25 Best Action Comedy Anime To Watch For Thrills & Laughs

Action Comedy Anime

Hello, anime enthusiasts! We are once again here to give you some amazing recommendations, and this time, we are going to reveal some of the best Action Comedy anime that are definitely a must-watch.

Forget brooding heroes and endless power-ups, sometimes you just need an anime that throws punches and punchlines in equal measure. When you think of action comedy anime, the first title that comes to mind is One Punch Man, or even Gintama. But then, those are just the tip of the iceberg!

Best Action comedy anime:

Whether you’re a seasoned anime veteran or a curious newcomer, prepare to be entertained as we delve into the top picks that’ll have you cheering, cringing, and laughing out loud – all before the next fight scene even starts!

Fair warning: Skipping any one of them can make you regret it for the rest of your life!

So, without any ado, let’s get started!

25. Trinity Seven:

Trinity Seven

First on our best action comedy anime list is Trinity Seven, undoubtedly one of the best in its genre!

The story starts with Arata Kasuga’s town facing a disaster called the “Breakdown Phenomenon,” making it invisible and nowhere to be found!

Fortunately, Arata can use a magical book from his friend Hijiri Kasuga to reconstruct his own world. Yes, you read that right!

Another character arrives during the process named Lilith Asami, giving Arata a choice to hand over the book or be ready to face death. But our protagonist asks for the third option, which is joining the secret magic school, Royal Biblia Academy.

After joining the academy, his mission is to investigate the phenomenon that happened in his town. To do that, he forms a group with Lilith, and six others become the Trinity Seven.

Now, their only goal is to save Arata’s friend, prevent the destruction of his hometown, and face all the problems occurring together at their magic school.

The show is, of course, a bit of humor and a lot of action, along with some ecchi elements on the side.

24. High School DxD:

High School DxD

High School DxD is one of the most popular shows in the ecchi genre but stopped because it’s not all about adult stuff. It has one of the best action and fight scenes and, of course, humor that should be much appreciated too.

The story basically revolves around our main protagonist Issei Hyoudou, also renowned as the Red Dragon Emperor, and his infamous friends from the Occult Research Club.

They all basically fight many kinds of enemies like fallen angels, devil, and other dragon users as well.

The series is full of a blast with the sexiest female characters and humorous and most perverted protagonists. With the best fighting scenes between groups of fallen angels and other enemies. Truly the best recommendations all in one show!

23. Dirty Pair:

Dirty Pair

Dirty Pair is one of the veteran shows from the 1980s, and the story is about two teenage girls named Kei and Yuri who travel around the universe solving tough criminal cases.

They are also renowned as “The Lovely Angels” and as “The Dirty Pair” because they are often scolded for causing damage, which they don’t like for sure.

In the show, they both go on investigating a person making fake money, trying to stop someone from taking hostages, and trying to get to know a character named Shasti.

The show goes from being a fun and entertaining adventure to a real action-packed series and a must-watch for sure!

22. Katekyo Hitman Reborn:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

The story of yet another super cool action comedy anime, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, begins with the character Tsunayoshi Sawada, who is, in fact, not very good at doing any work because he’s clumsy, not very talented, and has a huge crush on the popular girl named Kyouko Sasagawa. His classmates mostly call him “Loser Tsuna” because he often loses his fights in middle school.

But his life soon changes when he encounters Reborn, a very mysterious hitman who is also a baby. Yes, you read that right!

As for his past, Reborn is sent from the very strongest Mafia family in Italy with the only goal to train Tsuna to become the next boss of the Vongola family.

Now the question is, will the sore loser like Tsunayoshi get trained well to fight and be at the top, or will his life remain the same? For that, you have to watch this best combo show for real!

21. Ranma ½:

Ranma ½

My personal favourite on this list with super cool action consists of martial art and hilarious characters. This show is just like a diamond in a coal mine.

The story revolves around our main protagonist, Ranma Saotome, who is a skilled martial artist, but he has real bad luck because during his training with her dad, he falls into a cursed spring that turns him into a girl. Yes, you read that right!

And now, only hot water can fix him and reverse him into a boy. The story takes a drastic change when he is arranged with a girl named Akane to marry, who is quite stubborn. And, of course, they both didn’t want to marry each other.

Now the real question is, how will he get free of this curse? Well, his life is full of adventure, and finding a way out of it makes it hilarious. Obviously, a must-watch!

20. Akiba Maid Wars:

Akiba Maid Wars

The story starts with the sweetest girl named Nagomi Wahira, who always loves to see cute girls in maid cafes, and now her dream is to be one of them.Soon to fulfill her wish, she moved to Akihabara to work at Ton Tokoton, as a maid cafe.

On her first day, things take a drastic turn when she and her coworker, Ranko Mannen, get into a violent maid war with a rival cafe. Nagomi soon realizes that maid cafes are not as she has dreamed about. But still, she tries to find joy in the conflicting situation and tries to fit in the harsh reality of Akihabara’s maid culture.

The journey of being an ideal maid and living her dream maid life will be really adventurous, and yes, it will be humorous to watch a cute maid have a war between them. If you know, you know!

19. Buddy Daddies:

Buddy Daddies

The show was much hyped up on its release because of its being very similar to the Spy x Family theme. But this action comedy anime has its own uniqueness and storylines which are definitely a must-watch!

Well, the story starts on a Christmas Eve, where a four-year-old Miri travels to Tokyo all alone just to find her lost dad. Yes, you read that right!

Soon she decides to make a plan to assassinate a dangerous mafia boss.

The story takes a drastic change when assassins Kazuki and Rei, living in the same roof without any emotional ties, bring Miri to their home after protecting her from mafias.

Even though they have taken huge risks to their careers, they decided to give Miri a normal childhood by being her father and providing her with all the love she deserves.

But their journey to raise a child won’t be easy, and it’s an action-packed journey with fun adventure to it. Definitely a must-watch show!

18. Konosuba (more comedy less action):


Here comes one of the top-rated comedy anime not just for its insanely humorous plot but for insanely humorous characters. And it’s the best comedy show in a century (and no one can change my mind on this).

Well, for the action part, it may disappoint you with little to no action, but don’t worry; thereare a few fight scenes that are worth a watch for sure!

The story of Konosuba begins with the funniest and most embarrassing death scene of a high school student named Kazuma Satou, also our main protagonist, who meets the cutest yet annoying goddess named Aqua. And yes, if I’m saying it’s the most embarrassing death scene shown in an anime series, then trust me it is, and of course, it is funniest as well!

Well, she provides him with two choices: whether he chooses to go to heaven or be reborn in an amazing fantasy world full of good things.

Our main protagonist Kazuma picks the second option, but he will drag his enemy who made a joke of his death, and yes, I’m talking about Aqua; she drags her with him as his companion.

Now, they have to face together the challenges of real-life survival, like working to pay for their living expenses, rather than having a wonderful adventurous journey.

17. Kenichi: History’s Mightiest Disciple:

Kenichi: History’s Mightiest Disciple

The story of Kenichi: History’s Mightiest Disciple starts with a normal high schooler named Kenichi Shirahama who faces bullying in the karate club. Instead of training himself to fight back, he spends his time reading self-help books. Not such a cool move for sure.

But things change when he accidentally scares a new classmate named Miu Furinji, who apologizes to him, and they soon become good friends. Soon he gets challenged by bullies of the karate club. Kenichi asks Miu’s help in improving his fighting skills as she is one of the skilled fighters as well.

She tells him to visit her grandfather’s dojo, Ryouzanpaku, where skilled but eccentric martial arts masters train themselves to be the best in their skills of martial arts. He started training in the dojo, but his adventure won’t be easy.

The show is a haven for martial arts lovers, as you will get to see varieties of cool moves, plus our main protagonists are quite quirky, so humor is guaranteed.

16. City Hunter:

City Hunter

Next up is a veteran show and pretty much underrated in the action comedy genre. But if you ignore these facts, the series will definitely influence you much more than you expected.

The story of City Hunter is about a popular group known as “XYZ” that will take any job related to cleaning up the streets of Tokyo. Well yeah, you heard that right!

The main character of the show, Ryou Saeba, along with his other members like Colt Python and precise aim, joins hands with Kaori Makimura.

They all started to work together to solve some of the toughest cases and with that, they are ready to face any problems head-on.

Well, when they are not dealing with criminals, Ryou likes to flirt with women, even though Kaori stops him from doing so.

This fun and exciting group is ready to take on any challenge, and with a super cool trio, you are sure to get some good action comedy moments.

15. Spy x Family:

Spy x Family

Here comes one of the most popular anime of the era, Spy x Family. And how can we forget this masterpiece! Well, the story starts with introducing corrupt politicians and also warlike groups that are threatening the country’s peace between Ostania and Westalis.

And here comes our skilled spy named “Twilight,” who is ready to take any risk to prevent the country’s children from suffering the horrors of war that he faced in his childhood.

He keeps his real identity hidden and stays in the Ostanian city of Berlint, as a common name Loid Forger, acting like a renowned psychiatrist to gather information on one of the corrupt politicians named Donovan Desmond. He starts a fake family with You as his wife and Anya as his daughter.

And they are on a mission to disclose evil plans of corrupted people in the city.

Well, the show is full of action plus one of the best comedy scenes. As in the family, everyone is unknown about others’ true identity, and that is what makes the show more fun.

The best part is that our little Anya knows all of the secrets of her new parents because she can read minds, which makes it even more hilarious.

14. Noragami:


Next in our action comedy list is our funky god Yato, renowned to be the “Delivery God,” and his only goal is to gather millions of worshippers for his temple. But he is devoted to a dedicated shrine he is unable to fulfill his dreams.

To get a shrine of his own, he started to take odd jobs for a mere five yen each.

So, when his only weapon partner leaves him, things look to have fallen down. Despite this, the journey of our Yato god takes a drastic change that occurs when a middle school girl, Hiyori Iki, our sweet heroine, saves Yato’s life from a car accident but ends up with her giving up her soul from her body. And she is now just like a ghost.

So, to restore her in her real body, Yato needs a new partner, and Hiyori agrees to help him find a new partner for him. And the story gradually changes as you get to see little wholesome moments between Hiyori and Yato.

The show may sound light-hearted and romantic, but trust me, it’s not. There are many dark sides to the characters and is quite action packed at times. But to keep the show entertaining, there are moments where you can’t stop laughing or maybe even shed a tear. An absolute masterpiece and a must-watch for any action comedy anime lover.

13. Devil is a Part Timer:

Devil is a Part Timer

The story of Devil is a Part Timer starts with the introduction of a Demon Lord named Satan, whose only goal is to dominate the land of Ente Isla. But his demon army faces problems from the hero Emilia, who will never surrender her land to the Demon lord.

Well, soon the plot changes as Satan and his general Alsiel end up in modern-day Tokyo through a dimensional portal. Yes, you read that right!

They have no magical powers with them now, and Satan, the ultimate Demon lord, is working as a waiter in a fast-food restaurant, MgRonalds, for survival in the modern world. And it’s freaking funny, trust me.

Well, as we move forward, their lives as normal humans and Sadao soon realize that conquering Ente Isla is now not enough. And now his goal is set on climbing the corporate ladder and becoming the ultimate ruler of Earth.

It is regarded to be one of the best comedy shows with some of the best action scenes between our Demon lord and Hero but it is limited. The change of heart and comic timings between different characters make this series a must-watch action comedy show!

12. Angel Dentetsu:

Angel Dentetsu


The story of Angel Densetsu starts with Seikichi Kuroda, who is also a self-said tough guy of Hekikuu High School. And this sets rumors around students of the first-year transfer student, Seiichirou Kitano, causing chaos in his class.

To confirm the rumor, Seikichi tries to scare Seiichirou, but in return, he himself got terrified of his wild looks.

But as truly said, never judge books by their cover. Our main character, Seiichirou, is not as bad as he looks. He always tries to help people, but every time he gets mistaken for a bully and a bad guy.

At the start of the series, it may seem fun, like his own classmates who are trying to intimidate Seiichirou, get scared and act horrified. But as the story progresses, it feels like Seiichirou just wanted to be friends but he left alone because of his looks.

The show is full of humor and a bit of action here and there but absolutely a must-watch for anyone who is into good action comedy anime.

11. Hayate the Combat Butler:

Hayate the Combat Butler

The story of Hayate the Combat Butler is full of a roller coaster mixing every good thing in its plot with a sample of sexy ladies, and the cherry on top is that you can get to see one of the cutest maids in the show as well.

The main story begins with our unlucky main protagonist, Hayate Ayasaki, who is a hardworking teenage boy, but because his luck is not with him, he lives a tough life where his own parents disown him with a massive amount of debt to be paid.

Well trying to escape the situation and debtors, on his way through, he meets Nagi Sanzenin, whom he unintentionally tries to kidnap. But this created misunderstandings between him and Nagi, and she thinks it’s some kind of love confession, and at last, she also gets saved by Hayate from real kidnappers.

And now finally, Hayate is given a job to be Nagi’s butler after realizing that she’s from a rich family.

Despite Hayate being pretty good at combat, his bad luck often leads to comedic chaos as he struggles protecting Nagi and plus handling a mansion, and unintentionally getting loved by so many female characters in the show. And I bet you will feel somewhat jealous of his harem.

So, ready for some awesome action comedy show with a light-hearted story? Then don’t sleep on this one!

10. Bungou Stray Dogs:

Bungou Stray Dogs

The story of Bungou Stray Dogs begins by introducing our main protagonist Atsushi Nakajima, whose life takes a drastic turn when his orphanage, where he lives, encounters a mysterious tiger terror on them.

Having no knowledge of this phenomenon, he was unexpectedly thrown out of his only home, leaving him to be homeless.

When he was on the brink of starvation and about to die, our other main characters like Atsushi rescues Osamu Dazai, a very strange man who is in charge of investigating the same tiger.

He teams with other side characters, Doppo Kunikida, who tries to solve the mystery that leads Atsushi to join their unique and one-of-a-kind supernatural detective agency.

And now they all together solve unusual cases, discovering a world filled with ambiguous colleagues and strange events.

The show is full of action and yes, of course, it has dark humor as well because Dazai is not the simple character you see in normal shows. Trust me and watch the show and thank me later!

9. Baccano:


The story of Baccano sets in the early 1930s in the place called Chicago.It portrays the journey of a train renowned to be a Flying Pussyfoot, which is on a journey that is filled with full of violence and disaster.

Meanwhile, in place of New York, a scientist named Szilard and his assistant Ennis are in search of missing bottles of an elixir that grant immortality to humanity. Yes, you read that right!

But on the other side, Mafia wars force their way too, and in the year 1711 aboard the Advena Avis, alchemists face a huge amount of repercussions for wanting immortality.

Well, the story of Baccano is really complex as it unfolds the hidden ambitions and connections through different characters just like the one of most kindhearted thieves Isaac and Miria.

The story is full of action and adventure with a little bit of humor here and there. This story moves around humanity’s greed of seeking immortality that may lead to more atrocities.

The show is a must-watch for people who are into action with a serious storyline that can connect them to ground reality.

8. Beelzebub:


The story starts in Ishiyama High, which is full of delinquents and chaotic students. One day, a first-year student named Oga encounters a baby floating down a river, who turns out to be Baby Beel, who is the son of the Demon Lord. And this scene is absolutely a must-watch because it was really a hilarious scene for sure!

Moving on, so with the help of Beel’s demon maid, Hilda, Oga they all, by living together, face the many challenges of raising an ultimate future Lord of the Underworld.

The show is full of demonic and hilarious scenes because baby Beel is not an ordinary baby, and if you try to ignore him, you have to run for your life!

So, don’t miss out on this super hilarious yet anime full of delinquents.

7. Full Metal Panic:

Full Metal Panic

The story starts with a character named Mithril who is in a secret military group with brand new high-tech gear, assigned to a team led by another character, Melissa Mao, to protect Kaname Chidori.

Well, she is a teenage girl with special knowledge, renowned to be “Whispered.”

Other characters like Sousuke Sagara and Kurz Weber, who are sergeants, are part of this secret mission too. Sousuke as well joins the to keep watch over her.

The Show is full of ups and downs and it is about a secret military operation. It’s full of action and you can discover a lot of scenes where Sousuke’s awkwardness had led him to an ambiguous situation hence creating comical situations.

6. Kill la Kill:

Kill la Kill

The story of Kill la Kill starts with our main protagonist, Ryuko Matoi, a girl searching for her dad’s murderer, and also she got into a fight with another character named Satsuki Kiryuin, known to be a tough student council president.

For the beginning itself, Ryuko suspects Satsuki to be her dad’s killer or maybe linked to that murderer, so she fights with him through the school levels and takes over Elite Four on her own with the help of Senketsu, a powerful outfit that uses her blood to get power on, along with a Scissor Blade.

As far as the plot is concerned, it’s pretty action-packed but there are some comical moments as well. But mostly it’s action-based so you can see a bit of wholesome moments here and there. But if you are into intense stories with good action and a bit of comedy then this show is just for you!

5. FLCL:


The story FLCL starts with an ordinary sixth-grader named Naota, who lives in a city where nothing exciting happens, and it seems he is pretty bored.His brother Tasuku travels to America for his baseball game, leaving Naota to take charge of his stuff and along with most important things his only clingy ex-girlfriend Mamimi.

And soon, Naota’s simple and regular life takes a drastic change when Haruko, a crazy pink-haired woman with a Vespa and bass guitar, enters his life.She suddenly runs him over by leaving him with a horn on his head. I know it sounds pretty unreal but this is what happened for real.

Soon Haruko, who has no place to go back, moves into Naota’s house, and now Naoto gets caught up in an epic battle for supremacy on Earth and maybe he is against the whole universe now.

The Story does sound ambiguous but trust me once you start watching it. It gets better and better with a complex plot with an immense amount of action plus comedy scenes.

4. Assassination Classroom:

Assassination Classroom

After the sudden explosion occurring on the moon’s surface, a mysterious creature arrives on earth, with an immense amount of powers, and his only goal was to destroy the world in March of the following year.

Even though he is being immortal against military forces, he requested to be a teacher in Kunugigaoka Middle School’s most troublesome and challenging class.

The destiny of the world is now in the hands of these students, who have to make a plan to assassinate their teacher to get ten billion yen before graduation and to save the world.

Well, the story sounds really action-packed and that creature and teacher Koro sensei seems to be a villain but in reality, it’s the opposite. He is one of the best sensei in the whole freaking universe.

The show is full of action. Has this student not been a regular student but killing someone like Koro sensei is well built and as the story goes on it becomes more funnier rather than being only action orientated.

This show is one of its kind and missing this action-comedy show can make you regret your decision.

3. Mob Psycho:

Mob Psycho

The story of Mob Psycho starts with an eighth-grader Mob who has strong psychic abilities and turns out to be he sees them as a problem.

And to control and hide his powers from the rest, he joins a fake psychic, Reigen, who uses Mob for earning money.

Their job is to exorcise spirits and try their best to impress his crush, Tsubomi.

Despite his busy routine, there are shortcomings of Mob’s immense power that could lead to a catastrophic event if he can’t keep his emotions in check and control his immense power.

And the situation turns out to be that now his place is in danger, and Mob losing control over his power and stopping it seems literally impossible.Sounds terrifying right?

But don’t worry as the story progresses you will balance the amount of action and comedy and little of emotion in the series. And if you are looking for some cool powerful mc then this show should be on your watchlist.

2. One Punch Man:

One Punch Man

One Punch Man is the story of a superhero who is so powerful that he can end the world in one punch. Well, he got super powerful with his dedication and hardcore training, but nevertheless now he got so powerful he lost his emotions that make him human.

And to an ice on the cake, he never ever gets intimidated or has any happiness even though he wins every freaking fight. I know it does sound like a sad story but it is not because there are many other characters’ interactions with villains and also other superheroes that often make it a fun show.

And how can we forget about top-notch animation? It makes every fight worth a watch.

So, still looking for a super fun show with the best action comedy with a superhero parody then this show is just for you.

1. Gintama:


Number one spot for one of the best and beloved Action-Comedy shows and it’s definitely “Gintama”.Well, the story of Gintama starts in Edo, which was once a city full of ambitious and skillful samurai, but after an alien invasion called the “Amanto” took over feudal Japan, things changed drastically.

The Edo government just became a puppet in the hands of these Amanto and a new law was formed that banned swords usage in public. And it was illegal to ban carrying swords even by samurai.

And there comes our quirky main protagonist Gintoki Sakata with wavy silver hair who still considers himself as a samurai and runs a small business called Yorozuya. Where they provide any service or can work for you in return for cash!

He, along with his chaotic friends Shinpachi, Kagura, and their super giant and wild dog Sadaharu, always gets involved in strange adventures that create super fun moments and action scenes.

Definitely a must-watch series in the action comedy genre!

Wrapping Up:

We hope you have got some really good shows to watch this year from your favorite action comedy genre. Do let us know which one you are gonna try and if we missed any show that was worth mentioning in our listicles. We will be happy to know!

Thanks for reading!

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