How Did Gojo Kill Hanami In Jujutsu Kaisen?

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With the release of episode 8 of Jujutsu Kaisen’s S2, we have finally entered the Shibuya district, which is going to witness the worst nightmare on Halloween Eve.

After Mechamaru’s death in the previous episode, Suguru Geto cast a 400m radius curtain over Shibuya station, preventing all non-sorcerers (simply humans) from escaping. The humans were informed of just one condition: Bring Satoru Gojo.

Gojo Kill Hanami

Putting their plan into motion, Suguru Geto and his band of cursed spirits were able to lure Satoru Gojo into the barrier which was the first part of their plan.

As Gojo made his presence clear to everyone inside the barrier, he was greeted by Special Grade Cursed Spirits Jogo, Hanami, and Cursed Womb Choso. As the trio manages to annoy Gojo into removing his blindfold, they begin to fight.

Although the cursed spirits were able to counter Satoru Gojo’s Limitless using a specific technique, Gojo killed Hanami after the latter made a mistake. How did that happen? What did Hanami do that led to its demise? Time to find out!

How Did Gojo Kill Hanami?

The moment Gojo entered the curtain, he was greeted by hundreds of humans crowding in the station. The fight starts as he notices Hanami, Jogo, and Choso.

The plan was to stall Gojo for 20 minutes before Suguru would appear with the Prison Realm. They planned to adverse Gojo’s fight by utilizing the hundreds of helpless humans as obstacles between the two fighting parties. This would heavily restrict his fighting opportunities as they would only come in between the strongest sorcerer.

As Jogo and Hanami attacked Gojo, they were prevented from going any further due to Limitless but they had come prepared.

Hanami and jogo attacks gojo

Suguru Geto taught them the way to use Domain Amplification, a technique similar to New Shadow Style: Simple Domain. By expanding their domains, it can neutralize the sure-hit effects of Domain Expansion and cancel out Cursed Techniques, even the likes of Limitless. This made Gojo realize that he was vulnerable to their attacks.

Later in chapter 225, we get a better explanation from Kusakabe that Domain Amplification neutralizes a domain by pouring the opponent’s cursed technique into an empty space.

The Cursed Spirits also gambled on the fact that Gojo would not use his Domain Expansion Unlimited Void as the humans would be crushed in between the Domain’s barrier and the Curtain. So they knew that they had a real chance of challenging Satoru Gojo.

It was at this moment that Gojo realized the plan and switched to serious mode, by removing his blindfold and demeaning the Cursed Spirits. He then decides to take out Hanami first as he has the most history with him.

An enraged Gojo attacks them without using physical attacks without Limitless and starts going for Jogo despite proclaiming to kill Hanami first. This led Hanami to question Gojo’s motives and as a result decided to activate his own technique in order to take him out, thinking it to be a sure-shot strategy.

But this is what Gojo was waiting for all along.

Gojo Kill Hanami

It is not possible to use Domain Amplification and one’s Innate Domain simultaneously, thus making one vulnerable.

Pounding on the advantage, Gojo jumped on him and grabbed his horns. Mentioning that they were his weak points, Gojo forcibly pulled out the horns, severely weakening him. Jogo on the other hand survived only because he was using Domain Amplification.

As Choso and Jogo tried to distract him from Hanami, Gojo showed no remorse and crushed Hanami into the wall after activating Limitless again.

Gojo Kill Hanami

Infinity or something else? Clearing misconceptions!

Now we know that Limitless has multiple forms. And it’s neutral form, the infinity, is commonly misunderstood to be a barrier. However, that’s not true.

The Infinity more like a space surrounding Gojo which he manipulates to make the objects slow down and never reach him. For a detailed explanation, check out the article below.

However, that alone should not be able to kill Hanami. Gojo can’t use it to crush someone. Instead I strongly believe he used Reversed Cursed Technique to power the Limitless and ended up creating a effect of Red.

This in turn pushed Hanami against the wall, because contrary to the Blue, Red has a repelling effect.

If he had used Blue, then Hanami would have been pulled towards him. And since that did not happen we can safely rule out that for now. However, there is also a possibility that Gojo simply increased the range of his Limitless, manipulating the space to a greater extent.

This could also push Hanami against the wall and crush him. Because, no matter how hard he tried, he wouldn’t be able to reach Gojo.

TLDR; Gojo killed Hanami by powering up his Limitless and crushing the cursed spirit against a wall. He probably used the effects of Red.

What a brutal way to take out a Special Grade Cursed Spirit!


Suguru Geto and his Cursed Spirits laid out a complex yet effective plan to get rid of the Strongest Sorcerer Satoru Gojo. Their plan focused on distracting Gojo using hundreds of humans inside of the curtain. Geto mentions in a flashback that Gojo is most effective only when he is alone and any form of help is just getting in his way. This fact alone gave them somewhat of a chance to fight him.

As Gojo used Limitless in order to avoid attacks from Jogo and Hanami, they used a technique known as Domain Amplification which expands the domains and also bypasses Cursed Techniques but at the cost of using your own Cursed Technique. This is what led Gojo to form a strategy in order to get rid of them.

He starts chasing Jogo after proclaiming to kill Hanami first by deactivating Limitless but as the latter decides to backstab using their Cursed Technique, Gojo pounces upon the opening by grabbing hold of Hanami and pulling out his horns.

As Jogo and Choso try to distract Gojo from Hanami, Gojo pays no heed to them and finishes off Hanami by crushing him between Limitless and a wall.

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