The Top 10 Longest Arcs In One Piece Anime/Manga Ranked!


You know that feeling when you ask your friends to watch or read One Piece and they whine about how long it is? And you know how you as a fan sometimes feel its not long enough?

One Piece

Now we finally have a way to get them into the series because of the WIT Remake. Imagine a series getting a remake while it is still running. Unfortunately for us fans this probably means the “new” One Piece will probably be a shorter season based experience.

But for the OG fans, we decided to revisit One Piece and list out the top 10 longest arcs in this amazing adventure. They arcs have been ranked according to the number of chapters in each of them.

10. Thriller Bark

Chapters: 48 (442-489)
Episodes: 45 (337-381)

Thriller Bark Arc

Thriller Bark was a legendary pre-time skip arc, which was based around Gecko Moria, a warlord of the sea. This arc saw the introduction of characters like Brook, who went on to join the crew, and other characters like Bartholomew Kuma, Ryuma, Lola, all of whom go on to play important roles in the later arcs.

This arc begins when the Straw Hats travel through the mysterious Florian Triangle, which was famous for the many ships that went missing there. On their way, they find a peculiar “panty-asking” skeleton called Brook, who explains to them that his shadow was stolen by Gecko Moria.

From here on the arc is a fun ride with almost every crew member finding themselves in a tricky and sometimes hilarious situation, with all the crew members uniting to take down the final boss “Oars”. And before I forget we also get to see Luffy’s legendary form – “Nightmare Luffy”.

9. Fish-Man Island

Chapters: 51 (603-653)
Episodes: 51 (523-541 and 543-574)

Fish-Man Island

The first real arc since the time skip, this arc was a banger since we saw the results of the 2 year training that the Straw Hats went through. Revolving around the racial tension between Fish-men and humans, we finally see the effects of Arlong’s radical ideology.

When the crew travels through Fish-Man island to reach the New World, they get caught up in a coup by Hody Jones, who assembles a crew of 100,000 fishmen , all ready to take control over the kingdom and to then destroy humans. While on the other side of things, we see Luffy and the crew meeting Shirahoshi and later on learning about the Neptunians and the Noah.

The arc has amazing fight scenes with Luffy clearing 50,000 members of the New-Fishman Pirates in one moment using Conqueror’s Haki (goosebumps moment) and further feeds into the lore of the One Piece world, by revealing that Shirahoshi is an ancient weapon.

Also lets not forget about the prophecy that Luffy will be one to destroy Fishman island, which is still an event that we are waiting to see happen.

8. Water 7

Chapters: 51 (322-374)
Episodes: 37 (229-263)

Water 7

Water 7 coincidentally was the 7th longest arc in One Piece until Egghead took over. Coming from an amazing lore filled arc like Skypiea, Oda should’ve had a hard time coming up with something even better, but no. He went on to write another crazy arc like it was nothing.

Water 7 was a wild arc, with the crew trying to repair Going Merry and Robin dealing with the ghosts of her past. With the introduction of the Franky Family and the Galley-La Shipbuilders, we learn much more about how great pirate ships are made and the dire need for a shipwright.

The whole arc, is filled with a sense of mystery as we can sense something is going on, but can’t point it out, until the very end when we find out something shocking.

7. Egghead

Chapters: 53 (1058 – Ongoing)
Episodes: 12 (1086 – Ongoing)


At number 7 of the list of longest arcs in One Piece, we have the latest ongoing arc, Egghead. In short this has been one of the wildest arcs so far, introducing new characters like Vegapunk and the Five Elder Saints properly, along with Vegapunk’s new creations the Seraphims, meant to replace the Warlords.

You know this arc is something massive when the narrator says “the resolution of this incident would inflict a kind of shock the world never saw coming!!”

After that statement the arc has been getting more and more all over the place. There are members of Blackbeard Pirates, CP0 , Admiral Kizaru , Kuma , all the Five Elders in their demonic Zoan forms and of course the Straw Hats, not to forget the Giant Warrior Pirates all on the island fighting it out like one big battle royale.

6. Enies Lobby

Chapters: 56 (375-430)
Episodes: 46 (264-290, 293-302 and 304-312)


Enies Lobby continues where Water 7 left off. The Straw Hats barely have a functioning ship, their crew member Robin has been taken away to be judged in Enies Lobby, one of the three Strongholds of the World Government. But the crew is up to the impossible task after their quick defeat by the CP9 agents.

This arc gave rise to some of the most iconic and heart wrenching scenes in all of One Piece, with Robin crying and begging to be saved, and the Straw Hats bidding farewell to one of the crew members, Going Merry. We also see detestable personalities like Spandam, who One Piece fans will swear to kill if he was real.

And not to forget the Hero from the Island of Snipers, Sogeking who, on Luffy’s orders shot down the World Government flag, declaring war on them.

The whole crew gets massive powerup leading to some interesting matchups between the Straw Hats and the CP9 Agents. The arc ends with the feared Buster Call, threatening to destroy everything on Enies Lobby including the Straw Hats.

5. Arabasta

Chapters: 63 (155-217)
Episodes: 39 (92-130)

Albasta Arc

Another great arc in One Piece, this time showing us the dark sides of rebellion and coups. This arc is also introduces us to our Second Warlord of the Sea, Sir Crocodile, who secretly runs an organisation called the Baroque Works, whose goal was to get rid of the current rulers of Arabasta and take over to find an ancient weapon.

This arc introduces us to many new things like poneglyphs and ancient weapons, along with characters like Nico Robin and Bon Chan (and the Kungfu dugongs).

This is the first arc where Luffy starts his streak of taking down Warlords one after the other and revealing their schemes. Luffy helping out Princess Vivi is also what starts the powerful group of kingdoms who are the Straw Hat supporters.

4. Skypiea

Chapters: 66 (237-302)
Episodes: 43 (153-195)


The bane of existence for most arc skippers, true fans know what a treat the Skypiea arc was, taking us into the mythical islands of Skypiea. It was in this arc that we saw early signs of a new power system later revealed to be Haki.

It was also when we first saw truly how devastating a logia devil fruit can be in the form of Enel, the “God” of Skypiea.

This arc was when we saw various things like dials which was an extremely cool device system (sad that it was discarded), Mantra which was just another word for Observation Haki, and giant Snake “gods”. This was also the arc where we saw a legendary Klabautermann.

Skypiea alone had so much lore that hardcore fans later recalled during Wano, when Gear 5 was on the horizon. For all we know there is so much more that we have seen that will be recalled in later arcs.

3. Whole Cake Island

Chapters: 78 (825-902)
Episodes: 95 (783-877)


One of the longest arcs in all of One Piece, it was here when I finally felt the length of One Piece while binging ( God, the arc never seemed to end!!!). Overall just the arc required for Sanji’s character development post war. It was in this arc that we discovered Sanji’s true heritage being the son of Germa 66’s leader.

This was also the arc, where we encountered our 2nd Emperor of the Sea, Big Mom. After her menacing confrontation with Luffy over a transponder snail all the way back in Fishman Island, it was clear that there would be more involving Big Mom, but boy oh boy !! The way Oda pulled it off was beautiful. From ghostly trees to talking clouds, Whole Cake Island was a hell of an arc.

The whole plot of Luffy going to enemy territory, just to save his crewmate and friend from a forced marriage, while Sanji went along with the marriage to save Zeff and the Straw Hats, made it an emotional ride. Couple that with the death of Pedro and you have an arc that makes you wanna cry your eyeballs out.

But don’t be mistaken. This arc is not only filled with emotion but also hardcore action, with Luffy vs Katakuri being the highlight of this arc.

The battle between these two behemoths was certainly an insane experience that kept us on the edge of our seats. Katakuri being better than Luffy in almost all aspects but Luffy still rising as the underdog, and awakening his advanced armament Haki to defeat Katakuri finally.

2. Dressrosa

Chapters: 102 (700-801)
Episodes: 118 (629-746)


As second largest arc in all of One Piece, Dressrosa certainly is a huge journey within itself. From fighting CP0 and a “celestial dragon” to meeting one of the new Admirals, this arc certainly played a huge role in preparing our favorite crew for what was to come.

Dressrosa is certainly one of the darker arcs of One Piece, with the whole thing starting off because of the brutal treatment Doffy got after giving up his position as a Celestial Dragon. It also explored Law’s sad backstory with his whole country dying to the Amber Lead Syndrome.

Furthermore his only well wisher, Corazon also died trying to cure him. This is only a part of the story as there an equally heart breaking story surrounding the royalty of the Dressrosa kingdom, whom Doflamingo manipulated and disgraced.

To top it all off, Doflamingo was the mastermind behind the SMILE operation (beautifully foreshadowed in chapter 504), which caused great harm to many, especially in the Wano Kingdom.

This arc was not all dark though, with us fans finally getting to see Luffy’s brand new Gear 4 : Bound Man, which was certainly comical but also insanely strong defeating an awakened Doflamingo in the end and putting an end to his operations in the black markets as Joker.

1. Wano

Chapters: 149 (909-1057)
Episodes: 191


By far the biggest arc in One Piece, Wano was the culmination of the efforts of Law and Luffy who became allies to defeat Kaido, all the way back in Punk Hazard. Wano has just been a beautiful journey to experience because of the newer art style and brilliant animators giving it their all, especially once the Raid of Onigashima started.

Wano is an isolated “fortress” island, where Kaido had set up his base and enslaved citizens for his own nefarious purposes for the past 20 years. Luffy allied with Law to defeat Kaido, while also being requested by Kinemon and Momonosuke to do that same.

From there on we see the crew land in an Edo period Japan styled civilization, where they make new friends and meet old ones again. This arc also powers-up many characters for the final showdown between the Beast and the Big Mom Pirates and the Ninja-Samurai-Mink-Pirate alliance.

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