JJK 229 Spoilers: Sukuna Is Hit By Gojo’s Unlimited Void, But…


Ok, after reading the JJK 229 spoilers which appeared online, there’s one thing that I can confidently say. Gojo vs Sukuna is a battle of domain expansions. Period. There’s no other way to put it.

But then, that wasn’t the biggest plot point coming in to JJK 229. In the previous chapter, Akutami left us all on a huge cliffhanger, not for the first time in this fight. It involved Mahoraga’s wheel clicking and Gojo suffering a nosebleed.

But Gojo’s nosebleed for most parts turned out to be a false alarm. AKUTAMI SENSEIIIIII AAARRGGHHHHH!!!!!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what transpired in JJK chapter 229.

JJK 229 spoilers: Gojo’s victory?

JJK chapter 229 begins with a familiar sight, both Sukuna and Gojo expanding their domains once again. However, this domain expansion, as with the others before it, provides a crucial piece of information.

In the previous chapter, Angel had theorized that Sukuna too might be able to learn how to replenish his burnt out Cursed Technique having seen Gojo doing it in the fight before. That assumption seems to have come true, as both Sukuna and Gojo opened their domains at the same time, suggesting both of them replenished their Cursed Techniques almost with the same speed.

Gojo had trouble previously making his domain hold up against the slashing attacks of Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine, which always destroyed it from the outside. However, the last time around, Gojo managed to land a decisive hit on Sukuna, destroying the latter’s domain in the process too.

As Kusakabe notes, Gojo needed to do something similar here in order to not lose this fight. However, Shoko reminds everyone that they are criminally undermining how powerful the sure-hit effect of Gojo’s Unlimited Void is. Even if Sukuna was exposed to the sure hit effect for a few seconds, Gojo would have the upper hand.

While we did not get a good idea of what happened inside Gojo’s domain the previous time, JJK 229 makes sure that we see what is going on.

Sukuna gets hit by Unlimited Void:

Gojo and Sukuna are throwing punches at each other as the domain battle progressed. However, Gojo was able to push Sukuna on to the backfoot.

Along with the punches, he pulled Sukuna towards himself using Blue, and then proceeded to land a punch on him. Sukuna was pushed to his limits with Gojo’s incessant physical onslaught, which leads to him not being able to sustain his Shrine for a longer time.

Let’s not forget that at the same time, Sukuna too was trying to break Gojo’s domain from the outside. In the end, both their domains collapsed at the same time again. One side of Sukuna’s face is damaged as he emerges from the shambles.

This is where JJK 229 gets interesting. Being the ultimate Jujutsushiki beasts that they are, Gojo and Sukuna proceed to open their domains once again, with both of them having replenished their cursed techniques using Reversed Cursed Technique (RCT).

But, Gojo’s physical onslaught earlier meant that Sukuna also had to use RCT to heal himself for a bit before moving to replenish his CT. This time gap was reflected when they opened their domains. Basically, Gojo’s Unlimited Void opened slightly before Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine.

This gave Gojo an upper hand and he was able to destroy Sukuna’s domain within 3 minutes and overpower him. And finally Sukuna was hit by the sure hit effect of Gojo’s Unlimited Void.

In that moment of daze, Gojo pierces through Sukuna’s chest!!

However, the strongest sorcerer of the present era has no plans of stopping him there. In fact, he seemed hell bent on causing more damage to enough, in order to take revenge for what he did to Itadori back at the Juvenile Center.

But before Gojo could land the final blow and register the win, Mahoraga finally appears! This will only intensify the Fraudkuna allegations.

Mahoraga vs Gojo?

We saw Gojo mentioning that he would defeat Mahoraga in a single move and he was agonizing over why Sukuna was not using the overpowered shikigami from the Ten Shadows technique.

However, when Mahoraga finally appeared before him, Gojo seemed to be slightly surprised. Did he not expect Sukuna to summon him at that point?

Questions aside, Gojo quickly recovers and poses to finish Mahoraga with his Red. However, Gojo was in for an even bigger surprise as the powerful Shikigami destroyed his domain from the inside, suggesting that it had

This domain destruction was very similar to what happened in Sukuna’s fight against Yorozu.

What happens next is up for speculation.

Obviously both Gojo and Sukuna would be replenishing their burnt out Cursed Techniques. But Gojo will face a daunting task of fighting both Sukuna and Mahoraga in that time period.

Here’s an interesting part. We saw Mahoraga’s dharmachakra click both in the previous chapter and in this one, which probably hints at Mahoraga having adapted to Gojo’s CT and also his domain.

If that indeed turns out to be true, then he will have to come up with a new technique in order blast away Mahoraga. But to even reach that point, he will first have to replenish his cursed technique. But I have a feeling that both Sukuna and Mahoraga won’t be allowing him the time to do that.

What are your thoughts on Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 229. Let me know in the comments below!

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