Top 10 Manga Like Bleach To Read & More

We have got your craving for top 10 manga like Bleach covered with this list of manga that are very similar to the iconic series!!

Manga Like Bleach

When Tite Kubo created Bleach manga, he could have never known how significant of an impact it’d bring in the coming years. Amassing an excruciatingly fun and bold epic of 74 volumes in total, Bleach took the world by storm. Thus we are bringing you top 10 manga like Bleach if you’ve caught up with it.

The popularity of Bleach can not be condensed to one or two elements. It’s more than that. The exciting action sequences, a myriad of diverse characters, and a layered and complex supernatural world, all play a major role in molding the story to what it is today.

In the adventures of Ichigo and his friends, we found a home. We all grew up watching a nonchalant high school kid become the netherworld’s master swordsman in the final arc.

So it goes without saying that the ending of Bleach left you and me craving for more manga that had a similar feel to it. Just spending time doing discussions in forums was not enough.

While the upcoming anime announcement was a good news for die-hard Bleach fans, the craving for more such series still stays. So, as we await Bleach’s final arc premiere, here are some more manga similar to Bleach. Not going to lie, all of them are worth checking out for Bleach’s manga and anime fans alike.

Oh, did I mention that the list was ranked too? That is, I start from the manga that’s least similar to Bleach and work my way forward from there. See, that’s the reward you reap if you read the whole introduction. 

Not too shabby, eh? But yeah, let’s dive in without any further ado and take a look at 10+ manga like Bleach!!

14. Zombie Powder:

The manga follows a team of super-skilled criminals who roam around a sci-fi Wild West for an ultimate prize. That prize is the 12 Rings of the Dead, which can raise the dead and grant eternal life.

zombie powder
You can literally see Bleach here

So, how is this manga similar to Bleach? Well, people who’ve read Bleach, they’ll instantly notice several parallels between Ichigo and Gamma. Both of them have ridiculously large swords and their bodies contain some greater and dark power. 

Not to mention, the art and action are very reminiscent of Bleach, and to be honest why it shouldn’t be? As Zombie Powder is an earlier work of Tite Kubo only; he wrote it before the advent of Bleach. While the premise doesn’t sound anything like the classic shonen, it’s still impossible to not compare both of them. Hence it is in our list of top 10 manga like Bleach.

You can read Zombie Powder aka Prototype Bleach on Viz.

13. Kyoukai no Rinne:

The manga follows the adventurous yet simple journey of Sakura who’s able to see ghosts. One day, she spots her always absent classmate Rinne and ends up helping him to pay his debts.  

Kyoukai no Rinne
There’s a slice-of-life Bleach version?

Come on, Kyoukai no Rinne from the very start sounds like a manga like Bleach. The protagonist can see ghosts, has a friend who’s a ghost and above all, also has rich mythology in it. Although it has a slice of life-esque tone and the main character is a girl, it’s still a fun ride.

But hey, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a good story by any means. In fact, Kyoukai no Rinne boasts of a very complex world along with great comedy. 

And let’s be honest, a slice-of-life approach to a manga like Bleach does sound good, right? Or is it just me? Hence it is in our list of top 10 manga like Bleach.

12. Psyren:

Psyren follows Ageha Yoshina who is chosen by Nemesis Q as a participant in a life-threatening game. Now, the high-school kid has to pave his way out of the games or he’ll be dead.

Psyren manga
You just know you need to read it after seeing this spread, right?

You’re probably wondering how a battle royale manga can be like Bleach? For starters, everyone who’s teleported to the world of Psyren gets some power in order to fight. The whole idea gives off a very ‘afterlife’ vibe much like Soul Society. 

Along with that, Psyren also has a story behind the actual story. That is, the conspiracy behind Nemesis Q and the complexities of the Psyren world. Also, there’s a lot of action with cool and unique powers in a supernatural/parallel world.

Lastly, the art style of Psyren reminds me of Bleach. Both of them have nice and nasty art that compliments the story well. In all, it ticks off all the boxes of heartless monsters, parallel world, and epic action.

Hence it is in our list of top 10 manga like Bleach.

You can follow Yoshina’s fantastic battle royale on Viz.

11. Chainsaw Man:

Denji’s life of poverty is changed forever when he merges with his pet chainsaw dog, Pochita. Now he’s living in the big city as an official Devil Hunter. But, he’s got a lot to learn about his new job and chainsaw powers.

chainsaw man
You just can not say NO to Power and Denji.

With Chainsaw Man as the contender for ‘mangas like Bleach’, a few eyebrows should’ve been raised, right? But hear me out before we go around rick-rolling each other. 

In many ways, Denji is very much like the classic punk high-school kid party smasher Ichigo. To begin with, Denji fights the devil-like Ichigo fights the hollows; both of them are dangerous to humankind. Apart from the monster-hunter setting, they strengthen their bonds with people around them in a similar fashion.

Furthermore, as they go on fighting with the enemies, the rabbit hole of ‘what is life’ constantly dawns upon them. Oh, did I mention the huge and diverse cast that’s present in Chainsaw Man as well as Bleach? Also, there’s snow in both the mangas.

Hence it is in our list of top 10 manga like Bleach.

You can find Denji and his friends on Viz as well as Shueisha’s Mangaplus.

10. Claymore:

Claymore takes place in a world where monsters known as Yoma plague humanity. It tells the story of Clare, a half-human, half-Yoma hybrid whose job is to protect humanity.

Well, someone needs to step up so why not a bunch of strong and powerful girls, right?

Okay, so what’s in Claymore now? Umm, the idea of a special group of warriors to fight spirits/demons that are present in both the mangas. Moreover, the ‘Claymores’ can also become the demons they’re fighting just like Ichigo runs the danger of becoming a Hollow.

And as we pursue Claire and her journey, we come to know that there’s another truth behind the curtains. Does this remind you of Bleach’s seemingly ‘main story’ which was put as a facade only to bring the main story afterward?  

Other than that, there’s a dark tone to Claymore with various monsters and cool sword-fighting sequences. Also, did I ever mention that the fights in Claymore spans almost a chapter and the violence is beyond compare?

Hence it is in our list of top 10 manga like Bleach.

You can follow Claire’s journey on Viz as well as Shueisha’s Mangaplus.

9. Akatsuki:

The manga follows the life of Hibiki whose mission is to cure people infected with Akatsuki – a demon on illness. With Crave, an anti-akatsuki weapon, he begins his journey of slashing every demon out there. 

akatsuki manga koide motoki
No, he is not Naruto

If Soul Society was your favorite arc of Bleach then you’ll highly likely love the setting of this manga. The world of Akatsuki is set in an ancient alternate Japan with a rigid organization of exorcists/akatsuki-slayers. 

However, the most prominent thing that makes Akatsuki a manga similar to Bleach is the demonic forms and sword fighting. On top of that, this one also has a duo that resembles Ichigo and Rukia very well.

In fact, at first, Hibiki and Kirisa’s chemistry is almost identical to that of the legendary Ichigo-Rukia. So, if you’re up for some great hack-and-slash & a good ancient setting, check it out.

Hence it is in our list of top 10 manga like Bleach.

8. Noragami:

Hiyori’s life takes a turn when she saves Yato – a god who’d indulge himself in any chore for 5 yen. Now, she can see spirits, travel amidst the living and dead, and can help a god to build his shrine. 

Just another day of falling from the buildings

From the get-go, Noragami looks like a manga similar to Bleach. One couldn’t help but notice a few relevant parallels between both of them. Starting with the events that pan out in the very first episode – the transformation of the main character.

Additionally, Hiyori can enter the World of Dead through her soul form too. In fact, Yato is the one who helps her, just like Rukia did with Ichigo. Not to mention, there are monstrously corrupted souls which Yato defeats with his divine sword, just like Ichigo and Hollows. 

Here, the primary antagonist, Father is also scarily similar to Aizen in his manipulation and tricks. And, much like Soul Society, the Gods in Heaven is also thrown into chaos by Father’s actions. Well, quite uncanny resemblances, right? 

Yato’s unnerving yet uplifting journey can be followed on INKR and Azuki.

Hence it is in our list of top 10 manga like Bleach.

7. D. Gray-Man:

Allen Walker is a cursed teenage boy who is trying to protect humankind one soul at a time. With the help of his other comrades and Innocence, they wage a war against the evilest being – Millenium Earl.

D Gray-man
Saving humanity one soul at a time

Right off the bat, both the mangas have a central character that works to protect people from the darker side of life, be they Akuma or Hollows. Moreover, the Shinigamis in Bleach and the Exorcists in D. Gray-Man essentially do the same job.

Along with all this, D. Gray-Man also has a supernatural setting to it like Bleach. If you liked the concept of Reaitsu, you are bound to adore the notion of ‘Innocence’ in D. Gray-Man. Also, did I ever mention the epic battles that Allen Walker and his friends have to offer?

You can find Allen Walker’s magical pilgrimage of freeing souls on Viz.

6. Ao No Exorcist:

It follows Rin Okumura, a seemingly ordinary teenager, until one day he is attacked by demons. Turns out, he is Satan’s son and now he has to choose between either becoming an exorcist or a demon.

Ao no exorcist and bleach
Say hello to the high school exorcists !!

Apart from the supernatural setting, great sword-fights, and a punk schoolboy, Ao No Exorcist still has many elements of Bleach. Starting off with the major theme – protecting others, and another is being accepted for who you are. 

Besides, the manga also focuses on how the apprentice exorcists work, their teamwork, and their interpersonal relationships with one another. Not to mention, there’s a dark subplot and corruption reigning in the Academy too. 

Also, it goes without saying that the manga also has some good sword fighting sequences too. And all of this makes Ao no Exorcist a very compelling read and a manga similar to Bleach. 

Follow Rin and his exorcist classmates escapade and nerve-wracking battles on Viz as well as Shueisha’s Mangaplus.

5. Black Torch:

Jiro’s soft spot for animals gets him in major trouble when a suspicious stray cat fuses with him. Although it grants him exceptional power, it also drags him into humanity’s hidden battle against powerful Japanese spirits – mononoke.

black torch
Meet the best punk boy – Jiro Azuma

You know what’s missing from today’s shonen? The classic high school punk main character who’s just plain kickass in broad daylight, like that of Ichigo Kurosaki. But hey, Black Torch might just fill that hole for you with Jiro Azuma and his fanatics.

With its jaw-dropping art style, Jiro handles the demonic mononokes just like Ichigo did initially – in unfiltered elegance. Also, both of them have a dark and powerful ability suppressed inside them which they use to defeat hollows/mononokes. Oh, it also has a four-eyes character in it and that guy will certainly remind you of Ishida.

Keeping aside all of this, it also has epic fighting sequences, great paneling, and cool character designs. Despite having a total of 19 chapters, Black Torch is a manga similar to Bleach.

Jiro’s exciting and daring journey in the world of Mononoke can be read via Viz.

4. Jujutsu Kaisen:

Jujutsu Kaisen follows Yuji Itadori, a high school student who joins a secret organization of sorcerers to kill Ryomen Sukuna. But, how will Yuji kill the powerful curse if he becomes the host for Sukuna? 

jujutsu kaisen and bleach
Is there even a need for introduction for this marvel?

Although the narrative is different, Jujutsu Kaisen draws out a lot of elements from Bleach. Let’s begin with the dark and gritty atmosphere it builds in its initial chapters with a caring and brawny protagonist.

Furthermore, Akutami’s approach to anatomy along with the beliefs of both the protagonists also hits home for Bleach fans. In fact, Mr. Bleach and Mr. Jujutsu Kaisen almost look and act like they’re complementing each other. Oh, did I mention the evil and demonic side both of them hide inside their bodies?

From the spunky character designs to the rough atmosphere Jujutsu Kaisen presents with its art, Kubo did it way earlier. Also, Curses in Jujutsu Kaisen have a similar introduction and progression to the Hollows in Bleach. 

However, at the end of the day, Jujutsu Kaisen is just a manga similar to Bleach and there’s nothing more to that.

Follow Yuji Itadori and Sukuna’s adventures on Viz as well as Shueisha’s Mangaplus.

3. Soul Eater:

It takes place at the DWMA, a high school for weapon meisters and human weapons. And, both the parties must create an ultimate weapon by collecting 99 evil souls and 1 witch soul. But, trouble gets in the way when there are plans to attack the school. 

soul eater
A funky group of people battling against evil souls

While the premise of the manga isn’t similar to Bleach, one can not help but see many obvious parallels. Besides being a heavy-action series and Meisters being similar to Soul Reapers, Soul Eater also got some crazy villains. 

It also boasts comedy that resonates with Bleach, at times funnier than the classic shonen. Also, do watch out for every fight that has Black Star in it; he resembles Ichigo in bits and pieces.

Soul Eater is a testament to the fact that how one concept can be portrayed in a different light. In spite of sharing numerous parallels like the setting, supernatural powers, long arcs, and evil spirits, it still stands out.

The fantastic and comical world of Soul Eater is waiting for you on Yen Press.

2. Saint Seiya:

The young and spirited Seiya is fighting a tough battle for the Sacred Armor of Pegasus. Six years of hard work and training pay off with his victory and new title as one of Athena’s Saints. But, Seiya’s endeavor doesn’t end there.

saint seiya and bleach
The anime version of – ‘I did it earlier’

I think one can easily point out the structural pacing of both the stories progress in a very similar fashion. At the very least, it holds true for the first few arcs. But, the main influence Saint Seiya has on Bleach is the variety of weapons and armor they use.

Apart from Saint Seiya being a great influence on Bleach, it also sets the precedent for Soul Society and 13 Captains. Moreover, Saint Seiya was the founding father of bishounen and many of Bleach’s powerful male characters have bishounen traits.

In all, one can’t just ignore the amount of influence this manga had on Bleach as a whole.

1. Yu Yu Hakusho:

The manga tells the story of Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage delinquent who dies while trying to save a child’s life. In the afterlife, he is named the Spirit Detective by Koenma & Botan, and must investigate cases concerning demons and apparitions.

yu yu hakusho is a predecessor to bleach hence bleach is inspired by it. Thus it is not exactly one of the top 10 manga like bleach
‘I did it earlier too’

Welcome the Godfather of Bleach in our final segment of ‘10+ Manga Like Bleach’. Let’s end this one with a simple checklist, shall we? Because then it’ll be easy to understand how much of an influence YYH had on Bleach.

  • Classic punk-head and delinquent high schoolers – check
  • Heroic and tough girls to keep the protagonists in discipline – check
  • Mannerisms and Character Designs of Uryu Ishida and Kazuma Kuwabara – check
  • Fathers with supernatural abilities and a hidden past – check
  • Demons and Hollows popping up in the very end – check
  • A semi-isekai that has a dark tone with a gripping story – check

If one has read Yu Yu Hakusho, it won’t be difficult for them to point out the similarities Bleach has. From the characters to story progression, Bleach resembles Yu Yu Hakusho a lot. In all, if you want a manga similar to Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho will always be there. 

Watch Yusuke become the best man he can ever be…. in the afterlife on Viz.

The End:

Well, the thing is that every single one of the manga in this list can be easily categorized under one premise, even Bleach. The premise being a seemingly normal kid gains supernatural abilities to slay demons and works for a society. 

And as the plot gradually unfolds, we might learn that the protagonist was chosen from the very beginning. But what makes them ‘similar’ and not ‘same’ is their approach towards the narrative and how the mangaka structures it. 

After all, no one wants to read/watch a story that’s been told hundred times before. Although what excites us is how will this be different from the norm and will it intrigue me? 

Long answer short, yes it does and all these manga similar to Bleach only strengthen the point I made above. Moreover, it’s always interesting to see what new norms can be born out of the cliches. Still, there’s no denying that the shonen genre is getting oversaturated.

But yeah, I hope you got something to read and keep you busy for the next week or so. And hey, if you’ve more recommendations, be kind and do write them down in the comments below.    

See you next time, bye.

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