Gojo’s Death Explained: Is Gojo Dead? Will He Come Back In JJK?

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 236 was stake through the heart for Gojo fans. Just one chapter ago, i.e. in 235, Gojo had used his Hollow Purple and gained a major advantage in his fight against Sukuna.

In fact, the narrator even said that Sukuna was scared for the first time in over 1000 years. But in chapter 236, the tables turned completely.

Not only did Sukuna overturn the deficit somehow, he was able to kill Gojo too. This is certainly not the topless Gojo that we were hoping to see.

Gojo was a fan favorite, and even the strongest sorcerer of the current times. This only makes it even harder to believe that he would lose out of the blue to Sukuna.

In this article, we’ll explore if Gojo is really dead and if he has any chance of returning.

Is Gojo dead in JJK? Gojo’s death explained!

To answer in short, Gojo Satoru is really dead. He was killed by Sukuna in chapter 236. The huge confusion was there because Sukuna’s killer move on Gojo happened off-screen.

Gojo satoru dead

Let’s take a look at how Gojo died.

We know that Sukuna had been using Mahoraga to adapt to infinity. However, there was more to this. His plan was not to just make Mahoraga adapt. He wanted to use Mahoraga’s adaptation as model or a blue-print to base his own attack on.

Basically, Sukuna wanted to use Mahoraga to help HIM come up with an attack which will penetrate Gojo’s inviolability. And it seems that Mahoraga did succeed in doing so.

Remember how Mahoraga had let loose a slash cutting Gojo’s arm? There lies our key in understanding how Gojo died.

Sukuna explains that Mahoraga adapted to Gojo’s infinity twice. The first time Mahoraga transmuted it’s own cursed energy to overcome infinity. However, Sukuna couldn’t do that. This resulted in him forcing Mahoraga to adapt more.

The result of this was a slashing attack was different from Sukuna’s cleave and dismantle. In fact, Mahoraga adjusted the Cursed Technique in a way that it would cut anything and everything in front of it, even space, existence and the world.

In front of such an attack, there wasn’t anything that Gojo’s infinity could do. And that is when we see him standing there, without an upper half of the body.

TLDR; Gojo died because Sukuna used Mahoraga’s adaptation as a blueprint to copy an attack that will overcome Gojo’s infinity and cut him.

Now, on to the more important part.

Will Gojo Satoru return to life?

To answer in short, at this point it seems unlikely that Gojo will return to life. He really is dead, and his character arc has come to an end.

Gojo has accepted his death most probably. I am basing this off on the conversation he had with Geto and the others in his dream/cursed realm.

He seemed to be satisfied with the way he was signing off. He was killed by someone who was stronger than him, and his death did not happen because of some illness or old-age.

Gojo is satisfied

RCT Copium and Takaba

A lot of Gojo fans in the fandom are high on copium thinking that Gojo’s head was not chopped off, and that he can still use reverse cursed technique in order to heal himself.

But, do you think a person, who was satisfied with the way he died, has a really strong reason to return to life? Will he try his best to use reverse cursed technique to come back to life?

The answer is no.

Also, Gojo’s death was in a way necessary to push the plot forward. I know many of you are going to say that it made no sense to unseal him only to kill him 15 odd chapters later. Well, it is what it is. The bed has been made and we have to make peace with it.

gojo dead15
Bid him goodbye!

However, I am a Gojo fan myself, and I am willing to leave a tiniest windowof possibility open to the fact that Gojo might actually return. I mean, Yuji was dead for quite a while before he came back. Maybe Gojo has his innate domain too!

It is possible that he might use reversed cursed technique to heal himself. And allow me to offer some hope to the die-hards in the form of Twitter user Curry. If Gojo survival copium is what you want, then check out their account!

But reverse cursed technique is not the only thing possible. There is Takaba.

Takaba and his cursed technique are a literal chekov’s gun waiting to be used in the manga. He is not there just for the humor element. The more I think about it, Takaba indeed has a very high chance to revive Gojo.

Gojo as a cursed spirit:

Then, there is the possibility of Gojo returning as a cursed spirit. Just like how Yuta latched on to Rika’s soul not willing to let go, it is possible that Gojo’s students might latch on to his soul not willing to let him pass to the other side and making him a cursed spirit.

Also Jujutsu sorcerers have a real chance of turning into cursed spirits

However, that would probably be against Gojo’s wishes and will only add more to his suffering. It is a possibility that I don’t want to see happening. However, Gege can be cruel sometimes. Cries in topless Satoru.

What are your thoughts on Gojo’s death? Do you think he is really dead? Or will he return? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Gojo’s Death Explained: Is Gojo Dead? Will He Come Back In JJK?”

  1. I really hope Gojo Saturo will come back to life, o cheat death the second time around. It’s worth watching for if he will survive.

  2. TBH, it sucks.
    It is the usual pattern of the dead master, like Silente, like Jiraya, like Star Wars, like many others….

    It is a plot kill, like a plot armor. And it is honestly backfiring in terms of interest for the story.

    Not appealing, lack of variety and anti climatic. When someone say, we have to deal with it , it’s true. I will deal with my disappointment reading other mangas


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