Toji vs Gojo: How Did Gojo Survive Toji Fushiguro In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Toji vs Gojo a battle of Intense Hype! Read the article to find out what happened in their face-off.

Gojo vs Toji

What would a clash between polar opposites in the cursed energy spectrum look like? Fushiguro Toji vs Gojo Satoru battle is one of the pinnacle battle in entire Jujutsu Kaisen Manga. Also, Toji and Gojo are pinnacles of strength in their respective methods of fighting. We witness this later as well when Zen’in Naoya looks back on aspiring to chase this strength.

Toji was devoid of cursed energy due to his Heavenly Restriction and proudly bore the name Sorcerer Killer. On the other hand, Gojo was feared as the ‘strongest‘ by all alike, including Toji. In fact, Gojo was the only one to realize Toji’s presence, even as a child.

So, when the chance came, naturally, Toji’s pride could not stop him from going after the strongest sorcerer. And boy, he did. He made himself into the only person coming close to defeating and killing (!!) the famous Six-Eyes user.

Before we talk of how Toji vs Gojo panned out, we must discuss the intricate plan Toji laid behind every action.

Toji Vs Gojo: How did Toji defeat and stab Gojo?

As we saw with the cursed spirits, it is not an easy task to try defeating Gojo. Yes, “try” defeating. Even with the advantage of having Geto (or well, his body) on their side, they had to trap Gojo in Prison Realm instead of killing him.

However, during the hidden inventory arc, if anyone could do it, it had to be Toji, with his clever tactics that took a hell lot of plotting. It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, after all. The only way around Gojo’s Six-Eyes was deception because that’s just how powerful his technique was even when it wasn’t fully developed.

So, Toji came up with a three-step plan to take down Gojo by tiring him out for a sneak attack. To exhaust Gojo to the full extent, what better than making him use his ability non-stop? Be it the strongest, or not, anyone would get tired of that.

And Toji devised this plan keeping Riko Amanai, his actual target at the center.

The Star Plasma Vessel’s assassination was not exclusive to defeating Gojo and Geto because they were the strongest duo. So, Toji decided to use the sense of security they both had with their power.

First, he posted a bounty on Riko’s head and got people interested in the job. It seemed easy to others, they could get a huge sum of money for killing a child. However, Toji knew the truth; he wasn’t delegating his job at all.

Gojo used his ability non-stop just like Toji wanted

Instead of wasting his own efforts over direct attacks that would be in vain, he sicced others to do the hard work. This not just gave him more time to prepare for the next step of the plan, but also keep his wild card (himself, lmao) hidden until the last moment. And it kept Gojo and Geto’s minds constantly busy.

Next, he created a fake hostage situation with a little help from Shiwoo. They pretended to kidnap Kuroi to make it look like a ransom situation, to force Gojo and Geto to move. They felt the best course of action was to spend the time until the merger with Tengen away from Tokyo Jujutsu High.

Toji arranged the bounty and kidnapping of Kuroi

Shiwoo let Kuroi go which only strengthened the false sense of security Gojo and Geto had. During the entire time, Gojo used his Six-Eyes to keep watch around the area and fight enemies with Geto.

Lastly, when Gojo and Geto were finally off-guard, Toji landed his first blow. Since the school barriers only filtered any form of cursed energy, Toji could sneak in. He forced Gojo and Geto to separate in a bid to save Riko and a tired Gojo stayed back.

The battle between Toji and Gojo was not an easy one: both of them were powerhouses. In order to cut down Toji’s terrain advantage, Gojo blasted away all in sight – only for his opponent to use it to his advantage. Toji created a distraction using flies he had stored in his cache to appear next to Gojo.

Toji stabs Gojo

He knew Gojo would sense the overwhelming cursed energy of a weapon and get on the defensive. And so he did, making it easy for Toji to stab Gojo with the Inverted Spear of Heaven. This tool stopped Gojo’s cursed technique forcibly, and Toji defeated him.

It was all a careful plan that Gojo had not even begun imagining of! It also successfully led to the death of Riko Amanai. But here’s a question a lot of people ask:

Was Toji stronger than Gojo?

No! Toji was not stronger than Gojo. If anything, he was far weaker than Gojo in actual fights. He might have Heavenly Restriction, but Toji was still but a puny man in front of the Six-Eyes.

If Toji was stronger than Gojo, he would not go to such lengths for defeating him. He had to use an unfair method to defeat Gojo because he knew he could never defeat Geto and Gojo 1-to-1 in their best conditions.

How did Gojo survive the Toji vs Gojo battle?

Gojo survived his brawl with Toji because of Reverse Cursed Technique. Even on death’s door, only Gojo could have awakened to an unimaginable extent.

As soon as Toji stabbed him, Gojo concentrated all his energy into tapping the Reverse Cursed Technique to heal himself and make it out alive. He had previously tried learning the technique, only for Shoko to explain it to him vaguely which was of no use.

But thankfully, Gojo was able to do that because when Toji stabbed his head, he did not use the inverted spear of heaven or cut off his head completely. If Toji had done either of these, then Gojo would definitely have died.

Gojo taps into Reverse Cursed Technique after being stabbed by Toji

But miracles happen when people are desperate and Gojo healed himself completely. He even became capable of using Six-Eyes without any restrictions of time, because he could heal his brain all day while using the technique.

Toji had no escaping the newly awakened young God’s wrath. Gojo found him and round two of this battle was unsurprisingly one-sided with Gojo literally one-shotting Toji.

His Six-Eyes and Limitless were awaiting only this perfection, and hence, with this technique in tow, Gojo became the strongest jujutsu sorcerer.

Did Toji vs Gojo fight change Gojo?

Toji vs Gojo was a crucial checkpoint for the teenager Gojo to grow into a figure of strength. If earlier he was seen as a threat, he now became a disaster. If earlier he was respected, he was now revered.

This fight was an awakening for Gojo because it gave him an insight into himself and his life. Akutami even went as far as portraying Gojo as Buddha when he says that he alone is the honored one.

Gojo as Buddha in his fight against Toji

Gojo also probably realized that for being someone with “Six-Eyes” there was far too much he was missing. The arc’s development substantiated this idea further, with Geto picking a different path to Gojo’s shock.

This instance is also when we can see how Gojo enjoys fighting and is one of the clearest presentations of his complex personality. As it is evident, Toji vs Gojo was also the last time Gojo and Geto last had concurrent thoughts.

The fight also inadvertently became part of why Geto fell out of his friendship with Gojo, an event that Gojo still feels deeply about.

Well, that was all the answers to your questions about Toji vs Gojo fight! Let us know in the comments if you liked the developments!

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