Top 15 Manhwa Like Solo Leveling To Read For Thrills & Action!

Top Manhwa like Solo Leveling to read

With the Solo Leveling anime finishing its 12 episode run, it is no secret that fans are rushing around looking for more content to consume. For the few mighty who have already finished the whole Solo Leveling manhwa, we have decided to prepare a list of a few new manhwa you can check out that are similar to Solo Leveling in some or the other aspect.

This is a list that I would have loved to have when I started out binge reading manhwas a few years back.

Best manhwa like Solo Leveling to read:

Note : Just to make you lives easier , I will be using a few tags for you to instantly know which category the manhwa falls under.

The 5 main tags are – “Zero to Hero” , “System” (refers to the game like menu that allows the user to level up and get stronger) , “Gate/Portal + Monsters” , “Regression” (refers to the trope in which the MC dies and returns to his past getting a chance to redo things) and finally we have “Necromancer”.

Some manhwas can have multiple tags. (MC = Main Character)

15. The Lone Necromancer

Category: “System” , “Monsters” , “Necromancer”

The Lone Necromancer

What would you do if the world was taken over by a weird game like system and there were monsters rampaging everywhere? When Seongwu was prompted with a message to choose a class like many others, he decided to choose “Necromancer”.

Little did he know that this one was one of the strongest classes and that now he had the responsibility to save all his friends and the people of Korea? Necromancy is the main thing that relates this manhwa to Solo Leveling.

Just like Sung Jin Woo, Seongwu also uses his summons in unique manners to scout for him and fight against large forces all by himself.

Official Source : Webtoon

14. Overgeared

Category: “System” , “Zero to Hero”


What would you do if you were the first one in the world to unlock a legendary class in the most popular game ever? Meet Shin Youngwoo, a loser who spends all his time playing the new VR game Satisfy.

After stumbling upon the book to upgrade into the legendary class: Successor of Pagma, he quickly becomes the world’s best blacksmith and one of the strongest in the world by creating and using overpowered items.

Like Jinwoo, Grid goes from a nobody with the worst luck in the game to being the top rank in multiple categories in the game , making him a global superstar.

Official Source : KakaoPage

13. Leveling Up with the Gods

Category: “System” , “Regression” , “Necromancer” , “Monster”

Levelling Up with the Gods

This falls under the “Tower” category to be more specific like many others in this list. Kim Yuwon , a normal person from Korea was suddenly forced to fight for his life and survive when the tower decided to appear on Earth. Growing faster than everyone else, he became a high ranker along with the “Gods” to reach the top floor. Little did they know that beyond the top floor were the Outer Gods who completely annihilated them.

As a last ditch effort Chronos, the God of Time, created an item to send Kim Yuwon back in time to get even stronger and help the Gods prepare for the crisis.

Just like in Solo Leveling , Kim Yuwon possesses a system that allows him to allocate stat points , buy items and use skills to massively improve himself and get stronger. Adding to this his necromancer ability, Leveling Up with the Gods becomes similar to Solo Leveling in many ways while having its own unique plot and characters.

Official Source : KakaoPage

12. Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha

Category: “Zero to Hero” , “System”

Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha

When username “Loki” the undisputed first place in the game “Pick Me Up” tries to finish a special event he encounters a bug where the boss monster is level 999, and seems to be looking for the user outside the game! Before he knew it, Han Seojin is transported into the game as a character who has to fight monsters and clear levels.

He now has to rise up back to the top to find out why he was dragged into the game and how to get back to the real world. Produced by the same studio that created Solo Leveling, you will find the art style and general vibe of the manhwa very similar.

Official Source: Tapas

11. The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

Category: “Zero to Hero” , “System” , “Gate/Portal + Monsters”

The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

One of the most fun manhwas on this list, Return of the Disaster Class Hero is an action packed comedy with a partial “regression” tag.

Lee Geon, an unofficial Saint not chosen by any of the 12 Zodiac Gods, was the strongest Saint of the them all. Yet in his battle against the Calamities he was betrayed by one of the Saints and was left to fend for himself alone in the dungeon.

After 20 years fighting against infinite calamities in that hellish dungeon, something mysterious happened. Lee Geon was teleported back to Earth but this time his body was completely healed and he gained a mysterious new power – “The Master of Ophiuchus”.

Now begins the story of how Lee Geon took revenge against all those who betrayed him.

Just like many others on this list including Solo Leveling, Disaster Hero is also produced by Redice Studio meaning the art style is familiar and brilliant. Also just like Jin Woo, Lee Geon also doesn’t spare his enemies and takes revenge in the most cold, badass style possible.

Official Source: Tapas

10. Second Life Ranker

Category: “System” , “Necromancer”

Second Life Ranker

Five years after his brother went missing, Korean Army Veteran Cha Yeon-Woo mysteriously received his brother Cha Jeong-Woo’s last possessions – a pocket watch Yeon had gifted him and a photo of him in some weird armor.
Curious and surprised by the sudden appearance of these objects Yeon realizes that the watch is still working and when he opens it he hears a voice recording from his brother about a mysterious game-like place called the Obelisk.

After getting a glimpse of his brother’s memories and the tragic events that befell him , Cha Yeon-Woo decides to join the tower and take revenge against all those who betrayed and killed his little brother, in the most ruthless way possible.

Official Source : Tapas

9. Omniscient Reader

Category: “System” , “Gate/Portal + Monster”

Omniscient Reader

The only person in the world to read the web novel “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse”, Kim Dokja finally reads the last chapter only to see one of the worst endings possible – “There are three ways to survive the apocalypse. If you are reading this you will survive”. Just as he read it something wierd happened and the train he was in came to a halt.

After some time progressed Dokja realised that the events of the novel were coming true and he was the only one who had read all the chapters. Armed with this knowledge and a special present from the author for finishing the novel, Kim Dokja now has to survive in this new chaotic world.

Another Redice studio work, you can read this for the art style which makes it a manhwa like Solo Leveling.

Official Source : Webtoon

8. Martial God Regressed to Level 2

Category: “System” , “Gate/Portal + Monsters” , “Regressor”

Martial God Regressed to Level 2

When the game that everyone enjoyed one day suddenly turns to reality and all of humanity has to fight to survive what would you do? “Martial God” Seong Jihan , who had the “Nameless Divine Arts” resisted death even after the whole world was destroyed. Therefore he was given another chance to play the “game”.

Now back in time to before any of this started, Jihan decides to get far stronger than he ever was to prevent the end of the world.

Official Source : KakaoPage

7. I’m the Max-Level Newbie

Category: “System” , “Gate/Portal + Monsters”

I'm the Max-Level Newbie

This is a rare manhwa that feels right at home for us gamers. Imagine a game that you have grinded out completely, suddenly takes over reality and now there are monsters everywhere. What would you do as the only one with the knowledge of everything in the game?

Such is the story of Kang Jinhyeok, the only person in the world to finish the game “Tower of Trials”. As a streamer whose popularity was decreasing with the game, he finally decides to move on after 11 long years, but on that very day the tower appears in reality with a message to clear each floor within 90 days or the world will end.

Now it is up to Kang Jinhyeok to save the world with this knowledge that only he has.

Official Source : TappyToon

6. Kill the Hero

Category: “Regression” , “Necromancer” , “Gate/Portal + Monsters”

Kill the Hero

Unlike most of the other manhwas on this list, in Kill the Hero the MC has a very specific goal. To take revenge against all who wronged him. In his path for revenge, we becomes much stronger but also much smarter, using tricks and schemes to fight instead of just brute force, making this a treat to read.

Kim Woojin, a member of the Messiah Guild was murdered by his own Guild Leader, the person he trusted the most, just so that he could rule the world. When he wakes up, he returns to they day he awakened and got his powers, but this time there was also an option to choose “Lord of the Underworld”, an overpowered class that lets him summon the undead.

Now it is Kim Woojin’s chance to destroy those who wronged him.

Official Source : Tapas

5. Infinite Leveling: Murim

Category: “Zero to Hero” , “Regression” , “System”

Infinite Levelling: Murim

Another brilliant manhwa like Solo Leveling, except for the world that it is based in and the twist in which the MC has regressed after dying in a war. But in this life he has a system allowing him to get infinitely stronger and prevent the nasty outcomes of the war that is to come in the future.

Yuseong Dan, a low level army captain was commanded to fight against Cheonma, while the high ranking officials fled. As he cursed the world in his final moments, for all his hard work never paying off, he saw a message “A world where you can advance based on hard work and the number of missions you accomplish …. welcome to Murim Online.”

When he woke up, he was taken back by 30 years to his childhood home and he also got this mysterious floating window in the air that only he can see giving him missions. Getting another chance at life, Yuseong swears to get stronger than his past life and prevent the war from happening.

Official Source : Webtoon

4. Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life

Category: “Zero to Hero” but at the same time not really.

Heavenly Demon Can't Live a Normal Life

The tag is confusing, yes I know but lemme explain. When Baek Joong-Hyuk , the Heavenly Demon , who is the strongest person in the whole world mysteriously wakes up one day to find himself in the body of Roman Dimitry, a weak, drunk son of a noble.

What’s worse is that Baek has lost all his martial prowess. But instead of complaining about it , he instead takes it as a challenge to fix this body and rise to the top of the world again.

This is one of those manhwas where you just feel like gripping onto your chair and shouting in excitement (a feeling found in Solo Leveling a lot), whenever Roman does anything cool.

Official Source : Naver

3. Murim Login

Category: “Zero to Hero”, “System” , “Gate/Portal + Manhwa”

Murim Login

From the name maybe you were able to make out that this manhwa combines both the tropes of Murim and System, which is exactly why it ranks so high. Murim and Monsters both have the best stories and progression usually and combining both of them just makes this a treat to read.

Getting to the plot, a low rank hunter , Jin Tae-Kyung buys an old VR machine and mysteriously gets teleported to a Murim world where he now gains access to a “system”.

Using this system he can level up and get stronger. But guess what? These abilities carry over to the real world as well. Now the MC has to maintain his life in not one but two worlds all while encountering stronger enemies throughout the way.

Official Source : Webtoon-Kakao

2. Legend of the Northern Blade

Category: “Zero to Hero”

Legend of the Northern Blade

Taking the number 2 spot in the list of manhwas similar to Solo Leveling, we have Legend of the Northern Blade. Now the only tag you see is “Zero to Hero”, yet it bags the number 2 spot. How you ask? Well for one the art style is amazing and something that all Solo Leveling fans crave is those beautiful beautiful panels that showcase the MCs full abilities.

Another thing to note is the story of LNB is one of the best I have come across so far in manhwas making it a perfect read for anyone.

Getting to what the manhwa is about, Jin Mu Won, the son of the 4th Leader of the Northern Sect, sees his father wrongly being framed by his own “uncles” for helping the enemies and killing himself to protect his son. Now Jin Mu Won all alone in this world trains to destroy all those who wronged him, using the secret teachings of the Sect Leaders.

Official Source : TappyToon

1. Nano Machine

Category: “Zero to Hero” , “System”

Nano Machine: Best manhwa like Solo leveling

At number 1 we have Nano Machine. Recently hitting 200 chapters this manhwa has kept me excited for every chapter ever since I started reading it. As the tags say it is a “Zero to Hero” and “System” manhwa.

The basic premise of the manhwa revolves around the story of the main character , Cheon Yeo Woon , the 7th Son of the Leader of the Demonic Cult, and how he rises up to become the strongest character in the Murim World. But the secret here is that he has a system granted to him by ~redacted name~, which gives him the ability to learn and grow at a rapid pace.

Like the number 4 title on this list, Nano Machine too gives that feeling of excitement and hype whenever you read it. The art style and the dialogues only further the appeal of the manhwa making it an amazing read.

PS: I’ve read it like 3 times till now. I just randomly get an urge to read it and stay up all night reading it until I’m done.

Official Source : Webtoon

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