JJK 230 Spoilers: Sukuna Reveals His Hand, But Falters At The End!

JJK 230 spoilers Sukuna

Once again, its Wednesday and the spoilers for the upcoming chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen chapter have surfaced online. And going by whatever JJK 230 spoiler revealed, the chapter is utterly nail-biting.

Just like the ones before it, the previous JJK chapter ended on a cliffhanger. Sukuna summoned Mahoraga, who immediately ended up destroying Gojo’s Unlimited Void. This once again left the fans sweating about what would happen to Gojo.

Some were expecting this chapter to start with a flashback, in order to get a breather from the complex and high octane fight that Akutami has been cooking in the name of Gojo vs Sukuna. However, JJK chapter 230 picks up right where the previous one off.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how things fare this time around!

JJK 230 spoilers: Megumi’s soul bears the brunt:

For starters, we don’t get to see a Mahoraga vs Gojo fight in this chapter. Yeah, the cursed spirit went back into the shadows after breaking Gojo’s domain!

We saw in the previous chapter that Sukuna had been exposed to Gojo’s Unlimited Void. And due to that, Sukuna should ideally have been paralyzed in both mind and body for a while. However, he surprised everyone by summoning Mahoraga. This led to a lot of people wondering how Sukuna was able to bypass the effects of the Void.

JJK chapter 230 begins with Sukuna addressing this question and revealing his hand.

It happens that the sure hit effect of the Unlimited Void was not borne by Sukuna. Instead, he somehow managed to transfer it to the owner of the body. Yes, it was poor Megumi who bore the brunt of Gojo’s Domain Expansion in Sukuna’s place.

The sure-hit effect of Gojo’s Unlimited Void could not be tanked by Sukuna unlike what Gojo did with Malevolent Shrine. Sukuna realized that he somehow needed a way to make Mahoraga adapt to Unlimited Void, and catch Gojo off-guard. And so, he made Megumi’s soul use the 10 shadows cursed technique, specifically Mahoraga’s wheel, for this purpose.

We don’t have too much details on how exactly Sukuna was able to make a ‘soul’ use the cursed technique, or how he transferred the sure hit effect on to the soul. However, because of whatever he pulled off Sukuna was only able to use the slash and cleave imbued in the Shrine against Gojo.

Even after realizing that Megumi was the one taking the sure hit of Unlimited Void, Gojo gets ready to expand his domain once again! Is he not worried about Megumi at all?

Turns out that Megumi was still in the ‘process’ of adapting to Unlimited Void. And if Gojo were to open his domain again, Mahoraga will once again appear. However, this time, Gojo was prepared to kill him with a single hit.

While the plan seemed pretty solid, Gojo’s brain seemed to have something else in store for him.

Gojo’s nosebleed is back:

This is where the chapter turns into complete nailbiter.

Just as he is about to open his domain, Gojo once again suffers a nosebleed. And this time, we get a proper reason for why it is happening.

Remember how Gojo was able to replenish his cursed technique using RCT? While it sounded harmless on the surface, the actual process was very risky and it involved destroying a part of the brain where a sorcerer’s cursed technique was engraved and then immediately healing it using RCT.

It’s safe to say that with all the domain expansions we saw in the fight, Gojo overexerted himself by forcefully replenishing his cursed technique, and it affected his brain, leaving him unable to use the domain expansion.

Apparently, Sukuna had already seen this scenario coming, and he got all cocky once Gojo was down on his knees.

At that point, I honestly felt that Gojo was at the end of his rope. Why? Because Sukuna just told him that he was about open his domain once again. But this time, instead of keeping the barrier open, he would close it so that Gojo would find it hard to escape. And then he would keep on slashing him till Gojo was no longer able to take.

In short, Sukuna had a brutal death planned for Gojo. The whole scene was reminiscent of how he looked down on Jogo at Shibuya.

Everyone was bracing for a GOJOVER moment. How could they not? Sukuna literally bid Gojo farewell, calling his the strongest but also an ordinary sorcerer!

However, something very unexpected happens when Sukuna opened his domain.

Sukuna falters:

Just as Sukuna opened his domain, the Shrine suddenly comes down crashing. It almost felt as if the fandom’s wish for having either Kashimo or Yuta interfere in the fight was manifested by Gege Akutami.

However, it turns out that Gojo was saved by the bell, which was largely thanks to his domain expansion.

Remember how Sukuna had been exposed to the effects of the Unlimited Void, even if it was only for a brief time. Well, he did manage to shift the target to Megumi at the right time in order to avoid his brain from being fried then and there. However, even those 10 seconds of exposure made sure that his brain too was as damaged as Gojo.

Sukuna too had used RCT to replenish his cursed technique forcefully. Meaning he too had gone through the same process that Gojo did. And add the damage done by the 10 seconds of Unlimited Void to it, Sukuna too was unable to use his domain expansion at that point.

Basically, both Sukuna and Gojo were at equal footing once again. And this time, Gojo was the one having a good laugh. It was his turn to get all cocky.

Pointing out to Mei Mei’s crows, Gojo reminds Sukuna that his students are watching, and that he had to look cool in front of them. It was a nice call back to chapter 2 of the manga, when Gojo said the same thing to Sukuna who had manifested in Itadori’s body.

JJK Chapter 230 ends with Gojo landing a heavy punch on Sukuna, and at the same time, Yorozu’s dialogue to Sukuna – “I have much to teach you about love, and Ultimate Strength; and the Soltitude it brings” was brought up once again.

Could it be that Sukuna is having some sort of an inner monologue that we are not aware. Will we finally get to see the past of the King of the Curses? Well, only time will tell.

Till then, let us know your thoughts on JJK 230 spoilers in the comments below!

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