Did Gojo Get Unsealed In Jujutsu Kaisen? How & When Did It Happen?

Gojo Prison Realm

Gojo’s unsealing or unboxing event as it known in the fandom, was something that the fandom has been waiting for a long time.

The strongest jujutsu sorcerer staying away from the frontlines made the situation more dire for our protagonists. It’s safe to say that he was sorely missed. Especially after what Sukuna pulled!

When Kenjaku concocted an elaborate plan to seal Gojo using the prison real, and when that plan eventually worked out in Shibuya, it felt like the end of the world to many. While his absence did help a lot of characters to grow and adapt, a slew of undesired events have taken place.

In the end, it wasn’t not just the readers who wanted the six eyes user to return.

Kenjaku’s real intention behind the culling game isn’t completely clear yet, but it has to be prevented anyhow. While all the others will be trying their best to fight, it became obvious to everyone that Gojo’s unsealing is a must for winning.

But given how Akutami had made his issues with Gojo vocal in the past, and how he had been brutal at killing off some fan favorite characters (Junpei, Nanami, Nobara, Yaga, should I go on?) there was always a possibility that Gojo would stay sealed till the end of the manga.

However, the author sprung a surprise on all of us, and actually went ahead with Gojo’s unsealing in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 221.

The solution to the problem:

Gojo’s unsealing was never something that was impossible to pull off. As early as chapter 145, we get the solution from none other than the all-knowing entity, Tengen.

In the said chapter, Tengen made Yuji and the others aware of the back of the Prison Realm. Even though Kenjaku sealed Gojo using the front of Prison Realm, it was possible to engineer his escape using the back.

Tengen gives prison realm to help unseal Gojo Satoru

However, the two tools Yuji and the others could have to open Prison Realm, the Inverted Spear of Heaven that nullifies cursed techniques or the Black Rope that disrupts and cancels cursed technique effects, were both either destroyed or sealed away by Gojo.

Well, talk about Gojo making people’s lives difficult, including his own! In all possibility, his past self sabotaged his own escape.

For the Inverted Spear of Heaven, he either sealed it abroad or worse, destroyed it while he fought Toji. And he also got rid of the Black Rope sometime in the last year while he defeated Miguel.

Even so, Yuji and co. also had the perfect plot device lying in wait to help them achieve their goal. And this plot device was none other than Hana Kurusu, also known as the Angel.

Her cursed technique can extinguish any cursed technique. Therefore, her cursed technique will play the same role as the cursed tools in getting Gojo Satoru unsealed from the Prison realm.

And eventually, she is the one who gets Gojo unsealed!

How did Gojo get unsealed:

To answer in short, Gojo got unsealed after Hana Kurusu used Angel’s cursed technique, Jacob’s ladder on the back of the prison realm and freed him. This event took place in chapter 221 of Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

Hana Kurusu

The path to Gojo’s unboxing was not as simple as I make it seem. It was littered with struggles and some sacrifices. Yuki lost her life fighting Kenjaku, when the latter invaded the Tomb of the Star. And Choso did not make it out unhurt from the fight either. However, when he escaped the place with the back of the prison realm.

The situation only got worse when Sukuna struck at the right moment and took over Megumi’s body, adding more things on Itadori’s plate to deal with.

The search for Hana too wasn’t easy either. However, at this point I can’t help but see Hana as a convenient plot device. Not only was she someone who agreed to help Yuji easily, she also turned out to be an admirer of Megumi.

That might have made her act stupidly and fall into Sukuna’s trap at one point, but still she miraculously got saved, and ended up fulfilling her given role in breaking Gojo’s seal.

It would have been something if Hana had died at Sukuna’s (Megukuna’s) hands, but that never came to pass, thanks to Amai’s cursed technique and also the presence of Takaba nearby!

Following these incidents, Yuji, Maki, Yuta and Hana meet up with the others to plan ahead. Choso too was present there, and he entrusted them with the prison realm. Since Hana was on their side, they decided to proceed with Gojo’s unsealing before taking on Kenjaku and Sukuna.

The unsealing process:

Not knowing Gojo’s mental state after being trapped in the Prison Realm, Yuji and the others decide to do the unsealing at Kiroko Mine in Saitama prefecture, which is basically Jujutsu High’s Training ground. The place was deserted and the risk was considerably less.

Hana then proceeds to use Jacob’s Ladder on the back of the prison realm. However, instead of Gojo appearing, the back of the prison realm disappeared. This led them to believe that the plan had failed. Hana even wondered if Gojo was an evil person after all, since her ‘light’ erased him.

But then, it seems that Yuji and the others just didn’t have a good understanding of how things worked. From what we have seen, it seems that Gojo actually escaped from the front end of the Prison Realm, instead of the back end.

It is easy to understand why the prison realm completely disappeared. At the end of the day, the prison realm is a cursed object, which is basically a curse, which exists as an object.

So when Hana hit the prison realm with Angel’s innate technique, not only did she nullify the cursed technique, she also ended up exorcising the curse in a way.

Instead of opening the back door of the prison realm, she completely extinguished it, resulting in Gojo walking free. This explains how he got out from where the front side of the prison realm was supposed to be, instead of coming out of the back!

So after being sealed for 19 days (1189 days in real life) Gojo Satoru escaped the seal of the prison realm. On second thought, this was bound to happen, because Akutami said that Gojo is yet to tell Megumi about Toji.

Straight after getting unsealed, he went to have a face-off with both Kenjaku and Gojo, increasing the stakes of the situation altogether. What are your thoughts on Gojo getting unsealed? Let us know them in the comments below!

  • The reason why I got hooked with the manga and the anime it was because of the gorgeous sensei..bring back Gojo!!!….I felt the infinite void without him on the scene.

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