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Is Vegapunk Really A Member Of Revolutionary Army In One Piece?


Ever since he was first mentioned, the supposed genius Vegapunk has been a very mysterious character, who enabled the Marines to become an all-powerful organization. Though he was finally introduced in a recent One Piece chapter, it hasn’t put an end to the theories that revolve around him! Vegapunk…A GIRL??? REALLY? The Mad Scientist has … Read more

One Piece Sword Grades: The Complete Guide

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We have seen many unique weapons in One Piece. From Haki Coated Strings and Cyborg War Machine “Pacifistas” to plain old guns and knives. Among these feature the swords, a common accessory in the One Piece universe. Some of the strongest characters in the One Piece world are swordsmen. As such, Oda has explained Swords … Read more