther has skinny arms, legs, and waist, which would fool many viewers when they see him for the very first time.

There is a reason why Gowther looks so feminine, not only his face but his lower body too. He is a doll that was created by a Great wizard, in the form of his old lover. That wizard put his sweat and tears into the creation of Gowther, which made him beautiful and strong. Gowther may be one of the very few popular characters in the anime who are airheads but elegant.

19. Hanje Zoe (Attack on Titan):

Hanje Zoe

Hanje Zoe from Attack on Titan is a Femboy? Before your brain malfunctions out of confusion, you need to know that Isayama never explicitly specified their gender. Well, true, in the anime Hanje uses female pronouns and has a female voice actor (so does Armin). However, we consider that to be the biggest trick in the AOT fandom. Hanje is a femboy in our opinion.

When it comes to their behavior and manners, they act as if they are male. Hanje’s weird personality is the reason for her popularity. Many claim they are a Femboy and there are reasons backing it. Hanje’s appearance is shabby, always appearing with messy hair and dark spots under their eyes. They overwork which causes them to take little to no care of themselves. Their innocent yet unusual personality is what’s making them cute.

20. Ryuji Ayukawa (Blue Period):

Ryuji Ayukawa

Ryuji Ayukawa or Yuka-chan is a character from the Blue Period, a drama with an above-average rating. Yuka’s gender is a mystery but when chatting with others we can see how Yuka wants to alter their gender to female. The animation of the show is stunning which makes every single character look more beautiful than they should be.

Yuka is 175cm tall and wears a mix of male and female clothing, and is mostly seen wearing a girl’s skirt and a male’s blazer. Yuka is notorious for being the male magnet and often plays along with men who are flirting with her. When reading Yuka’s physical appearance out loud, no one would feel anything suspicious. Yuka has long and natural waist-touching hair and purple eyes that reflect that gives a reflection such as a mirror.

21. Akira (Kemono Jihen):

Akira From Kemono Jihen

Do we even need to mention what his gender is? Akira is a narcissist with a pretty face who acts creepy and thinks he is the cutest. He is energetic and clumsy often making mind-boggling errors. Akira likes cute and tiny things but hates it when an insect appears before him.

Akira gets flustered quickly when someone mistakes him for a girl. He acts all blushing and runs away in an instant. From hairs to toes, his physical appearance consists of blue and white colors, which seems to be his favorite. Akira’s voice actor is Sato Satomi, who is infamous for dubbing some renowned anime series. She’s the voice of Chitanda Eru, from Hyouka.

22. Geperuniti (Macross 7):


Lord Geperuniti is an ugly femboy, not the one you watch on the screen but his original appearance, which is a monster with many tentacles. However, his current physical form is a sight to behold even though it is temporary. He has a beautiful face, a slim body, plump lips, and a high-pitched voice. Geperuniti’s hair is silky and long which defines his charm.

The anime Marco’s 7 reflects his identity in the third episode of the anime, where anime consumers discover him to be a male. Geperuniti plays a supportive role and doesn’t appear in all episodes, but viewers are engrossed when he makes an appearance. His inconsistency in the anime is the reason for his dimming popularity, anime communities rarely mention him.

23. Kaoru Hanase (Tamako Market):

Kaoru Hanase

Tamako Market is an anime full of clumsy characters and it’s not surprising to have a Femboy in this anime. The studio behind the masterwork of Tamako Market is Kyoto Animation, a studio that has composed anime like K-On, Hyuoka, and Chuunibyou, all these anime have similar animation styles and genres but with different settings.

Kaoru Hanase is an odd-looking character with curly yellow long hair. Kaoru’s gender classification is unknown, but the anime hints her to be trans and uses she/her pronouns. Koaru is a quiet individual who speaks when finds it necessary. She owns a flower shop and is friendly to anyone who visits her. When standing next to her colleagues she looks tremendously tall.

24. Maria Shidou (Maria†Holic):


Our whole list consists of beautiful Femboys, who fans worship for their pretty faces and the cute gestures they make. The only tiny thing itching is that they all get very little screen time. Truthfully a Femboy can’t be the leading character, that’s what the majority of viewers think, but Maria†Holic has a male character with female attire who is also the deuteragonist.

Maria is about 160cm tall with two pigtails and blonde hair. He is the kind of person who hates men despite being one. Maria thinks he is cute and pretty and not manly at all. In Maria†Holic you can watch Maria Shidou cosplay as a female for 12 long episodes that run for about 25 minutes.

25. Gasper Vladi (Highschool DxD):

Gasper Vladi

It’s not surprising anymore when you find out that introverts and insecure are mostly the ones who crossdress. More than half of this list consists of characters who act shy and cowardly. Gasper Vladi is the Femboy with whom our description matches. He hides himself when a large herd of people gather around, revealing the signs of Anthropophobia. Gasper has a low-pitched voice and sparking eyes that shine like a diamond when he gets all emotional.

Despite maintaining a shy demeanor, he wishes to get closer to more people but is scared to lose them because he thinks his life is worthless. When he and Issei fight over the course of his wearing the girly outfit. He tells Issei that he finds comfort in these clothes that he can’t in boys’ clothes.

26. Narancia Ghirga (Jojo Bizzare Adventure):

Narancia Ghirga

What do you think of a man with an IQ lower than a sloth’s, loads of muscles, and a feminine getup? Jojo Bizzare Adventure, in short Jojo, is a humorous anime where stupidity doesn’t seize at any point, rather it increases. Critics and fans criticize the anime for having weird animation, strange characters, and annoying fanbase. Meanwhile, those who enjoy this anime regard these trivial points to be the reason for the anime’s success. Jojo features a character who is the muscle house and does stuff a normal person would never think to do.

Narancia Ghirga has a laid-back personality and demonstrates loyalty to his comrades. He makes the first appearance in the 117th episode “Joining the Gang.” His screen time in comparison to the other characters was too short, he came in like a storm and left without making a noise.

27. Lio Fotia (Promare):


Lio Fotia’s smile is iconic, it makes him look savage, and indeed viewers find him cool. Promare is an anime about mutants called “Burnish” who are strongly evil and oppose mankind. Lio Fotia is the leader of the terrorist group, who initially opposes our protagonist but later both join parties to stop the real evil.

Lio is confident about his fighting skills and is strong as the leader, his party members admire him. He appears to have a tiny cute face with short puffy hair that covers the back of his head and ears. Lio is a reliable leader who cares more about his party members than his life. He proves it on multiple occasions in the anime.

28. Nico (Nanbaka):


Nanbaka is a humorous anime, full of amusing personalities. The anime went all out to become the best. It tried to achieve a milestone twice as high as it currently has, but in the end, got nothing. Nico is a character from Nanbaka, whose affinity is half-American and half-American.

He is a young boy with neon-colored hair, and average in height. Nico dwells in a prison because of his involvement in smuggling illegal substances and makes chaos over there too.

Short clips of Nico are popular on YouTube. People who love his character cut out short clips from the anime and upload them on YouTube, displaying a way of appreciation.

29. Nuriko (Fushigi Yuugi):


Fushigi Yuugi is a reverse harem anime with romance and fantasy elements, it’s about a kind young girl, Miaka Yuuki. She is innocent and naive and what she doesn’t know is that her actions have consequences of great value. All the primary male characters are astounded by her beauty and demeanor. Nuriko is one of them, he is a fine young adult with feminine attire.

Nuriko has purple but curly hair that enhances his looks and pink eyes. He is confident and acts childish at the start but later acts more mature. The anime’s retro animation makes Nuriko more attractive and adds life to the anime. It kind of reminds viewers of Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal, maybe because both came the same year.

Nuriko has a tragic past, experiencing the loss of his loved one, his sister, and still mourns over it. His appearance as the Femboy is indefinable because of his strong femininity.

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