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10 Burning Questions About Quirks From My Hero Academia Answered!

quirks mha

Quirks, what an incredibly unique name right? It loosely translates to individuality. My Hero Academia took a cliche power system and entangled it with a lot of mystery and awesomeness. Kohei Horikoshi somehow made the notion of superpowers fascinating, to an extent. And as fascinating it is, as convoluted and puzzling it can be for … Read more

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song Review – Singing For Humanity

Vivy featured image

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is simply a spectacular journey of finding purpose in one’s life. It’s unnerving, honest, and a bit erratic. You know one of those megahits, chartbusters, and stuff? Yeah, Vivy feels like that. The over-the-top portrayal of our potential dystopian future where humanity is crushed by its creation. I mean, there have … Read more

Why Do People Like Katsuki Bakugo From MHA?

Bakugo Featured Image

Hello, let’s get one thing clear today, in fact right now – Katsuki Bakugo is one of the best characters in My Hero Academia. Deku who? The crybaby became a man because of the deuteragonist Bakugo. But why do people like Katsuki Bakugo? The jokes aside, the feisty teenager’s progression has been very interesting up … Read more

Black Whip Quirk: Deku’s New Quirk in MHA Explained

Black Whip MHA

The distaste of OFA towards AFO grew so much that a new quirk came to life within Deku’s body. Trust me, Horikoshi didn’t write that. And if you believed it, stop reading fan fictions at this point. But people, don’t worry because today I am here and am going to explain what Black Whip Quirk … Read more

Heaven’s Feel Trilogy Review: Redefining Heroism & Ideals

HF featured image

Hypocrisy repeats and redeems itself. Emiya Shirou has gone through so much change in the Heaven’s Feel route. It’s extremely fascinating to see such an immaculate and elegant characterization of an ideal. Along with that, it was also very pleasing to witness how selfish and selfless a person can become when nurtured by the circumstances.  … Read more

What Exactly Is One For All In MHA? Explained

One For All

If we are talking about the most powerful quirk in existence, then One For All comes to the mind first. All Might has shown how reliable he can be with the power that was bestowed upon him. It is also quite devastating in nature and directly contrasts All For One. But there’s something hideous about … Read more

Quirk Singularity Theory In My Hero Academia Explained!

Quirk Singularity Featured Image

The fate of heroes and villains is entirely dependent upon the ‘Quirk Singularity Theory’. It is literally the breaking point in the world of MHA. The quirks have been everchanging and surpassing the limit with every new generation. At first, the theory was disregarded and mocked heavily. That said, people didn’t even believe in the … Read more

Kento Nanami Character Analysis: To Be Normal Amidst Insanity

kento nanami

The jujutsu world has quite an astonishing and eccentric setting to it. Insanity is second nature in the society there. So you don’t expect to see a shaman who is living a normal life. But Kento Nanami does. He is your average salaryman whose goal is to earn money. However, there’s this mysterious yet ordinary fascination around him.

How Does Deku Get Black Whip In My Hero Academia?

How does Deku Get Black Whip

One For All is a pretty powerful and mysterious quirk. And in recent chapters, Deku unleashed a new quirk from One For All, Black Whip. But how does Deku get black whip? After Izuku got the power, he relentlessly trained in order to acclimatize with his newfound quirk. Still, the astronomical amount of effort he … Read more

My Hero Academia: Is Hawks A Traitor? Revealed


In a world dominated by heroes and villains, there needs to be a gray area. Hawks fall under that patch. He is this nonchalant, cool, and promising hero. But there is something about him that seems upsetting. There is this cloak of mystery around him that makes him a tad bit doubtful. At present, he’s … Read more