JJK Chapter 234 Spoilers: One Arm Gojo Trumps In 3 vs 1 Fight!


The fight against Sukuna was never going to be an easy one for Gojo. However, he did say confidently that he would win.

As JJK 234 spoilers surfaced online, Gojo’s statement about him winning seemed to hold a lot more weight. However, this is a battle between two legends, and it would be foolish to bet your money on anyone as the outcome could very well go the other way.

Sure, there is no way of predicting the winner, however, after reading the JJK chapter 234 spoilers, I can safely say that Gojo has won this round with Sukuna. One arm less, and fighting 3 opponents at once, he still managed to overpower them!

JJK Chapter 234 spoilers: Yuta wants to join the battle

JJK 234 begins with Yuta getting up to go and support Gojo in his fight against Sukuna. If you remember clearly, then Sukuna summoned the Merged Beast Akito in the previous chapter, essentially making it a 3 vs 1 handicap situation for Gojo.

Yuta was not comfortable letting his sensei fight in a disadvantage, and so he decided to go help Gojo out. He planned to take on the two Shikigamis along with Rika.

However, Yuta is held back by Kashimo saying he was not the “next” one to enter the fight. You might first assume that Kashimo was the one intent on going next, but looking at what Maki says, it feels as if Kashimo is only the backup plan.

Gojo and the others seem to have made a solid strategy when it came to fighting Sukuna. While I have no clear idea as to who the next guy to join the fight would be (could be Maki or Hakari, since its not Yuta and definitely not Kashimo), they are only supposed to step in IF Gojo becomes weaker than any of them, as pointed out by Hakari.

Also, if these guys join the fight, then it would be easier for Sukuna to pull off a surprise move targeting the students, putting Gojo out of his zone. So, even though Itadori was supporting Yuta’s idea of joining the fight, the general consensus from the room held them back.

Gojo put on backfoot; loses an arm:

JJK chapter 234 then focuses its attention on the ongoing Gojo vs Sukuna battle. Agito and Mahoraga are doubling up to do the damage on Gojo, however, he keeps evading their attacks. He even lands two telling blows on Agito, a black flash, and another one involved ripping off its tail, however, the beast was able to heal itself immediately.

Also, we get confirmation that Merged Beast Agito is a fusion of the Nue, which inherited the great serpent, ‘Mourn Tiger’ and also the ‘Round Deer’. Notice how Gege subtly put a new shikigami in the mix, the ‘Mourn Tiger’. While we have no idea what it does, it definitely seems to be the 10th shikigami of the 10 shadows technique.

Gojo deduces that Agito has not yet adapted to the limitless, and hence he decides to finish it off in a single blow. However, before he can put that plan to action, Sukuna, who had been hiding in the shadows till now, plans something sinister.

The king of curses realized that if he emerges from the shadow and Gojo gets a chance to use Purple on him, then it would be quite fatal. Even if he doesn’t emerge from the shadows, the purple will be used by Gojo to eliminate Agito, which would be a bad outcome. Since Agito currently has the Round Deer as part of the fusion, it would be able heal Sukuna thanks to be able to use RCT.

Gojo realized this too, and that’s precisely why he wanted to finish it off first. However, Sukuna had enough up his sleeve to disrupt Gojo’s schemes.

Now, we don’t know how he did it, but Mahoraga seemed to use an attack akin to Sukuna’s dismantle. Yes you read that right. SUKUNA’S DISMANTLE!

Sukuna told Mahoraga that the shikigami was his shadow, and not Megumi Fushiguro’s. After he said this, the wheel on the Shikigami’s head turned once and cut off Gojo’s right arm. Itadori, Shoko and the others are in visible shock as Gojo’s RCT output is weaker and his healing wouldn’t be as effective as before.

Pretty sure all Gojo fans skipped a heartbeat at this point!

Now, this would have been a perfect cliffhanger to end the chapter on. However, JJK 234 does not end here. In fact, this did not even prepare anyone for what was about to come up next.

Feral Gojo makes a return in JJK chapter 234:

As soon as Gojo’s arm got cut, Sukuna too re-emerges from the shadows to make a final assault on him. He teams up with the two shikigami to land hits on Gojo, however, this leads to the return of – a feral Gojo.

That crazy look was back in his eyes!

Not only does Gojo tank Agito’s punch, he single-handedly (pun?) takes down the shikigami using Blue: Maximum Output. He also pulled a wicked left on Agito.

While Agito took most of the damage from this attack, Mahoraga shielded Sukuna from getting caught up in Blue’s after effects. A great double page spread by Akutami once again! This fight has given us plenty of those!

In the next panels we see Agito, who has been crushed into a ball by Gojo’s blue. However, what’s more interesting here is the narrator’s statement.

41 seconds after this happened, Gojo’s Purple ripped through the battlefield in Shinjuku!

Let that sink in!

This development seems to have taken place off-screen, so we can only hope that Gege gives us a glimpse of what happened in JJK chapter 235. Surprisingly, Akutami won’t be taking his usual break this week as we will be getting a new chapter next week too!

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