Did Gojo Come Back To Life? Shocking Twist Explained:

Gojo Satoru eyes

Ever since chapter 236, there’s only been one thing that Gojo fans have been praying for – the return of their favorite character in some form or the other.

Gojo Satoru’s death was hard to stomach, and naturally a ton of theories sprouted online as to how the strongest sorcerer of the current era could have survived the deadly slash by Sukuna.

These theories were debunked and dissed by the naysayers (at one point me included), as the general consensus seemed to shift to the fact that Gojo truly had passed on.

But, who can predict the wicked schemes of the cyclops cat!

It seems that Akutami has sprung as nasty surprise in JJK 260, as nasty as the one in chapter 236 – Gojo Satoru has probably returned to the battlefield.

Remember that news where the hosts of One Piece themed variety show were absolutely shocked to see a chapter that JJK editor Junya Fukuda was editing? I think this is what they probably saw!

Let’s take look at what happened!

Did Gojo come back to life?

To answer in short, Gojo Satoru had come back in some form to the battlefield to face Sukuna once again!

But then, that was not the entire story. Only Gojo’s physical body had come back with stitches on his forehead – surprisingly possessed by Yuta Okkotsu.

JJK chapter 260 began with Sukuna, Yuji and Todo duking it out at Shinjuku. And thanks to Todo’s upgraded version of Boogie Woogie, he and Yuji were able to corner Sukuna to a certain extent.

As readers, we know that it would be futile to write-off Sukuna at any point in the battle. Once again, he was about to showcase his prowess in jujutsu by opening the Malevolent Shrine.

It would have been hard for Yuji and Todo to escape this situation.

However, a mysterious silhouette emerged from the dust and smoke, described by the narrator as the “ghost” of the strongest foe Sukuna had ever slain.

Given this description, Gojo Satoru immediately came to mind.

And then, we get a panel – showing the upper half of this character’s face.

Gojo comes back in JJK 260

Honestly, it looks quite a lot like Gojo – with the white hair and that peculiar eye. It’s a callback to the time he returned against Toji probably.

Adding fuel to the fire, the editor’s comments declared “those eyes are unmistakable,” further implying Gojo’s return.

In JJK chapter 261, it was confirmed that the one who returned was Gojo. What’s the catch you ask. Well, it was only his physical body that had come back.

When his face was revealed, he had those familiar stitches on his forehead, and my heart skipped a beat. So did Sukuna’s.

However, Kenjaku was not the one responsible for this development!

Gojo’s body was now possessed by none other than Yuta Okkotsu, who was using Kenjaku’s cursed technique to switch bodies.

This was a real shocking twist for me. Akutami granted Gojo fans’ wish by bringing him back – but at what cost?

Is it possible that Akutami had been planning to pull this move all along? A panel from Shibuya arc certainly makes me wonder!

Back in Shibuya, Kenjaku had claimed that Yuta could never be the next Gojo. And now, he had used Kenjaku’s CT itself

Yuta can't be next Gojo
Yuta is trolling Kenjaku in his grave!

After killing Kenjaku in Lake Gosho colony, Yuta made Rika ingest him – which let him copy the flamboyant schemer’s CT.

He then used it to transfer his brain into Gojo’s corpse and possess his body.

The one thing that is beyond clear from this piece of information is that Gojo is really & truly dead!!

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