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What Happened To Sabo At Reverie & Lulusia? Is He Dead?


The Reverie Conference brought about a great deal of chaos and destruction to the world. The Five Elder Stars declared a great cleansing, the Warlord System was abolished, and the Revolutionary Army faced off against the Celestial Dragons. But what happened to Sabo during these events? Fast forward to chapter 956, and we see Big … Read more

Who Is Sun God Nika In One Piece?

Sun God Nika

While many were taken aback by the reveal of Gear 5 and many others called it “ass-pull,” the idea of Sun God Nika, on which Luffy’s powers were based on, has existed in One Piece for nearly two decades. After all those theories about it being Tigerman and what not, Gear 5 and its abilities … Read more

Is Vegapunk Really A Member Of Revolutionary Army In One Piece?


Ever since he was first mentioned, the supposed genius Vegapunk has been a very mysterious character, who enabled the Marines to become an all-powerful organization. Though he was finally introduced in a recent One Piece chapter, it hasn’t put an end to the theories that revolve around him! Vegapunk…A GIRL??? REALLY? The Mad Scientist has … Read more