Is Megumi Dead In JJK 237? Did Sukuna’s Reincarnation Kill Him?

Megumi Dead

The number “236” will forever haunt Jujutsu Kaisen fans as Gege Akutami went ahead and sliced the character of Gojo Satoru from between, which in turn also broke the internet.

Thousands of fans were raging on X (Twitter) and a few also accepted the “Strongest’s” fate at the hands of Sukuna, but it took Gege a lot of guts to make this decision… or did it now? But the disaster doesn’t end there.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 237 has been out for a while, and people have again put on their tin foil hats to speculate about a certain character’s ending.

In the chapter, we get to see Thunder God Kashimo Hajime enter the battle and challenge Sukuna while Uraume appears to deliver Sukuna a brand new Cursed Tool. The struggle continues but on the last page, we get to see a shocking development: Sukuna reveals his true form.

Yes, the one with four arms that fans may be aware of in stories. Although this development is worthy of hype and excitement, this could mean bad news for the Zenin clan Head, Megumi, as the lines spoken at the end of the chapter and some other facts point toward another unfortunate demise.

What happened? Why are talking about the death of another major character already? We are here to talk exactly about that so let’s get started!

Spoiler Warning: If you are already depressed about Gojo’s death, please do not read any further. Thank you.

Is Megumi Dead? Did Sukuna Kill Him By Reincarnating?

Why even bring the possibility of Megumi dying? There are a lot of reasons why.

The fight between the king of curses and the Strongest Sorcerer of the present was a rollercoaster of emotions. It was a fight where constantly changing Domain conditions and reaction times in milliseconds granted only a slight advantage.

Sukuna came out on top and Gojo lost. However, there is someone else who had been taking a series of heavy losses in the fight on his own. No points for guessing who that is; ofcourse it is Megumi!

Sukuna was able to come out unscathed even after getting hit by multiple Unlimited Voids, all because he made Megumi’s soul take all the damage. This already proves to be despairing enough. Even if Megumi were to be alive at this point, there is no saying what his condition would be.

On top of that, the last panel of JJK 237 should have us all on the edge of out seats, but for Megumi fans, its for all the wrong reasons.

sukuna form

“Transformation after Incarnation”

If Sukuna has “transformed” using “incarnation”, does that mean Sukuna has completely transformed into his true self after reincarnating in Megumi’s body?

This does seem logical considering the words spoken by the narrator. Megumi is nowhere to be found after this and one can only hope for him to be well.

At one point, Sukuna had his eyes on Megumi. He was so obsessed with the latter that he even saved his life a couple of times. But that buff is no longer on Megumi’s side. Now that Sukuna’s reincarnation is complete, there is nothing stopping him from discarding Megumi as a rag doll.

Sure Sukuna craved for the Ten Shadows and Mahoraga, but that only for overcoming Gojo’s infinity. Now that Gojo is dead (is he though?) Sukuna no longer has to worry about.

Keeping that in mind, let us also discuss the possibility of Megumi’s death via Sukuna’s act.

Reasons Why Megumi Could Be Dead?

We are not jumping to any conclusions about Megumi dying without any solid grounds, just to make sure. We do have some hints dropped by Gege himself in the past which may have foreshadowed his demise.

1. Reggie Star’s final words

Reggie Star was a jujutsu sorcerer from the past who was incarnated during the Culling Game and one the strongest enemies that Megumi had faced. Despite having a unique and powerful cursed technique called Contractual Recreation (he could summon anything a receipt would have mentioned, be it physical/non-physical), Megumi’s intellect was far superior.

Despite Megumi’s victory, Reggie’s last words in chapter 173 may have been a foreshadowing of the future. If you don’t remember what he said, let me remind you:


Let Fate toy with you before you die like a fool

Reggie may have predicted his future way before the final arc.

Let’s also remind ourselves of what happened in chapter 212. Megumi finally met Tsumiki after a long time and to his surprise, she was the incarnated type and not the awakened type as he had assumed from the beginning.

Yorozu, a sorcerer from the past was reincarnated in Tsumiki’s body. Meanwhile, Sukuna offers a Binding Vow to Yuji in which Sukuna would take control of his body for a minute, and in return, he wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Sukuna then proclaims that the Binding Vow didn’t include himself and tears off his own finger. Megumi attempts to stop him by summoning his shadow beasts but Sukuna stops his finger movement and forcibly feeds him the finger that he tore off, taking control of Megumi’s body.

Oh Gege, what a way to make a fool out of him!!

2. Gege Akutami’s Comment from Jump Festa 2019

During Jump Festa 2019, Gege was asked about the finale of Jujutsu Kaisen and this is what he had to say about it:

Megumi author comment

“One of them (Yuji, Nobara, Megumi, Gojo) will die” or “Only one alive, the others will die”.

The second possibility is closer to being true right now. Nobara is dead (WHY), Gojo is dead (WHY x2) and it seems he also teased Megumi’s death. This seems too good to be true right now T_T

3. More foreshadowing:

The foreshadowing doesn’t just end here. Satoru Gojo mentioned that in the past, the head of the Zenin clan and the Gojo clan killed each other in the past, because of which the relationship between those two clans were stained. But that is not all.

It was a fight between a Zenin who used the Ten Shadows Cursed Technique and a Gojo clan head who had Limitless plus Six Eyes. Guess who has those abilities in the present! Megumi and Satoru.

Gojo Megumi 1

And since they both fought each other in a way (Sukuna was in Megumi’s body), it would make total sense if both of them really end up dead. It will be a repeat of history, if you ask me.

The signs of Megumi dying are just showing up everywhere..


Nothing is conclusive as of yet. But if things do remain the same, then it is highly possible that Megumi indeed is dead after Sukuna’s reincarnation!

This is just speculation looking at all kinds of hints and foreshadowing and it would be foolish to jump to any conclusion and prove ourselves completely wrong but if we don’t speculate, where is the fun in understanding anything? Maybe Gege will bring back Gojo, Nobara. Also Nanami as a bonus (Don’t mind me, I take heavy doses of copium)

  • Tbh hope nobara comes back and is the only one to survive orrr the author changes his mind n more survive 🤷‍♂️

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