20 Best Romance Comedy Anime Of All Time Ranked!

Romantic comedy is a popular genre of comedy simply because of the large target audience. Whether 16 or 60 years old, we all want a dash of sweet love in our life. And nothing is cuter than anime love.

Not only do the character designs and animation keep getting better, but the stories are also just as interesting and wholesome! Not to forget, it also comes with the slapstick humour that only anime can provide!

So, if you are in the mood for something cute, funny, and romantic, look no further. We’ve listed out some of the must watch 20 romantic comedy anime. If you haven’t watched them already then what are you waiting for.

P.S: We also have a list of top comedy anime that you should not miss out on. Check out the article below!

Here’s to some good romance and laughs:

20. Honey and Clover

 Episodes: 24

Studios:  JC staff

F0j4ccTcYkAeFktcGhpmM9p5nLbWk2GHf0CDaYy4KChCLLuV2DmHR6xu4S8dixi01nN4AxYsamXnW7VkmYa 7czdmITaEIU fecPLR3xvt Z6Y9npjGnTqCL nT0yVQjgVydeYmt By9nm43Ew

So we all know of love triangles? Get ready for a love pentagon ( well not really sure about the shape but we must have proven some theorems from this anime’s relationships)

This story revolves around 5 people, three flatmates Yūta Takemoto, Takumi Mayama, and Shinobu Morita who are students of art in a college. Enter Hagumi Hanamoto, a new student who is a brilliant artist. Immediately Yuta and Shinobu both fall in love with Hagu. A

nother student, a master of pottery Ayumi Yamada, joins their group. Ayumi is actually popular with guys but she falls for Takumi. However, Takumi is in love with an older woman, Rika Harada who is a widow.

And all these friends try to come to terms with their feelings while living through university life and onwards.

19. Special A:

Episodes: 13

Studios:  Gonzo, AIC

LWnop34zshRQJmJNT7X1wH4AqIc 0MfMCai1aH9sejc4hn9eZuLZd qDXMX8ZwsZ0 KYqj4EXXcmPJTA9v4f2hA9NzlsnMAvUTgdvb7QswB P6Uzn3fB3pkyoJCqV4cS2UlPGn9bYWiqQTyCSA

Hikari Hanazono is a hyperactive and overly comepttive student. She has been bested by only one person in her life and that is Kei Takishima. It is her life’s mission now to beat him in everything from academics to sports. She even enrolls in the same school as him to continue her rivalry.

Together with the top 7 students of the school, they form Special A. However, even here she continuously strives to defeat Kei in every venture possible. What she doesn’t understand is Kei has been madly in love with her since childhood, and her attempts to beat him are actually really endearing to him.

18. Wallflower

Episodes: 25

Studios:  Nippon Animation

RL6jTAIvmxztwJjlF5J i7Bc9froVPK3b0GHghJAYC4RjTXAFfIoNnOfQyWIKFKtpqBas5KRsE0EJwJfc p2snGLWd63YKjCo8COm6zTaTMbuwgmDBH2dBc 7Z3pV l3bEqgvU2MLfpEczAncg

Sunako Nakahara was rejected by her crush for looking like the girl from a horror movie. That shattered her confidence and she became an extreme introvert with an obsession with everything horror. Sukano was sent to live with her aunt and to her misery, her aunt has 4 beautiful high school boys living as paying guests.

What’s more, her aunt has made a deal with the guys, if they can bring Sunako out of her shell and make her behave like a normal young girl they wouldn’t have to pay rent.

Now all four guys are on a mission. The more they interact with each other the more they come to understand each other’s perspectives. And of course, sparks fly and we have more than one ship sailing here. Have your pick!

17. TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You

Episodes: 12 + OVA

Studios: Seven arcs

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 This anime takes love at first sight to a new high. Nasa Yuzaki is a child genius who scored the highest marks in all mock exams. One evening he sees the most beautiful girl across the street. Bewitched by her beauty Nasa tries to follow her but is blindsided by an oncoming truck.

Fortunately, the same girl ended up saving his life. Even when bleeding and badly injured Nasa can’t help but admire how beautiful she looked in the moonlight. Before she could leave Nssa stops her and profess his love. The girl Tsukasa Tsukuyomi is taken aback by the confession.

However she agrees to accept only on one condition, Nassa must marry her. Nassa accepts the condition. Tsukasa then vanishes for three years, returning one day with papers to legalize their marriage.

The rest of the anime is full of sweet lighthearted moments between the couple as get to know each other more.

16. Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

Episodes: 12

Studios:  A-1 Pictures. 

Tomoya Aki is a high school student who wishes to make a video game for his fellow otaku. He finds his inspiration when he meets the sweet and docile Megumi Katou. He then turns towards his super popular classmates Utaha Kasumigaoka to write the script and  Eriri Spencer Sawamura for illustrations.

The series follows their adventures in developing the game and their plans to sell it at the Comiket convention. It is one of those better known anime in the comedy genre and you should definitely give it a try.

15. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

Episodes: 24 

Studios: Silver LINK

Kb3hCSl2J64OOZAceyxRU 1Nl3q92F3 v6wzkvx2BGa8XeEcksVsfR4XEt3KuWbnveGpqW7 dYE e0k9qnEscmZ8Nvcm212BU8pffnRK5hZzYlNe2GB JZWVBbkVkVbcN0d71maSp27tZlJtDA

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! is actually a reverse harem anime. 

After getting hit on the head at the age of four years, Countess Catarina Claes regains the memory of her past life when she was a 17-year-old girl who loved playing otome games. She also realizes she has been reincarnated as the villainess of one of the otome games she used to play.

The villainess of the game was a horrible person who made everyone’s life miserable and in every route, Catarina had played she met a horrible fate. Determined to not let that fate be her future Catarina makes every effort to not do things as the Catarina of the game.

However, that makes her an adorable goofball loved by everyone. She is so fixated to avoid her doom she isn’t paying attention to the people developing feelings for her all around her.

BTW my favorite ship is Geordo and Catrina (I know I am basic I am sorry! let’s see who you ship her with.)

14. Kiss Him, Not Me

Episodes: 12

Studios:  Brain’s base

KKI2Gu23ofxsiRgqQTwJklsqGSNwzfkaqRYb6GZoxZLyWlgXErd dTUF43 sT105BxdYMTkZ9 hbBhEbd5mrez2qv xTNcDohga Opet7NYRFamNJnYDY6XlNmW6DuPtYjQshQ9jT4AMt6G8Bw

Kae Serinuma is a high school student and a devoted otaku and a fujoshi. When one of her favorite characters dies she gets severely depressed refusing meals or even coming out of her room.

After wallowing in grief for over a week she finally musters up the courage to face the real world again. However, in that one week, she lost a ton of weight suddenly becoming strikingly beautiful. 

And now she is the center of attention of all the hot guys in her class. And being the true Fujoshi she is, she tries to hook them to each other instead of pursuing her.

13. My Dress up Darling

Episodes: 12

Studios: Clover Works

LtdVKedw FkoGHWIX4OZm1g22yVogV4UACc Imzo P3y8nJP3U0a0Zbqdh97sXdxU7sD13tVgfd Ty FAVjlNNZ tp5nb4ywTb5rMzI4s1WKF1t989ym0oNeDZpuKdjMBfXHyV9qgX3b 39zEg

My dress-up darling is one of the newer titles in the rom-com anime genre. It centers around Wakana Gojo, a first-year high school student.

Unlike his peers who are interested in pop culture and girls, Wakana’s passion lies in making Hina dolls like his grandfather. He is an expert in sewing clothes and spends his free time making dresses for his dolls. However, he has kept this hobby a secret because he will be ridiculed if people came to know of his passion.

Unfortunately, he is found out by none other than Marin Kitagawa, the loud, beautiful, and most flirtatious girl of his class. However, she actually gets really impressed by Wakana’s skill and tells him her hobby is cosplay but she sucks at sewing costumes.

Marin asks for his help to make costumes for her cosplay. Along the way, they both start to develop feelings for each other.

12. Teasing Master Takagi-san

Episodes: 36 + OVA + Movie

Studios:  Shin-Ei Animation

yz MI5dlnC1vQwxAd9HX9IOREOboEjcUXdExOgX0E6tBGqSwfD9YGq5HWZk 5kzA9sCnYMZJslh tty4vg UViNxEPBzDjCstROSdfaC yQkqtELSEuphu1 1RvecNPfClY iMOw8hnsjXDZA

Takagi and Nishikata are middle school students who sit next to each other in class. Takagi enjoys teasing Nishikata with embarrassing pranks and jokes. Nishikata keeps trying to think of ways to win one over Takagi but even if he wins, Takagi seems to be the winner still.

In reality, Takagi loves Nishikata and does all these pranks to keep his attention on herself only.

11. Yurri!!! on ice

 Episodes: 12

Studios:  JC staff.

Yuri!!! on Ice was a sports anime about figure skating but it gained popularity with the main couple Victor and Yuri for being one of the better representations of LGBTQ romance in anime in recent times

Yuuri Katsuki, one of the most promising figure skaters of Japan, loses his chance in Grand Prix Finale. His passion is reignited when the world-famous Victor Nikiforov decides to become his coach.

Obviously, being a mainstream sports anime the romance between the couple was kept to a minimum but the tension between the couple and the determination of Yuri’s emotions towards victor shown through his ice-skating performance was undoubtedly one of the best depicted in an anime.

Every scene with these two was a treat. Also, it gained a lot of popularity for being one of the better representations of LGBTQ romance in anime in recent times.

10. My Love story

Episodes: 24 

Studios: Madhouse

0ubMNfwrcl9 2fLwN3I0YjoPHuh8cFDC5AbfSCmvgCNDFxiZeZUOACPyI WJrMSwWNZrneOMsFYiboj vAxJQD5IlQNgrdQ2hk2LlsslWiPKzNKgscuubKU bYKjdShB0Zub25HZvLIi1Jo9pQ

Yamato is a big guy with an even bigger heart. He helps everyone, he laughs easily, overall he is the nicest guy ever. However, due to his large size and loud demeanor, he is usually labeled scary and an ‘old guy’ by strangers, especially girls.

He thinks no girl would ever find him attractive. So, when Takeo falls in love with him due to his kind heart and warm nature, Yamato thinks she is actually trying to woo his best friend who is the heartthrob of the school. However, finally, they get together after Yamato realized Takeo had been in love with HIM all along.


Episodes: 26

Studio: Xebec


If you are looking for a mindless fun romantic comedy anime with a heavy dash of ecchi, then To LOVE-Ru is an anime you should definitely not miss out on. Following an episodic storyline for most parts, this anime adaptation has a cult following of its own.

The plot follows a 16 year old Rito Yuuki who has go through a host of bizarre and chaotic events after a stark naked girl landed on top of him one day while he was bathing.

This girl is none other than an alien princess named Lala Satalin Deviluke. The best part? She agrees to marry Rito in order to avoid being involved in a political marriage.

However, Rito on the other hand has his eyes set on his classmate Haruna, and to him, Lala and the other beauties who later arrive only are holding him back from professing his true love!

8. Kami-Sama kiss:

Episodes: 25 + OVAs

Studios: TMS entertainment

dxrtFeBM7NCkCsgKnF 4MxVEVg4P4mPkFUyYuHIagW JsBM1AC5NByMsN5nRxXloV7rqnMSBr1Zr34kQ9krewfd 2E0UNLyx PvPLSjgsABbJEb3YvvN14H55dEQzB8jchsM5iIo8eHsJrQ

One day Nanami Momozono’s father left her with his debt due to which she is kicked out of her house. While she wondered what to do she happened to save a man from a dog. The guy after listening to her predicament tells her to visit his home and kisses her forehead as a blessing. When she arrives at the place turns out it was a shrine and she, Nanami Momozono is the new god of the shrine!!

And from there on starts a hilarious circus of Nanami trying to balance her life as the new land god and a high school student and on top of it, she has developed feelings for her rude and bratty familiar, the half fox demon, Tome (ok I do not blame her for the last part, Tomoe with the long hair made me pause and ogle at the screen.)

7. Toradora:

Episodes: 25 

Studios: JC Staff

DScs7rGjaW0uyKslUx861rPdJTq1qO5jHI7sx cZC3fReqUHQtpm4ppwKWPD9G8R4 VV7eutWHRhgN1fgFQ3UI1f0XF

Taiga is a small short-tempered girl who is always getting into fights with others, nicknamed Palmtop tiger in her school. She lives alone away from her divorced parents but she never lets anyone know about her emotions being the true tsundere she is. 

Ryuuji Takasu is Taiga’s neighbor and classmate. Ryuuji has sanpaku eyes which makes him look angry all the time often creating awkward situations due to misunderstanding. At first, Taiga and Ryuuji were interested in each other’s best friends and vowed to help each other, but over time they fall for each other without even realizing it.

6. Kaichou wa maid sama:

Episodes: 26

Studios: JC staff

o5gp9a9pIA6SIC2Sxa3M ad0pCL2Bk IgAeCO6x lqMuMJd8565a1Sl dy sshjyQbRbuxcq53omGkRxwL

Misaki Ayuzawa is the first-ever female student council president of the school. As she is very strict with boys it earns her the title of “ demon president”.

Misaki also works at a maid café to support her family. A secret she hides from her schoolmates to not tarnish her reputation. However, one of the most popular boys in the school, Takumi Usui sees her in the café. Can he keep her secret?

5. Monthly Girl’s Nozaki- Kun

Episodes: 26

Studios:  Doga Kobo

mJajSjhlmBp1OxunQeHcbI611IVmz0MDZoSNaIe GCB4zL1nt vbyMzP6iojirIW3hD QJpH2dU 7Vc0sFe2Io0K34Z OMqPpUoKUthUeMBSX50vKYEv4lSE9KhclL9tH9pnJGqT09vuOVWycg

Chiyo Sakura has the biggest crush on her classmate Umetarou Nozaki.  When she tries to confess to him her courage leaves her and she somehow ends up asking for his autograph. However, imagine her shock when she realizes the sign matches one of the shojo manga writers Let’s Fall in Love published in the magazine Monthly Girls’ Romance.

When she confronts Nozaki about it he confirms it. From then on Chiyo helps Nozaki with his manga and ends up meeting his friends all them who are well for the lack of a better word, weird in their own way.

Every day is filled with hilarious events as they all help Nozaki help develop plots and characters for his story as well as make the deadlines. All the while Chiyo keeps trying to find a perfect moment to confess her feeling to Nozaki.

4. Ouran Highschool Host Club

Episodes: 26

Studios:  Bones


Haruhi Fujikoa has been accepted into the prestigious Ouran High school on a scholarship. However, most of the students going to the Ouran academy belong to rich families (filthy rich!, think conglomerates and actual Royalty). 

On the day of the orientation, Haruhi ventures into a room trying to find a quiet place to study. What she doesn’t know is the room was dedicated to the Ouran high school host club.

Haruhi accidentally breaks an antique vase while trying to back out of the room. To repay her debt the host club’s president Tamaki Suoh asks her to join them as a host. (Tamaki being the dimwit he is thinks Haruhi is a boy).

Now Haruhi is dragged into the world of these rich kids who are strangers to life of a common man. Chaos ensues and friendship blossoms and which gradually turns into much deeper feelings. 

3. Urusei Yatsura

Episodes: 195

Studio: Pierrot, Studio Deen

Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura (the 1980s one) is a rom com anime that is often forgotten and overlooked when it comes to ranking the best in this genre. However, what many forget is that Urusei Yatsura is in fact one of the most influential anime in its genre that set a trend for the others to follow.

The plot follows Ataru Moroboshi, whose standout traits include his overly flirty nature and a fair share of bad luck. He gets chosen to be the one representing Earth, as the planet is threatened by an invading army of aliens known as the Oni. The events and misunderstandings that follow make Lum, the daughter of the Oni’s head, feel that Ataru is interested in marrying her, and ends up moving in with him. However, she doesn’t realize that Ataru has his eyes set on someone else.

What follows is a host of hilarious events. If you are new to this anime, then the humor in it might feel a bit cliched and formulaic. However, it’s worth noting that Urusei Yatsura is a series that brought forth the blue prints for this tried and tested formula and without a doubt reserves a place in this list of best romance comedy anime.

2. Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku

Episodes: 11  

Studios: A-1 Pictures.   

DsE HuwKXDf9mPWw26cIUyMcaIq4PKVZbuc AF5JZ5Kqq5Ei7c0WoQr78bVfEIT Gzq5xLz1dS0klZ7zTHv F9Cwn6vInWf3N4TcINjAyLWj83nuIdycqS5uk6bdOxXgpGKJw4vaabWYjNJ cQ

I am sure the title hits close to many of us out there. And honestly, that is what intrigued me to watch this anime.

Narumi Momose is an otaku and a fujoshi. She has vowed she will not let anyone in her professional life know about this secret (relatable!). Her cover is blown when she finds out one of her colleagues is her childhood friend Hirotaka Nifuji who was well aware of the otaku past.

Over the drinks, after work, Hirotaka asks her if she is attending the upcoming Summer Comiket making her fears come true.. Fortunately, the only two other colleagues present with them turn out to be otaku as well so her secret was safe.

Later when Narumi laments that her ex left her because of her Fujoshi ways, Hirotaka comments she should date an otaku like himself. Actually Specifically him. Even though shocked, Narumi agrees immediately and the romance between these two otakus begins.

1. Kaguya sama: Love is war

Episodes: 37 + OVAs

Studios: Clover Works

Cover pic from rom-com anime Kaguya Sama Season 2!

If you’re someone who doesn’t make the first move and wait around patiently, putting out hints to the person you’re interested in because doing anything otherwise would just shatter your ego, then you can very much relate to the protagonists of Kaguya sama: Love is war.

Kaguya sama is not your typical romcom. It’s full of humour, over dramatic side characters, and the protagonists crushing on each other, but refusing to confess.

Kaguya sama: Love is war is a cute romantic comedy centering Shuchiin Academy’s Student council president Miyuki Shirogane and Vice president Kaguya Shinomiya. They both like each other but are reluctant to confess, making it a war of egos. 

The anime is filled with cute wholesome moments and not just between the main couple. The other student council members and their friends bring a ton of fun and cuteness. 

How many of these rom com anime have you watched already? Is there anime that we have missed out in this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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