Unlimited Or Infinite Void: Gojo Satoru’s Domain Expansion Explained!

For first timers, it would be hard to understand what Satoru's powers are. Here, we'll try to understand his strongest and biggest asset; domain expansion: Unlimited or Infinite Void.

Gojou Satoru Infinite void

Gojo Satoru is a man who needs no introduction because you’re probably simping for him already. While he has the looks and personality, Satoru also is the most powerful shaman in the series. In fact, he is the most powerful being in the Jujutsu world!

Here, we’ll try to understand his strongest and biggest asset; domain expansion: Unlimited or Infinite Void. 

Gojo’s Domain; Unlimited Void utilizes both of his strongest abilities, The Six Eyes and The Limitless.

What are Satoru’s abilities?

Both, the Six Eyes and the Limitless are Satoru’s innate abilities he inherited from the Gojo clan. Apparently, he is the first person in the past 400 years to be born with both of these abilities even in the Gojo clan.

The Limitless is an ability that lets its user have complete control over space. All of Gojou’s attacks we’ve seen so far utilises this ability. We have covered Satoru’s Limitless and its related abilities in a separate blog. You can check it out by clicking this link here!

While we don’t know much about the Six Eyes, it seems like a sensory ability with a vision that leaves no blind spots. He can even decipher and break down cursed energy and cursed techniques with the help of his Six Eyes. The abilities also let him use his cursed energy with maximum optimization. This control reduces the wastage of cursed energy to the point that he can use limitless endlessly.

With that explained, let’s go deeper into the domain!

Unlimited Void or Infinite Void’s abilities:

Gojo’s domain has been referred to by multiple names. Infinite Void, Immeasurable Void and Unlimited Void (anime). But they all are the same! When a person/curse is caught in the Unlimited Void, they’re overwhelmed with endless information and stimuli, rendering them paralyzed. Or, that’s how the victim perceives it!

Let me explain using Gojo vs Jogo (Mt. Fuji) fight as an example;

When Gojo expands his domain, Jogo first says something like this; “What?[..] I can’t see anything…I can’t feel anything…No. I can see everything!! I can feel everything!! The information has no end!! And because of that, I can’t do anything!”

Here, Jogo was completely overwhelmed. He couldn’t process anything at first, so he felt like there was nothing around him. But then he realised that his brain was actually trying to process too much information, rendering him incapable of doing anything.

This isn’t quite right. Gojo explains this phenomenon as the actions of perception and communication that people take in life, being forced upon them infinitely. Here, what Gojo means to say is that there isn’t infinite information; rather Jogo is repeating the same thought process so many times that he can’t even comprehend what his thoughts are. The translation note below explains it further.

Gojo Satoru's domain Unlimited Void explained

It clearly states that Jogo wouldn’t think about the objects in front of him; he’s forced to think about his first thought infinitely. Here, that thought is “A”. It’s exactly how the last lines of the notes says, the victim FEELS like they can see everything.

Gojo creates an illusion of sorts where his opponent feel like they’re bombarded with limitless info whereas, he’s just exercising the powers of his ability “limitless” and “six eyes” (a perfect combination of perception and manipulation of matter) to make it seem like there’s infinite information. Just like Gojo can manipulate matter to create infinite amounts of finite space, he is able to stretch out a finite amount of info into infinite amounts!

It is a first copy of how Gojo actually feels when he is able to know all and feel all while he uses the Six Eyes technique. With the brain trying to comprehend whatever data is being fed to it, it is stuck “perceiving” and “communicating” it to the body. But before the body can move or take any action, more info is perceived and another set of communication takes place. Thus the infinite loop continues and the body cannot move (in layman terms)!

Instances where Gojo used the Unlimited Void:

So far, there are only two instances where Gojo used his domain expansion. The first time he used it was against Jogo, in chapter 15 of the manga (Ep 6 of the anime). Here, Gojo used it to show Itadori what a domain exactly is, and how strong he wants his students to be.

Gojo uses Unlimited void against Jogo

The second time is during the Shibuya Incident Arc. Gojo showed why he is the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer. Stuck in a subway filled with non-shamans; Gojo had to deal with almost 1000 transfigured humans and three Special-Grade Curses.

Satoru made an intuitive guess that non-shamans would be able to handle 0.2 seconds off his domain expansion without ever-lasting effects. In these 0.2 seconds, everyone was flooded with information worth half a year (remember, this is not actual information about the world, it’s them repeating the same thought process so many times which roughly amounts to the amount of information a person can learn in six months’ time).

0.2 seconds
Gojo uses domain expansion for 0.2 seconds

This 0.2 seconds of his domain was enough to leave all the transfigured humans unconscious for a few minutes; in which Gojo managed to kill all of them. Precisely, he took only 299 seconds!

Disadvantages of Unlimited Void:

For Satoru, the Unlimited Void usually guarantees a win. However, this isn’t the case with external factors involved. Crowded places are the biggest disadvantage for the domain and Shibuya Arc is the best example from JJK.

all or nothing domain

Stuck alongside hundreds of Non-Shamans in the subway; it was impossible for him to open his domain; since his domain would almost instantly kill them all. As a matter of fact, the outer layer of his domain would crush the people who weren’t caught in his domain. Due to this, he had to open his domain for 0.2 seconds. Those 0.2 seconds caused the affected people to receive therapy for two months before they could continue their lives normally!

It is quite obvious that the Unlimited Void is very dangerous, even for shamans and hence Gojo can’t use it in a crowded place. This ability doesn’t have any other disadvantage; it is the definition of overpowered. The only way to overpower this domain would be to have more cursed energy output than Satoru. In the manga, Okkotsu says that he has more cursed energy than Gojo. Considering that, do you think he will be able to beat Gojo?

So, what do you think about Gojo Satoru’s domain; the Unlimited Void? Do you like it? Too overpowered? Let us know in the comments below!

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