The 60 Best Anime Songs Of All Time [2024 Updated]!

We have curated some of the best anime songs for the music lovers out there here in this article!

Best Anime Songs Of All Time

Music in general has a profound impact on our emotions, serving as a universal mode of communication that ignores cultural boundaries. Mix that with anime (which we all love) and you will get a mixture which you certainly wouldn’t want to miss.

Anime songs cover a wide range of musical genres – you have calm music like “Anytime Anywhere” (Sousou no Frieren ED 1), energetic ones like “Kaikai Kitan” (Jujutsu Kaisen OP 1) and even raps like “Battlecry” (Samurai Champloo OP 1) and that’s just to name a few!

This diversity allows you to explore different musical styles and helps you to expand your musical tastes.

Best Anime Songs – updated for 2024:

We have curated some of the best anime songs for the music lovers out there here in this article! Why “some of the best”? Considering the number of anime there are, it’s impossible for us to include all the great ones in a single list. So without any more delay, let’s get right into it!

Disclaimer: This is a general list and not a “Ranking” one. It will not only have anime OPs, but also EDs and OSTs. It is also a possibility that you weren’t able to find a specific song which you had in mind. This is just one list and there will be others in the future! So fret not dear traveler!

1. The Cruel Angel’s Thesis

Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Artist: Yoko Takahashi
Composer: Hidetoshi Sato

Even though this isn’t a ranking list, I had to put it as the first song here! “The Cruel Angel’s Thesis” is one of the most iconic anime song out there! It’s the opening song for the anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion” (We all know that much don’t we?). As an opening theme, it effectively sets the tone for the series and honestly, it suits the anime perfectly!

It has set an example of how anime songs can be integral to the overall experience of the show.

2. Renai Circulation

Anime: Bakemonogatari
Artist: Kana Hanazawa

We’ve all heard this song somewhere. “Renai Circulation” is the forth Opening Song for “Bakemonogatari”. The song is performed by Kana Hanazawa, who surprisingly is also the voice actress for the character Nadeko Sengoku in the series. Well-known for its catchy melody and the unique dance performed by the character in the anime, it’s hardly surprising that this is one of the best anime songs out there.

This anime song would’ve been more popular if only everyone knew its name. Now that you do, GO LISTEN TO IT!

3. Unravel

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
Artist: TK from Ling Tosite Sigure

Unlike other anime openings which are mostly energetic and catchy, “Unravel” has a more dark and pensive to it, drawing the listener in and keeping them hooked to it. As another one of the “Iconic” anime songs, “Unravel” is probably more popular than the anime itself, i.e, Tokyo Ghoul (there’s no way you didn’t know that).

Another thing is that alongside the song which perfectly compliments the anime’s plot, the visuals used in the music video for the anime also does the same. Having both intense visuals and a haunting melody which start off with whispers and go to screams, this isn’t an anime song to be missed.

4. Kyouran Hey Kids!!

Anime: Noragami

“Kyouran Hey Kids!!” is the second opening song used for the anime Noragami. If you haven’t heard of this song, you either are new, or live under a rock. Being one of the most popular songs with around 170M views in YouTube, it’s arguably one of the best songs in this list. The songs is extremely energetic, the lyrics are quick and catchy and let’s not forget the guitar in the background (it’s INSANE)


Anime: Code Geass
Artist: FLOW

“COLORS” is a song performed by the rock band FLOW. Used in the first twelve episodes for Code Geass, it is extremely bright and energetic. The song is now widely popular both because of its quality and the success of the anime.

If you’re a fan of anime songs in general, know that “COLORS” is often remembered fondly by many Code Geass enthusiasts.

6. Tank!

Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Artist: Seatbelts (not seatbelts…. but “seatbelts”…. ITS A BAND)

“Tank!” serves as the opening theme for all episodes of “Cowboy Bebop,” an extremely popular anime series, which was also characterized by the jazz in it! This is one of the most recognizable piece of music from its opening. Featuring a prominent melody played in a saxophone, “Tank!” is extremely catchy and iconic. If you haven’t already, you should definitely give the song a listen, especially if you are a fan of jazz.

This is one of the best anime songs out there!

7. Shinzou wo Sasageyo!

Anime: Attack on Titan
Artist: Linked Horizon

The pieces we got from Attack on Titan are definitely in the bucket of the best anime songs out there! Performed by Linked Horizon, a project led by Japanese musician Revo, “Shinzou wo Sasageyo!”, which is often translated as “Devote your Hearts!”, is the opening theme song for the second season of Attack on Titan.

“Shinzou wo Sasageyo!” is known for its powerful and anthem-like quality, perfecting depicting the current situation of the plot and the atmosphere of the anime. themes of sacrifice, determination, and rallying against a common enemy, it’s no wonder that the song became popular after it’s first appearance.

8. Silhouette

Anime: Naruto: Shippuden
Artist: Kana-Boon

Another all-time classic! Kana-Boon’s Silhouette is a super energetic rock song that kicks off season 16 of Naruto: Shippuden. It’s got this driving beat and awesome vocals that make you feel like you can take on anything, just like our protagonist Naruto. The music is what really hits you first. It’s got this fast, driving beat that makes you want to tap your foot and start moving as Kana-Boon’s vocalist, Maguro Taniguchi, belts out the song with tons of power.

If you’re a fan of Naruto or just looking for a pump-up rock song, Silhouette is definitely worth checking out.

9. God Knows

Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Artist: Aya Hirano

God knows by Aya Hirano is more than just an anime song; it’s a full-blown energy bomb. If you’re ever feeling, this song is like a magical shot of caffeine straight to your soul, just like Sakuramitsusuki (previously mentioned in the list).

Sung by Aya Hirano, the voice actress who also plays Haruhi Suzumiya in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (a show that’s basically caffeine, but in the form of an anime), God knows perfectly captures Haruhi’s gloriously weird energy, making it extremely suited for the anime itself.

So next time you need a shot of some concentrated anime energy, crank it up and let Haruhi’s glorious eccentricity take over. Just be warned, you might find yourself spontaneously wanting to cosplay as a futuristic space princess, or maybe that’s just me (it’s definitely just me).

10. Battlecry

Anime: Samurai Champloo
Artist: Nujabes

Now this is a unique one! Battlecry by Nujabes isn’t just a song, it’s a mood. It’s a literal rap! It’s a soulful hip-hop track mixed with jazzy samples that create a chill yet determined atmosphere. Nujabes, the artist behind the track, was a legend in the Japanese hip-hop scene, known for his unique blend of genres and storytelling through music and they totally did this song justice. 

11. Akuma No Ko

Anime: Attack on Titan
Artist: Ai Higuchi

Another song in this list which screams “There’s NO WAY you haven’t heard this song”. “Akuma No Ko” is the seventh Ending Song used in the anime Attack on Titan. AOT already has some of the best anime songs and this one is no exception. With over 100M views in YouTube (in just a year and a few months!), this song is one of the best anime songs out there.

“The world is cruel but I still love you
No matter what I sacrifice, I will still protect you”

Otakus who completed watching the show definitely understand the depth behind these lines. This also implies to how much this song is suited for the anime.

12. Blue Bird

Anime: Naruto Shippuden
Artist: Ikimono-Gakari

“Blue Bird” is the third opening theme song performed by the band “Ikimono-Gakari” for the anime series Naruto Shippuden. Known for its catchy melody and uplifting tone, it didn’t take long for it to become one of the most popular and memorable openings in the “Naruto” franchise. Combining the animation with Ikimono-Gakari’s performance, “Blue Bird” is a nostalgic and recognizable piece for any music lovers out there.

13. Snow Fairy

Anime: Fairy Tail

“Snow Fairy” is one of my personal favorites. Performed by the band FUNKIST, the song is the first Opening Song for the anime “Fairy Tail”. The song’s popularity contributed to its recognition among fans of the series. The catchy and iconic melody of the song perfectly demonstrates the adventurous and innocent theme of the anime and the Main Character Natsu in general.

If you’re a fan of anime openings, particularly the long-running series like Fairy Tail, “Snow Fairy” is likely to be a memorable and nostalgic tune for you.

14. Il Vento d’Oro

Anime: JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Golden Wind
Artist: Daisuke Hasegawa
Composer: Yugo Kanno

I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard the name “Il Vento d’Oro”. Let me simplify. It’s nothing but Giorno’s Theme Song! This song is way too iconic for it’s own good. This is also the first OST (Original Sound Track) is this list!

“Il Vento d’Oro” is the main theme song of the anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. The song gained significant popularity due to its distinctive melody which suited the anime very well as it complimented its unique art style, creative battles, and of course, Giorno Giovanna himself. *Goosebumps Guaranteed*

Kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru”

15. Goya No Machiawase

Anime: Noragami
Artist: Hello Sleepwalkers

Another classic situation of “Not heard of this one? Living under a rock?”

Goya Wa Machiawase by Hello Sleepwalkers is the first opening used in the anime Noragami and it is a BANGER to say the least.

Forget the swelling violins and soaring vocals. Goya no Machiawase is all about raw intensity. There’s no fancy guitar work or booming bass lines here. This track relies on a minimalist approach to create maximum impact and an impact it successfully created. 

Trust me, this song is not something you would want to miss out on, as this is one of the best anime song out there!

16. Gurenge

Anime: Demon Slayer
Artist: LiSA

Tanjiro: *Gets ready to kill the demon*
Demon: When I born, I was a baby…
Tanjiro: Crying Intensifies

“Gurenge” is a powerful song that captures the themes of determination and the will to overcome every danger in the world of Demon Slayer, also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba. Composed by Kayoko Kusano and performed with perfection by LiSA, “Gurenge” quickly became a hit among fans of the series and garnered widespread popularity.

Honestly, there’s nothing much to say about this song. If you already haven’t heard of it, you must be living under a rock as it’s one of the best anime songs.

Fun Fact (here we go again): The title “Gurenge” roughly translates to “Crimson Lotus Flower,” which is a reference to Tanjiro’s (the main ccharacter) resolve and the crimson color associated with his sword technique, that is Hinokami Kagura.

17. Is There Still Anything That Love Can Do?

Anime: Weathering With You

Is There Anything That Love Can Do? by RADWIMPS is like a walk through a beautiful, rain-soaked dream, perfectly captures the film’s blend of wonder, hope, and melancholy. Can love overcome everything? The song doesn’t give a definitive answer. Instead, it leaves you with that question, that yearning for love’s power to prevail.

The beauty of this song is that once you understand the meaning of the lyrics, you’ll realize that the song is nothing but a question, a question about life, about dreams and about love. The song is the definition of “beautiful” and you’ll probably also think that once you listen to it yourself!

18. Idol

Anime: Oshi no ko

Another example of “Haven’t heard of this? Living under a rock?”
There’s nothing much to say about neither the song, nor the group of musicians who performed it! “Idol” is the first Opening Theme Song for the anime “Oshi no ko” or “My Star” (I refuse to believe people call it “My Star”… I’ll give the English name anyways..) performed by the famous band “YOASOBI”.

So why is “Idol” by YOASOBI so popular? Is it just because of the anime?
It’s because it’s a BANGER of a song! The anime just helped it reach more people. YOASOBI in general is extremely popular and the song should be proof enough.

19. Bling-Bang-Bang-Born

Anime: Mashle: Magic and Muscles
Astist: Creepy Nuts

If I had to quote a few lines, it’d MOST DEFINETELY BE:
“Now Singing,
Bling Bang Bang,
Bling Bang Bang,
Bling Bang Bang Born”

“Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” is one of the newer songs in this list (with respect to today’s date). The artists in the band “Creepy Nuts” have a really unique style and honestly, this song has no business going SOO HARD. The song is an absolute banger and it goes PERFECTLY (I really mean it) WELL with the anime’s theme and its characters.

Depressed after watching the latest season of JJK? (Shibuya arc that is) Just have a listen to this masterpiece! This Opening Song for the second season of Mashle: Magic and Muscles radiates the power of “Pure Upbeat” and trust me, you’ll love it even though it’s not your “Standard” anime opening. Definitely one of the BEST anime songs out there!

20. Comedy

Anime: Spy x Family
Artist: Gen Hoshino

“Comedy” by Gen Hoshino is the first Ending song used for Spy x Family. It’s honestly surprising how Gen Hoshino is able to make music which is while being pop, also conveys a style and feeling which feels calm. The song goes really with Spy x Family to say the least.

If you ever have a bad day, get your headphones and listen to this piece of art!

21. Sono Chi no Sadame

Anime: JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure
Artist: Hiroaki “TOMMY” Tominaga

Since we were already dealing with JoJo References, let’s talk about the first ever Opening Song for this iconic series. Sono Chi no Sadame has become iconic and is now closely associated with the “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” series as it has been well-received by fans and is often considered one of the standout anime opening themes.

The unique art-style of JoJo’s and the the powerful vocals by Tominaga “TOMMY” Hiroaki make for a delightful and hard-hitting combo. This song is probably one of the best anime songs you can listen to!

22. Duvet

Anime: Serial Experiments Lain
Artist: Bôa

“I am falling
I am fading
I am drowning
Help me to breathe”

The opening theme for Serial Experiments Lain, titled “Duvet,” is a hauntingly beautiful song by the artist BOA, perfectly setting the tone for the anime. It’s a soundscape of creeping dread that burrows under your skin like a digital lullaby gone wrong.

Why does this song suit this anime so much you ask? Serial Experiments Lain can be summarized as a series of mind ships that make you question the meaning of life. Even if you are not into anime, this show is a “MUST WATCH”. And now listen to the song and try telling me it’s not the best possible fit for such an anime.

Duvet is a slow descent into a world of fractured perception, exploring the psychological dangers of losing oneself in the digital labyrinth, where reality becomes subjective and identity a fluid concept. This song isn’t something you would want to skip.

23. Sakuramitsusuki

Anime: Gintama
Artist: Spyair

There’s no way you haven’t heard of this song. You either know this song through the anime or you’ve heard this song in edits/ social media. Sakuramitsuki by Spyair is that rock song that hits you like a triple espresso shot. It’s a pure, unadulterated hype sauce, perfect for when your eyelids are feeling like weighted blinds and you need to kick down the door to productivity town.

The song opens with a powerful guitar riff that instantly grabs your attention. The drums pound out a steady beat that keeps your heart racing, the bass line lays down a solid foundation and the vocalist for this song Kenji Byakuya could not have been a better pick.

So, next time you need a boost, ditch the coffee and blast Sakuramitsuki.

24. Chiisana Hibi

Anime: Kakushigoto
Artist: Flumpool

“Chiisana Hibi” is the Opening Song for the anime Kakushigoto performed by the Japanese rock band Flumpool. This song is one of the underrated ones in this list. It is both energetic and calm at the same time. The lyrics show a sense of reflection and sentimentality, capturing the essence of the moments depicted in the anime itself (you’ll have to watch the anime yourself if you want to know how).

Fun Fact: “Chiisana Hibi” translates to “small days” in English. (The More You Know!!)

25. Kaikai Kitan

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
Artist: Eve

“So don’t stop me yet, so don’t stop me yet,
No matter how clever I become, what is born in this city will never change”

We all wished we could go back to season 1 when things were “RELATIVELY” peaceful. *sighs*

Known for its intense and energetic soundtrack, “Kaikai Kitan” is the first Opening Song for Jujutsu Kaisen. Eve really knew what they were doing with this one and they went all out! The song’s lyrics and music contribute to the overall atmosphere of the series. The opening sequence featuring the song also shows dynamic and intense visuals which depicts the anime perfectly!

So if you are a Jujutsu Kaisen fan, you definitely didn’t skip the intro when it came!
What? You skipped the intro? Kindly go through this door – Geto wants to have a word!
Geto: “Filthy Monkey who can’t even use Jujutsu”.

26. Disillusion

Anime: Fate/ Stay Night
Artist: Sachi Tainaka

This song right here is probably the MOST UNDERRATED song in this list! Sang by Sachi Tainaka, “Disillusion” is the first Opening Song for Fate/ Stay Night. This opening song does really well at depicting the feel of the Fate Visual Novel. Regardless of what people say, this song perfectly matches the atmosphere of the anime even though it feels more like a “Love Story” instead of an “Action Packed Swordplay”.

The anime itself has the essence of the Fate Visual Novel Game. The mix of romance and action is immaculate, and the song shows it perfectly!

“But there are FAR BETTER Songs out there! Where are those? Why is THIS here?”
It’s because I am BIASED! But trust me! This song is great and you’ll say the same after you listen to it!

27. Brave Shine

Anime: Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
Artist: Aimer

Another song from the same anime franchise as “Disillusion”. “Brave Shine” is the Opening Song for Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. Aimer’s “Brave Shine” became well-received and was praised for its energetic, yet emotional intensity and how it complemented the themes and visuals of anime.

In conclusion, “Brave Shine” stands as a jewel in Aimer’s album and is a defining piece in the realm of the best anime songs.

I am the Bone of my Sword.
Steel is my Body and Fire is my Blood.
I have created over a Thousand Blades, Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life.
Have withstood Pain to create many Weapons Yet those Hands will never hold Anything.
So, as I Pray– Unlimited Blade Works

28. Homura

Anime: Demon Slayer: Mugen Train
Artist: LiSA

Me: Somehow stopped crying
Credits: “Sayonara, Arigatou..”
*Starts Crying again*

“Homura” is a song performed by LiSA wihch serves as the theme song for the anime movie Demon Slayer: Mugen Train. We all love LiSA and her songs! Just like “Gurenge” (First Opening Song for Demon Slayer), “Homura” is no less of a banger! The song, even though not energetic as “Gurenge”, serves its purpose in the anime.

The word “Homura” translates into “Flames” in English. Without going into spoilers, both the movie and the song depicted the struggles and challenges that our characters had to face. It’s surprising how they made us fall in love with a character in less than 2 hours, only to take him away from us. This song is no doubt one of the best anime songs out there!

29. New Genesis 

Anime: One Piece: Red
Artist: Ado

“No one has the power to stop a change
That comes through music,
No you can’t stop magic”

Such true words have never been said earlier. 

The Song “New Genesis” by Ado transcends the world of One Piece. It’s a reminder that we all have the potential for a new beginning, a moment to push past our limits and achieve something extraordinary. So next time you need a pump-up jam, crank up New Genesis.

Haven’t listened to it yet? This is potentially one of the most beautiful Japanese songs you will ever hear, also making it the perfect song for introducing Uta in not only the movie, but in the series. This definitely deserves a spot in the “Must Listen” section in your playlist.    

30. Red Swan

Anime: Attack on Titan
Artist: Yoshiki & Hyde

“Fly into Heaven” you say? I’m sure he did.

“Red Swan” is one of the MOST emotionally charged songs in the realm of anime music. Used as the third Opening Song for the anime Attack on Titan and sang by both Yoshiki and Hyde, this song is one of the best anime songs there are. The collaboration between these two renowned artists resulted in a powerful and emotionally charged opening theme for the anime.

Featuring a haunting, yet calm melody, it creates a sense of melancholy that aligns with the dark and complex plot of the anime. The song’s title “Red Swan” itself has a significance with the context of the series, also symbolizing “Childhood” (also shown in the Video featuring the Opening Song).

We’ll Fly away
We’ll find a away
You can hide your fear, Can lie my dear
We’ll see the end
We’ll be the end

31. Suzume

Anime: Suzume no Tojimari
Artist: RADWIMPS feat. Toaka

Do you know what hits hard on a spiritual level?
“Kimi no naka ni aru aka to aoki sen
Sorera ga musubareru no wa shin zou
Kaze no naka demo makenai you na koe de
Todokeru kotoba wo ima wo sodateteru”

When I say “spiritual”, I really mean it! This song is nothing but “heavenly”. “Suzume” is the theme song for the anime Suzume no Tojimari, an anime by none other than the G.O.A.T Makoto Shinkai which was performed by RADWIMPS, featuring Toaka. To say that this theme perfectly suits both the anime and our ears will be an understatement.

Despite not having many vocal tracks, the music from Suzume did extremely well at setting the mood for the plot, especially tracks like “Sky Over Tokyo” and ofcourse, the title track “Suzume” itself. If you decide on skipping this one, it won’t be me or other otakus cursing you, but your ears themselves ! It’s one of the BEST anime songs out there!

32. Anytime Anywhere

Anime: Sousou no Frieren
Artist: Milet

This song is from one of the more recent series (w.r.t today’s date), that is Sousou no Frieren, also know as “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End”. Is it THAT popular? If not, why’s it here? I’ll answer that with 4 lines of this very song:

Training along deserted train tracks
Crying excessively
Wanting you to smile
I hold on to the memories I’d like to keep fresh

“Best anime songs” doesn’t necessarily mean “Popular” songs. Songs which suit its respective anime is what makes the song a masterpiece. Capturing the essence of the story and its feels, as well as perfectly blending with the anime’s beautiful subtle transition, I believe no one could’ve done a better job than what Milet did.

The fact that it continued to be used as the ED Song for the second season of the anime after the first season is proof enough that it matched the world view if this anime.

33. Hikaru Nara

Anime: Your Lie in April
Artist: Goose House

“Hikaru Nara” is the first opening theme for the anime series Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) performed by the Japanese rock band Goose House. Being in an anime which is music-themed itself, it is no wonder that the song was performed with perfection in mind.

Even though the song has an uplifting and melodic quality, it also captures the emotional depth of the series. The lyrics and music align well with the themes of love, which is a central element in the anime Your Lie in April. The video for the opening song depicts the main cast, all singing and dancing. The anime is the same right? RIGHT?

“As long as I have a chance to play, and there’s an audience that will listen, I’m going to play with everything I’ve got so that the people who’ve heard me with never forget me. That’s my reason for EXISTING”
-Kaori Miyazono

34. Ref:rain

Anime: Koi wa Ameagari no You ni
Artist: Aimer

“Nothing but you’re a part of me
mada tarinakute
mada kienakute
kasaneka tenohira kara osanasa ga”

This song made me feel sad about the breakup I never had…(very funny…. now laugh)

Performed by none other tha Aimer, “Ref:rain” is the ending theme song for the anime “Koi wa Ameagari no You ni”, otherwise known as “Love is Like after the Rain”. Known for its emotional and soft tone, this song perfectly compliments the anime.

Aimer’s soulful vocals and the song’s atmospheric instrumentation contribute to its impact as an ending theme, leaving a lasting impression on listeners. The anime itself is about a 17 year old girl falling for a 45 year old divorced man. Out of all the ending an anime like this could have, it chose the best one! I know the premise sounds really bad, but trust me, it isn’t, just like the song which is one of the best anime songs out there!

35. Home

Anime: Fruits Basket
Artist: Asako Toki

Home by Asako Toki is the perfect song for those evenings curled up with a mug of something warm. If you’ve seen Fruits Basket (and if you haven’t, just why?), you know the show takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, delving into themes of family, friendship, and healing old wounds, all with a healthy dose of fun and humour.

The song starts with a melody as soft as the falling snow, followed by Asako Toki’s voice, which sounds like a comforting lullaby. Even if you don’t understand Japanese, the music and the vocals are so full of emotion that you can practically feel the nostalgia radiating from the song.

So next time we watch Fruits Basket and hear those opening notes of Home, let’s take a moment to appreciate the perfect way it complements the story. It’s a beautiful reminder to cherish the people who make you feel loved and to never give up hope for finding your own place to call home.

36. Flyers

Anime: Death Parade
Artist: BRADIO

Everybody Put your Hands up!”
It’s all fun and cool until you watch the Anime

“Flyers” is the Opening song used in the anime “Death Parade”. Known for its energetic sound, the song became popular for its catchy melody and was thus well received by fans of the anime and music in general. So does the song suit the anime like most of the songs in this list? Should be obvious!! Ofcourse it does…. NOT!

The song while energetic and catchy, doesn’t compliment the anime at all as it’s more on the dark side. So why’s the song received so well? Well, because it’s a good song! It has a dynamic and lively tone to itself and let’s not forget the dance moves shown in the video for the song.

37. Fukashigi no Carte

Anime: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
Artist: All the 6 Actresses for the main female cast (Mentioned in the description)

The Ending Song for the anime “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai” (Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai) is titled “Fukashigi no Carte. It’s surprisingly performed by the Voice Actors (Actresses in this case) of all the main female cast, i.e, Asami Seto (Mai Sakurajima), Nao Toyama (Tomoe Koga), Atsumi Tanezaki (Rio Futaba), Maaya Uchida (Nodoko Toyohama), Yurika Kubo (Kaede Azusagawa) and finally, Inori Manase (Shoko Makinohara).

Fukashigi no Carte is a beautiful and emotive song that complements the themes of the anime. Including visuals of the characters, providing a contemplative and reflective closure to each episode, this song is one the best anime songs out there!

38. My Dearest

Anime: Guilty Crown
Artist: Koeda, supercell

The opening theme for the anime Guilty Crown is titled “My Dearest” which is performed by the Japanese band supercell, featuring vocals by Koeda. It is a sci-fi anime and this song perfectly compliments it. The song gained popularity for its catchy melody, emotional quality, as well as its ability to connect to key moments in the story.

The lyrics of the song “My Dearest” summarizes the whole concept and the plot of the whole series. The series portrays the connection of hearts and souls in a Sci-fi way and the lyrics of the song also complements this –

“So everything that makes me whole I will dedicate all of them to you”

39. Merry-Go-Round of Life

Anime: Howl’s Moving Castle
Composer: Joe Hisaishi

“Merry-Go-Round of Life” is a beautiful and enchanting piece of music composed by Joe Hisaishi for the animated film “Howl’s Moving Castle,” directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. This song is an extraordinary masterpiece of its own that revokes a deep range of emotions.

Starting with a simple tune, followed by a Waltz and then going into Allegro, the melody in this song flows with grace and elegance. “Merry-Go-Round of Life” is a musical gem that’ll continue to shine by taking us to the world of beauty and emotion everytime you hear it!

40. Hacking Into The Gate

Anime: Steins;Gate
Artist: Kanako Itou

“Hacking to the Gate” is the opening theme song for the anime series Steins;Gate which was performed by the Japanese band Kanako Itou.

“Hacking Into The Gate” is not just an anime opening, but a sensation. It is a dive into the drifting world line of dark sci-fi anime. The song is set in perfection as it begins with a unique noise of radio distortion and multiple worldlines merging and swapping, thus emanating an dark aura of mystery.

Also accompanied by Fibonacci curves, gears, and vintage number displays featuring nixie tubes, it only contributes to Steins;Gate’s unique mixed sci-fi experience and trust me, you will know what it means once you get into it!

Fun Fact: The Opening song used first 23 episodes talk about how Okabe is lonely and is the only one possessing a unique power. The Opening song used the last episode (it’s the same song, but a different para) talks about how Okabe found a way to deceive the past! If you watched the anime already, you definitely know how impactful this is!

41. On the Precipice of Defeat

Anime: Bleach
Artist: Shiro Sagisu

On the Precipice of Defeat by Shiro Sagisu isn’t your typical “bro rock” anthem or an emo cryfest. It’s more like the musical equivalent of that scene in every action movie where the hero stares down a giant laser beam powered by a satellite of a moon base.

 Imagine watching your favorite anime when the hero is facing an impossible foe and all hope seems lost. That’s the feeling On the Precipice of Death captures perfectly. Starting with a slow, building tension, it’s like the dark clouds gathering before a storm.

The beauty of On the Precipice of Defeat is that it lets your imagination run wild. You can practically visualize the epic battle unfolding, the hero’s determination to fight even when defeat seems inevitable. Hence the name of the song. 

This song is theoretically a good choice for your “Gym Playlist”. Turn on the switch when you feel like you’re tired and you’ll feel the adrenaline kicking in!

42. Fire

Anime: Dororo
Artist: Queen Bee

“Sorry Darling I’m not that easy
But I’m surely not that bad either
Ahh Give me Fire
Light it up Baby
Let’s Burn it Up Yeah!

I’ll say this everytime I talk about ANYTHING related to this anime – “Dororo is an Underrated Gem!” and Queen Bee definitely did it justice through the song “Fire”. Since the song is intense and energetic, it absolutely complements Dororo’s theme of action and adventure.

The lyrics and music capture the essence of the main character Hyakkimaru and his journey with his companion Dororo as he walks the treachorous path of revenge. The dynamic and powerful tone of “Fire” makes it memorable and perfectly fitting for the anime!

Even though criminally underrated, this song is one of the best anime songs there exists!

Demon: Exists
Hyakkimaru: PARTY IS OVER
(Listen to the song if you don’t get the meme ;-;)

43. Michishirube

Anime: Violet Evergarden
Artist: Minori Chihara

“Dear Ann, happy 8th birthday”

Performed by the Japanese Singer Minori Chihara, “Michishirube” is the Ending Song for the anime series Violet Evergarden. The anime is already a beautifully animated series and the song is a cherry on the cake!

The song, along with the anime’s stunning visuals in the ending sequence, contributes to the overall impact on the storytelling. With how suited the song is for the anime, it serves as a fitting conclusion to each episode of the anime, complimenting the emotional side of the story.

This song is also really calm! So definitely give it a go as it’s one of the best anime songs out there!

44. Saihate

Anime: Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War
Lyricist: SennaRin

“Saihate” is the Ending Song for Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War used through episodes 368 to 378. Bleach already has very iconic music pieces like “Number One”, “Escalon”, “Treachery”, “La Espada” and honestly, many more! And this song is no exception!

The ending is catchy and fiery, but mostly a vibe and it encompasses the theme of the arc. The song can be recognized by the imagery following it – the focus on the Zanpakutos. The sounds and rhythm are in complete sync, from stillness to movement.

45. Ninelie

Anime: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
Artist: Aimer & Chelly (EGOIST)
Composer: Hiroyuki Sawano

Their Voices won’t make it through that ruined tunnel
So they merely exist to ignite this silence”

Serving as the ending theme for the anime series Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, “Ninelie” is another masterpiece composed by the one and only Hiroyuki Sawano and performed by both Aimer and Chelly (from EGOIST) as the result of a collaboration. The ending theme is well known as it immediately immerses listeners in its haunting atmosphere, which perfectly suits the anime.

Everything in the song, staring from the lyrics, the poignant and introspective themes resonate with the dark setting of the anime. What’re you waiting for? Give it a try! Sang and composed by well-known personalities, it is one of the best anime songs to listen to.

46. Freesia

Anime: Sakura Quest
Artist: (K)NoW_NAME

“Freesia” fulfills the role of serving as Sakura Quest’s Ending Theme song in the best way possible! Performed by (K)NoW_NAME, a music group known for their contributions to various anime soundtracks, their song “Freesia” adds to the overall atmosphere and emotional resonance of the series.

“Whenever a gentle breeze carries a feeling of loneliness,
Whenever I’m alone and uncertain,
Do you mind if I rely on you?”

Honestly, there’s nothing much to say about this song other than the fact that it’s both calm and nostalgic. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind if the “someone” relied on me!

47. Koino Uta

Anime: Tonikaku Kawaii
Artist: Yunomi

Did you really think I’d miss this masterpiece? OFCOURSE NOT! “Koino Uta” is the Opening theme Song for “Tonikaku Kawaii” which was performed Yunomi. The song is upbeat and catchy, reflecting both the romance and comedy genre of the anime. Having garnered popularity among fans of the series, the song itself is cheerful and has playful lyrics.

The song, just like the anime, is one of the best out there! Capturing the essence of the characters’ mood, out wouldn’t want to miss out the song (just like the anime).
And let’s also witness the Great Truck-kun helping out our MC by giving him a wife and NOT AN ISEKAI!

48. Loss Time

Anime: Call of the Night
Artist: Creepy Nuts

Since we were talking about Creepy Nuts, lets also talk about the song “Loss Time”. The song is used for the anime “Call of the Night” as its OST. Call of the night is the perfect definition of “When the animation studio is Having FUN!” Everything including the music, the animations, the visuals are nothing but immaculate.

In contrast to “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” (previously mentioned in the list) which is rather energetic, “Loss Time” is a calm one. This only goes to show how versatile the “Creepy Nuts” are. The anime itself also has breath-taking songs so you also might want to watch it as well!

Fun Fact: The manga for the anime was inspired by the band “Creepy Nuts” itself. So much so that the manga author added them in the anime itself. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

image 3 1

49. Ciki Ciki Bam Bam

Anime: Ya Boy Kongmig
Artist: Queendom

It was nothing but one of Kongming’s strategies

Now this is a unique case. Most anime songs are famous because of their respective anime. But this one is different! The anime got attention BECAUSE OF ITS ANIME OPENING. “Ciki Ciki Bam Bam” is the opening theme song used for the anime Ya Boy Kongming.

The opening itself is really catchy and the character’s dance is just KAWAII. In short, this song is one of the most original opening out there with an unusual, but fun dance. Let’s also not forget the insane Guitar Riff at the end! This song is a MUST LISTEN. Add it to your list right away!

50. Never Fear

Anime: Ningen Fushin no Boukensha-tachi ga Sekai wo Sukuu you desu
Artist: Mao Abe

Mao Abe is known for her heartfelt and emotive vocals, and “Never Fear” is no exception. Used as the ending song for the anime Ningen Fushin no Boukensha-tachi ga Sekai wo Sukuu you desu, or also known as “Ningen Fushin: Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save the World” (now that’s a BIG name), this is one of those EDs which you would sit through and listen.

The ending shows a different perspective to the anime through its visuals as well where the characters are represented as a band, singing and playing various instruments. Even though criminally underrated, this song is honestly one out of the best anime songs there are and it definitely deserves a spot in your music playlist!

51. Ride on Shooting Star

Anime: FLCL
Artist: The Pillows

Known for their alternative rock sound, the band “The Pillows” contributed several tracks to the “FLCL” soundtrack, but “Ride on Shooting Star” is perhaps the most well-known and iconic. Used as the Ending Theme Song for the anime Fooly Cooly, otherwise known as FLCL, this song is not to be slept on as it features energetic guitar riffs, catchy melodies and dynamic vocals.

Fun Fact: In the Music Video for the Ending song, we see an animated yellow scooter. That scooter is a “vespa”. What we ALSO get to see is real life footage of the scooter itself in form of a series of pictures.

52. Platinum Disco

Anime: Nisemonogatari
Artist: Yuka Iguchi

Just like “Renai Circulation” (previously mentioned), “Platinum Disco” is also a popular opening theme song used in the Monogatari anime series, the third opening for Nisemonogatari to be precise. Apart from the song’s upbeat tempo and cheerful vibe which made it extremely popular among its fans, “Platinum Disco” was specifically made for the character Tsukihi Araragi, featuring her dancing with the song.

The song was sang by Yuka Iguchi who is surprisingly the VA for the character Tsukihi Araragi itself.

Fun Fact (has started to get common): We also get to see Koyomi Araragi (male mc in the Monogatari series) perform the very same dance in front of Tsukihi in a parodical form.

53. Wishing

Anime: Re:Zero
Artist: Inori Minase

Emelia will never know, how many times subaru died for her.
Rem will never know, how many times she died for subaru.

“Wishing” is the Eighteenth Insert Song for the anime series Re:Zero- Starting Life in Another World. “Wishing” is a beautiful and emotional song that plays during a pivotal scene in the anime series which was performed by none other than Inori Minase herself, the VA for Rem.

The song captures the feelings of hope and determination, reflecting Rem’s deep and emotional connection to Subaru. Apart from the other songs in the series, “Wishing” has also started taking its place in the fan’s music playlists and honestly, it deserves it as it’s one of the best anime songs out there!

54. Nippon Egao Hyakkei

Anime: Joshiraku
Artist: Ayane Sakura, Kana Hanazawa, Aya Suzaki, Nozomi Yamamoto, and Yoshino Nanjo

*Sighs*… You’re really going to make me say it won’t you? Alright then! Here you go:
Jugemu Jugemu 
Goko no Surikire 
Kaijarisuigyo no 
Suigyomatsu Unraimatsu Furaimatsu 
Kuunerutokoro ni Sumutokoro 
Yaburakoji no Burakōji 
Paipopaipo Paipo no Shuringan 
Shuringan no Gurindai 
Gurindai no Ponpokopii no Ponpokona no 
Chokyumei no Chosuke

“Nippon Egao Hyakkei” is a popular insert song from the anime series Joshiraku. The song was performed by all the VAs of the main cast, i.e, Ayane Sakura, Kana Hanazawa, Aya Suzaki, Nozomi Yamamoto, and Yoshino Nanjo. Apart from its catchy and upbeat music accompanied by cheerful vocals, the lyrics humorously discusses various aspects of Japanese culture.

The song’s liveliness and playful melody, accompanied by a hilarious music video has made this song well-liked among music enthusiasts.

Fun Fact (again): The quoted part of the song is actually someone’s name. Various stories revolve around this name. One of them state the origin of the name itself – A couple couldn’t decide what to name their child. The father goes to a priest for suggestion and the priest suggests “Jugemu” and various other names. The father not being able to decide which one to use, decides to use every name for his baby. So, the “name” is actually just a “cluster of names“.

55. Sparkle

Anime: Your Name

Known for its uplifting and emotional melody, “Sparkle” is a popular song by RADWIMPS which gained significant attention as one of the main theme songs for the anime film Your Name (Kimi no Na wa), directed by none other than the G.O.A.T Makoto Shinkai.

Featured during several poignant moments throughout “Your Name,” adding depth and intensity to the storytelling, it should be obvious that the song is perfectly suited for the anime. The lyrics also reflect the depth and connection between Taki and Mitsuha, the main casts in the anime film. This song is not to be missed in any way!

56. Days

Anime: Mekakucity Actors
Artist: Jin feat. Lia

The ending theme song for the anime series Mekakucity Actors is titled “Days” and is performed by the Japanese pop band Jin, featuring Lia. Being one of the MOST underrated song in this list, “Days” is not to be slept on. The song’s lyrics reflect themes of longing and introspection, which resonate with the narrative of Mekakucity Actors.

Being the Ending Theme song, “Days” offers a moving and introspective conclusion to each episode. What you’ll love about the song and its music video is how everyone was connected someway, somehow. All the way from Azami to the teacher. This song is just as beautiful for the show.

With enough reference from the anime, this song is bound to bring you to tears. Even though underrated, this song is one of the best anime songs out there as it is ABSOLUTELY TIMELESS!

57. Rhapsody

Anime: Sonny Boy
Artist: Toe

“Rhapsody” by Toe is probably the underdog in this list. Used as the OST for the anime “Sonny Boy” (another underrated anime.. you should definitely check it out), there aren’t as many songs out there with a similar relaxing math-rock style.

Be in the wrong
Are we on the same…?”

Just like the anime, this song is severely underrated. The usage of music in Sonny Boy is ingenious. Being mostly silent, whenever the anime uses its music, it feels insanely impactful. Make sure to check it out!

58. Bink’s Sake

Anime: One Piece

“Binkusu no sake wo, todoke ni yuku yo
Yumikase Kimakase namimakase
Shio no mukou de, yuuhi mo sawagu
Sora nya wa wo kaku, tori no uta”

Bink’s Sake is a Song used during the end of the “Thriller Bark” arc in One Piece. In the series, the character Brook, a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, is known for playing and singing “Bink’s Sake” on his piano, and on his violin later.

While it might sound cheery and jolly, those who’ve seen One Piece or know the context know how much of an impact this song has and will have in the future of the series. It’s surprising how it can bring forth two entirely different emotions with a subtle change in instruments and tempo.

This song brings tears to my eyes.
Well, it would, IF I HAD ANY LEFT
(bad joke)

59. Shelter

Artist: Porter Robinson and Madeon

WHAT? A Song by Porter Robinson and Madeon being included in an “ANIME SONGS” list?
In short, the studio A-1 Pictures produced a short film which featured this song by Porter Robinson and Madeon (story by Porter Robinson… obviously), showing the story of a 17 year old girl named Rin.

The song itself is awesome (as expected of Porter Robinson) and the short film also has a really good plot, even though it’s just 6 minutes long. “Shelter” has emotionally charged lyrics and ethereal electronic production, blending elements of both Porter Robinson’s and Madeon’s signature styles.

Even though this song is used in a short film and not in a “LONG” anime, this song isn’t something you would want to miss out on!

60. Deja vu

Anime: Initial D
Artist: Dave Rodgers

Ending the list with an ABSOLUTE CLASSIC. “Deja vu” was used for the anime Initial D, performed by the band Dave Rodgers. Mostly used during high-speed racing sequences, it contributes to the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere of the anime.

Even after being overused in a TON of memes, this song has still kept itself relevant throughout the years and has thus become widely recognized within the Eurobeat and anime communities.

Fun Fact (the last one…. ): Italian Singers, English Lyrics, French Title, Japanese Series!


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