Why Did Gilgamesh Decide To Side With Kirei Kotomine In Fate Zero?

Gilgamesh and Kirei are quite the infamous pair in the Fate series. The duo resembles malevolence that exists in mankind. It's always fascinating to see them on screen, their presence is enough to depict that something bad is going to happen. The nihilistic ideals combined with the haughty arrogance were more than enough to make the audience immersed in their testament of truth and righteousness. But how did it all start, why did Gilgamesh side with Kirei and betray his original master Tokiomi Tohsaka? Gilgamesh is one

How Did Gilgamesh Survive At The End Of Fate Zero?

Fate Zero is as complicated as it can get. Primarily because it's not the First Grail War we as an audience witness. We don't get the gist of it initially. Another reason is the convoluted 'Fate' lore. There are so many strings attached to it that one doesn't know where it actually started. And due to that some questions always remain unanswered. Although many questions need to be answered, today we are going to discuss how Gilgamesh survived the Fuyuki Grail War and became a human. After knowing that the Grail is

What Happened To Irisviel In Fate/Zero?

Irisviel von Einzbern was not an ordinary human being. She was a homunculus who was created by the Einzbern family for the sole purpose of becoming the lesser vessel to the Holy Grail. In the Fuyuki Grail Wars, there was an actual lesser vessel (a cup). But it was destroyed before the summoning ritual's completion. To make sure that this doesn't happen again, the Einzbern family made an artificial lesser vessel that was capable of defending itself - a homunculus. Her long silver hair, white skin and crimson eyes depict a

Fate/Zero: Kiritsugu’s Visions Inside The Grail Explained!

After finding out that there's a wish-granting device that can fulfill the dream of anyone, Emiya Kiritsugu set out to acquire it at any cost. He joins the holy grail war in order to achieve his noble goal of world peace. But, the Holy Grail was never an omniscient or an omnipotent wish-granting device. It was corrupted from the consequences of the previous war and was built upon lies throughout the years. While the Grail had the power to fulfill a wish of the person, the method to achieve it should be within the

Why Did Emiya Kiritsugu Reject The Holy Grail In Fate:Zero?

From the beginning of Fate Zero, it has been established that Emiya Kiritsugu is a merciless cold-blooded killer. He had a conflicted stoic personality with a wish in his mind, of attaining eternal peace. He does everything to realise his goals whether it be committing villainous acts or killing a magus ruthlessly. Hesitation doesn't beat the bush around him. But after he was proclaimed as the winner of the Holy Grail War, Kiritsugu was unable to wish for what he wanted. Furthermore, he rejected the Holy Grail and spent

Zankyou No Terror | Terror In Resonance Review

"Remember us. Remember that we lived" They were the birds who wanted to fly; it was the weight of the feathers which didn't let them. With a broken desire and unfulfilled wish, the duo set out to redefine something, something that felt important to them, something which made them feel significant in the eyes of others. Nine and Twelve, the nameless persona found their answers in terrorism. Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, comes a coming of age story focusing on terrorism and corruption. Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Bungou Stray Dogs Review – A Fluffy Mesh Of Everything

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it even fall? What if I told you that there exists a story that dives into the grotesque parts of humanity gracefully and let you have a taste of everything that is convoluted, simple, and hopeless at the same time. Will you watch it or shelve it off as another generic anime? So what happens when you get together a select group of individuals based on famous literary figures and give them supernatural powers based on their most famous works?

Barakamon Review: A Perfect Tale Of Self Discovery Imbued With Simplicity!

The most prominent quality of a slice of life show is that it consumes you into their world and makes you forget about the real one. You laugh alongside the characters as they do stupid things, you cry with them when they hit point-blank, and feel relieved when everything falls into place after falling apart. Barakamon does a remarkable job of highlighting this very aspect that we call the 'slice of life', doing complete justice to its genre. Verdict - Must WatchPlot - 4/5Animation - 3.5/5Soundtrack - 4/5